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Browning; Leinsdorf/PO. Seraphim S-60224. A- 7.00

1060.*RAVEL: Piano Concerto for the Left Hand; Pavane; Gaspard de la Nuit. Gavrilov, piano; Rattle/LSO in concerto. [drm; DMM] EMI 29 0325 1. A- to A 8.00

1061.*REGER: Concerto for Orchestra in the Old Style, Op.123; Suite in the Old Style, Op.93 (orchestral version). Neidlinger/Nurnberger Symphoniker. Colosseum SM-542. A- to A 6.00

1062.*REGER: Concerto for Violin. Shiokawa; Kloss/Nurenberg Sym. Colosseum 514. A- 6.00

1063.*REGER: Introduction, Variations & Fugue on an Original Theme, Op.73; Fantasia & Fugue in BACH; Trauerode. Rosalinde Haas, organ.. [Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedachtniskirche, Berlin] Telefunken SAT-22 519. A- to A 9.00

1064. RESPIGHI: Concerto Gregoriano (Stiehler, violin; Borsamsky/Leipzig Radio Orch). DE BERIOT (1802-70): Scene de Ballet (Tasschke, violin; Kegel/Leipzig Phil). Varese Sara VC-81090. A- 6.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
1065.*RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: Night on Mount Triglav; Pan Voyevoda Suite. Rezucha/Slovak Philharmonic. Rec Internat 7009-1. A- to A 9.00

1066.*RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: Symphony #3 Rozhdestvensky/Moscow Radio); "Three Wonders" (Introduction to Act IV, Scene II of Tsar Saltan). Nebolsin/Bolshoi Theatre Orch. Melodiya CM-0355-6. A- 9.00

1067.*RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: Symphony #3. Svetlanov/USSR Sym. [Russian-only notes] Melodiya C10-20753 001. A- 6.00

1068.*ROCHBERG: Oboe Concerto (Robinson). JACOB DRUCKMAN: Prism. Mehta/NYP. [dig] New World NW-335. A-(c/c) 9.00

1069. RODGERS: Victory at Sea Scenario; Waltzes; Slaughter on 10th Avenue; Carousel Waltz; March of Siamese Children. Composer/NYP. Col CL-810. A-(red "6-eyes" labels) 12.00

1070.*RODGERS: Winston Churchill: The Valiant Years (music for the ABC-TV documentary series from early 1960's; orchestrations by Hershey Kay & Eddie Sauter). Dolan/Orch. ABC - Paramount ABCS-387. A-(minor cover scuffs) 9.00

1071.*RUBINSTEIN: Piano Concerto #5. Ruiz; Deaky/Nurenberg Sym. [notes in German only] colosseum 544. A- 8.00

1072.*RUGGLES: Complete Music - Men & Mountains; Sun Treader; Men; Portals; Organum; Evocations (Tilson Thomas/Buffalo Phil). Angels; Angels (2 versions) (Schwarz/Brass Ens). Toys (Blegen/Tilson Thomas, piano). Vox Clamans in Deserto (Morgan; Speculum Musicae). Evocations (piano version) (Kirkpatrick). Exaltations (Schwarz/Brass Ens; Smith/Smith Singers; etc). Col M2-34591(2). A- 12.00

1073.*RUSSO: Street Music. GERSHWIN: An American in Paris. Ozawa/SF Sym. [Grand Prix du Disque] DGG 2530 788. FS 9.00

1074.*SATIE: Parade; Aventures de Mercure; 2 Preludes; Fils des Etoiles; En Habit de Cheval; Jack-in-the-Box; Gymnopedies #1 & 3; 3 Morceaux; Belle Excentrique; 5 Grimaces; Relache, Parts 1 & 2. Abravanel/Utah Sym. Vanguard VCS-10037/38(2). FS(c/c) 13.00

1075.*SCHEDRIN: Symphony #1. Anosov/Moscow Philharmonic. MIASKOVSKY: Symphony #23. Kovalyov/Moscow Radio Orch. EMI ASD-2927. A- 12.00

1076.*SCHUMANN: (Clara): Piano Concerto #1 (Schmidt-Gertenbach/Berlin Sym); Scherzi #1 & #2; Four Fugitive Pieces; Variations on a Theme of Robert Schumann. Ponti. Candide CE-31038. A- 8.00

