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Gage, piano. London OS-26328. A- 4.00

479. KRUSCENISKI: (Salomea): Arias - Africana, Mefistofele(2), Aida(2), Butterfly, Tosca, Adriana(2), Wally, Loreley, Walkure. Songs of Oddone & Quaranta(3). Rococo 5211. A- 4.00

480. KURENKO: Chopin Songs (17). Hufstader Lyrichord LL-23. B++ 4.00

481. LAWRENCE: Excerpts from "Lady in the Dark" (recorded 1941; according to Clough & Cuming, this was the first issue) and "Nymph Errant" (recorded 1933). [10-inch] RCA LRT-7001. A-(very brief bks beg sd 1, then superb) 14.00

482. LEHMANN: Schumann - Frauenliebe und Leben; Songs of Brahms(12) & Mozart(4). Ulanowsky, piano. [from New Friends of Music Concerts, 1943-49] Voce 99. A- 10.00

483. LEHMANN: Songs of Schubert(2), Schumann(2), Mendelssohn, Beethoven(2), Brahms(2), Wolf, Wagner(2) & Strauss(3). Ulanowsky, piano. [75th Birthday Release, 1962; recorded 1941; first release of seven items; in nice fold-open album] Col ML-5778. A-("2-eyes" labels) 9.00

484. LEMNITZ: Arias - Freischutz, Aida, Trovatore(2), Charodyeka, Orfeo(2), Tannhauser, Arabella(2), Lohengrin. Rococo 5203. A-- 4.00

485. LUBIN (Germaine): Arias - Sigurd, Tannhauser, Lohengrin, Siegfried, Walkure, Tosca(2), Tristan, Bach Cantata #68; Songs by Schubert, Schumann(2) & Chopin. Club 99 CL-99-22. A- 4.00

486.*MARTON: Eva Marton Vol 1 - Italian Operatic Heroines. Forza(2), Don Carlos, Aida, Manon Lescaut, Andrea & Tosca. [Live; misc orchs; 1975-79] Legendary LR-130. A- 6.00

487.*MARTON: Eva Marton Vol 3 - Great Operatic Heroines. Turandot(1973), Egyptian Helen(1981), Don Giovanni(2; 1973), Manon Lescaut(1979), Gioconda(1983), Onegin(in German, 1973) & Fedora(1982). Legendary LR-193. A- 6.00

488.*MARTON: Eva Marton Vol 4 - Italian Operatic Duets. Otello (1983; Bonisolli); Aida (1977; Chauvet); Trovatore (1983; Bonisolli); Manon Lescaut (1978; Domingo); Ballo (1976; Mauro); Andrea (1979; Domingo). Legendary LR-199. 4.00

489. MASON (Edith): Faust, Louise, Carmen, Butterfly(2), Martha & Traviata; Songs of Del Riego, Mendelssohn, Cadman, Strickland, Nevin, Woodford-Finden & Tosti. Club 99 CL-99-77. A- 4.00

490. MAYR: Arias - Freischutz, Norma, Templer und Judin, Masaniello, Judin, Domino Noir, Benvenuto Cellini, Dutchman, Tannhauser, Ernani, Aida, Barber of Baghdad(2), Siegfried, Gotterdammerung, Manon, Tiefland & Wintermarschen (Goldmark). [recorded 1905-11; German-only notes] Court Opera CO-416. FS 4.00

491.*MCKELLAR: Greensleeves & Other Songs of the British Isles (fifteen in all). Sharples/Orch. London SW-99389. A- 6.00

492.*MCKELLAR: Songs of John McCormack (12). Sharples/Orch. London SW-99029. A- 5.00

493.*MCKELLAR: Songs of Robert Burns (13). Twelve Scottish favorites. Sharples/Orch. London SW-99228. A-(c/c) 6.00

LP's: Vocalists - continued
494.*MCKELLAR: Kenneth McKellar's Scotland. Loch Lomond and eleven more Scottish favorites. Knight/Orch. London SW-99461. A-(c/c) 6.00

