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New Identity Records (PPL)

New Leaf (PPL)

New Music (PPL)

New Orleans Records (PPL)

New Quay Music (Sony BMG)

New Sensation (PPL)

New Sound Records (PPL)

New Star Records (PPL)

New State Recordings (PPL)

New Vision (PPL)

New World-Enterprise (PPL)

New Zealand Collection (Music World)

New York 42 (PPL)

Newmarket Music (Dex Audio)

Newpax (PPL)

Newport Classic (PPL)

News (Belgium) (Central Station)

Newton-John, Olivia (Festival)

Next Century (PPL)

Nia (PPL)

Nickleodeon (East/West) (Warner)

Nieko (Downey, Nicholas)

Night Owl Music (Dex Audio)

Night Records (EMI)

Nightingale (PPL)

Nightlight Records (Universal)

Niksta Music (Niksta)

Nil Satis Records (PPL)

Nine 2 Five Recordings (PPL)

Ninja Tune (Creative Vibes)

Nitelife (PPL)

Nitro Records (Shock)

NKM Recordings (PPL)

NMC (UK) (Fuse)

No Bones Records (PPL)

No Future (PPL)

No Logo Records (PPL)

Nomad (Hot)

Nonesuch (Classical) (Warner)

Noo Trybe (EMI)

Noom UK (PPL)

North South East West Records (PPL)

North South Records (PPL)

Northeast Records (PPL)

Northwestside (Universal)

Nostalgia Music Company (PPL)

Note-Is Records (PPL)

Nothing Records (Universal)

Noveau Music (PPL)

November Music (PPL)

Novus (Sony BMG)

Now Were Here (aJaymusic)


NRK Sound Division (PPL)

NS Com (PPL)

N’Soul (PPL)

Ntone (PPL)

Nu Camp (PPL)

Nu Direction Records (PPL)

Nu Poodle Breaks (PPL)

Nu-Beat (PPL)

Nu-Groove (PPL)

Nu-Tone (PPL)

Nuevos Medios (Hot)

Nuff Music Limited (PPL)

Nukleuz (PPL)

Nulla (EMI)

Numa (Sony BMG)

Numero Uno (Sony BMG)

Nuova Era (PPL)

NV Records (PPL)

NVS Records (PPL)

NYC (Universal)

NZ Digipaks (Music World)

O.B. (PPL)

Oak Recorded Music Library (PPL)

Oats Records (PPL)

Oblivion (PPL)

Oblong Records (PPL)

Oboe Classics (Select)

Obsession (PPL)


Occasion Recordings (PPL)

Ocean (PPL)

Ocean Beach Records (Rubys Grace)

Ocean Road Music (Ocean Road Music)

Oceandeep (EMI)

Ochre Records (PPL)

Odd Ball Records (PPL)

Odd Bodhran (PPL)

Odd Records (PPL)

Ode (Carole King Product Only) (Sony BMG)

Ode (Rocky Horror Picture Show/Rocky Horror Participation Shock Treatment/ Tommy CD Only) (Festival)

Odeon (EMI)

Odessa Mama Records (DLF Productions)

Odyssey (Sony BMG)

Off Beat (PPL)

Off Key Records (PPL)

Off The Track (Festival)

Offbeat Scotland (PPL)

Offshoot (PPL)

Offside Music (EMI)

Offspring Records (PPL)

OFN Records (PPL)

Ofset Productions (PPL)

Oglio (Hot)

Ogun (PPL)

Oisin Studios (PPL)


Okeh (Sony BMG)

Okra Productions Ltd (PPL)

Okra-Tone (PPL)

Ola Records (PPL)

Old Bean (PPL)

Old Hat Music (PPL)

Old Timey (PPL)

Old Town (Starlite)

Oldie Blues (PPL)

Oldies (PPL)

Oliver “D” Records (PPL)

Olufsen (PPL)

Olympia (PPL)

Omega Records (PPL)

