Prelim Revision Key Quotations The Kite Runner

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Prelim Revision

  • Key Quotations

The Kite Runner

  • Amir’s actions are the result of his need for the love that Baba doesn’t show him.
  • ‘Maybe Hassan was the price I had to pay, the lamb I had to slay in order to win over Baba’.
  • ‘The blue kite, my key to Baba’s heart
  • ‘I knew Baba hated me a little’
  • ‘I think maybe you’ll win the tournament this year’
  • ‘Seeing Baba on that roof proud of me at last.’
  • ‘In his arms I forgot what I had done and that was good.’
  • ‘I wanted Baba all to myself’.
  • ‘There is a way to be good again.’

Hassan is a willing victim – Amir takes advantage of this.

  • ‘For you a thousand times over’
  • ‘I saw his face, saw the resignation in it.’
  • ‘Maybe Hassan was the price I had …’
  • ‘Hassan didn’t struggle, didn’t even whimper’.
  • ‘I ran because I was a coward’
  • ‘I pretended I hadn’t seen the dark stain in the seat of his pants or those tiny drops that fell from between his legs and stained the snow black.’
  • ‘Those thorny barbs of guilt bore into me once more, as if speaking his name had broken a spell, set them free to torment me anew.’

Setting is important as shows innocence of childhood through to guilt of adult years.

  • ‘Blue skies stood tall and far, the sun like a branding iron searing the back of your neck.’
  • ‘The sky is a seamless blue, the snow so white my eyes burn.’
  • ‘A havoc of scrap and rubble littered the alley’
  • ‘I thought I had forgotten about this land. But I hadn’t. Under the bony glow of a half moon I sensed Afghanistan humming under my feet.’
  • ‘Discarded toys among the rocks.’

Revision Questions

  • What is the effect of setting on the story?
  • What is the effect of relationships on the story?
  • Which character has the greatest effect on the novel?
  • What effect does returning to Afghanistan have on Amir? Why does he do it?

Douglas Dunn

  • Second Opinion
  • Name itself shows reason behind whole poem – not willing to accept first diagnosis.
  • ‘apparently well’
  • ‘What moment worse than that young doctor trying to explain?’
  • ‘No image, no straw to support me, nothing’
  • ‘medical fingers and his wedding ring’
  • ‘the minutes went by like a winter’
  • ‘my body ached to suffer like her twin’
  • ‘and touch the cure with lips and healing sesames’
  • ‘Professional anxiety’
  • Thirteen Steps and the Thirteenth of March
  • receiving guests’
  • ‘I brought them tea or sherry like a butler
  • Two times thirteen, unlucky numeral in my high house’
  • ‘At night we lay together in the unique hours’
  • Erotic flame of the candlelight.’
  • Time was out walking the dog’
  • ‘She faced death with an understated mischief
  • ‘She wanted me to wear her wedding ring … it jammed on the knuckle’
  • ‘my wept exhaustions over plates and cups’
  • ‘Our kissing conversations kept me going’


  • 1 hour to complete close reading paper.
  • 2minutes per mark.
  • 1 hour 30 mins to complete writing paper.
  • 1 essay on Kite Runner
  • 1 on Dunn.
  • 45 minutes per essay.

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