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Skylark Media Records (PPL)

Skylark Records (PPL)

Skyline Records (PPL)

SL Records (PPL)

Slam (PPL)

Slam Records (PPL)

Slanted Recordings (Liberation)

Sledge Entertainment UK (PPL)

Sledge Records (PPL)

Sleeping Bag Records (Universal)

Slide Recordings (PPL)

Slip N Slide (PPL)

Slow Burn (PPL)

Slow Motion (PPL)

Slow Records (PPL)

Slow River (PPL)

Slypstreem Groovz (PPL)

SM 5000 (PPL)

Smack Music (PPL)

Small Folk (PPL)

Smallworld Music Recording (PPL)

Smash (Universal)

Smash Music (Smash Music)

Smiddymade Recordings (PPL)

Smith/Mearns (PPL)

Smithsonian (USA) (Fuse)

Smoke Records (PPL)

Smooth Circle Records (PPL)

Snake Records (Music For Advertising)

Snapper Music (Shock)

Snatch (PPL)

Snowstorm (UK) (Hot)

Snowy River Productions 1 & 2 (Festival)

So So Def Recordings (Sony BMG)

Sober (PPL)

Sobriety (PPL)

Soccer (PPL)

Soda (PPL)

Sofa/Soda (PPL)

Soho Square (Sony BMG)

Solar Rhythm Records (PPL)

Solas Music (PPL)

Sole Music (PPL)

Solea (PPL)

Soleal Records (PPL)

Solent (PPL)

Solid God (PPL)

Solid Groove Records (PPL)

Solid Rock (Move)

Soljie (PPL)

Solo Art (PPL)

Solo Recordings (PPL)

Som (PPL)

Som Underground Recordings (PPL)

Soma Recordings (PPL)

Sombrero (PPL0

Some Bizarre (PPL)

Something Music Ltd (PPL)

Somm Recordings (PPL)

Sona Rupa (PPL)

Sonatina (PPL)

Song And Dance (PPL)

Song Dynasty (Song Dynasty)

Songmaker (Kay, Helen)

Songs For Children (PPL)

Songs For Christmas (PPL)

Songsmith (PPL)

Sonic (PPL)

Sonic 360 (PPL)

Sonido Records (PPL)

Sonix Records (PPL)

Sonlite Records (PPL)

Sonora (PPL)

Sony (Sony BMG)

Sony Classical (Sony BMG)

Sony Masterworks (Sony BMG)

Sony Music Productions Pty Limited (Sony BMG)

Sony Wonder (Sony BMG)

SOS Records (PPL)

SOS Records Inc (Festival)

Soul Arch Records (Soul Arch)

Soul Beat (PPL)

Soul Jazz Music (PPL)

Soul Jazz Records (PPL)

Soul Power (EMI)

Soul Society (PPL)

Soul Sounds (PPL)

Soul Stop (PPL)

Soul Town Records (PPL)

Soulgroove Records (PPL)

Sound Business (PPL)

Sound Effects (Music World)

Sound Factory (Rigid)

Sound Foundation (PPL)

Sound Of Ministry (PPL)

Sound Of Music Records (PPL)

Sound Of New Orleans (PPL)

Sound System (The Ska Sound)

Sound System Records (PPL)

Sound To Records (PPL)

Soundcakes (PPL)

Soundcraft (PPL)

Soundisc (PPL)

Soundproof Recordings (PPL)

Sounds For Space Recordings (Sounds For Space Recordings)

Sounds Like Music (PPL)

Sounds Of Music (PPL)

Sounds Rare (PPL)

Sounds Ultimate (PPL)

Southbound (PPL)

Southern Cross (Fifth Continent)

Southern Front Australia (EMI)

Southland (UK) (PPL)

Southland Music (Southland)

Southside (Festival)

Southside Collective Records (PPL)

Southside Productions (PPL)

Southsides (PPL)

Southwest Records (PPL)

