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99 North (PPL)

909 Nine O Nine (PPL)

A C Pilmer Automatic Music (PPL)

A Star Academy (Sony BMG)

A Touch Of Magic (PPL)

A Treasury Of Golden Hits (PPL)

A&M Records (Universal)

A&M UK (Universal)

A&R World (PPL)

A&S Records (PPL)

A.I.A.S. (PPL)

A.I.C. (PPL)

A.R.B. (PPL)

A.R.M. (PPL)

A-Class (PPL)

A-Records (PPL)

A-Z Records (PPL)

A1 Records (Sony BMG)

A9 (PPL)


Abatsi International (Shock)

ABC (Universal)

ABC Classics (Universal)

ABC Country (ABC)

ABC For Kids (ABC)

ABC Jazz (ABC)

ABC Music (ABC)

ABC Songwriters (ABC)

ABC Soundtrack (ABC)

Abi Tucker (Tucker, Abi)

Ability Records Ltd (PPL)

Abramelin (Shock)

Abraxas (Hot)

Absolut Records (Shock)

Absolute Records (PPL)

Abstract Dance (PPL)

Abstract Records (PPL)

Abstract Sound (PPL)

AC Eastwood (PPL)

Acacia Records (PPL)

Academy Street Recordings (PPL)

Acapulco Brothers Records (Harris, Adam Brooks)

Accent (PPL)

Accolade Records (PPL)

Accordion Bernadette (Glencoe)

Accurate Records (Hot)

Accurist (PPL)

Ace Eyed Records (PPL)

Ace Ltd Edition (PPL)

Ace Records (Shock)

Acetate Ltd (PPL)

Acid Jazz (Session Records)




Acony Records (Shock)

Acorn Records (PPL)

Acoustics (PPL)

Acrobat (UK) (Hot)

ACS Recordings (PPL)

Act/Resist Records (Shock)

Activ Records (PPL)

Adagio (PPL)

Adasam (PPL)

Addict (Shock)

Adrenalin (Shock)

Adrian Follington (Follington, Adrian)

Adrian Kitchen (PPL)

Advanced Records (PPL)

Advanced Reggae Music (PPL)

Aftermath Records (Universal)


Africagram (PPL)

African Treasure (PPL)

Agape (EMI)

Aggro (PPL)

Aggrovaters (PPL)

Agora (PPL)

AGR Television Records (AGR)

Ah Um (PPL)

AIM (Shock)

Aim 2 Pleez (PPL)

Air Movement Records (PPL)

Airom Bleicher (Bleicher, Airom)

Airplay Records (PPL)

Airtight (PPL)

AITP Records (AITP)

Ajang (PPL)



Alamo (PPL)

Alba (PPL)

Albany Records (PPL)

Albatross (PPL)

Albert Productions (Festival)

Alchemist (Shock)

Alien Recordings (PPL)

All About Music (PPL)

All Around The World (UK) (Central Station)

All Killer Music (Webb, Rich)

All Platinum (Sony BMG)

All Saints (Hot)

Allegro (PPL)

Allegro-Opus (PPL)

Alleluia (PPL)

Alliance (PPL)

Allied Recording Artists (PPL)

Alligator Records (Shock)

Allmusic (PPL)

Almighty Records (PPL)

Almo Sounds (Universal)

Aloha Records (Aloha Management)

Alopecia Records (PPL)

Alpha & Omega (PPL)

Alphabet City (Germany) (Central Station)

Altarius Records (PPL)

Alter Ego Promotions (Alter Ego)

Alternative Tentacles (Shock)

Always (PPL)


Amadeo (Universal)

Amalie Records (PPL)

Amato International (PPL)

Amber Records (Amber Records)

Ambience Sounds (PPL)

Ambitus (PPL)

American Decca Jazz (Universal)

American Music (PPL)

American Originals Recordings (Shock)

American Recordings (Sony BMG)

AMG Records (PPL)