Omnium (PPL)

Omtown (MRA)

On A Private Label (PPL)

On Top Recordings (PPL)

On-Track Records (PPL)

Onari Records (PPL)

One Little Indian Records (PPL)

One Louder Records (PPL)

One Mind (PPL)

One Movement Records (PPL)

One Step Music (PPL)

Onemone (Universal)

Ong Yunyu (Yunyu, Ong)

ONJ Productions (Festival)

Onyx (PPL)

Ooberman (PPL)

Oom-Cha Productions (PPL)

Opal (PPL)

Open All Hours (PPL)

Opera Rara (Select)

Opium Arts (UK) (Hot)

Opus (PPL)

Opus Arte (Select)

Oracabessa (PPL)

Orange (PPL)

Orange Mountain (Hot)

Oracle Records (Oracle)

Orbison (PPL)

Orbit (PPL)

Orby (PPL)

Orchid Records (PPL)

Organ (PPL)

Origin Recordings (Origin)

Original Records (PPL)

Original Blues Classics (Festival)

Original Jazz Classics (Festival)

Original Music (PPL)

Original Norman Petty Mast (PPL)

Original Oldies (Starlite)

Original Sounds Records (PPL)

Orleans (PPL)

Orpheus (Move)

OS Digital (PPL)

OSA (Hot)

Osmosys Records (PPL)

Osmosysis (Planet Distribution)

Ospina (PPL)

Ossia Classics (PPL)

Otitori Bay Records (Adam Fiorello)


Out Of The Ark Music (PPL)

Out On A Limb (PPL)

Outdigo Records (PPL)

Outernational (PPL)

Outlet (Sony BMG)

Outpost (Universal)

Over The Top Records (PPL)

Overdose (Germany) (Central Station)

Overground Records (PPL)

Owen Lockett Enterprises (Owen Lockett)

Oxrecs Digital (PPL)

Oxygen (PPL)

Oyster (PPL)

Oz (EMI)

Ozone (PPL)

P. Flight Records (PPL)

P.E.K. Sound (PPL)

P.M.E. (PPL)

P.Y.O. (PPL)

P3 (PPL)

Pablo (Festival)

Pacific Jazz (EMI)

Pacific Records (PPL)

Pacific Sound Records (PPL)

Pagan (Rigid)

Page 1 (Sony BMG)

Pagoda Recordings (PPL)

Pair (PPL)

Pakaderm (PPL)

Palais Records (PPL)

Palin (PPL)

Pallas Records (Universal)

Palmetto Records (Universal)

Palomino Music (Palomino)

Pam Clarke (Clarke, Denise Pamela)

Pama (PPL)

Pampers (PPL)

Pamplin Music (PPL)

Pamtondo Records (PPL)

Pan (Planet Distribution)

Pan East Records (PPL)

Panache (PPL)

Pandamonium (Pandamonium)

Pandemonium (PPL)

Pandora Music (PPL)

Pankay Records Ltd (PPL)

Pantheon Records (PPL)

Pantomimes (PPL)

Panton (PPL)

Panton Panorama (PPL)

Paper Recordings (PPL)

Papercuts (PPL)

Paperhouse Records (PPL)

Paraphernalia Recordings (PPL)

Paras Recording Company (MRA)

Paratraxx (PPL)

Paris Records (Universal)

Park Records (MRA)

Parliament Music (PPL)

Parlophone (EMI)

Parnassis Editions (PPL)

Parole (Festival)

Parrot (PPL)

Partisan Recordings (PPL)

Partners In Crime (PPL)

Party Animal (Music World)

Pasadena Records (PPL)

Passion (PPL)

Passion Music (Hot)

Past (PPL)

Past Perfect (PPL)

Past Times (PPL)

Pastafont (PPL)

Patate (Hot)

Pathe (EMI)

Pathe Marconi (EMI)

Paul Fyfe (Fyfe, Paul)