495.*MCKELLAR: The World of Kenneth McKellar, Vol. 2: Auld Lang Syne & eleven more Scottish songs. Decca SPA-67. A- 6.00

496. MELBA: Arias - Il Re Pastore, Lohengrin, Louise & Faust; Songs - Claribel, Foster, Scott, Bishop(2), Ronald, Bemberg(2), Chausson, Debussy & Bourget. Cantilena 6207. A- 8.00

497. MELCHIOR: Arias - Meistersinger, Walkure(2), Lohengrin, Tannhauser, Liden Kirsten(2), Africaine; Songs: Wagner, Bechgaard, Andersen, Bonnen, Strauss, Sjoberg. Rococo 5318. A- 4.00

498. MELCHIOR: Duets: Siegfried - Final Duet (Flagstad; Bodanzky; 1937); Gotterdammerung - Act II (Leider; Furtwangler; 1938); Tristan - Act II (Flagstad; Thorborg; Leinsdorf/Met; 1940. [bl cov] Unique Opera UORC-159. A- 10.00

499. MELCHIOR: The Lighter Side of Lauritz Melchior - Selections from Student Prince, Two Sisters from Boston (2; MGM film); songs of Grieg, d'Hardelot, Robinson, Hubay, Schubert, Fain, Herbert, etc. Misc accompaniments. Camden CAL-424. A-- 12.00

500. MERLI: Vol.2: Arias etc. - Lombardi, Aida(3), Forza, Otello(4). Molajoli/La Scala. [recorded 1926-35; German-only notes] Lebendige Vergangenheit LV 222. A- 4.00

501.*MILASHKINA: Arias - Don Carlo, Aida(2), Forza, Trovatore(2). Ermler/Bolshoi Theatre Orch. Melodiya C-01199-200. A- 4.00

502. MOJICA: Arias - Huguenots, Lakme, Pecheurs, Barber, Elisir, Snow Maiden, Faust; Songs of Padilla, Robles, Freire, Oteo, Buzzi-Peccia. [all from Edison discs] Club 99 CL-99-23. A- 4.00

503.*MOLL: Dutchman, Barber of Baghdad(2), Meistersinger, Freischutz(2), Waffenschmied, Zar, Fidelio, Seraglio, Giovanni. Eichhorn/Munich Radio. [dig; DMM] Orfeo S-009821. A- to A 6.00

504. MOORE: Arias - Norma, Manon, Fille, Butterfly, Tosca & Boheme(2); 12 popular songs. TAP T-334. B+ 5.00

505. MRAZ: (Ladislav; baritone): Arias - Faust, Beatrice & Benedict, Prince Igor, The Lantern (Novak), Freischutz & Meistersinger. Czech Radio Sym; misc conductors. [Venezuelan issue, equivalent of SUA-10539] Supraphon GMM-099. A- 6.00

506. MUNSEL: Excerpts from the motion picture "Melba." Munsel sings the title role; includes arias from Nozze, Romeo, Tosca, Barber, Fille, Traviata, Lucia, several songs. [10-inch] RCA LM-7012. B(mostly A-, but a few scrs) 20.00

507. MUNTEANU: Songs: Scarlatti(2), Caccini, Bellini(3), Schubert, Debussy(6), Bartok. Symposium 1008. A- 10.00

508. MUZIO: Arias - Boheme, Salvator Rosa, Trovatore(2), Andrea, Onegin, La Wally, Pag; Songs - Bachelet, Sodero, Chopin, Mascheroni. [from Edison Diamond Discs, 1920-21] Odyssey Y-33793. A- 4.00

509. MUZIO: Arias - Sonnambula, Norma, Trovatore, Traviata, Forza, Mefistofele, Cav, Boheme, Tosca, Andrea, Adriana, Arlesiana. [1934-1935] Angel COLH-101. A- 7.00

