Prepare and present gateaux, tortes and cakes hpa. C 07

Prepare a variety of fillings, coating/icing and decorations for gateaux, tortes and cakes

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2.2 Prepare a variety of fillings, coating/icing and decorations for gateaux, tortes and cakes

Buttercreams may be flavoured with liqueur, pulps and/or other flavours.

Boiled Creams may be custards, bavarois, winecreams and chibousts. Also commonly used in modern patisserie are poached creams like crème caramel or crème brulee.

Chocolate may be used as ganache either with butter or fresh cream, flavours and/ or liqueur or baked (mudcake).

Fresh and cooked cheese fillings – may include sweet mixtures of Cottage cheese, Cream cheese, Ricotta, Mascarpone and Quark.

Fruit may be used fresh, poached, as a pulp, boiled and or thickened with pectin, gelatine, or starch (jelly, jams).

Fruit may be frozen after initial preparation to change consistency and retain colour and flavour. Commercial manufactured fillings are readily available.

Fresh Cream and/or Imitation Cream based may be flavoured with liqueur and/or fruits, including chocolate and other flavours.

Creams may be stabilised with agar agar, gelatine and or starches. Special powders are commercially available to stabilise cream, which are freeze and thaw stable.

It is important not to overwhip cream before using in mousses and fillings because further mixing can cause the cream to ‘split’, this is when the fat solids separate from the liquids causing a granulated or lumpy mouth feel, a smooth feel is desirable.

Marzipan and Nougat may be used by itself or with the addition of liqueurs and /or other flavours.

Work Projects

It is a requirement of this Unit you complete Work Projects as advised by your Trainer. You must submit documentation, suitable evidence or other relevant proof of completion of the project by the date agreed to with your Trainer.

The student need to decide on a selection of products to produce.

Fillings icings and glazes

2.1 Each product will need either filling or product to finish outside:

  • Filling that might need to be made before the product is to be backed

  • Fillings that will be used to assemble layers of baked product need to complete the product, this is mainly gateaux

  • Glazes or coating that will be applied to finish the product.

The student is required provide list of equipment and ingredients required to complete the fillings and glazes.


Prepare fillings, coatings, icing and decorations

Select required commodities to recipe requirements:

Commodities need to be fit for human consumption

Commodities can be expressed as compounds such as:


Chiboust crème


Prepare a variety of fillings and coating/icing, glazes and decorations for cakes:

Coatings are to add eye appeal and flavour, also slows product from staling

Coatings and icing need to compliment cake

Fillings also need to compliment the products.

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