Prepare and present gateaux, tortes and cakes hpa. C 07

Element 1: Prepare and bake sponges and cakes for gateaux, tortes and cakes

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Element 1:
Prepare and bake sponges and cakes for gateaux, tortes and cakes

1.1 Select required commodities according to recipe and production requirements

Ingredients required for Gateaux and Tortes are the same as for cakes and pastries.

Definition of Commodity

A commodity is an item that is required to meet a need of the end user. For the pastrycook making Gateaux and Tortes the list below is what they will be looking to acquire.

Gateaux and Tortes are a compilation of the following:

  • Cake base

  • Pastry base

  • Sponge base

  • Meringue base

  • Japonaise base.

These are combined with flavoured fillings that are then decorated and presented for sale.


  • Creams

  • Mousses

  • Fruits

  • Jams.


  • Add flavour and

  • Stimulate the product visually to the potential customer.

These products are normally very elaborate and have several stages to their production.

It can take several days to produce just one product and it is just because the professional pastrycook or patissier has the storage capacity to produce and store these components that they are sold at a very competitive price.

Some gateaux are traditional but modern day interpretation offers a much wider selection to the consumer.

A gateau was normally based on sponge cakes that had three layers of sponge and layers of cream and flavoured syrup. The syrup was to replace moisture in the sponge that was lost due to staling.

Tortes where originally pastry based with a filling inside and another mixture might act as a topping over the filling.

All things evolve over time and with modern communications many lines are blurred.

Staling is a term that describes loss of moisture from starch based product such as bread and cake:

It just means it is not as moist as it was when it was first produced.

Some products mature in flavour as they age. Good quality fruit cake is normally 4 weeks old before it is put up for sale.

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