510. MUZIO: The Columbia Recordings, 1934-35. Arias - Sonnambula, Norma, Trovatore, Traviata, Forza, Mefistofele, Cav, Otello, Boheme(2), Tosca, Andrea, L'Arlesiana, Adriana, Cecilia(2); Songs of Refice(2), Pergolesi, Donaudy(2), Delibes, Crist, Debussy, Buzzi-Peccia & Reger. Refice/Orch in three of his works; Molajoli/Orch in the rest. EMI EX-29 0163 3(2). A- to A 14.00

511.*NILSSON: Wagner - Wesendonck Lieder; Arias - Rienzi, Dei Feen, Dutchman. Davis/LSO. Philips 6500 294. A- to A 6.00

512.*NORMAN & SHIRLEY-QUIRK: Mahler - Songs from Des Knaben Wunderhorn (12). Haitink/ACO. Philips 9500 316. FS 4.00

513.*NUCCI: Arias - Ernani, I due Foscari, Forza, Traviata, Luisa, Macbeth, Rigoletto & Ballo. Armstrong/National Phil. [dig] London 410 159-1. A- 5.00

514. OLIVERO: Arias - Turandot, Boheme, Manon Lescaut, Gianni Schicchi, Louise, Manon, Iris & Resurrezione (Alfano). Misc conductors with RAI Torino. Cetra LPO-2041. A- to A 8.00

515. PAGLIUGHI: (Lina): Traviata (abridged). Prandelli; Silveri; Rossi/Unnamed Company. [Live, 1950] MDP 031. A- 4.00

516. PAMPANINI: Excerpts from Madama Butterfly. With Merli; Vanelli; Ferrari; Molajoli/La Scala. [recorded 1929; nicely-illustrated fold-open album w/substantial English notes] Italian EMI 3C065-17747. A- to A 8.00

517.*PAPROCKI: (Bogdan; tenor): Slavonic Arias - Dimitri, Halka, Eugene Onegin, Pique Dame, Prince Igor, Legenda Baltyku, Straszny Dwor & Dalibor. Wodiczko/Prague National Theatre. Supraphon SUAST-50644. A- 6.00

LP's: Vocalists - continued
518. PASERO: Norma, Simon, Barber, Ugnotti, Puritani, Favorita, Boheme, Ernani, Lohengrin, Don Carlos, Mignon, Faust, Nabucco, Semiramide; songs: Tosti & Carelli. Timaclub 26(2). A- 18.00

519. PERTILE: Arias - Nerone(2), Tosca(2), Pag(3), Ballo, Gioconda, Iris, Rigoletto; Songs of Denza & Arona. [Notes in Italian only] Italian Odeon MOAQ-301. A- 10.00

520. PETERS, PINZA & PEERCE: Tonight We Sing - Selections from the motion picture: Boris Coronation & Death Scenes; arias, duets & trios from Butterfly(2), Traviata, Faust(4); Russian folk song. Newman/20th Century-Fox Orch & Cho. [10-inch; Peter's debut on RCA] RCA LM-7016. A--(brief tks sd 2; fine copy) 18.00

521. PINZA: Berenice, Serse, Barber, Simon, Don Carlo, Flute, Faust, Juive, Caid; Songs of Da Gagliano, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Sievier, McJimsey, Jones; Deep River. Rococo 5289. A- 4.00

522.*PRICE: Arias - Aida(2), Don Giovanni, Tosca, Verdi Requiem, Porgy & Bess, Ariadne; Ave Maria (Schubert), Alleluja (Mozart); Sweet Little Baby Jesus. [misc assisting artists] Decca GRV-10. A- to A 7.00

523.*PRICE: Prima Donna, Vol 1 - Great Soprano Arias from Purcell to Barber: Dido & Aeneas, Figaro, Traviata, L'Africaine, Manon, Otello, Adriana Lecouvreur, Louise & Vanessa. Molinari-Pradelli/RCA Italiana Opera Orch. [in lovely box with cut-out frame revealing Price portrait on cover of fine 24-page illustrated booklet] [WD labels] RCA LSC-2898. A-(box and LP both pristine!) 16.00