1077.*SCHUMANN: Introduction & Allegro Appassionato for Piano & Orchestra, Op.92; Introduction & Allegro for Piano & Orchestra, Op.134 Ponti; de Froment/Luxembourg Radio Orch); Overture, Scherzo & Finale (Kapp/Westphalian Sym). Turnabout TVS-34537. A- 8.00

1078. SCRIABIN: Symphony #3 ("Divine Poem"). Ivanov/USSR Radio Orch. MK 1543. A- 6.00

1079.+SHAPERO: (Harold): Symphony for Classical Orchestra. Bernstein/Col Sym. [I am assuming this is in electronic stereo since the original 1954 Columbia issue was mono only, and this states stereo] CRI SRC-424. A- 7.00

1080. SHAPERO: (Harold): Symphony for Classical Orchestra. Bernstein/Col Sym. [label states stereo, but since this was recorded in 1954, it is either mono or electronic stereo; probably CRI's prefix "SRD" suggests "reprossed" with that "R"] CRI SRD-424. A- 9.00

1081.*SHCHEDRIN: Humpbacked Horse Suite. Zuraitis/Bolshoi Orch. Mel-Angel SR-40106. FS 5.00

1082.*SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony # 7. Svetlanov/USSR Sym. Mel-Angel SRB-4107(2). A- 6.00

1083. SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony #10 (Composer/National Philharmonic). KABALEVSKY: Colas Breugnon Overture (Composer/Bolshoi Theatre Orch). [I gather there is controversy regarding whether or not Shostakovich is actually the conductor in this recording.] Colosseum CRLP-173. C/A-- 6.00

1084.*SKROWACZEWSKI: English Horn Concerto (Stacy). WILLIAM MAYER: Two Pastels & Andante for Strings. Skrowaczewski/Mpls. Desto DC-7126. A- 7.00

1085.*SPOHR: Violin Concerto #8; Duo for Violin & Viola (Koch); Potpourri for Violin, Cello (Blees) and Orchestra from the Opera "Jessonda." Lautenbacher, violin; Springer/Hamburg Sym. Candide CE-31043. A- 9.00

1086.*STANFORD: Symphony #3 ("Irish"); Irish Rhapsody #5. Handley/Ulster Orch. [dig; DMM] Chandos ABRD-1253. A- to A 8.00

1087.*STENHAMMAR: Symphony #1. Jarvi/Gothenburg Sym. [concert performance, 1982][DMM] Bis LP-219. A- to A 9.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
1088.*STILL: (William Grant; 1895-1978): Afro-American Symphony. Karl Krueger/RPO. Society for the Preservation of the American Musical Heritage MIA-118. A- 15.00

1089. STRAUSS: Ein Heldenleben. Composer/Bavarian State Orch. [Jacket states this was recorded 1926, but in fact this is the 1941 recording - terrific sound; German-only notes] Heliodor 2548 713. A- to A 13.00

1090.*STRAUSS: Festival Prelude for Organ & Orchestra (Bernstein/NYP). BARBER: Toccata Festiva. POULENC: Organ Concerto. Ormandy/Phila in last two; Biggs in all. [The Strauss in particular is quite spectacular - don't know why it is not played more often!] Col MS-6398. A-(early "2-eyes" labels) 14.00

1091.*STRAVINSKY: Firebird (complete). Col MS-6328. A- 12.00

1092. STRAVINSKY: IN STEREO: Piano Sonata; Serenade for Piano (Rosen); Three Easy Pieces; Five Easy Pieces; Sonata for Two Pianos (Gold & Fizdale); Pastorale (1907 Version; Tourel; Karr; Rogers). IN MONO: Pastorale (1933 Version; Szigeti; Composer; Wind Quartet); Duo Concertante; Russian Maiden's Song (Szigeti; Composer); Concerto for Two Solo Pianos; Tango (Vronsky & Babin); Piano Rag Music (Composer, piano). CBS 79240(2). A- to A(silky German pressings) 15.00

1093.*STRAVINSKY: Jeu de Cartes; Scenes de Ballet; Circus Polka; Fanfare for a New Theatre; The Fairy's Kiss; Bluebird. Composer conducts CO (Jeu); Col Sym (Bluebird & Fairy); CBC Sym (rest). CBS 79245(2). A- to A(superb German pressings) 15.00

