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Raft Records (PPL)

Rag Baby (PPL)

Ragamuffin Records (PPL)

Rage 8 (Rage 8)

Rage Records (PPL)

Raifort Records (PPL)

Rainbow Collection (Festival)

Rainbow Records (PPL)

Rainpal Records (PPL)

Raise The Roof (PPL)

Raising Grass (PPL)

Rak (EMI)

Ram Records (PPL)

Rambler (PPL)

Rambunctious (Blank Vault)

Ranch (PPL)

Range (PPL)

Rapid (PPL)

Rapido (Festival)

Rapport Music (PPL)

Ras (PPL)

Rasp (PPL)

Raucous Records (PPL)

Raven (EMI)

Raven UK (PPL)

Ravensquire (Hot)

Ravers Choice (PPL)

Raw (PPL)

Ray Records (PPL)

Rayma Sutton (Sutton, Rayma)

Rayman Recordings (PPL)

Razor Cuts (PPL)

Razor Sound Records (PPL)

Razzle Music (Hot)

RBC Entertainment (Sony BMG)

RCA (Sony BMG)

RCA Australia (Sony BMG)

RCA Black & White (Sony BMG)

RCA Black Label (Sony BMG)

RCA Camden (Sony BMG)

RCA Custom (Sony BMG)

RCA France (Sony BMG)

RCA Germany (Sony BMG)

RCA Gold Seal (Sony BMG)

RCA International (Sony BMG)

RCA Italiano (Sony BMG)

RCA Italy (Sony BMG)

RCA Nashville (Sony BMG)

RCA Pure Gold (Sony BMG)

RCA Red Seal (Sony BMG)

RCA Victor (Sony BMG)

RCA Victrola (Sony BMG)

RCA Vintage (Sony BMG)

RCB (Betteridge, Ian)

RCB Recordings Australia (RCB)

Re Records (PPL)

Re Works (PPL)

Re-Elect The President (PPL)

Re4mation Records (PPL)

React (PPL)

Real Rhythm (Hot)

Reality (PPL)

Really Free Music (PPL)

Rebel (PPL)

Rebel Recordings Ltd (PPL)

Rebound (PPL)

Recall Group (Shock)

Recharge (PPL)

Reckless Records (Reckless)

Recommended Records (PPL)

Record Guys (PPL)

Recordiau Ar Log (PPL)

Recordiau Awen Records (PPL)

Recordiau Gwefr (PPL)

Recordings Of Substance (PPL)

Recycle Or Die (PPL)

Recycled (PPL)

Red Ant (Festival)

Red Bullet (Universal)

Red Bus (Sony BMG)

Red Cap Records (Rubber)

Red Chord Records (PPL)

Red Dirt (Red Dirt)

Red Eye Records (Universal)

Red Hot (PPL)

Red House Records (Shock)

Red Lightnin (PPL)

Red Pajamas (PPL)

Red Pepper (PPL)

Red Records (PPL)

Red Rebel Music (Red Rebel Music)

Red Rhino (PPL)

Red Rose Recordings (PPL)

Red Ruby (PPL)

Red Seal (Sony BMG)

Red Sky Records (PPL)

Red Stripe (PPL)

Redback (Festival)

Redemption (PPL)

Redeye Dsitribution (Shock)

Redhead Records (PPL)

Rediffusion (PPL)

Redline Music (PPL)

Redrock Records (PPL)

Redwood (PPL)

Reed Audio (Universal)

Reel II Reel (PPL)

Reel Audio Productions (Reel Audio Productions)

Reflection (Move)

Refuge (Universal)

Regal (EMI)

Regal Zonophone (EMI)

Regency (PPL)

Reggae Best (PPL)

Regular (Festival)

Rejoice (PPL)

Rel (PPL)

Relaxation Soundscape (Music World)

Remote (Festival)

Renegade Hardware (PPL)

Renegade Recordings (PPL)

Renewal Music (PPL)

Repap (PPL)

Repertoire (PPL)

Rephlex (PPL)