524.*PRICE: Prima Donna, Vol 2 - Great Soprano Arias from Handel to Puccini: Atalanta, Giovanni d Arco, Freischutz, Macbeth, Mefistofele, Enfant Prodigue, Andrea, Francesca, Suor Angelica. Molinari-Pradelli/RCA Italiana Opera Orch. [Mohr; Salvatore; in box with lovely 16-page booklet including essay by Marcia Davenport] [WD labels] RCA LSC-2968. A-(superb copy) 16.00

525. RAISA: Arias - Norma, Trovatore(3), Africana, Tosca, Cav(2), Gioconda(3), Andrea Chenier & Mefistofele; Song of Tchaikovsky. [1 side acoustics; 1 side electrics] Club 99 CL-99-52. A- 4.00

526.*RAMEY: Operatic Villain Arias - Mefistofele (4), Don Giovanni (2), Faust (2), Tales, Robert le Diable & Attila. [Live; 1978-85; misc conductors - mostly Rudel] Legendary LR-209. A- 12.00

527. RAPHAEL: (Mark): Samuel Alman - Four Hebrew Songs (Singleton, piano). Roger Quilter - Songs (12) (most with Composer, piano). Musique Internationl M-7381. FS 5.00

528. RETHBERG: Arias - Don Giovanni, Aida, Alceste & Iphigenie en Tauride; Songs of Schubert(4) & Strauss; Beethoven - Ah Perfido! [from radio broadcasts] Glendale GL-8003. A- 10.00

529. RETHBERG: Arias - Figaro, Flute, Freischutz, Tannhauser, Lohengrin, Aida(2), Africana, Carmen, Cav, Butterfly, Andrea, Gypsy Baron. Songs of Pataky & Bizet. [recorded 1929] Lebendige Vergangenheit (Austrian issue) LV 29. A- 4.00

530. RETHBERG: Golden Anniversary Issue, 1922-1971. Arias - Partenope; Iphigenie en Tauride; Idomeneo; Ah, Perfido; Aida; Ballo; Forza; Lohengrin. Songs - Strauss; Taubert (2; unpublished Brunswick test discs). [recorded 1937-41] SIDE 4: GEORGE CEHANOVSKY: 80th Birthday Tribute. Arias - Pag, Romeo, Figaro & Herodiade; Songs of Rachmaninoff(3) & Tchaikovsky. [nice cover photo and facsimile autograph of the two singers] Operatic Archives OPA-1051/52(2). A- 21.00

531.*RICCIARELLI: Verdi Arias - Masnadieri, Vespri, Corsaro, Otello, Giovanna, Trovatore, Don Carlo, Jerusalem. Gavazzeni/Rome Phil. British RCA SB-6863. A- 8.00

532.*RIDDERBUSCH: Loewe Ballads (9). Trimhorn, piano. DGG 2530 797. A- to A 6.00

533. ROBIN: Arias - Lucia (Mad Scene), Puritani, Sonnambula, Mireille(2); Songs of Adam & Alabieff. Richmond R-23197. A- 7.00

534.*ROBIN: Arias - Mignon, Romeo, Tales, Manon, Perle de Bresil, Les Noces de Jeannette; Songs - Rossini, Benedict, David, Pestalozza, Delibes, Ponce. Dervaux/Paris Opera Orch. [notes in French only] Pathe 2C061-11691. A- 13.00

535.*ROSSI-LEMENI: Arias - Barber, Ernani, Don Carlos, Faust(2), Ivan Sussanin, Prince Igor, Boris Godunov(3); Mussorgsky - Songs & Dances of Death; Songs (5). Gheorghiu, piano (in Mussorgsky); Brediceanu/Bukarest Staatsoper Orch. Capriccio CA 30-014/1-2(2). A- to A 11.00

536.*ROSSI-LEMENI: Arias - Norma(2), Sonnambula, Wm Tell, Don Giovanni, Life for the Tsar, Faust(2) & Prince Igor. [misc orchs; Italian-only notes] Italian EMI 3C053-03249. A- to A 13.00

537. ROSVAENGE: Vol.1: Arias - Tosca(2), Boheme, Trovatore(3), Martha, Postillon(2), Cosi, Don Giovanni(2), Dame Blanche, Cav, Carmen, Traviata. [recorded 1927-28; German-only notes] Lebendige Vergangenheit LV 511. A- to A 6.00