1094. STRAVINSKY: L'Histoire du Soldat Suite; Symphonies of Wind Instruments; Octet for Winds. Composer conducts NWDR (in Symphonies); Chamber Ens (in rest). Col ML-4964. 12.00

1095.*STRAVINSKY: Le Sacre du Printemps; Apollo; Orpheus. Composer conducts Col Sym (Sacre; Apollo); CSO (Orpehus - Stravinsky's only recording with the Chicago Symphony). CBS 79244(2). A- to A(lovely German pressings) 15.00

1096.*STRAVINSKY: Petroushka. Composer/Col Sym. Col MS-6332. FS 8.00

1097.*STRAVINSKY: Symphony in C; Symphony in Three Movements. Dutoit/OSR. [dig] London LDR-71043. A- to A 9.00

1098.*STRAVINSKY: Symphony in E-flat, Op.1. Composer/Col Sym. Col MS-6989. A-("2-eyes") 8.00

1099. STRAVINSKY: Symphony in Three Movements; Symphony of Psalms. Composer/NYP; Col Sym & Cho. Col ML-4129. A-("6-eyes" labels) 12.00

1100. STRAVINSKY: Chamber Works 1911-1954 Conducted by the Composer. I Memoriam Dylan Thomas; 3 Shakespeare Songs; Septet; 4 Russian Songs; 2 Balmont Songs; 3 Japanese Lyrics; 3 Souvenirs; 4 Russian Choruses. Composer conducts misc artists, including Marilynn Horne in Souvenirs. Col ML-5107. A-(demo copy; "6-eyes" labels) 12.00

1101.*SVENDSEN: Symphony #1; Zorahayda. Gruner-Hegge/Oslo Phil. Philips 838 051. A- 9.00

1102. TAVARES: (Hekel; Brazilian; born 1896): Piano Concerto in Brazilian Forms. PADEREWSKI: Fantaisie Polonaise. Blumenthal; Fistoulari/LSO. [very scarce item: only in print early 1955 to April 1957] London LL-1104. A-(occ lgt tks) 19.00

1103.*TCHEREPNIN: (Alexander): Piano Concerto #5. ARENSKY: Fantasy on Russian Themes for Piano & Orchestra. RIMSKY-KORSAKOV - Piano Concerto. Wang Gi In; Stoll/Rheinische Philharmonie. [German-only notes] RBM 3016. A- to A 7.00

1104.*TCHEREPNIN: (Alexander): Symphonic Prayer. BORODIN: Symphony #3. GLAZUNOV: Stenka Razin. Neidlinger/Nurnberger Symphoniker. Colosseum SM-543. A- 6.00

1105.*TCHEREPNIN: (Alexander): Symphonic March. GLAZOUNOV: Suite Characteristique. RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: Overture on Russian Themes. Seibel/Rheinische Philharmonic. [German-only notes] RBM 3052. A- 7.00

1106. THOMSON: Sonata for Violin & Piano (Joseph Fuchs; Balsam); Praises & Prayers (Allen, soprano; Composer, piano); Sonata da Chiesa (Lillian Fuchs, viola; Composer/Ch Ens). [live, 1961-63] HiFi/Stereo Review HFSR-L-165. A- 18.00

1107.*TIPPETT: Symphony #4; Suite for the Birthday of Prince Charles. Solti/CSO. [dig; nice cover photo of Tippett & Solti, who gave the symphony's premiere w/CSO] London LDR-71046. A-(Dutch pressing; minor cover damage) 8.00

1108.*TURINA: Sinfonia Sevillana; Rapsodia Sinfonica; Danzas Fantasticas. Batiz/LPO. [dig] Angel DS-37950. A- 9.00

1109.*VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Concerto for Two Pianos (Vronsky; Babin); Fantasia on the Old 104th Psalm Tune (Katin, piano; LPO Cho); Incidental Music to The Wasps. Boult/LPO. [drm; DMM] EMI ED-29 0653 1. A- to A 10.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued
1110. VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Job - A Masque for Dancing (recorded 1946); Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis (recorded 1940). Boult/BBC Sym. [dmm] EMI ED-29 0800 1. A- to A 10.00

