Prepare and present gateaux, tortes and cakes hpa. C 07

Present/display gateaux, tortes and cakes to enterprise standards using appropriate service equipment

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4.2 Present/display gateaux, tortes and cakes to enterprise standards using appropriate service equipment

Present cakes, gateaux and tortes

Displaying cakes is a great way to increase sales. The two most common ways to display cakes are as follows:

A well presented display increases eye appeal and may persuade costumers to order a slice or buy a whole cake when they see it.

It is important to keep your cakes seasonal as rich chocolate and cream cakes will sell well in winter but in summer light cakes with fresh fruits sell better.

When displaying cakes for any situation it is important to keep everything clean, neat and tidy.

When you are displaying a cake you don’t want to leave it in the display if 1/3 of the cake is left and crumbs are lying around the plate.

Appropriate silver cake servers can also be used to make an impression on the customer.

To be carried away, the cake need to be rested on a cake board slightly larger than the actual cake.

A lace doyley placed under the cake adds to the visual pleasure but make sure the cake is cut before hand as not to damage the doyley.

Work Projects

It is a requirement of this Unit you complete Work Projects as advised by your Trainer. You must submit documentation, suitable evidence or other relevant proof of completion of the project by the date agreed to with your Trainer.

The student will need to produce a diagram of a gateaux that they will be decorating:

  • A brief history of the style will need to be presented

  • Define the ethnic origin of the cake

  • Does it have any significance about it? Special occasions, festival time.

2.1 Describe the filling that may be used in the cake:

  • What type of filling is to be used?

  • Is there an historical significance to the décor.

2.2. Describe the process of glazing the cake:

  • What type of glaze will be used:

  • Fudge icing

  • Fondant

  • Ganache.


Decorate and present/display gateaux, tortes and cakes

Decorate cakes for Gateaux and Tortes:

Many forms of decorations are available to the practitioner

If Black Forest cake is going to be presented in places other than the Traditional German Forest area of Bavaria then variations are going to occur

It is up to the enterprise to set the standards and then it is up to the practitioner to adhere to them.

Present and display Gateaux and Tortes:

Presentation technique will depend on where the product is going to be sold

What facilities are available to present the product in it best light?

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