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Blue Jackel (Planet Distribution)

Blue Juice (PPL)

Blue Moon (PPL)

Blue Note (EMI)

Blue Ocean Records (PPL)

Blue Pie Productions (Blue Pie Productions)

Blue Planet (Universal)

Blue Plate Music (PPL)

Blue Print (Universal)

Blue Rascal Music Production (PPL)

Blue Records (PPL)

Blue Rinse Tapes (PPL)

Blue Swan (PPL)

Blue Thumb Records (Universal)

Blue Vibes Music (Blue Vibes)

Bluebell (PPL)

Blueblood Records (PPL)

Blueprint (PPL)

Blues & Rhythm (PPL)

Blues Boys (PPL)

Blues Classics (PPL)

Blues Collection (Music World)

Blues Legends (Planet Distribution)

Bluesville (PPL)

Bluesville Recorsd (Aust) (Bluesville)

Blunt Recordings (PPL)

Blunted (Universal)

BM International (Sony BMG)

BNA Recordings (Sony BMG)

BNM Records (USA) (AGR)

Boa (PPL)

Bodeswell (PPL)

Bodge Records (Bleicher, Airom)

Body & Soul (MRA)

Bodyjar (Shock)

Boheme Music (PPL)

Bold (PPL)

Bolshi Blue (PPL)

Bolshi Red (PPL)

Bonaire (PPL)

Bone Tone Corporation (PPL)

Bongiovanni (PPL)

Bonkers (PPL)

Bonskeid (PPL)

Bonton (PPL)

Bonzai Records UK (PPL)

Bonzai Trance Progressive (PPL)

Boo Boo Wax (Liberation)

Booby Trap Productions (Molly Molotov)

Boobytrap Records (PPL)

Boogie Beat (PPL)

Bootleg Records (PPL)

Boots And Shades (PPL)

Boplicity (PPL)

Bordello (Bordello)

Born To Dance (PPL)

Boss (PPL)

Boss Records (PPL)

Bostin (Universal)

Botchit Breaks (PPL)

Botchit & Scarper (PPL)

Boulevard Records (PPL)

Bouncy Tunes (PPL)

Boutique (PPL)

Bowles Production (Bowles Production)

Bowstone Records (PPL)

Boy Meets Girl Records (PPL)


BPQ Digital (PPL)

Brads (PPL)

Braindrift Records (PPL)

Bran Nue Dae (Universal)

Branded (PPL)

Brave Records (PPL)

Brazil (PPL)

Breaking Records (The Dead Abigails)

Breathe Records (PPL)

Brentwood (Sony BMG)

Brett Goodwin (Goodwin, Brett)

Brian Lord Entertainment (Brian Lord Entertainment)

Brick Wall Music (PPL)

Brilliant (Netherlands) (Fuse)

Brioso Records (PPL)

British Music Society (PPL)

British Steel (PPL)

Broad Music (Broad Music)

Broadside (PPL)

Broken (PPL)

Broken Electric (Bleicher, Airom)

Bronze (PPL)

Bronze Mocha Music (PPL)

Bruce’s (PPL)

BS Productions (PPL)

BSG Records (PPL)

Bubblegum Records (PPL)

Bubblin’ (PPL)

Bud Records (PPL)

Buda (Planet Distribution)

Buddah (Sony BMG)

Buffalo (PPL)

Buffy (PPL)

Bug (PPL)

Bugle (PPL)

Bullbar Records (Bullbar)

Bulldog (PPL)

Bullet (PPL)

Bulletproof Records (Bulletproof)

Bullseyes Blues (Planet Distribution)

Bump And Thumper Recordings (PPL)

Bump Records (PPL)

Bumpin (PPL)

Bunyip (Pinewood Records)

Bunza Entertainment International (Bunza)

Burlington (PPL)

Burn Out Records (PPL)

Burning Heart/SideKicks (Shock)

Bus Brains Connections Ltd (PPL)

Bushranger Records (PPL)

