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Li’l Bro’ Records (PPL)

Liberation Music (Liberation)

Liberty (EMI)

Libido (Sony BMG)

Libra Records (PPL)

Lick Records (PPL)

Lifestyle (Sony BMG)

Liftin Spirit Records (PPL)

Light And Dark (PPL)

Light/Sacred Special (PPL)

Lightning And Thunder Records (PPL)

Lightyear (Planet Distribution)

Lilac (PPL)

Limbo Records (PPL)

Lime Street Records (PPL)

Limelight (Universal)

Limetree (PPL)

Limited Company Records (PPL)

Limonaire (PPL)

Lindene Music (Lindene Music)

Lingo Records (PPL)

Links (PPL)

Lionheart Administration & Promotion Services (Lionheart)

Lior Attar (Attar, Lior)

Lipsync Records (Lipsync)

Lismor Recordings Limited (PPL)

Listen Easy (Music World)

Listen For Pleasure (EMI)

Litmus (PPL)

Little Darlin (Starlite)

Little Digger (EMI)

Little Mate (EMI)

Little Misty Music (PPL)

Little Truck Records (Little Truck Records)

Live & Learn Records (PPL)

Live (pr) (PPL)

Live And Love (PPL)

Live Classics (PPL)

Live Oak (PPL)

Livid Meerkat (PPL)

Living Beat (PPL)

Living Music (Hot)

Living With Amy (Big Strum)

Lizard (PPL)

Lizard Records (PPL)

LME (Universal)

Loaded Records (PPL)

Lochshore (PPL)

Locked On (PPL)

Loe Records (PPL)

Loft (PPL)

Log Music (Hot)

Logic (Sony BMG)

Logo (Sony BMG)

Lollipop (PPL)

Lomoco Records (PPL)

London Independent Records (PPL)

London Jazz (PPL)

London Metro Jazz (PPL)

London Popular Arts (PPL)

London Records (East/West) (Warner)

Londonparis UK (PPL)

Lone Star Records (PPL)

Lonely Guy (Festival)

Lonely Street Discs (PPL)

Long Lost Brother (UK) (Hot)

Lontano Records Ltd (PPL)

Loofy Records (PPL)

Look At You Records (PPL)

Lookout Records (Shock)

Loose Recordings (PPL)

Loose Tie (PPL)

Lord Ellis Productions (PPL)

Lorin Nicholson (Nicholson, Lorin)

Lorna (PPL)

Lost Language (PPL)

Lotos (PPL)


Loud (Sony BMG)

Loudhouse Records (US) (Hot)

Louisiana Concerts (PPL)

Love Of Life (PPL)

Love This Records (PPL)

Lovebird (PPL)

Lovesound (PPL)


LSO (Universal)

LSO Live (PPL)

Luaka Bop (MRA)

Lucky (Music World)

Lucky Country (Music World)

Lucky Dog (Sony BMG)

Lucky Seven (PPL)

Luka Bloom (Shock)

Lumina Music (PPL)

Lunadisc (PPL)

Lunar Records (PPL)

Luxor (Liberation)

Luxury (Luxury)

Lyrichord (PPL)

Lyrinx (PPL)

Lyrita Recorded Edition (PPL)


M & J Records (PPL)



M.D.M. (EMI)

M.W.M. Records (PPL)

Mac II (PPL)

Macaskill Music (PPL)

Maccabees (PPL)

Mach Pelican (Shock)

Macmeanmna (PPL)

Macym (PPL)

Mad (PPL)

Mad Pig Records (PPL)

Mad Promotions (PPL)

Madame Leo Association (Shock)

Madhouse Records (PPL)

Madryn (PPL)

Maelstrom Records (PPL)

Maestro Masters (Music World)

Maestro Records (PPL)

Mafia & Fluxy (PPL)

Magdalen (PPL)

Magic (PPL)

Magic Music (Vanderby, Raymond Henry)