Amon Ra (PPL)

Amor (PPL)

Ampersand (Swaggie)

Amphibian (Amphibian)

Amphion (PPL)

Amphion 10 (PPL)

Amplified Mint (PPL)

Amusement (PPL)

Anagram (PPL)

Analog Baroque (PPL)

Analysis Recordings (PPL)

Anamoe Productions (Anamoe)

Anansi Records (PPL)

Anchor & Hope (Shock)

Andoc Songs (PPL)

Andrew Heggen (dba Red Rivers) (Shock)

Andrew James Collins (Collins, Andrew James)

Andrew Maurice (PPL)

Andrew Morgan (Peeping Tom)

Andromeda Records (PPL)

Andy Eastwood (PPL)

Angel (EMI)

Angel Air (PPL)

Angel Atom (PPL)

Angel Girl Music (Crestani, Nattasha)

Angelik (Angelik)

Ang Fang Quartet (Paul Noland Gillett)

Anihilator Records (PPL)

Animate (PPL)

Anime (PPL)

Anjuna Beats (PPL)

Anodyne (PPL)

Another Late Night (PPL)

Anousha Victoire (Victoire, Anousha)

Antar (PPL)

Anthem Records (PPL)

Anthony Pell (Pell, Anthony)

Antidote (PPL)

Antilles (Universal)

Antiopdes ABC Classics (Universal)

Antler-Subway Records NV (Belgium) (Festival)

Antra Music Group (Shock)

Antti Sarpila Records (PPL)

Anvil Lane Records (Anvil Lane)

Anvil Recording Co Ltd (PPL)

Anvil Records (Anvil)

Anvil Records (Shutterspeed) (Right Now)


APO International (East/West) (Warner)

Apollo Recordings (PPL)

Apollo Sound (PPL)

Applause (MRA)

Apple (EMI)

Appledore Music (PPL)

Appleseed (Appleseed)

Apropos (PPL)

Aquarius (PPL)

Aquarius Records (Shock)

Ar Log (PPL)

Ar Records (PPL)

Ara (PPL)

Aran (PPL)

Araucaria (PPL)

Arbors Jazz (PPL)

Arbors Records (PPL)

Arc Music (PPL)

Arcade Music (Roadrunner)

Arch Hill Recordings (Hot)

Archipel (PPL)

Archiphon (PPL)

Archiv Produktion (Universal)

Archive Of Fold & Jazz (Universal)

Archive Of Jazz (Planet Distribution)

Arctic – Qld (The Idol Maker)

Arctic Band (Backtrack)

Arctic Records (Sony BMG)

Argo (Universal)

Argo Spoken Word (Universal)

Arhoolie Records (Hot)

Ariola (Sony BMG)

Ariola Interactive (Sony BMG)

Ariola Interactive Entertainment (Australia) Pty Limited (Sony BMG)

Ariola-Eurodisc (Sony BMG)

Arishma (PPL)

Arista (Sony BMG)

Arista Nashville (Sony BMG)

Ariwa (Hot)

Ark (PPL)

Ark 21 (Hot)

Ark Music (AJO Services)

Arkham House (PPL)

Arktik (PPL)

Arm Records (PPL)

Armada Records (Shock)

Armchair Circus Music (Armchair Circus Music)

Armshouse Records (PPL)

Army Of DJ’S (Powderworks)

Arrival (PPL)

Arriverderci Baby (PPL)

Ars Musici (PPL)

Ars Produktion (PPL)

Art Of Pop (PPL)

Artek Recordings (PPL)

Artform (PPL)

Artful Records (Shock)

Arthaus (Select)

Artisan Records (PPL)

Artist Record Company (PPL)

Artistic (PPL)

Artistocrat P/L (Artistocrat)

Artscope Music (Tania Rose)

Artsendproductions (Allan, Jane)

Artworks (Armchair)

ASC World Music (Ascension)

Ascendancy (PPL)

Ascension (Hot)