1111.*VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Symphony #5; Wasps Overture. Previn/LSO. RCA LSC-3244. A- 9.00

1112. VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Symphony #6. Boult/LPO. [With brief speech by VW] Decca ACL-289. A- 10.00

1113. VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Symphony #7. Ritchie; Barbirolli/Halle Orch & Cho. [first UK edition; artists of the premiere] EMI ALP-1102. A- 18.00

1114.*VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Symphony #8; Concerto for Two Pianos (Vronsky & Babin). Boult/LPO. [blue labels] Angel S-36625. A- 6.00

1115.*VERDI: Quartet (arr. string orch). ROSSINI: String Sonata #1. Zukerman/ECO. Col M-33415. A-(c/c) 7.00

1116. VILLA-LOBOS: Bachianas Brasileiras #1, #2, #5 (de los Angeles) & #9. Composer/ORTF. [includes English notes] Pathe Marconi 2C051-73136. 7.00

1117. VILLA-LOBOS: Dawn in the Tropical Forest. CRESTON: Invocation & Dance. HALSEY STEVENS: Triskelion. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LOU-545-1. A- 8.00

1118. VILLA-LOBOS: Erosion; Origin of the Amazon River. DELLO JOIO: Triumph of St. Joan Symphony. Whitney/Louisville Orch. Col AML-4615. A- 8.00

1119.*VINCENT: Symphonic Poem After Descartes; Symphony in D. Ormandy/Phila. ["6-eyes"] Col MS-6179. B+(mostly A-; marks cause oc clix; minor cov dam) 10.00

1120.*VIVALDI: Concerti for: Oboe; Flute; Piccolo; Diverse Instruments with Mandolins. Bernstein/NYP; soloists from the orchestra. CBS 60335. A-(British pressing) 9.00

1121.*VORISEK: Sinfonia in D. DVORAK: Czech Suite. Mackerras/ECO. Philips 6500 203. A- to A 8.00

1122.*WALTON: Spitfire Prelude & Fugue; Scapino & Johannesburg Festival Overtures; Coronation Marches; Capriccio Burlesco. BLISS: Things to Come Suite. Groves/RPO & Royal Liverpool Phil. [drm] EMI ED-29 1053 1. FS 9.00

1123.*WEINER: (Leo): Czongor and Tunde Suite; Hungarian Folk Dance Suite. Bretner/Hungarian Radio Orch; Budapest Phil. Hungaroton SLPX-11526. A-(c/c) 7.00

1124.*WOLF: Penthesilea (Gerdes/Vienna Sym). PFITZNER: Three Preludes from Palestrina (Leitner/BPO). DGG 2543 822. A- to A(c/c) 9.00

1125.*XENAKIS: Akrata; Pithoprakta. PENDERECKI: Capriccio for Violin & Orch (Zukofsky); De Natura Sonoris. Foss/Buffalo Phil. [this copy includes a publicity photo of Zukovsky, a Youth Concert Artists 1967-68 roster booklet, and misc reviews and other publicity materials] Nonesuch H-71201. A- 3.00

1126.*ZELENKA: Sinfonia Concertante; Ouverture. Munclinger/Ars Rediviva. Supraphon 59581. A- 5.00
LP's: Chamber Music
1127.*ANTES: (John; 1740-1811): Three Trios. Fine Arts Quartet Members. ["The Birth of Chamber Music in America;" produced in cooperation with the Moravian Music Foundation] Col MS-6741. A-("2-eyes" labels; c/c) 9.00

1128.*BABBITT: Philomel (for soprano, recorded soprano & synthesized sound). FRED LERDAHL (b.1943): Wake (for soprano, harp, string trio & percussion). Beardslee, soprano; Members of BSO Chamber Players. [Acoustic Research Contemporary Music Project] DGG/AR 0654 083. A- to A 4.00

1129.*BARBER: Quartet. IVES: Quartet #2. Cleveland Quartet. RCA ARL1-1599. A- 6.00

1130.*BEETHOVEN: Fidelio (Eleven excerpts from the opera, arranged for Wind Octet and Bass, c.1814, by Wenzl Sedlak). Rudel/Amadeus Ens. [dig] Musicmasters MMD-20110K. A- 9.00

