Prepare and present gateaux, tortes and cakes hpa. C 07

Use appropriate equipment to prepare and bake sponges and cakes for gateaux, tortes and cakes

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1.4 Use appropriate equipment to prepare and bake sponges and cakes for gateaux, tortes and cakes

Equipment may include:

Scales, Bowls, Mixing machine, Ovens, Trays, Racks, Fridge and freezer, Blenders, Dough break, Rolling pin, Piping bags and nozzles, Wooden spoons, Rings, tins and moulds, Cutters.

The equipment needed will depend on the product being produced.

1.5 Use correct techniques to produce sponges and cakes for gateaux, tortes and cakes

Techniques should include:

  • Beating ingredient together to get the correct consistency before the next stage is attempted. Usually butter and sugar to aerate before adding remainder of ingredients

  • Whisking of lighter ingredients as eggwhites to make meringue, mixing of cream so the fat globules begin to adhere together and air is trapped inside allowing cream to be piped

  • Folding is the blending of whipped cream and melted chocolate together so minimal air is lost so the light properties of a delicious chocolate mousse is achieved. The chocolate is folded gently into the cream so the lightness is maintained

  • Creaming is the mixing of an ingredient like butter so it is smooth and lump free. It can be mixing it until the ingredient is lighter and fluffier due to the air being incorporated into the ingredient

  • Kneading is the manipulation of a dough until the correct consistency is achieved:

  • Bread dough is kneaded until the dough takes on the smooth characteristics of a well develop gluten structure inside the dough

  • Cutting skills are required when producing gateaux so even portions are achieved

  • Piping skills are required so even balance is achieved in the decoration.

All these techniques need to be developed in order to be able to achieve a professional looking product.

1.6 Bake sponges and cakes for gateaux, tortes and cakes to enterprise requirements and standards

Product characteristics that customers look for come from the following:

  • Colour of the product when it is finally removed from the oven is important to the visual appeal of the product. Colour stimulates the senses and encourages the customer to purchase

  • Appearance is about form and shape. It is important that all pieces have the same appearance

  • Consistency and texture is about how it feels in the mouth when the customer is consuming the product

  • Moisture content adds to the shelf life and mouthfeel of the product

  • Mouthfeel and eating properties.

This is achieved by maintaining consistency of production. Nobody is allowed to move away from the given formula, shape design.

Recipes need to be followed and each recipe should state the yield from each production run, defining weights and number of units.

To achieve this each product must be moulded the same and must all look the same.

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