Souvenir Records (PPL)

Space Age Recordings (PPL)

Space Like Alice (Space Like Alice)

Space Race Recordings (PPL)

Spaced Out Sounds (Spaced Out Sounds)

Spaceman Music (PPL)

Spade (PPL)

Spar Records (PPL)

Spark (PPL)

Sparrow (EMI)

Spartacus Records (PPL)

Speaking Volumes (Universal)

Special Delivery (PPL)

Special Fried Records (PPL)

Special Projects (PPL)

Speciality (Festival)

Species Recordings (PPL)

Spectrum Music (Universal)

Speedlincs (PPL)

Sphere (PPL)

Spheric (PPL)

Spin (Festival)

Spin Away (Spin Away)

Spin City (PPL)

Spin Records (PPL)

Spinart Records (Shock)

Spinner Music Group (Shock)

Spinney (Hot)

Spinnin (Holland) (Central Station)

Spinning World Records (PPL)

Spinstyle Records (Spinstyle)

Spiral (PPL)

Spirit Dance (PPL)

Spirit Of Eighty Six (PPL)

Spirit Of Praise (PPL)

Spirit Records (PPL)

Split Records (Split)

Sponge Records (PPL)

Spotlite (Starlite)

Spread Love Records (PPL)

Spring Records (PPL)

Springboard Media (PPL)

Sprint Records (PPL)


Spunk (Spunk)

Sputnik Records (Festival)

SPV GmbH (Shock)


Spyrale (PPL)

Square (PPL)

Squeaky Records (PPL)

SSP Music (PPL)

SST Records (Shock)

St Andrews Ball (PPL)

Stafford North (PPL)

Stafford South (PPL)

Stag (PPL)

Stage & Screen (PPL)

Stage One (PPL)

Stagecoach (PPL)

Stallion Records (PPL)

Stand Firm (PPL)

Standard Digital Recordings (PPL)

Star (PPL)

Star Academy (Sony BMG)

Star Record (PPL)

Star-Write Records (PPL)

Starburst (Music World)

Starcall (Sony BMG)

Stark Reality (PPL)

Starlite (Starlite)

Starshaped (PPL)

Start (Sony BMG)

Start Video (Universal)

Startime Records (PPL)

Stash (PPL)

State (PPL)

State Of The Art Recordings (PPL)

State Records (PPL)

Stateside (EMI)

Static (PPL)

Statiras (PPL)

Status Records (PPL)

Stax (Festival)

Stay Tuned (PPL)

Stay Up Forever (PPL)

STC Recordings (PPL)

Stealth (PPL)

Stealth Media Limited (PPL)

Stealth Recording (PPL)

Stebelin (PPL)

Steel (PPL)

Steely & Clevie (PPL)

Steer Records (Steer Records)

Stephen Young (Shock)

Steppa Production (PPL)

Steppin’ Out Records (PPL)

Steppin Stone Records (PPL)

Stereo Gold Award (PPL)

Sterling (PPL)

Sterndale Records (PPL)

Sterns (Planet Distribution)

Sterns Music (UK) (Hot)

Stetson (PPL)

Steve Eaves A’I Driawd (PPL)

Steven Menyweather (Menyweather, Steven James)

Stewart Anthony Peters (Peters, Stewart)

Sticky Music (Universal)

Stiff Indie (PPL)

Stiff Weapon (PPL)

Stingray Records (PPL)

STJ Records (PPL)

Stoatin (PPL)

Stockholm Records (Universal)

Stolen Music (Stolen)

Stomp (PPL)

Stomp Off Records (PPL)

Stompa Phunk Music (PPL)

Stomper Time Records (PPL)

Stompin Choons (PPL)

Stone Blues (PPL)

Stone Roses (PPL)

Stoned Asia (PPL)

Stonegroove Records (PPL)

Stony Plain (PPL)

Storm Front (Storm Front)

Storm Music (Shock)