1131.*BEETHOVEN: Octet in E Flat (Marcel Moyse/Marlboro Festival Octet); Quintet for Piano & Winds, Op.16 (Serkin; Stoltzman; Vrbsky; Heller; Routch). Col M-33527. A-(c/c) 9.00

1132. BEETHOVEN: Quartet in C, Op.59, #3. SCHUBERT: Quartettsatz, Op. Posth. New Italian Quartet (original name for Quartetto Italiano). [US pressing] London LLP-321. A--(brief tks end sd 2; superb for early US press) 10.00

1133.*BEETHOVEN: Septet, Op.20. Melos Ens. Oiseau-Lyre SOL-60015. A- 6.00

LP's: Chamber Music - continued
1134. BEETHOVEN: String Quartets #1, #9, #11, #12, #14, #15 & #16 (Busch Quartet); Violin Sonatas #3, #5 & #7 (Adolf Busch; Rudolf Serkin). [rec 1931-37] [DMM] EMI 29 0306 3(5). A- to A 24.00

1135. BEETHOVEN: Trio #4 & 6. Istomin; Schneider; Casals. [Perpignan Festival, 1951] Col ML-4571. A-("6-eyes" labels) 5.00

1136. BEETHOVEN: Trio #4 ("Archduke"). Trio di Trieste. London LL-599. A--(occ tks) 7.00

1137. BLOCH: Quartet #2. Musical Arts. Vanguard VRS-437. A-- 6.00

1138. BOCCHERINI: Quartet in D, Op.6, #1. HAYDN: Quartet in E-flat, Op.64, #6. New Italian Quartet (original name for Quartetto Italiano). London LLP-320. B+ 7.00

1139.*BOCCHERINI: Quartets Op.6/1+3; Op.58/2. Quarettto Italiano. Phil 9500305. A- to A(c/c) 6.00

1140.*BOCCHERINI: String Quintets Op.13, #5; Op.47, #1. Kehr; Bartels; Sichermann; Kirchner; Braunholz; Herzbruch. Turn TVS-34094. FS 5.00

1141. BOCCHERINI: Trios, Op.9, #5; Op.38, #2; Quartet, Op.39, #8; La Tiranna, Op.44, #4. Carmirelli Quartet. London LL-1454. A- 10.00

1142.*BRAHMS: Clarinet Quintet, Op.115. Brymer; Prometheus Ens. Virtuoso TPLS-13004. A- 9.00

1143.*BRAHMS: Horn Trio (Bloom; Tree; Serkin). SCHUMANN: Piano Quintet (Serkin; Budapest Quartet). Col MS-7266. A- 9.00

1144.*BRAHMS: Piano Trios #1-#3 (complete). Istomin-Stern-Rose Trio. Col M2S-760(2). A-(early "2-eyes" labels) 16.00

1145.*BRAHMS: Quartet in a, Op.51, #2. HAYDN: Quartet in G, Op.76, #1. Tokyo Quartet. [Prix Mondial du Disque de Montreux] DGG 2555 005. A- to A 8.00

1146.*BRAHMS: The Three Piano Trios. Haydn-Trio, Vienna. Telefunken 6.35471(2). A- to A 16.00

1147.*BRAHMS: The 2 String Quintets. Zukerman; Guarneri Quar. [dig] RCA ARC1-4849. A- 9.00

1148. CASALS FESTIVAL - PRADES: BRAHMS - Trio in C, Op.87. Szigeti; Casals; Hess. [blue labels] Col ML-4720. B 11.00

1149. CASALS FESTIVAL - PRADES: SCHUBERT - Trio #2, Op.100. Schneider; Casals; Horzowski. Col ML-4716. A-("6-eyes" labels) 7.00

1150.*DELIUS: Sonatas for Violin & Piano #1 - #3. Holmes; Fenby. [with spoken introduction by Fenby] Unicorn UN1-72030. A- 8.00

1151.*DOHNANYI: Quartet #2. PROKOFIEV: Quartet #2. Chicago Symphony String Quartet: Victor Aitay; Edgar Muenzer; Milton Preves; Frank Miller. [AUTOGRAPHED in ink on front cover by all four musicians; Aitay, Preves & Miller were CSO principals for decades] Corde 101. A-(autograph) 21.00