Ash International (PPL)

Ashika (PPL)

Ashphodel (US) (Hot)

Ashquad (PPL)


Asphalt (PPL)

Asphodel (Hot)

Astor (Universal)

Astra Records Ltd (PPL)

Astral Recordings (PPL)

ASV (Select)

ATA (Festival)

At Sea Records (PPL)

Athene (PPL)

Atlantic (Warner)

Atlantics Music (Pondaro)

Atlasonic Records (PPL)

Atmospheriques Records (Shock)

ATO Records (Shock)

Atom Seed (PPL)

Atrium (Warner)

Attic (Festival)

Attol (MRA)

Attrix (PPL)

Audio Couture (PPL)

Audio Fidelity (Hot)

Audio Network (PPL)

Audio Riot (Sony BMG)

Audiomasters (Music World)

Audiophile (PPL)

Audiophile Series (PPL)

Audiorec (PPL)

Audiorec Classics (PPL)

Audiorec Primium (PPL)

Audium Records (Shock)

August (PPL)

Aura (Planet Distribution)

AURA Records (Ascension)

Aural Ecstasy (Legacy Of Sound)

Aural Sect Records (Universal)

Australian Poets Series (Universal)

Authentic (PPL)

Autobahn (Universal)

Automatic Records Ltd (PPL)

Auxillary (Murray, Pete)

Avant Garde (New York) (Move)

Avante (PPL)

Ave Dat (PPL)

Aveca Records (PPL)

Avenue (EMI)

Avid Entertainment (Hot)

Avid Records (PPL)

Avocado Records (PPL)

Avon (PPL)

Aware (Sony BMG)

Axiom (Universal)

Axis (EMI)

AYO Music (PPL)

Azdronomical (PPL)

Azuli Records (PPL)

Azure Records (PPL)

B & L (PPL)

B.C.M. Records (PPL)

B.E. Cooper Pty Ltd (B.E. Cooper)

B’Nai Brith Records (PPL)

B-Rite Music (Universal)

B-Rite Music (Sony BMG)

B9 Records (PPL)

Baad! Records (PPL)

Baby Mother (PPL)

Backshift Music (PPL)

Backtrack (Backtrack)

Backwater Records (PPL)

Bad Boy (Sony BMG)

Bad Taste Records (Shock)

Bags Of Fun (PPL)

Bahool Records (Storm Front)

Baja/TSR (MRA)

Baker Music (PPL)

Ballroom 2000 (PPL)

Bam Caruso (PPL)

Bamboo Recordings (Vicious)

Bandleader (PPL)

Bandleader Brass (PPL)

Bandleader Military (PPL)

Bandwagon (PPL)

Bang (Sony BMG)

Bang On (Aust) (Central Station)

Bang On Records (PPL)

Banjax (PPL)

Bapsi Records (PPL)

Barak (PPL)

Barbican Classics (PPL)

Barclay (Universal)

Barely Breaking Even (PPL)

Bark (Festival)

Baroque Records (PPL)

Barrelorgan (PPL)

Barry Records (PPL)

Barry U Records (PPL)

Barton Productions (PPL)

Baseline Records (PPL)

Basement 282 (PPL)

Basement Boys Productions (PPL)

Baseroom Records (PPL)

Basil Hall (Hall, Basil)

Basin Street (Hot)

Bass (PPL)

Bass Generator Records (PPL)

Basta (PPL)

Battery (Sony BMG)

Bay Cities (PPL)

Bay City Recordings (PPL)

Bay Records (PPL)

Bazmark (Festival)


BBC Legends (Select)

BBC Opus Arte (Select)

BBC Radio Classics (Universal)

Be-Bop & Fresh (PPL)

Beach Hut Records (PPL)

Beamish Records (PPL)

Bear Necessities (PPL)

Beastie Records (PPL)

Beat Records (Universal)

Beats & Pieces Records (PPL)

Beatville (PPL)