Butler Brown P/L (Butler Brown)

Butt (PPL)

Button Records (PPL)

Buzz Records (PPL)

Buzzola (Hot)


Bygum Records (PPL)

Byron Bay Records (Foghorn)


C.A. Records (PPL)

C.B.C. (PPL)

C.B.M. (PPL)

C.C.C. 123 Records & Tapes (PPL)

C.R.S. (PPL)

C.S.M. (PPL)

C64 Audio.com (PPL)

Caama Music (CAAMA)

Caber Music Ltd (PPL)

Cache’ (Music World)

Cacophonous Records (PPL)

Cacophony (PPL)

Cactus (PPL)

Cactus Records (PPL)

Cadence (PPL)

Cadence Jazz (PPL)

Cadillac (PPL)

Cadillac Dawn Club Series (PPL)

Café Del Mar (Creative Vibes)

Cake (Sony BMG)

Cala Records (PPL)

Calando (PPL)

Calavera Records (PPL)

Caledonia (Universal)

Caliente (USA) (Fuse)

Calligraph Records (PPL)

Callisto Records (PPL)

Caltime (PPL)

Cam (Hot)

Cam (Italy) (Sony BMG)

Cambria (PPL)

Cambrian (PPL)

Camden (Sony BMG)

Camel (PPL)

Cameo (PPL)

Cameron Bracken Concepts (Cameron Bracken)

Camino (PPL)

Campion (PPL)

Campion Cameo (PPL)

Canaan (PPL)

Candescence (PPL)

Candid (Hot)

Candle (Festival)

Candlelight Records (PPL)

Candy Records (PPL)

Cannonball Records (Black Market)

Cantate (PPL)

Cantio (PPL)

Cantoris Records (PPL)

Canzona Music (PPL)

Canzone Italiana (PPL)

Cape Compact (PPL)

Capitol (EMI)

Capitol Jazz (EMI)

Capitol Records Inc (Joe Cocker Only) (Festival)

Capri Records (PPL)

Capriccio (Germany) (Fuse)

Capricorn (Warner)

Capricorn Records (Universal)

Captain Vimto (Sony BMG)

Captive (EMI)

Care Factor Zero (Care Factor Zero)

Career (Hot)

Carenza (PPL)

Cargo Records UK (dba Sweet Nothing Records) (Shock)

Caribbean Distribution (PPL)

Caritas (PPL)

Caritas Classics (PPL)

Carrack UK (PPL)

Carrere (East/West) (Warner)

Carrot Records (PPL)

Carthage (PPL)

Cartographic Songs (PPL)

Casablanca (Universal)

Casadura (PPL)

Cascade (PPL)

Cash Money Records (Universal)

Cassette Hour (Music World)

Cassettes For Young People (PPL)

Castle Island Records (PPL)

Casualty (PPL)

Catch (PPL)

Cato Recordings (PPL)

Catskills (PPL)

Cavalcade Records (PPL)

Cavalier (PPL)

Cavell Records (PPL)


CCM Music (PPL)

CDBallad (PPL)

CDIrish (PPL)

CDScott (PPL)

Cedille Classics (Planet Distribution)

Ceety Leemits (The Flamin Locos)

Celestial Cow Records (Onique)

Celestial Harmonies (Planet Distribution)

Cello Classics (Select)

Celtic Gold (Music World)

Celtic Heartbeat (Universal)

Celtic Records (Celtic Records)

Celtic Soul (PPL)

Celtic Woman Records (MRA)

Celtophile (PPL)

Censored Explicit (PPL)

Centaur (PPL)

Central Station (Central Station)

Century Media (Shock)

CGD (Warner)

Cha Cha Records (PPL)

Chalk Music (Shane Heatlie)

Challenge Records (PPL)

Chameleon Records (PPL)

Champagne (PPL)

Champion Recordings (UK) (PPL)

Chandos (UK) (Fuse)

Changa Queen (PPL)

Channel 5 (PPL)

