Prepare and present gateaux, tortes and cakes hpa. C 07

Element 5: Store gateaux, tortes and cakes

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Element 5:
Store gateaux, tortes and cakes

5.1 Store at correct temperature and conditions of storage


5.2 Maintain maximum eating quality, appearance and freshness

Gateaux and Tortes can be harder to store than other bakery products.

Product needs to be stored at correct temperature and conditions may relate to:

Away from strong odours

All gateaux need to be protected from strong odours like onion, garlic that may be present in some coolrooms in kitchens.

In larger kitchens there will be dedicated controlled storage for gateaux and tortes.

Controlled storage is a term that covers ‘chilled, enclosed spaces’ and ‘room temperature, enclosed spaces’ areas.

Cool room temperature

Most Gateaux will need to be chilled because of the nature of the ingredients.

All food coolrooms must operate below 4ºC.

Some tortes do not need to be chilled and should not be chilled because chilling will spoil the flavour of the product.

Appropriate containers

Placing gateaux and tortes into boxes when sold is the best way of ensuring that the product travels to the place on consumption intact.

Care needs to be taken that edges and top decorations are not damages when packages do not get damaged.

When applying decorations packages sizes need to be taken into considered.


Labelling is required in the modern world. Labelling must be adhered to outside packages.

It informs the customer who is able to make a choices and it does protect the manufacturer against unfounded complaints.

Cool room placement

Delicate products need to be stored in an area where the possibility of damage is minimised.

Length of time in cool storage

Fresh products all have ‘different lifetimes’ at what sage do they become ‘unsaleable’ and ‘inconsumable’:

  • Unsaleable Food: All purchasers have the right to be able to purchase food that will last a certain period of time past the time of purchase. This will vary from food product to food product

  • Inconsumable food: Food that is not fit for human consumption. This food should not be sold. Manufacturer must accept the loss.

Freezer temperature

Storage long term must be at -18ºC or less:

  • Storage of ice cream for service can be at -10ºC.

Length of time in freezer storage

Time in the freezer will vary.

Pastisserie products like gateaux and tortes should only be in freezer for weekly periods.

Freezing will have a drying effect on products. The longer product is in frozen state the more likely quality will diminish.

Freezer space is also expensive, so the longer it is in freezer the more it has cost to produce.


All bakery products will stale.

Staling is the process where the optimum eating fades.

Staling can be in several forms:

  • Air passes through the product and dries the product out

  • Moisture from the air enters the product so it loses some of the eating quality:

  • Crisp product goes soft.

To maintain the eating quality of bakery items:

Work Projects

It is a requirement of this Unit you complete Work Projects as advised by your Trainer. You must submit documentation, suitable evidence or other relevant proof of completion of the project to your Trainer by the date agreed to.

5.1 What temperature are you going to store your finished gateaux and torte product:

  • You need to cite standards and explain why these standards are being implemented

  • Students can use photographic evidence to demonstrate how this will be implemented.


Store gateaux, tortes and cakes

Store at correct temperature and conditions of storage:

Tortes store best at room temperature. If they need to be stored for long term then they are best frozen

When storing they need to be protected from outside contamination

Tortes and gateaux containing fresh dairy products like cream need to be kept in controlled environment, chilled.

Maintain maximum eating quality, appearance and freshness:

Bake tortes fresh every 2 days, keeping supply chain consistent, is the best way to maintain freshness

Gateaux have a life of 2-3 days if kept chilled but quality diminishes after day 2

Long term storage is best done FROZEN. Less than -18ºC

Style like linzer torte have a shelf life of 7 days approximately. Need to be stored in a closed environment. If left exposed to open air product will dry quickly.

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