Storma Recordings (PPL)

Stormfront (Stormfront)

Storyteller (PPL)

Storytime (PPL)

Storyville (Den) (Hot)

Stradivarius (Planet Distribution)

Straight Talk Co (PPL)

Straight Up Breakbeat (PPL)

Strange Fruit (Sony BMG)

Strange Things Records (PPL)

Strangelove (PPL)

Strata (PPL)

Steady Beat (Netherlands) (ToCo)

Stream Records (PPL)

Street Beat Records (PPL)

Streetcar Productions (Hot)

Street Level (PPL)

Street Players (PPL)

Street Tuff (PPL)

Streetwave (PPL)

Stretch Records (Universal)

Strictly Country (PPL)

Strike Back (PPL)

Striker Lee (PPL)

String (PPL)

Stringbean International Records (PPL)

Stringmansassy (Stringmansassy)

Strings Records (PPL)

Stronghouse Records (PPL)

Strongjazz (PPL)

Stuart James Tyson (Tyson, Stuart James)

Studio 28 (PPL)

Studio K7 (PPL)

Studio XVII (PPL)

Studio Horizon (Hot)

Stunt (Denmark) (Fuse)

Styletone Recordings (McKenna, Tess)

Sub Dub Records Ltd (PPL)

Sub Pop Records (Shock)

Subito (McMenamin, Fleur)

Sublime Recordings (PPL)

Subsonic Records (Subsonic)

Subterranean Records (Subterranean Records)

Suburban Noise (Shock)

Subversion (PPL)

Subversive (PPL)

Subvocal (B(if)tek)

Subway Sounds (PPL)

Success (Universal)

Sudden Impact Records (PPL)

Suffering Egos (PPL)

Sugar Records (PPL)

Sugarhill Records (Shock)

Summerhouse (PPL)

Sumsonic (PPL)

Sumsonic “Red” (PPL)

Sun Records (PPL)

Sunbass Records (PPL)

Sunday Best Records (PPL)

Sundown Records (Conlaw)

Sundown (UK) (PPL)

Sunny (PPL)

Sunset (EMI)

Sunshine Music (Festival)

Sunsplash Records (PPL)

Super Charged Music/Against The Grain (Shock)

Super T Records (PPL)

Super Value (PPL)

Superheist (Shock)

Superior Quality (Universal)

Superplastik (Netherlands) (ToCo)

Superpower (PPL)

Supersound (Music World)

Supertunes (EMI)

Supraphon (Select)

Supreme (PPL)

Supreme Music (PPL)

Suredelight (PPL)

Suresh Music (Suresh Music)

Surfdog (Festival)

Survival Records UK (MRA)

SVA (Jeremy Harris)

Swaggie (Swaggie)

Swallow (PPL)

Swan (PPL)

Swan-E’s Cut Glass Recordings (PPL)

Swank (PPL)

Sweet Starling Records (PPL)

Sweetest (PPL)

Swift (PPL)

Swing Café (PPL)

Swing House (PPL)

Swing World (PPL)

Swingstation (Universal)

Switch (PPL)

Switch Records (PPL)

Swerve Records (Nevermind)

Swoop Records (PPL)

Symbol Records (PPL)

Symposium (PPL)

Syndicate Chapter (PPL)

Synthetic (PPL)

Syren (PPL)

Systematic (Universal)

T Records (PPL)

T.B.G. President (PPL)

T.I.M. Records (PPL)

T.V.T. Records (Festival)

Tabbita Record Company (Tabbita)

Tabitha Records (PPL)

Tabu (Universal)

Tacet (PPL)

Tactile Music (Hot)

Tactus (Planet Distribution)

Taezali Enterprises (PPL)

Tailtres (Hot)

Tak (PPL)

Take 5 Records (PPL)

Takoma (PPL)

Taktix (PPL)

Talkin Loud (Universal)

Taking care of Business (Taking Care of Business)