Magic Records (PPL)

Magick Eye Records (PPL)

Magnatone (PPL)

Magnetic North (PPL)

Magnum Force (PPL)

Magnum Opus (PPL)

Magpie (PPL)

MAI Music Ltd (Shock)

Main Line (PPL)

Mainstem (PPL)

Majestic Praise (PPL)

Majestic Reggae (PPL)

Make Some Noise (PPL)

Malaco (Black Market Music)

Malandro Records (Dex Audio)

Mambo Music (PPL)

Mammoth Records (Universal)

Man Form Uncle Records (PPL)

Mana Music (Universal)

Mandingo (PPL)

Mandingo Hot Steppers (PPL)

Manga Beat Records (PPL)

Mango (Universal)

Mango Street (Universal)

Manhatton (EMI)

Manic (PPL)

Manifesto (Shock)

Manna Music (PPL)

Manran Music Productions (PPL)

Mantra (Remote Control)

Map (PPL)

Maranatha Music (PPL)

March Hare Music (PPL)

Marco Polo (Select)

Mardi Gras Records (PPL)

Marimba Records (PPL)

Marine Parade Ltd (PPL)

Mark & Miley (PPL)

Mark Andrew Pengilly (Pengilly, Mark Andrew)

Mark Jackson (Jackson, Mark)

Market Square (PPL)

Marli Music (Marli Music)

Marquis (Sony BMG)

Marquis Classics (PPL)

Martial Heart Records (PPL)

Martian Music (Kelvin Roy)

Martian Music (Charlie Chan)

Marvel (Music World)

Marvells Recordings (PPL)

Masquerade Music (Shock)

Massive Productions (PPL)

Master Sound (PPL)

Masters Of Art (PPL)

Mastersong (MRA)

Matersong Music UK (PPL)

Mastersound (MRA)

Mastersound Profile (PPL)

Matador (Remote Control)

Matchbox (PPL)

Matchless Recordings (PPL)

Mateo & Matos (PPL)

Matt Angell (Angell, Matt)

Matthew Kirk Handley (Handley, Matthew Kirk)

Maurice Hardy (V G Promotions)

Maverik (PPL)

Max Lorenzin Pty Ltd (Lorenzin, Max)

Max’s Kansas City (PPL)

Maximum Records (PPL)

Maximum Sound (PPL)

Mayfair Records (PPL)

MC Records (Hot)

MCA (Universal)

MCA Nashville (Universal)


MDC Promotions Ltd (PPL)

Me And My (PPL)

Meadowland Records (PPL)

Meadowlark (PPL)

Measured Records (PPL)

Meaty Music (PPL)

Mechanism (PPL)

Medfly (PPL)

Media Records (Colossal)

Medical Mission Sisters (Move)

Medium Productions Ltd (PPL)

Medley Records (Universal)

Mega Records (Universal)

Megabop Records (PPL)

Megadisc N.V. (PPL)

Megaforce Records (Shock)

Megastar (PPL)

Melankovic (EMI)

Melcot Music (PPL)

Mellow Yellow (PPL)

Melodian Records Pty Ltd (Festival)

Melodisc Music Limited (PPL)

Melody Records (PPL)

Meltdown Records (PPL)

Memoir (Hot)

Memory Lane (Universal)

Memphis Industries (PPL)

Men (PPL)

Menace (PPL)

Merc (PPL)

Mercury (Universal)

Mercury Black Vinyl (Universal)

Mercury Living Prescence (Universal)

Mercury Nashville (Universal)

Mercury UK (Universal)

Mercury USA (Universal)

Merengada (PPL)

Merenia Gillies (Gillies, Merenia)

Merge Records (Shock)

Meridian (PPL)

Mesmobeat Ltd (PPL)

Messiah Complex (Phantom)

Meta 4 (PPL)

Metal Blade Records (Shock)

Metalcore Records (PPL)