538. ROSWAENGE: Arias - Fra Diavolo, Oberon(2), Postillion, Freischutz, Fidelio, Giuditta(2), Lohengrin(2), Onegin, Seraglio & Rosenkavalier. [recorded 1936/44] Arabesque 8003. A- 5.00

LP's: Vocalists - continued
539. ROUSSELIERE: Arias - Walkure, Siegfried(2), Gotterdammerung, Mireille, Juive, Manon, Lohengrin, Barbares (Saint-Saens), Pecheurs, Sigurd(2), Herodiade, Damnation, Faust; Sojngs of Faure, Nerini, Massenet(2) & Trepart. Club 99 CL-99-95. A- 4.00

540. RUFFO & CARUSO: Songs in Spanish (five by Ruffo; six by Caruso). OASI 647. A- 4.00

541.*RYSANEK: Forza, Tosca, Aida(2), Turandot, Cav, Otello. Basile/Orch. [1st stereo issue, 1975; was on LM-2262, mono only and only in print from 12/58 to 9/61] RCA AGL1-1282. A- 10.00

542. SARACENI: (Adelaide): Arias - Ballo, Adriana(3), Boheme, Amico, Manon(3) & Rigoletto. OASI 613. A- 4.00

543. SARI: (Ada): Arias - Dinorah, Huguenots(2), Traviata, Butterfly, Boheme, Puritani, Sonnambula(2); songs of Mozart & J.Strauss. OASI 609. FS 4.00

544.*SASS: Arias - Ballo(2), Otello, Lucia, Forza. Lukas/Hungarian State Opera Orch. Hungaroton SLPX-12405. A- 5.00

545.*SASS: Operetta Songs - Czardas Princess, Giuditta, Dubarry, Belle Helene, Countess Maritza, Glorious Lady, Merry Widow, Pompadour & Gypsy Baron. Sebestyen/Hungarian Radio Orch & Cho. Hungaroton SLPX-16607. A- 4.00

546. SAYAO: Arias - Boheme(3), Butterfly, Gianni Schicci, Pag, Figaro(2), Giovanni, Faust(2), Romeo. [recorded 1941-47] Odyssey Y-31151. 4.00

547. SAYAO: Villa-Lobos - Bachianas Brasileiras #5 (1st recording, 1945; composer conducting); Arias - Figaro, Don Giovanni, Sonnambula, Traviata, Manon(4). Odyssey 32 16 0377. A- 7.00

548. SAYAO: O Rouxinol Brasileiro. Debussy - La Damoiselle Elue (Toscanini/NYP; live, 1936). Songs including her first recordings (1926) of Gomez(2), Costa(3), Netto(2); also Debussy, Ciampi, Martini, Traetta, Crist, Chopin, Saint-Saens, Rimsky, Charnley, Niles & Charles. Arias (1951-53) from Manon Lescaut, Amico Fritz & Mignon; duets (1948-49) from Rigoletto (Valdengo) & Traviata (Peerce). [Very nice illustrated booklet includes photos, letters and facsimile of Sayao's copy of Damoiselle score, with Toscanini's markings] Operatic Archives OPA-1043/44(2). A- 26.00

549. SAYAO: Serata d'Onore: Manon (Act II) with Schipa, Bonelli & Cehanovsky; Merola conducts (live, 1939). Arias & scenes from Romeo & Juliet (4; from 1946 & 1951; with Bjoerling, Jobin, Alvary; Merola), Faust, Figaro, Elisir, Wm Tell, Pag & Mefistofle (1948-52). Fourteen-page booklet has photos & cast sheets from opera programs. Operatic Archives OPA-1036/37(2). A- 20.00