Replay (PPL)

Republic Records (Universal)

Rer Megacorp (PPL)

Respec’ Records (PPL)

Restless Records (Shock)

Resurgence (PPL)

Retrieval Recordings (PPL)

Retro (PPL)

Retroafric (PPL)

Retrograde (Hot)

Reunion (Sony BMG)

Reunion Records (Sony BMG)

Revco Records (PPL)

Revenge (PPL)

Revolver (PPL)

Revolver FM (PPL)

Revolver IMD (PPL)

Revolver Jazz (PPL)

Revolver Music (PPL)

Revue (PPL)

Rewired (PPL)

Rex (Remote Control)

Rex Dallas (Dallas, Rex)

Rex Morgan Records (Jamestar Pty Ltd)

Rezonance Research Lab 2000 (PPL)


Rhapsody (PPL)

Rhiannon Records (PPL)

Rhino (Warner)

Rhubarb Music (Toupee)

Rhyme N’ Reason Records (PPL)

Rhythm Ace (Rhythm Ace)

Rhythm Safari (Universal)

Rhythm Section Records (PPL)

Rhythm Shop Records (PPL)

Rhythmbeat (PPL)

Rice Pudding (PPL)

Rich River Records (Col Millington Productions)

Richdee Records (PPL)

Richmond Records (PPL)

Ricordi (PPL)

Ride (PPL)

Ridge Records (PPL)

Riding High Records (PPL)

Riff Raff Records (PPL)

Rig Records (PPL)

Right (PPL)

Right Track Records (PPL)

Righteous Babe Records (Shock)

Rigid (Rigid)

Rigid Digits (PPL)

Ringsend Road Records (PPL)

Rio Records (PPL)

Riot City (PPL)

Riot Squad (PPL)

Rip Off (PPL)

Ripe Recordings (PPL)

Risin (PPL)

Rising Tide (Universal)

Ritz (UK) (BBC) (ABC)

Riverboat (MRA)

Riverhorse Records Ltd (PPL)

Riverman Records (Shock)

Riverrun Records (PPL)

Riverside (PPL)

Riviera Rhythm (PPL)

Rivo Alto (PPL)


RMM Label (Universal)

Roadrunner (Roadrunner)

Roadshow Music (Roadshow)

Roaming Lion Music (PPL)

Rob Longstaff (Longstaff, Rob)

Robert C Kelly Presents (PPL)

Robert James (James, Robert)

Robert Snarski (Snarski, Robert)

Robin Hood Records (PPL)

Robin Records (PPL)

Robin Scott (PPL)

Robodisco (PPL)

Roc-A-Fella (Universal)

Rochones (PPL)

Rock Division (PPL)

Rockabilly (Pinewood Records)

Rocket Records (Universal)

Rocketown (PPL)

Rockingdale Records (Shock)

Rockland (Universal)

Rocko (PPL)

Rockstar (Rigid)

Rockwell (PPL)

Roco Entertainment Corporation (Sony BMG)

Roger Boyce Worldwide Music (PPL)

Rogue (PPL)

Roir (Hot)

Rollercoaster (PPL)

Romance (PPL)

Romany Records (PPL)

Rome 2 Seville (PPL)

Rondo Grammofon (PPL)

Ronin Records (PPL)

Ronn (PPL)

Ronnie Rae Rivers (Rivers, Ronnie Rae)

Ronnie Scotts Jazz House (PPL)

rooArt (Sony BMG)

Roof Music (Ger) (Hot)

Rooster (PPL)

Root Jazz (PPL)

Roots Records (PPL)

Roots Tradition Records (PPL)

Rosanna (PPL)

Rose Collection (Universal)

Rose Records (PPL)

Rosewell Records (EMI)


Ross Records (PPL)

Ross Wilson Music Pty Ltd (Shock)

Rot Records (PPL)

Rotate Records (PPL)

Rotation Records (Aust.) Pty Ltd (Horsburgh)

Rotodisc (PPL)

Rotters Golf Club (PPL)