Talking Elephant (Hot)

Tall Pop (PPL)

Tall Poppies (Select)

Tamla (Sony BMG)

Tamla Motown (Universal)

Tamoki-Wambesi (PPL)

Tamworth Music (Tamworth Music)

Tangent (PPL)

Tantrum Music (PPL)

Tanty Records (PPL)

Tapered Edges (Tapered Edges)

Taste Media (Vega 4/Muse) (Festival)

Tatoo (Sony BMG)

Tattoo Records (PPL)

Tawa Bishi Records (PPL)

Tax Disc (PPL)

TCB Music (Dex Audio)


TDK (Select)

TDK Music (Dex Audio)


Teach Yourself Techno (PPL)

Teacup Music (Teacup)

Team One Music Group (Sony BMG)

Teams (PPL)

Teardrop (The Blackeyed Susans)

Tec (PPL)

Technotunes (PPL)

Ted Egan Enterprises (EMI)

Tee Dee (PPL)

Tee Pee Records (PPL)

Teires (PPL)

Tek Records (PPL)

Telarc (USA) (Fuse)

Teldec (Warner)

Telstar (Warner)

Tema (PPL)

Tembo (Sony BMG)

Temple (Planet Distribution)

Tempo (Tempo International)

Temp Toons (PPL)

Tempo Video (Universal)

Ten (EMI)

Ten Band Music (PPL)

Tendance Music (Shock)

Tequila Records (PPL)

Ter (PPL)

Ter Classics (PPL)

Ter VIP Series (PPL)

Terra Nova (Planet Distribution)

Terracotta (PPL)

Terrific Records (PPL)

Test Presssing (PPL)

Testament (Select)

Tetra Records (PPL)

Tevita (PPL)

Thames (Sony BMG)

Thames Thompson (Liberation)

That’s Entertainment Records (PPL)

The A Foundation (PPL)

The Alphabet Business Conc (PPL)

The Anoyones (Shock)

The Art Of Trance (PPL)

The Boat People (The Boat People)

The Cake Label (PPL)

The CD Label (PPL)

The Christmas Bunch Records (PPL)

The Clique (PPL)

The Control Room (Doyle, Steve)

The Euro Collection (PPL)

The Fauves (Shock)

The Flying Record Company (PPL)

The Forbidden Label (PPL)

The Halloween Society (PPL)

The Hanging Tree (The Hanging Tree)

The Hekawis (The Hekawis)

The Howie Brothers (Glenample)

The Jazz Label (PPL)

The Jazz Makers (Swaggie)

The Label (PPL)

The Maestro Compilation Se. (PPL)

The Million (Pyke, Joshua Jon)

The Music Boxshop (PPL)

The Panama Music Co. P/L (Panama)

The Sabres Of Paradise Records (PPL)

The Singing Kettles (Kettle, Bill & Ross)

The Sleepy Jackson (The Sleepy Jackson)

The Sound Of Great Britain (PPL)

The Style Merchants (The Style Merchants)

The Subway Organization (PPL)

The Swing Team (Jackson, Mark)

The Tenants Music (The Tenants Music)

Total Singing Power (PPL)

Total Sound (PPL)

Total Vegas (EMI)

Touch (PPL)

Touch 33 (PPL)

Touch Down Soundz (PPL)

Touch Tone (PPL)

Toupee Records (Toupee)

Tower Release (PPL)

Traad (PPL)

Track (Universal)

Track Factory (Universal)

Trackmasters (Sony BMG)

Trademark (Sony BMG)

Tradition (PPL)

Tranquility (Music World)

Transient D.V. (PPL)

Transistor Music (Transistor)

Transparent (PPL)

Trans-Q (PPL)

Trapshut Records (PPL)

Trash (PPL)

Trauma Records (Universal)

Travelin’ Man (PPL)

Tray (PPL)

Trax (Shock)

TRC Records (PPL)

Treat (PPL)

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