550. SCHMIDT: Africana, Martha, Allesandro, Rigoletto, Trovatore(2), Cid, Pag, Tosca(3), Tote Stadt, Fanciulla(2), Turandot(2), Postillon, Evangelimann, Simplizius, Don Cesar, Zigeunerliebe, Page der Konigs; Songs of Alrmann, Morey, Niederberger(2), Benatzky, Lewinnek, Ernst, Sereano, Tosti, De Crescezo, Labriola, Biscardi, Rossini, Tagliaferri(3), Anon. [rec 1929-36; transfers by Keith Hardwick; DMM] EMI EX-29 0936 3(2). A- to A 16.00

551. SCHMIDT: Arias - Martha, Africana, Elisir, Postillon de Longjumeau (Adam), Trovatore, Rigoletto, Turandot(2); Popular songs (7). [recorded 1933-36] Sera 60120. A- 4.00

552.*SCHREIER: German Folksongs (38). Dunckel, piano; Mauersberger/Dresdner Kreuzchor. Telefunken 6.48085(2). A- 12.00

553.*SCHREIER: Belcanto Arias by Marcello(2), Steffani(2), Scarlatti, Hasse, Monteverdi, Gasparini, Telemann, Leo & Galuppi. Koch/Berlin Ch Orch. [German notes] Eterna 8 26 074. A- 4.00

554. SCHUMANN: Arias - Seraglio(2), Don Giovanni(2), Figaro(3), Flute, Wildschutz, Fra Diavolo, Faust, Hansel, Mignon(2); Songs of Strauss & Wolf. [recorded 1915-23; German-only notes] Lebendige Vergangenheit LV 186. A- 7.00

555. SCHWARZKOPF: Wolf Songs (13). Furtwangler, piano. [Live; Salzburg Festival; August 12, 1953] Electrola C 063-01 915. A- 9.00

556. SCOTTO: Arias - Armida (1975; Queler); Pirata (final scene, 1979; Maazel); Medea (1979; Maazel); Anna Bolena (final scene, 1975; Queler). Legendary LR-108. A- 9.00

557.*SCOTTO: Songs of Rossini(2), Bellini(4), Verdi(3) & Donizetti(4). Baracchi, piano. RCA AGL1-1341. A-(Canadian pressing) 4.00

558. SEEFRIED: Songs of Schubert(2), Brqahms(2), Mussorgsky(7), Bartok(6), Wolf(3) & Strauss. Werba, piano. [Live; various recitals in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg & Bielefeld] Decca DL-9809. A-(lovely!!) 11.00

559. SEINEMEYER: Vol.3: Arias - Aida, Otello & Rigoletto (duets w/Pattiera), Andrea, Tosca(2), Butterfly(2), Meistersinger; songs of Schubert(3). [Recorded 1928; German-only notes] Lebendige Vergangenheit (Austrian issue) LV 113. A- 4.00

LP's: Vocalists - continued
560.*SILLS: Mad Scenes from Puritani, Lucia, Anna Bolena, Hamlet. Misc conductors/orchestras. Audio Treasury ATS-20019. A-(c/c) 6.00

561. SILLS: Selections from Ernani, Magic Flute, Lucia (w/Pavarotti), Manon (Domingo), Romeo & Juliet, Elisir & Dinorah. [Live, 1966-69; no further details given; may be stereo] MGS 110. A- 10.00

562. SMIRNOV: Arias - Tosca, Barber, Mefistofele, Pecheurs, Manon(2), Elisir, Boheme, Tabarro, Rigoletto, Cav, Manon Lescaut & Traviata; Song of Leoncavallo. Club 99 CL-99-31. A- 4.00

563.*SODERSTROM: Selections from L'Enfant Prodigue, Alceste, Capriccio, Nozze & Eugene Onegin; Rangstrom song; Neapolitan song. Symfoniorkestern Norrkoping. Swedish EMI E 061-34788. A- to A 4.00

564.*SOUZAY: Faure - Bonne Chanson; Poeme d;un Jour; Songs (8). Baldwin, piano. Epic BC-1122. A-(early radial labels) 12.00

565.*SOUZAY: Poulenc Songs: Chansons Villageoises; Calligrammes; Le Travail du Peintre; La Fraicheur et le Feu. Baldwin, piano. Philips 802 765. A- to A 6.00