1152. DVORAK: Piano Quartet, Op.87. Balsam; Rybar; Kromer; Tusa. [limited edition: #2088 of 3,000 copies; red vinyl] Concert Hall Society D-2. B 10.00

1153.*ELGAR: Quartet, Op.83 (New Music Group of London); Piano Quintet, Op.84 (Ogdon; Allegri Quartet); Sonata for Violin & Piano (Bean; Parkhouse); Piano Pieces - Sonatina; Adieu; Serenade (Ogdon). EMI SLS-5084(2). A- to A 14.00

1154.*FRANCK: Quartet. Fitzwilliam Quar. Oiseau-Lyre DSLO-46. A-(Dutch pressing) 6.00

1155.*GLINKA: Grand Sextet for Piano, Two Violins, Viola, Cello & Bass (Sevidov, piano; ens); Sonata for Viola & Piano (Tolpygo; Sevidov). Melodiya C10-09303-4. A- 12.00

1156. HAYDN: String Quartets, Op.76, #1-#6 (complete). Budapest Quartet. Col SL-203(3). A-(disc #1 has "2-eyes" labels; rest = "6-eyes") 25.00

1157. HEIFETZ/RUBINSTEIN/FEUERMANN: Trios by Brahms (Op.8), Beethoven ("Archduke") & Schubert (Op.99). [Recorded September 11-13, 1941] [SD labels] RCA LM-7025(2). A- 14.00

1158.*HINDEMITH: The Complete Kammermusiken (7 works). Concerto Amsterdam. Telefunken 6.35008(3). A- to A(c/c) 20.00

1159. HONEGGER: Petite Suite (Nicolet, flute; Schneeberger, violin; Souvairan, piano); Danse de la Chevre (Nicolet). ALBERT MOESCHINGER: Sonata #1 for Violin & Piano (Schneeberger; Souvairan). CONSTANTIN REGAMEY: String Quartet #1 (Winterthur Quartet: Rybar; Dahinden; Wigand; Tusa). [very scarce item - only in print from January 1956 until April 1957!] London LL-893. A- 32.00

1160.*LA MONTAINE: (John): Conversations for Flute & Piano; Sonata for Solo Flute; Come into My Garden. Doriot Anthony Dwyer, flute; Mandel, piano. Fredonia FD-9. FS 16.00

1161. MENDELSSOHN: String Quartet in e, Op.44, #4. Guilet Quartet. [limited edition: #2088 of 3,000 copies; red vinyl] Concert Hall Society D-7. A--/B++ 10.00

LP's: Chamber Music - continued
1162. MOZART: Quartet #19 & #21. Amadeus Quartet. [Rare issue was only in print from January 1956 until February 1957; this was the last issue number for the boxed single-disc LHMV's, all of which were gone by February 1957] RCA LHMV-32. A-(mod tks 1st 30 seconds sd 1; rest superb) 26.00

1163. NOVAK: (Jan): Balletti for Nonet. ALOIS HABA: Nonet #3, Op.82. Czech Nonet. [Musica Nova Bohemica & Slovenica, Volume #1] Supraphon SUA-10031. A- 16.00

1164. RACHMANINOFF: Trio, Op. 9. Compinsky Trio. Sheffield M-2. A- 9.00

1165. SCHNABEL (Artur): Duodecimet (Monod Ens); Trio (Galimir Trio). Col ML-5447. A-("6-eyes" labels) 16.00

1166. SCHUBERT: Quartet #13. Budapest Quartet. [Recorded at Library of Congress on Stradivarius instruments of Gertrude Clarke Whittall Foundation] Col ML-4831. A-(demo copy; "2-eyes" labels) 6.00

1167. SCHUBERT: Quartet in a, Op.29. BRAHMS: Quartet in a. Op.51, #2. Amadeus Quartet. [Very scarce - only in print from January 1956 to February 1957; box pristine; starting with LHMV-26, the boxed single discs no longer had the frame covers with insert print] RCA LHMV-27. A- 24.00

1168.*SCHUBERT: Quartet in a, Op.29; Quartet E-flat, Op.125, No.1. Quartetto Italiano. Philips 9500 078. A- to A 6.00