Channel Four Music (PPL)

Chanticleer (PPL)

Chaos Reins (PPL)

Chapel Lane (PPL)

Chariot (PPL)

Charisma (EMI)

Charjan Productions (PPL)

Charm (PPL)

Chart Records (Chart Records)

Chart Sounds (PPL)

Chatterbox (Chatterbox)

Chatsworth (PPL)

Check Records (PPL)

Cheetah Records (PPL)

Chelsea (Sony BMG)

Chemical Discs (PPL)

Chemical Dog Recordings (PPL)

Cherry Entertainment (Universal)

Cherry Lane Music (Shock)

Cherry Orchard (PPL)

Cherry Pie Records (PPL)

Cherry Red (Dead Kennedy’s Only (EMI)

Cherry Red Records (Hot)

Chess (Universal)

Chiaroscuro (PPL)

Chin Randys (PPL)

Chiswick Records (PPL)

Chix (PPL)

Choc Chip (Festival)

Chocolate Boy Recordings Ltd (PPL)

Chocolate Records (PPL)

Choo Choo Records (PPL)

Chris Barber Collection (PPL)

Chris Mundy (Mundy, Chris)

Christmas Collection (Music World)

Chronicles (Universal)

Chrysalis (EMI)

CHS Records (PPL)

Chunk (PPL)

Chyme Records (PPL)

Cimp Records (PPL)

Cinedelic (Hot)

Cinema (Bich Touring Enterprises)

Circa (EMI)

Circle Records (Circle Records)

Circle Records Ltd (UK) (PPL)

Circus Records (PPL)

Citadel (Shock)

City Boy Records (PPL)

City Music (PPL)

City Records (PPL)

City Slikker (PPL)

City Sounds (PPL)

City To City (PPL)


Clanka Lanla (PPL)

Clare (PPL)

Clarinet Classics (Select)

Clarity Sound & Light (PPL)

Clarskville Records (PPL)

Classics for Pleasure (EMI)

Classic Fox Records (PPL)

Classic Studio Berlin (PPL)

Classical Recording Service (PPL)

Classico (PPL)

Claudio Bohemia (PPL)

Claudio Contemporary (PPL)

Claudio Records (PPL)

Clawfist (PPL)

Clean Cut Records (PPL)

Clean Up Records (PPL)

Clelia Adams (Adams, Clelia)

Cleopatra Records (Shock)

Cleveland City (PPL)

Cliff Guy (Guy, Clifford William)

Cloud Valley Music (PPL)

Cloudy But Fine (Dean Manning)

Clovelly (PPL)

Club 99 (PPL)

Club Buzz (PPL)

Club Card Records (PPL)

Club De Musique (PPL)

Club Movers (PPL)

Club802 (PPL)

Clubland Records (Shock)

Clubscene Records (PPL)

Clued (PPL)

Cluster (PPL)


CND (Planet Distribution)

CNR (Roadrunner)

Cobra (PPL)

Cobrax (Rigid)

Cockatoo Records (Echidna)

Codex Records (PPL)

Coercive (PPL)

Col Legno (Fuse)

Col Millington Productions (Col Millington Productions)

Colin Greatorix (Greatorix, Colin Spencer)

Collectables (Hot)

Collecting (PPL)

Collectors Choice (Hot)

Collectors Edition (PPL)

Collectors Items (PPL)

Collegium Records (Select)

Collision Records (MRA)

Colour Box (PPL)

Columbia (Sony BMG)

Columbia/Sony Music Soundtrax (Sony BMG)

Columna Musica (PPL)

Combo (PPL)

Comic Relief (PPL)

Coming Home (Video) (Liberation)

Command (PPL)

Commodore (Universal)

Communicado Communications Ltd (Sony BMG)

Compact Hour (Music World)

Compact Organization (PPL)

Compadre (Hot)

Compass Brothers (Sony BMG)

Completist (PPL)

Compulsive Recordings (Peeping Tom)