566. SOUZAY: Songs of Faure(11) & Schubert(6). Jacqueline Bonneau, piano. London LLP-245. B(most plays better; 1/2-inch cluster scr sd 2) 5.00

567. SOVIERO: (Diana): Arias & Scenes from Boheme(3), Turandot, Pag(2), Giuditta, Carmen, Faust(2) & Traviata(3). HRE 331. A-(c/c) 4.00

568. SPANI: Testimonial 1958: Limited Edition: Arias - Manon, Faust, La Wally, Trovatore(2), Tosca(2), Ballo, Lohengrin(2), Boheme, Cav, Pag, Manon Lescaut(2), Otello, Butterfly(2). Songs of Dvorak(2), Scarlatti, Ciampi, Caccini, Tirindelli, Paradies, Pergolesi, Brahms(2), Ugarte, Granados, Nin, Obradors, Buchardo. Club 99 VRCS-1(2). A- 13.00

569. STEBER: Arias - Frau Ohne Schatten(3), Ernani, Idomeneo, Puritani, Seraglio; Mozart Alleluja; Rosetti/Biltcliffe song. Biltcliffe, piano. [live; Carnegie Hall; 10-10-58] Stand SLP-101. A-- 7.00

570.*STEBER: Live at the Continental Baths (October 4, 1973): Arias from Idomeneo, Flute, Cosi, Louise, Boheme, Manon, Merry Widow, Tosca; Songs of Sieczynski, Kreisler. Biltcliffe, piano. RCA ARL1-0436. A- 7.00

571. STREICH: The Art of the Coloratura - Arias from Dinorah, Rusalka, Boccaccio, Fledermaus(2), Jocelyn, Parysatis; Songs of J.Strauss(2), Arditi & Verdi. Gaebel/Berlin Radio Orch. [with "tulip" labels, but this very early U.S. DGG issue (June 1959) was pressed by Decca in the U.S.] DGG DGM-12004. A- 6.00

572.*SUPERVIA: Arias - Carmen(2), Mignon(2), Samson, Boheme, Hansel, Faust, Rosenkavalier(2) & Figaro(2). Club 99 CL-99-74. A- 5.00

573.*SUTHERLAND: Joy of Christmas - 14 Songs and Carols. Bonynge/NPO; Ambrosian Singers. London OS-25943. FS 10.00

574. SWARTHOUT: "Sings Your Favorites." Fourteen popular songs including I Remember April, September Song, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, Begin the Beguine. Victor Concert Orch. Camden CAL-280. A- 9.00

575.*SZEKELY: (Mihaly, bass): Arias - Seraglio, Don Giovanni, Magic Flute, Infedelta Delusa, Barber, Don Carlos, Simon, Prince Igor, Rosenkavalier. Misc assisting artists. Hungaroton SLPX-11444. A- 6.00

576. TAGLIAVINI: In Concert: Arias, duets, ensembles from d'Ys, Le Cid, Manon(2), Werther, Chopin (Orefice), Arlesiana, Martha, Tosca, Traviata, Mefistofele, Lucia(2); Di Capua song. [misc assisting artists; 1947-52] Voce 105. A- 10.00

577. TAJO: Arias - Nozze, Gazzetta, Don Pasquale, Macbeth, Attila, Faust, Gianni Schicchi & Trovatore; Songs of Tosti & Tchaikovsky; Interview with Tajo from 1967 (Harold Kanter). Rococo 5340. A- 4.00

578. TASSINARI: (Pia): "Her Early Recordings" - Arias from Mefistofele, Faust(2), Butterfly, Wm Tell, Boheme(3) & Turandot(2). OASI 638. A- 4.00

579. TAUBER: Arias - Freischutz, Lohengrin, Roi d'Ys; songs of Grieg(20, Wood, Schubert(2), Schumann(6), Tauber; Drink to Me Only. Rococo 5345. A- 4.00

580. TAUBER: Songs & Duets of Lehar(8), Friml(3), Marchetti, Herbert, Romberg(2) & Novello. [recorded 1929-43] EMI EG-26 0186 1. A- 5.00