1169. SCHUBERT: Quartets, Vol. 3: #6 & #7. Vienna Konzerthaus Quar. West XWN-18474. B- 6.00

1170.*SCHUBERT: Quintet in C, Op.163. Greenhouse; Juilliard Quartet. Col M-32808. FS 9.00

1171.*SCHUBERT: String Quintet in C, Op.163. Fitzwilliam Quartet; Van Kampen. [dig] London LDR-71071. A- to A(Dutch pressing) 6.00

1172.*SCHUBERT: String Quintet in G, Op.161. Quartetto Italiano. Philips 9500 409. A- to A 5.00

1173.*SHOSTAKOVICH: Quartet # 7, #13 & #14. Fitzwilliam Quartet. Oiseau-Lyre DSLO-9. A-(but bad scratch 1/2 minute, mvt 1 of #14) 4.00

1174.*SHOSTAKOVICH: Quartet #8. JAN CARLSTEDT: Quartet #3 (1967). Fresk Quartet. Caprice CAP-1052. A- to A(c/c) 6.00

1175.*STEPTOE: (Roger; b.1953): Quartet #1 (Coull Quartet); Two Shelley Songs (Wilson-Johnson, bar; Composer, piano); The Looking Glass - Songs Cycle for Soprano, Oboe & Piano, to words by Ursula Vaughan Williams (Hunt Trio: Garrett; Hunt; Anderson). Phoenix DGS-1001. A- 9.00

1176.*VILLA-LOBOS: Quartet #17. ALBERTO NEPOMUCENO: Quartet #3 ("Brasileiro"). Brazilian String Quartet. Odyssey 32 16 0176. A- 5.00

1177. VINCENT: (John): String Quartet #1 (American Art Quartet); Consort for Piano & Strings (Foss; American Arts Quartet). Contemporary Composers M-6009. A- 12.00

1178.*WIDDOES: (Lawrence): Tirzah (Thomas, piano); Sonatina (Thomas, piano; Brooke, flute); Acanthus (Allen, harp; Druckman, vibraphone). URSULA MAMLOK: Sextet (Parnassus); When Summer Sang (Da Capo Ch Players. CRI SD-480. A- 9.00
LP's: Collections
1179. BBC 50TH ANNIVERSARY: Recordings from the 1930's conducted by ELGAR (His Cockaigne Overture); BUSCH (Mozart 36th); WALTER (Brahms 4th); TOSCANINI (Beethoven 6th); and BOULT (VW - Tallis Fantasia; Bliss - Music for Strings; Berlioz - King Lear Overture; Sibelius - Night Ride & Sunrise). [no notes: as issued??] BBC 4001(4). A-(no booklet - as issued???) 18.00

1180.*BERLIN PHILHARMONIC 100 JAHRE: 100th Anniversary German issue on fifteen LP's. Nikisch: Beethoven 5th (1913). Blech: Siegfried Idyll (1922). Walter: Hebrides & Coriolan Overtures (1923). Kleiber: Idomeneo Overture; Mozart Dances; MSND Wedding March. Pfitzner: Beethoven 8th. Knappertsbusch: Exc from Meistersinger, Walkure, Parsifal, Tannhauser. Strauss: Euryanthe; Tristan Prelude; Salome's Dance. Furtwangler: Schumann 4th; Egmont & Leonore #2. Bohm: Mozart 40th & 41st; Schubert 9th. Maazel: Mendelssohn 4th. Kubelik: Schumann 1st. Fricsay: Dvorak 9th. Jochum: Bruckner 4th. Abbado: Brahms 2nd. Karajan: Beethoven 3rd (1962); Brahms 1st (1964); Tchaikovsky 6th (1964). Rostropovich: Nutcracker Suite; Andante Cantabile; Capriccio Italien. [notes in German only but with a large and very colorful catalog of DGG Berlin records available in 1982] DGG 2892 059(15). A- to A 75.00

LP's: Collections - continued
1181. CHICAGO PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA: Pop Concert - Peer Gynt Suite; Poet & Peasant; Hungarian Rhapsody #2; Nutcracker Suite; Sleeping Beauty Waltz; March Slav. Henry Weber conducts. Mercury MG-20013. B 12.00

1182.*CHICAGO SYMPHONY: Radio Marathon # 4 (1979) - "SPRING." In mono -- Stock: Schumann - Symphony #1 (1929; never before on LP). In stereo --

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