Computer Integrated Audio (PPL)

Concept Music (PPL)

Concert Artists (PPL)

Concert Master (PPL)

Concerto Bayreuth (PPL)

Concious Sounds (PPL)

Concord Records (Shock)

Concord Records (Select)

Concrete (Sony BMG)

Concubine (Shock)

Confetti (PPL)

Conflict Records (PPL)

Congregation (Fourth Floor Collapse)

Congo (PPL)

Connect Records (PPL)

Connor Ray (PPL)

Conquerors (PPL)

Conscious Records (PPL)

Conscious Sounds (PPL)

Consolidated (PPL)

Consort (PPL)

Constant In Opal (PPL)

Constant Q (PPL)

Contact Media (PPL)

Continental Blue Heaven (PPL)

Continental Record Service (PPL)

Continental Song City (PPL)

Continuum (PPL)

Contrast Recordings (PPL)

Coo-ee Music (Coo-ee)

Cooking Vinyl (Shock)

Cool Nation (PPL)

Cool Rockers (PPL)

Cool Tempo (EMI)

Coolsville Records (Universal)

Cora-Linn (PPL)

Corason (PPL)

Cornerstone Productions (PPL)

Cornerstone Records (PPL)

Corona Records (PPL)

Coronet (Sony BMG)

Cortex (Shock)

Coshh (PPL)

Cosmetic Recordings (Vicious)

Cosmic (PPL)

Cosmic Rough Riders (PPL)

Cosmic Sounds (PPL)

Cosmos Original Records (PPL)

Cottage (PPL)

Cottage Records (PPL)

Cougar Records (PPL)

Could Nine Lifestyle + Relaxation (Charlie Chan)

Counterpart Recordings (PPL)

Counterpoint (PPL)

Counterpoint Records Ltd (PPL)

Country Music Classics (Wiseman, Bryan)

Country Music Foundations (PPL)

Country Routes (PPL)

County (PPL)

Cowboy Junkies Inc (Shock)

Cowboy Music (PPL)

Cowboy Records Ltd (PPL)

Coyote (Universal)

CPO (Select)

Crab (PPL)

Crafty Cuts (PPL)

Crafty Maid (PPL)

Crai (PPL)

Craig Giles (Giles, Craig)

Craig Law Productions (Craig Law Productions)

Crash (PPL)

Crash Records (PPL)

Crashed (PPL)

Crazy Jain Records (PPL)

Crazy Music Records (PPL)

Crazy Viking Records (PPL)


Cream (Universal)

Creation (Sony BMG)

Creative Vibes (Creative Vibes)

Creekside Records (PPL)

Crème De La Crème (PPL)

Crème De La Crim Records (PPL)

Creole (Sony BMG)

Crescent Moon (Sony BMG)

Crestway Music (Crestway Music)

Crimetime Records (PPL)

CrimInAll Records (CrimInAll Records)

Criminal Records Inc (PPL)

Criss Cross Jazz (PPL)

Cristal Records (Hot)

Critical Mass (PPL)

Crocodisc (PPL)

Cross Over Music (PPL)

Crosswire Music (Shock)

Crown (PPL)

Crown Collection Series (PPL)

Crown Prince (PPL)

Crown Singles (PPL)

CRS (Hot)

Cryptic Shadow (PPL)

Crystal (PPL)

Crystal City (PPL)

Crystal Clarity Sound & Light (PPL)



Cube Hifly (PPL)

Cube Records (Shock)

Cube Soundtracks (PPL)

Cuckoo Land Records (PPL)

Cue Records (PPL)

Cultural Foundation (PPL)

Curb (EMI)

Curb (PPL)

Curb Records (Universal)

Curiad (PPL)

Curveball Recordings (PPL)

Cut ‘N’ Dry (PPL)

Cutting (PPL)

Cutzrecordingz (PPL)

Cybelia (PPL)

CyberOctave (MRA)

Cyclo Music (PPL)

Cypress Records (Sony BMG)

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