581. TAUBER: Songs of Openshaw, Krone, Frothe, Katscher, Erwin(2), Freed, Kaper, Doelle, Kromlicki, Klupsch, Engel-Berger, Schmidt-Gentner, Berlin & Jolson. [Recorded 1927-31] Pearl GEMM-231. A- 4.00

582. TEBALDI: Arias & Duets from Otello, Adriana Lecouvreur, Mefistophele, Andrea Chenier, Butterfly (w/Di Stefano), Traviata (w/Weede). [Live; San Francisco, 1950] ERR 127. A- 10.00

LP's: Vocalists - continued
583. TEBALDI: Arias & songs of Martucci(3), Anon, Scarlatti, Handel, Sarti, Rossini, Bellini, Verdi, Trad, Massetti & Turina. Favaretto, piano. Richmond R-23219. A- 6.00

584.*TEBALDI: Arias - Don Carlo, Ballo(2), Giovanna, Turandot, Gioconda, Rondine, Cav, Arlesiana. Di Fabritiis/NPO. London OS-25912. A- 6.00

585. TEBALDI: Arias - Lodoletta, Otello, William Tell, Suor Angelica (Sanzogno/RAI Milano; live, 1953). BARBIERI & VALLETTI: Alceste, Pecheurs, Cav, Luisa Miller (Fighera/RAI Torino; live, 1951). Fonit Cetra LMR-5012. A- to A 10.00

586. TEBALDI: Arias - Traviata, Aida, Figaro, Boheme(2), La Wally, Mefistofele, Andrea. Misc cond/La Scala. Cetra LPO-2043. A- to A 8.00

587. TEBALDI: Her first recordings (1949: Erede/OSR): Aida, Faust, Butterfly, Tosca, Trovatore, Manon Lescaut. Side 2 (1956; Favaretto, piano): Songs of Bellini(2), Rossini, Verdi & Martucci(3). [Dutch pressing] London 414 191-1. A- to A 13.00

588. TEBALDI: In Concert - Arias from Mefistofele, Andrea Chenier, Butterfly (2; one a duet with de Stefano), Adriana, Otello, Traviata (w/Weede). Merola & Kritz; unidentified orchestra(s). [October & November, 1950] Voce 86. A- 10.00

589. TEBALDI & PRANDELLI: Mignon, Gianni Schicchi, Werther, Manon, Tosca, Manon Lescaut, Africana, Aida. Basile/RAI Rome. [Live, 1961] Fonit Cetra LMR-5023. A- to A 10.00

590. TETRAZZINI: Mignon, Dinorah, Barber, Lucia, Ballo, Sonnambula, Pecheurs, Linda & Traviata(2); Songs of Benedict & Tosti. [w/ detailed notes booklet] Angel COLH-136. A- 10.00

591. THILL: Damnation, Africana, Faust, Manon, Werther, Parsifal, Traviata, Rigoletto, Pag(2), Tosca, Turandot(2) & Andrea. [rec 1927-31; German notes] Lebendige Vergangenheit LV 224. A- 4.00

592. THILL: 80th Birthday Album. Four-disc overview of his recordings, 1927-1947. Includes arias & duets from Otello(7), Werther(2), Turandot(2), Damnation, Lohengrin, Samson & Manon(2); Songs of Strauss(2), Schubert, Faure, de Faez, Letorey, Lazzari, Gounod, Bizet & Saint-Saens; Hymnes et Chansons (14). [French-only notes; nice booklet with photos] EMI 2C153-16211/4(4). A- to A 21.00

593. THOMAS: (John Charles): Songs of Metcalf, D'Hardelot, Russel, Harrison, Speaks, Jerome, Monk, Haydn/Wood, Cadman, Damrosch, Curran, Strickland & Guion; Arias from Herodiade, Ballo & Tannhauser. [recorded 1920-32] Rubini GV-910. A- 6.00

594.+THOMAS: (Thomas L.): Songs of Wales, Volume 2. Sixteen songs (in Welsh).

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