Metamorphosis (PPL)

Metamorphosis Multi Media (PPL)

Meteor (PPL)

Metier (PPL)

Metro Blue (EMI)

Metroplex Records (PPL)

Mezzo (PPL)

MFF Records (PPL)



MGM (Soundtracks) (EMI)

MGR Records (PPL)

Michael Den Elzen (Den Elzen, Michael)

Michael Gant Entertainment (Michael Gant Entertainment)

Michelle (EMI)

Mick Hamilton (Hamilton, Mick)

Micron (PPL)

Middle Earth (PPL)

Middle East (PPL)

Middleground (PPL)

Midlands Records (PPL)

Midnight (Midnight)

Midnight Music (PPL)

Midnight Rock Records (PPL)

Mighty Horn (PPL)

Mikey Boops Records (PPL)

Mil (PL)

Milan (Sony BMG)

Miles Music (PPL)

Mill Records (PPL)

Millenium Classics (Universal)

Mind Switch Records (PPL)

Minder Records (PPL)

Minerva (PPL)

Minerva Records (PPL)

Minimal Records (PPL)

Ministry Of Power (PPL)

Minnie The Moocher (PPL)

Mint (EMI)

Mint Films (PPL)

Mint Julep (PPL)

Mint Records (PPL)

Mint Sauce (PPL)

Mint Tea (PPL)

Minta Records (PPL)

Miracle (PPL)

Miracles (PPL)

Misanthropy Records (PPL)

Misc (PPL)

Missing Link (The Glass Corporation)

Missing Link (Birthday Party Only ) (EMI)

Misterioso (PPL)

Mix Factory Records (PPL)

MK (Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga) (PPL)

MK2 (France) (Fuse)

MMM Production Company (PPL)

Mo Wax (Remote Control)

Mo’ Wax (Universal)

Mob Records (PPL)

Mobius Records (PPL)

Models Music (Shock)

Modern (PPL)

Modern Art (PPL)

Modern Blues (PPL)

Modern Records (PPL)

Modern Soul (Modern Soul)

Modern Urban Jazz (PPL)

Modular (Universal)

MoJazz (Universal)

Mojo (Sony BMG)

Mojo Records (Universal)

Molecular (PPL)

Molesworth Records (PPL)

Monarch (PPL)

Mondo Melodia (Hot)

Money (PPL)

Money Talks (PPL)

Monique Boggia Musicworks (Band Camp)

Monkeybar Music (Willow)

Monmouth Evergreen (PPL)

Mono (PPL)

Monogram (PPL)

Monogram Recordings (Shock)

Monster Sounds (PPL)

Montague Music (PPL)

Montana (PPL)

Montgomery, Maree (Maree Montgomery)

Monument (Sony BMG)

Moo Records (Charlie Chan)

Moogungwha Records (PPL)

Moonshine Music (Colossal)

Moose Records (PPL)

More Protein (PPL)

More Riddim (PPL)

More Rockers (PPL)

Morgan Creek (Universal)

Moshed (PPL)

Most Records (PPL)

Most Wanted (PPL)

Mostly Music (Sony BMG)

Mother (Universal)

Mother Earth Music (PPL)

Mother Natural Pty Ltd (Mighty Records)

Mother Stoat (PPL)

Mother Tongues (Creative Vibes)

Mothers Little Helper (PPL)

Mother Ruin (PPL)

Motion (PPL)

Motion Music (PPL)

Motion Records (UK) (Hot)

Motion Oz (Juliet Johnson)

Moto Music (PPL)

Motor (Universal)

Motown (Universal)

Mountain Made Music (Mountain Made Music)

Mountain Records (PPL)

Mountain Retreat (Hot)

Mountain Thyme (Mountain Thyme)

Mouse Records (PPL)

Movation (PPL)

Movement London Ltd (PPL)

Moviebox UK Ltd (PPL)

Movies Select Audio (PPL)