Beau-Jolly (PPL)

Bedrock Records (PPL)

Bedroom Emperor Records (PPL)

Beechwood Records (PPL)

Beeswax Records (PPL)

Beeswing (PPL)

Beggars Banquet (The Cult Only) (EMI)

Beggars Banquet Records (Remote Control)

Bel Canto Society (PPL)

Belart (Universal)

Bella Union (PPL)

Bellbird Music (Bellbird)

Belltree Records (PPL)

Below Par (Below Par)

Beltane Records (PPL)

Benson (Sony BMG)

Benson Music Group (Sony BMG)

Bescol (MRA)

Beserkley (PPL)

Best Boy Soundtracks (Festival)

Bethlehem (Hot)

Beulah (PPL)

Beyond Beta (PPL)

BGO Records (Shock)



Bianca (PPL)

Bid (Sony BMG)

Biff (PPL)

Biff! Bang! Pow! Records (Right Now)

Big ‘R’ Records (PPL)

Big Beat (PPL)

Big Ben (PPL)

Big Brass (PPL)

Big Cactus Records (PPL)

Big Dada (PPL)

Big Feet Records Ltd (PPL)

Big Giant Music (PPL)

Big Hair (PPL)

Big Label (PPL)

Big Mo (PPL)

Big Moon (PPL)

Big Noise Recordings (PPL)

Big One Records (PPL)

Big Onion Records Ltd (PPL)

Big Red Records (PPL)

Big Rig Records (Big Rig)

Big Room (PPL)

Big Ship (PPL)

Big Star Records (Shock)

Big Yard (PPL)

Bill & Kathy Kettle (Bill & Kathy Kettle)

Bill Armstrong (Select)

Billy Bridge (Bridge, Billy)

Bingo Beats (PPL)

Biograph (Universal)

Bionic Orgazm Productions (PPL)

Biotic (PPL)

Birdland (PPL)

Birdwing (PPL)

Birth (PPL)

Bis (Select)

Bitch Records (PPL)

Bitchin (PPL)

Bite Back Recordings (PPL)

Bittersuite Records (Bittersuite)

Biv 10 Records (Universal)

Black (PPL)

Black ‘N’ Blues (Music World)

Black Apple Records (PPL)

Black Box (Select)

Black Eagle (PPL)

Black Label (PPL)

Black Magic (PPL)

Black Market Music (Black Market Music)

Black Market Records (Universal)

Black Scorpio (PPL)

Black Spider (PPL)

Black Sun (Planet Distribution)

Black Tiger (PPL)

Black Top (Shock)

Black Vinyl Records (PPL)

Black Yak (Black Yak)

Blacker Dread (PPL)

Blackground Records (Shock)

Blackheart (PPL)

Blague Records (PPL)

Blahh Records (PPL)

Blame Technology (PPL)

Blank Records (PPL)

Blank Vault Productions Pty Ltd (Blank Vault)

Blank Vault Records (Blank Vault)

Blast From The Past (PPL)

Blast Records (PPL)

Blaster (PPL)

Blind Pig (PPL)

Blip Vert (PPL)

Bliss (PPL)

Bliss ‘N’ Tumble (PPL)

Blisstech (PPL)

Blisstek (PPL)

Blix Street (Hot)

Bloodshot (US) (Hot)

Bloodshot Ltd (Shock)

Bloody Dog Productions (Fiddlers Festival)

Bloom Records (Shock)

Blow It Hard (PPL)

Blow Up (Blow Up)

Blow Up Records Ltd (PPL)

Bludgeon Riffola (Universal)

Blue August Records (PPL)

Blue Bag (PPL)

Blue Banana (PPL)

Blue Beat (PPL)

Blue Bird (Sony BMG)

Blue Disc (Universal)

Blue Dot (PPL)

Blue Gorilla (Universal)

Blue Groove (MRA)

Blue Hoop Records (Hoop)

Blue Horizon (PPL)

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