Rough Diamond (PPL)

Rough Guide (MRA)

Roughneck Recording Company (PPL)

Roulette (EMI)

Round Tower (PPL)

Rounder Records (Planet Distribution)

Rouseabout Records (Undercover)

Rouska Records (PPL)

Route 66 (PPL)

Rox Music (Sony BMG)

Royal Music (PPL)


RPM Records (PPL)

RPM Thunderbird (PPL)

RPO (Universal)


RSO (Universal)

RSP 2003 (Rob Severini Productions)

RSR Records (PPL)

RSR Tech (PPL)


RTV Records UK (PPL)

Rubber Records (Rubber)

Rubber Records (1200 Techniques Only) (Sony BMG)

Rubber UK (PPL)

Rubble (PPL)

Ruf Records (MRA)

Ruff Justice Records (PPL)

Ruff Ryders Records (Universal)

Ruff Trax (PPL)

Rufus Records (Rufus)

Rufflife UK (Shock)

Rulin (PPL)

Rumour (PPL)

Run Records (PPL)

Runnin (PPL)

Runt (Hot)

Ruse (Sony BMG)

Russell Buckley (Russell Buckley)

Rusty Barnacle (Williamson, Russell)

Ruthless Records (Dolphins of Baghdad – Floyd Vincent Only) (Rufus)

Ruthless (Sony BMG)

Ryan Toohey (Toohey, Ryan)

Rykodisc (PPL)

RZA Productions (Shock)


S & M Records (PPL)

S P Music Ltd (PPL)

S.O.U.N.D. (Recordings) Ltd (PPL)

S3 (Sony BMG)

Saba Saliba (Saliba, Saba)

Sabrettes Records (PPL)

Sache Recordings (PPL)

Sackville Records (PPL)

Sacred Heart Recordings (PPL)

Saddle Club (Shock)

Safari (PPL)

Safe Music (PPL)

SAFMUSIC (Farquhar, Stephen)

Safety In Numbers (PPL)

Sahara Music (Sahara)

Sain (PPL)

Saja Music (Sony BMG)

Sakay (PPL)

Sam Records (PPL)

Sammy (PPL)

Sanctuary (Sony BMG)

Sandra Maiorana (Maiorana, Sandra)

Sar (PPL)

Sarah Hopkins (Hopkins, Sarah)

Saraswati (PPL)

Saratoga Entertainment (PPL)

Saregama (PPL)

Sargam Music (PPL)

Sargasso (PPL)

Satellite (PPL)

Satellite Reign (Satellite Reign)

Satis Records (PPL)

Satril (PPL)

Satril-Hot-Pick (PPL)

Saucer (PPL)

Savage (Sony BMG)

Savannah (PPL)

Savant (PPL)

Savoir Faire (PPL)

Savoy Jazzmen Records (PPL)

Savoy Records (PPL)

Savvas Paphiti (PPL)

Savvy Records (Universal)

Saw Records (PPL)

Saxon Records (PPL)

Saxophonograph (PPL)

Saydisc (PPL)

Sbectol Dywyll (PPL)



Scarboro (Scarboro)

Scenescof (PPL)

Schema Records (PPL)

Schoolhouse (PPL)

Schtung Records (Universal)

Sci +If Ik (Sony BMG)

Scientifik (Sony BMG)

Scopitones (PPL)

Scorcher (PPL)

Scorpio (Hot)

Scorpio Scorpio (PPL)

Scot Finnie (Finnie, Scot Warner)

Scott Disc (Sony BMG)

Scott Martin Productions (Scott Martin Prod)

Scotti Bros (Universal)

Scream (EMI)

Screamfeeder/Time Bomb Recordings (Shock)

Screensound Australia (Select)

Screw Press (PPL)

Screw Productions (PPL)

Scripture Memory Songs (PPL)

SCSE (Universal)

Seal Records (PPL)

Seara Records (PPL)

Searchime (Sony BMG)

Seaview (PPL)

Second Sight Records (PPL)