Moving Shadow Records (PPL)


MPS (Universal)

Mr Doo (PPL)

Mr Lady Records (Shock)

Mr McFall’s Chamber (PPL)

Mr R & B (PPL)

MRA Entertainment (MRA)

Mrs Ackroyd Records (PPL)

MSB (Universal)


MTM Privacy (PPL)

Mud Hut Records Ltd (PPL)

Multi Records (PPL)

Multicultural Media (PPL)

Multiplay Music Ltd (Multiplay)

Multiplay Music Ltd (PPL)

Mumbo Jumbo Records (PPL)

Mundymusic Group (Mundy, Chris)

Munich (PPL)

Murder Inc. (Universal)

murmur (Sony BMG)

Murphys Music Centre (Murphys Music)

Mushroom Records Pty Ltd (Festival)

Mushroom Records International BV (Festival)

Mushroom Distribution Services Pty Ltd (Festival)

Mushroom UK (Festival)

Music Box (Music World)

Music Club (MRA)

Music Collection International (Festival)

Music De-Luxe

Music For Advertising (Music For Advertising)

Music For Nations (Sony BMG)

Music For Pleasure (EMI)

Music Forever/Surscope (PPL)

Music From Beverly (PPL)

Music From Durham (PPL)

Music From Portsmouth (PPL)

Music From Ripon (PPL)

Music From York (PPL)

Music Masters (PPL)

Music Media (PPL)

Music Minds (PPL)

Music Now (PPL)

Music Of Life (PPL)

Music On The Move (PPL)

Music Works (PPL)

Music World (Music World)

Music World Hour (Music World)

Music World International (Music World)

Musica Tradicional (PPL)

Musica Viva (PPL)

Musical Ambassador (PPL)

Musical Collectibles (PPL)

Musical Movements (PPL)

Musicaphon (PPL)

Musicnow Records (PPL)

Musicoast (EMI)

Musigal Music (Musigal)

Musiks Monuments (Universal)

Muisque D’Or (PPL)

Must Close Saturday (Hot)

Mustard Seed (PPL)

Mute Records Limited (EMI)

Mwldan (PPL)

My Label (My Label)

My Records (Honeyface)

Myko Italy (PPL)

Myra (PPL)]

Myrrh (PPL)

Mystery Music (Goris, Greg)

Mysty Records (PPL)

N.M.C. (PPL)

N.M.S. Records (PPL)

N-Coded (Hot)

N19 (PPL)

Nachural (PPL)

Naim (PPL)

Naïve (Shock)

Naïve (Select)

Nancy Vandal (Shock)

Nanna’s Cane (Nanna’s Cane)

Narada (MRA)

Narcotix (PPL)

Nashboro (PPL)

Nascente (MRA)

Nashgrill (Treacle Line)

Nashville (PPL)

Natasha Imports (PPL)

Nation Records (Shock)

National Westminster Bank (PPL)

Nationwide (PPL)

Nattasha Crestani (Crestani, Nattasha)

Natural Flavas (PPL)

Natural High Recordings (PPL)

Natural Rhythm Music (PPL)

Navras (PPL)

Navybeck (New Chris Rea) (UK) (Hot)

Naxos (Select)

Near (Music Picture Disc) (PPL)

Necrosis Records (PPL)

Nectar Music (PPL)

Nefertiti (PPL)

Neon Hearts (PPL)

Neon Records (PPL)

Neoteric (PPL)

Neptune (Lismor) (PPL)

Nero Schwarz (PPL)

Nerus Records (PPL)

Nervous (PPL)

Netherlands (PPL)

Nettwerk America (Shock)

Network (Select)

Neumaier Music (Shock)

Neuropa International (PPL)

Neutron (Universal)

Nevis (PPL)

New As Disc (PPL)

New Canaan (PPL)

New Classical (PPL)

New Generation Records (PPL)

New Haven Records (PPL)

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