Paul Van Dyk GMBH (Shock)

Paula (PPL)

Paulos Records (PPL)

Pause_Z (PPL)

Pavan Productions (PPL)

Pavane (PPL)

Pax Entertainment (Deep Pearl)

PDC Music (Universal)

Peak Records (Esoteric Recordings Only) (Peak)

Pearl (PPL)

Pearse Music (PPL)

Peculiar Flower Records (PPL)

Pegasus (Hot)

Peking Duck (Creative Vibes)

Penny Black (PPL)

Pennywise (Pennywise)

Penthouse Records (PPL)

Peppercorn (PPL)

Perennial Music Co Ltd (PPL)

Perfect Words And Music (PPL)

Perfectly Frank Ltd (PPL)

Perfecto Records (Festival)

Performax (MRA)

Persevere Records (Shock)

Perspective (CBC) (PPL)

Perspective (Universal)

Pete Allen Records (PPL)

Peter Hartin Enterprises (Universal)

Peter Ronald Pratt (Pratt, Peter Ronald)

Petrol Records (Pistol)

Phantom Audio (PPL)

Phantom Records (Phantom)

Phase One Records (PPL)

Phat And Round (PPL)

Phat Trax Records (PPL)

Phaze One Records (PPL)

Phfft! (Universal)

Phil Collins (Warner)

Phil Spector (EMI)

Philadelphia International (Restricted) (Sony BMG)

Philips (Universal)

Philips Classics (Universal)

Philips International Series (Universal)

Philo (Planet Distribution)

Phoenix Records (PPL)

Phono (PPL)

Phuturistic Bluez (PPL)

Piano (PPL)

Piano Library Records (PPL)

Pickout (PPL)

Pictish Pop Records (PPL)

Picture Music International (EMI)

Pierre Vernay (PPL)

Pig & Trumpet (PPL)

Pigboy Records (PPL)

Pila (PPL)

Pilgrim’s Star (PPL)

Pilot (PPL)

Pinevision (dba Circus Records) (Shock)

Pinnacle (Sony BMG)

Pinnacle Entertainment (Sony BMG)

Pindaroo Music (LBS)

Pineapple (PPL)

Pinewood (Pinewood Records)

Pink Gun Records Limited (PPL)

Pioneer (PPL)

Pip (PPL)

Pipe (PPL)

Piranha (Planet Distribution)

Pirinas (PPL)

Pisces (PPL)

Pistol Records (Pistol)

Pixie (PPL)

PJ Rocks (PPL)


Plague (PPL)

Plainsong Music (Emu Music)

Planet (Sony BMG)

Planet Bollywood (PPL)

Planet Breakz (PPL)

Planet Dog (PPL)

Plank Records (PPL)

Plant Life (PPL)

Plant Life Jazz (PPL)

Platinum Collection (Music World)

Plastic Canvas (PPL)

Plastic City Suburbia (PPL)

Plastic City UK (PPL)

Plastic Donut (Easton, Mark Gregory)

Plastic Fantastic Records (PPL)

Plastic Raygun (PPL)

Plastic Surgery Records (PPL)

Plastica Records (PPL)

Plastica Red (PPL)

Platipus Records (PPL)

Play Label (PPL)

Play Recordings (PPL)

Playa Records (PPL)

Playasound/Sunset (Planet Distribution)

Playup Music (Launch Rceords)

Plaza Records (PPL)

Plenty Records (PPL)

Pliable (PPL)

Plum Projects (PPL)

Plum Records (PPL)

PMF/Jazz Archives (PPL)

Po Funky Blah (PPL)

Pod Music (PPL)

Poetry In Motion Recordings (PPL)

Pogo Records (PPL)

Point Music (Universal)

Point Records (PPL)

Points East (PPL)

Poke Records (PPL)

Pokemon (Shock)

Pollytone Records (PPL)

Polskie Nagrania (PPL)

Polydor (Universal)

Polydor/Wonderland (Universal)

