Pow # 0 quadratic functions due Feb. 3/4, 2014

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POW # 0 QUADRATIC FUNCTIONS Due Feb. 3/4, 2014
Write an essay that demonstrates your in depth understanding of QUADRATIC FUNCTIONS.

You must do some math. A discussion of the concept in words only is not appropriate.

You need to show the knowledge of math behind your words. Ultimately, each topic depends on what you make

of it. It is essential that your essay include some mathematics, not just words.

Your work must be original. This does not necessarily mean that you must do something nobody's ever

thought of before, but you do need to work through the math yourself, and present the results in your own words,

solve your own problems.

Readability. Your essay should be easy to read. Ask a friend to read it. Form a study group and read each other’s essays to prepare for the test.

Figures. By all means include lots of calculations and figures/ diagrams to demonstrate your understanding. You must describe each figure in the text in enough detail so the reader can figure out why it's there.

Length. Your essay should be 1-2 pages long not counting figures and lengthy calculations. Somewhat longer is OK; shorter is not.

Mathematical content. It's a good idea to get the math right! That’s why it is highly recommended you prepare your essays and study at least a couple of weeks before the final exam

IF you have prepared this essay for your final exam, feel free to use your work and just make sure you have covered all parts required in this topic.

NOTE: You MUST include Quadratic inequalities, which was not a requirement previously!
Please, address the following concepts in your essay:

  • Standard form of the quadratic equation – write the standard form of a quadratic equation, EXPLAIN the quadratic, linear, and constant term and their effect on the graph

  • Factored form of the quadratic equation – write factored form of the quadratic equation, show one example of factoring. Compare the benefits of having standard form of the equation to having factored form of the equation.

  • Graphing quadratic equations - Explain graphing a quadratic function and finding zeroes, x-intercepts, maximum or minimum, y-intercept, axis of symmetry. Create three different cases of quadratic equations (based on the number of solutions) and graph each case.

  • Quadratic formula - Write and explain the quadratic formula. Show an example of using the quadratic formula to solve a quadratic equation, show how you can use the quadratic formula to find the vertex of the parabola, describe how the discriminant demonstrates number of solutions for the quadratic equation.

  • Quadratic Inequalities. Provide at least one example of a quadratic inequality and demonstrate how you can find solutions to this inequality by graphing.

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