Prepare and present gateaux, tortes and cakes hpa. C 07

Element 3: Assemble gateaux, tortes and cakes

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Element 3:
Assemble gateaux, tortes and cakes

3.1 Assemble required commodities and/or preparations

Commodities and or Preparations


Sponge cake

Many different ways of making sponge cake. Ideal f or gateau making, can be plain, made with nuts or different colours. Easy to slice.

Butter cake

Pound or maderia style when a heavier base is required. Will absorb and hold flavour infused sugar syrups well. Have a firmer texture than sponge.


A baked meringue of ground nuts sugar and egg white. Less sugar than normal meringue.


A gateau that has meringue style base and top with flavoured cream between. The name has also become synonymous with the meringue base on its own .

Very similar to Japonaise. Dacquoise can be made with coconut instead of nuts where Japonaise is not.


Used to support gateau base when extra strength is needed. Needs to be very thin to make the eating sensation more refined. Can be fragile when using.

Multiple layers of almond or walnut shortbread layered together jam, then glazed with an icing can be considered a torte by itself.

Puff pastry

Used as a base for Gateau St Honore. Gateau Mille Feulle is layered together with flavoured Crème Patisserie and then glazed with feathered fondant for visual impact.

Choux pastry

Gateau St Honore is the classic that uses balls of choux pastry filled with flavoured crème patisserie that are then glazed with boiled toffee. Crème Patisserie is used because fresh cream and mousse would just melt when the hot toffee is applied.


Are used to hold layers together to form gateau construction.

They can stand alone or be bases to carry other eating sensations such as flavour and textural diversity.


French, German or Italian styles each have their own characteristics. They can all carry colour and flavour to add to the eating and flavour sensation.


Flavoured fresh creams. Can be stabilised when chilled with the addition of setting agents like gelatine or agar-agar.

Vegetable gums derived from seaweed are becoming more readily available as alternatives to gelatine.

Chibouste crème

A mix of Crème Patisserie and Italian Meringue. This mixture is more delicate than buttercreams. Does not like to be over mixed as it will collapse easily.

Italian meringue is used as it is cooked unlike French meringue. The role of the Italian meringue is to lighten the texture of the crème patisserie which can carry a variety of flavours. It can be further stabilised with the addition of a setting agent.

Chibouste cream is an excellent alternative to fresh cream.

Crème patisserie

A starch thickened milk enriched with the addition of egg. Will carry any flavour and colour but care needs to be taken when making to avoid lumps in the cooking process.


A mixture of boiled cream and chocolate. 2:1 cream: chocolate ratio is normal. Lighter mixes only need ratio to change.


As filling some these will need to be cooked before either going into oven or in filling in gateau. Apple for example will lose a lot of water. Apricots not so much.

Apricots may not cook enough before the batter cooks so better to cook the fruit before being used.

Raw fruit can oxidise and discolour. Uncooked fruit in filling will lose water internally and soak pastry or cake mix that surrounds it causing cake batter not to bake properly.

Berries are the exception to this as they are delicate but will still stain.

Fresh Fruits can be held in gel suspensions. This helps to hold moisture in place.

Dried fruits can be used for strong flavour and increased sugar content.

Dried fruits that are slightly re hydrated are good because they are available all year round and easier to store. Will sit at room temperature.

Nuts, ground, sliced or whole

Can be used internally to add textural diversity and interest.


This is a term used to describe decorations that may be applied to the outside of the gateau.

Roasted nuts

Sliced or ground or nibbed or shaved. These are all way that nuts can be purchased for decoration purposes.

These will need to be roasted before using as the ‘RAW’ flavour ‘lacks’ character and diminishes the flavour of product.

ROASTING of nuts improves the flavour and colour of the nut so adding to the visual appeal outside of the gateau.

Coconut while not being a true nut can be treated the same as nuts for this purpose and has the advantage of being much more economical.

Candied fruits

Fruits that are slowly immersed in hot saturated sugar solution several times will absorb the sugar and when cooled down and air dried will stand at room temperature without the need for temperature control to preserve them for longer periods of time than when fresh.

These can be colour enhanced as the cooking process can leach out colour. Some can be natural. Visual appeal is the key here as well as food value.

Non pariels

A coloured sugar candy that can be used to attach to the side of gateau or even applied to the top of gateau.

Chocolate decors

Strips, curls and shapes can be formed to produce decoration that are place onto the top of sides of gateau.

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