Polyester Records (PPL)

PolyGram (Universal)

PolyGram Australia (Universal)

PolyGram Records Operations Ltd (UK) (Universal)

PolyGram TV (Universal)

PolyGram Video (Universal)

Polyphonic (PPL)

Polystar (Universal)

Poodle (PPL)

Poontang Records (PPL)

Pop Music (PPL)

Poppy Records (PPL)

Popular Demand (PPL)

Pork Recordings (PPL)

Portrait (Sony BMG)

Position Records (PPL)

Positiva (EMI)

Posse (PPL)

Possum (Possum)

Postofficerecords (PPL)

Potomac (PPL)

Power Of Voice Communication (PPL)

Power Station (Universal)

Powertools (PPL)

Powderworks (Powderworks)

Powerhouse Records (Jupiter 2 Records)

Praise (PPL)

Prawn & Spanner (Prawn & Spanner)

Preamble (Fifth Continent)

Precious (Universal)

Predominant Records (PPL)

Premier (EMI)

Premonition UK (PPL)

Premonition Records (Dex Audio)

Pres (PPL)

Preset Records (PPL)

President (PPL)

Pressure Sounds (Hot)

Pressure Trax (PPL)

Prestige (Festival)

Pretty Good Records (PPL)

Prima (PPL)

Prima Records (PPL)

Prima Voce (Planet Distribution)

Primetime (PPL)

Primrose Music (PPL)

Princess Superstar (Shock)

Priority (Universal)

Priority/Rappalot (EMI)

Priory Records (PPL)

Prism Leisure (MRA)


Private Music (Sony BMG)

Pro Sound (Shock)

Pro-Activ Records (PPL)

Pro-Logic (PPL)

Proem (Proem3)

Professor Feelgood (PPL)

Professor Playtime (PPL)

Profumo (PPL)

Progressive (PPL)

Project Cosmonaut (PPL)

Prolekult Records (PPL)

Prometheus (Hot)

Proof Records (PPL)

Prophet (PPL)

Proprius (Select)

Props Records (PPL)

Provident (PPL)

Provocateur Records (PPL)

Psychotic (PPL)

Psychopathic Records (Shock)

Psychout Records/Moondog Entertainment (Shock)

Public Demand Records (PPL)

Pull The Strings (PPL)

Pulsar (PPL)

Punch (PPL)

Punk Rock Baby (PPL)

Pure Adrenalin (PPL)

Pure Bliss (PPL)

Pure Dance (PPL)

Pure Groove (PPL)

Pure Plastic (PPL)

Pure Vibes Recordings (PPL)

Purge (Rigid)

Purple (EMI)

Pussyfoot Records Ltd (PPL)

Putumayo (MRA)

PVK Records (PPL)

PWL (East/West) (Warner)


Q Zone Ltd (PPL)

Quadro Pack (PPL)

Quartz Records (PPL)

Qudisc (PPL)

Que-P Records (PPL)

Quick Fix (Saliba, Saba)

Quilisma (PPL)

Quinland Road (MRA)

Quixotic Records (Shock)

Quo Enterprises (Universal)

Quosh Records (PPL)

Qwest (Warner)

R and O (PPL)

R. A. Kitchen (PPL)

R.A.L. (Universal)

R.H.R. (PPL)

R.I.M. (PPL)

R.T.F.M. (PPL)

R.T.L.M. (PPL)

R-Bennig (PPL)

R2 (PPL)

Ra (Sony BMG)

Rabbit Hole Records (Space Like Alice)

Rabid Badger (PPL)

Raceway (PPL)

Rachel Hore (Hore, Rachel)

Rachel Koster (Koster, Rachel)

Radiant Future (PPL)

Radical Choice (Sony BMG)

Radical Cuts (PPL)

Radio 2XS (PPL)

Radioactive (Universal)

Radiounivers (Universal)

Radiowave (PPL)

Rads Records (PPL)

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