Second Skin (PPL)

Secret Love (PPL)

Secret Street (Hot)

Section 5 (PPL)

Sector 001 Music (Dark Order)

Sector 2 (PPL)

Seduction Records (PPL)

Seduction Records (AUS) (Endorphin)

Seedy Records (PPL)

Selah (PPL)

Select (Sony BMG)

Selection (Selection)

Selena (PPL)

Semtexx (PPL)

Sensation (PPL)

Sense (Universal)

Sensory Projects (Sensory Projects)

Sepia (PPL)

September Records (PPL)

Seraphim (EMI)

Serendipity (PPL)

Serengeti (PPL)

Serge Sharrinovsky (Sharrinovsky, Serge)

Serious (PPL)

Serious Grooves (PPL)

Seriously Groovy (PPL)

Sermon Records (PPL)

Session Records (Session Records)

Service (PPL)

Setanta (PPL)

Seven Leaves (PPL)

Seville (PPL)

SF Records (PPL)



SFP Records (PPL)


Shaft (PPL)

Shagpile (Shock)

Shaker Records (PPL)

Shakti (MRA)

Shanachie (Planet Distribution)

Shane Andrew Kavanagh (Kavanagh, Shane Andrew)

Shanghai Records (PPL)

Share (PPL)

Sharkarts Records (PPL)

Sharma Productions (PPL)

She Records (She)

Shebeen Basscode (Hot)

Sheer Music (Sheer Music)

Sheffield Tunes (dba Kontor Records) (Shock)

Shellwood Productions (PPL)

Shelly (PPL)

Shelly Power (PPL)

Shelly’s Records (PPL)

Sheyana Y Wijesingha (Wijesingha, Sheyana)

Shielburn (PPL)

Shifty Disco (PPL)

Shining Path Recordings (PPL)

Shiny Records (Shock)

Shivana Music (Anthea Sidiropoulos)

Shocking Vibes (PPL)

Shockrock (PPL)

Shoebox Records (PPL)

Shoeshine (Hot)

Shoestring Productions (Shoestring)

Shoogle Regords (Hot)

Shooting Star (PPL)

Shoreline (Move)

Showbiz Floozy (PPL)

ShowNet (ShowNet)

Shrimp:Platters (PPL)

Shuttle International Records (PPL)

Shuttle Records (PPL)

Side FX (PPL)

Side One Dummy (Shock)

Sidlaw Music (PPL)

Siesta (Hot)

Sigla (PPL)

Signum (PPL)

Silas (Universal)

Silent Recordings (Undercover)

Silicon Recordings (Netherlands) (ToCo)

Silk Worm Records (PPL)

Silly Money Records (PPL)

Silva Classics (PPL)

Silva International (PPL)

Silva Screen Records (PPL)

Silva Treasury (PPL)

Silver Dollar (PPL)

Silver Planet Recordings (PPL)

Silver Records (PPL)

Silver Screen (PPL)

Silver Shields (PPL)

Silver Streak Records (PPL)

Silveredge Records (PPL)

Silvertone Records (Sony BMG)

Sinbad (PPL)

Sincere Management (Billy Bragg/Eddie Reader) (Festival)

Sing-A-Long Praise (PPL)

Singing Dog (PPL)

Sion (PPL)

Sioux (PPL)

Sip-A-Cup (PPL)

Sir George Records (PPL)

Sire (Warner)

Siren (EMI)

Siren Music (PPL)

Sirio Records (PPL)

Sirius Music (PPL)

Sirius Records (PPL)

Sirocco Jazz (PPL)

Six 6 (PPL)

Six Degrees Records (MRA)

Six Shooter Records (Hot)


Skaggs Family Records (GTR)

Skazz Records (PPL)

SKG (Universal)

Skinny Boy Records (PPL)

Skinny Fish Music (Skinny Fish)

Skinny Malinky (PPL)

Skint (Sony BMG)

Sky (PPL)

Sky High Recordings (PPL)

Sky Juice Records (PPL)

Skydog (PPL)

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