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FILKOM Alumni Accepts LPDP Scholarship to Waseda University Japan
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Widyaning along with FILKOM lecturers after her thesis examination

For the first time, Faculty of Computer Science Univesity of Brawijaya (FILKOM UB) alumni selected as overseas Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan (LPDP) 2016 grantee with destination of Waseda University Japan. She is Widyaning Chandramitasari alumni year of 2010 from Informatics study program. Widyaning delivered that her desire to register LPDP scholarship is a part of her future goal to be a lecturer. She herself confessed to love teaching. Her passion is slumped from her experience for two years as lab assistant at FILKOM UB.

The selected LPDP scholarship grantee is entitled of some financing components including tuition fee and supporting costs like health insurance, visa and monthly living allowance. In order to get LPDP scholarship, Widyaning admitted that herself should have some selection phases. Started with prerequisites preparation that is necessary for registration, the LPDP scholarship applicants are mandatory to prepare study plan and writing two essays in theme of "My Contribution for Indonesia" and "The Biggest Success in My Life". All the essays should be comprising of 500-700 words. "For me, the biggest desire is to make my parents happy. I also want to bring Indonesia towards better condition started with my effort pursuing education to the higher level," said Widyaning.

The next selection stage was administration selection for document inspenctions. Although only having short time to prepare many documents as prerequisite, Widyaning finally qualified for the next selection stage. In the next selection, scholarship applicants are mandatory to join in interview, Leaderless Group Discussion (LGD) and On the Spot Essay Writing.

Located at STAN Jakarta, the LPDP scholarship enthusiasts were quiet a lot and the entirely have high motivation with their own wishes. High competition, confessed by Widyaning is deeply felt when herself joined in LGD selection. In the stage, participants were divided into several groups. Afterwards, each group will discuss a topic and finding answer from an issue in 50 minutes. Every participant in similar group with Widyaning, she admitted to be very critical arguing and having solutive answers.

Meanwhile in interview selection, participants confronted with 3 interviewers of which one of them is psychologist. According to Widyaning's experience, some questions to be given to her such as about study plan and research, what might be given by the participants for Indonesia, like things in related with participants' motivation to pursue education. Able to give convincing answer into the interviewers, Widyaning was then successfully obtained recommendation to pursue her education abroad.

In recent times, Widyaning confessed to be suggested to register at a university in the United Kingdom or Japan. By recommendation assistance from Tibyani, S.T., M.T, one of FILKOM lecturer who is in doctoral study program at Graduate School of Information Production and System (GS-IPS) in Waseda University Japan and also two other FILKOM lecturers including Satrio Agung W., S.Kom, M.Kom and Ismiarta Aknuranda, S.T., M.Sc, Ph.D, Widyaning was successfully to achieve Letter of Acceptance from GS-IPS of Waseda University for college period in October 2016. "There are no easy trips. The entirely is efforts along with prayers from the closest preson especially our parents. So do not easily give up achieving good future goals, since indeed Allah's aids are very close. Never fear to dream as high as possible to reach future goals," Widyaning noticed.

*Consultation scholarship to Japan for FILKOM UB's student and alumni, could contact Tibyani, S.T., M.T. via email: or account facebook Tibyani Hambali.


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