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An Alternative music e-zine catering to Electro, Glam & Goth music.

Hard Wired

6 Saxon Ct. Kingsway Gardens, Andover, Hants, SP 10 4BU UK


Send items for review (demos/albums etc.).

Judas Kiss Magazine

PO Box 44, Gloucester, GL4 5ZA UK judaskiss@freezone.co.uk http://www.judaskissmagazine.co.uk

Capturing the very essence of the post-Industrial scene through the written medium.

MK Magazine


News, reviews and interviews. Evil and funny.

Subculture Magazine

Jez Porat jezporat@gmail.com http://www.subculturemagazine.com

Alternative music and culture magazine. Dark Electro, EBM, Gothic, Synth and Industrial.


Ukrainian Gothic stranger@gothic.com.ua http://www.gothic.com.ua

Supports the Ukrainian Gothic/Industrial/Independent scene.

Hip Hop

N o r t h A m e r i c a

United States

AAO Entertainment

PH: 905-730-0644

Wais Yasin aaoent@aaoent.com http://www.aaoent.com

We are a 10 year old Hip Hop label. We currently have 4 artists. We also do reviews.

allhiphop.com PH: 877-499-5111 http://www.allhiphop.com

Articles, audio, reviews, chat, boards etc.


PO Box 4075, Tallahassee, FL 32315

A to the L mail@altrap.com http://www.altrap.com

News, reviews, interviews and MP3s.


4104 24th St. #105, San Francisco, CA 94114 Attn: A&R Dept. PH: 415-821-7965

usa@bombhiphop.com http://www.bombhiphop.com

Artists, send in your demos for review.

Bridgez Magazine

480 Broadway 2nd Fl. New York, NY 10013

PH: 646-546-5739 FX: 646-546-5741 info@bridgezmag.com http://www.bridgezmag.com

A Hip Hop magazine influenced by Latino culture that caters to everyone.

Coatcheck Magazine LNMental@coatcheck.net http://www.coatcheck.net/

Interviews and reviews with Hip Hop and DnB artists.

Crossover Magazine

PO Box 110708, Cambria Heights, NY 11411

PH: 347-731-0327

Tee tee@crossovermag.com www.crossovermag.com

An urban magazine whose mission is to bridge the gap between Reggae, Hip Hop and R&B.

DaveyD’s Hip Hop Corner mrdaveyd@aol.com http://www.daveyd.com

All the info on the Hip Hop scene.

Dork Magazine

James Oyedijo james@dorkmag.com http://www.dorkmag.com

Documenting the mundane, glamorous, funny, disturbing and just plain weird things that define our existence.


PH: 803-237-3943 sales@ejams.com


Let us feature your new CD.

Elemental Magazine

71A Oak St., Brooklyn, NY 11222

PH: 718-218-0077 FX: 718-383-6378

Michael Cusenza mike@elementalmag.com http://www.elementalmag.com

True, we never update the site. But we don't care. That's because we run a magazine.

The Elements

PO Box 233, Hollywood, CA 90028-0233 inquiries@hiphop-elements.com http://www.hiphop-elements.com

Your #1 source for Hip Hop related issues.

freshsites.com info@freshsites.com http://freshsites.com

Promoting the independent Underground Hip Hop culture.

GlobalHipHop.com globalhiphop@hotmail.com http://www.globalhiphop.com

Reviews, interviews, mix shows & more.

Ground Lift Magazine

PO Box 57278, Chicago, IL 60657 attn: Reviews DJ Trew trew@groundliftmag.com http://groundliftmag.com

Rare grooves, Hip Hop and Beats. Send your music to the above address for review consideration.


Albert McCluster III editor@hiphopdx.com http://www.hiphopdx.com

Hip Hop news, album reviews, links, release dates etc.


PO Box 337, Manasquan, NJ 08736

730 mr730@tmail.com http://www.hiphopgame.com

Daily information from around the world.


4700 S. Maryland Pkwy. #2, Las Vegas, NV 89119

PH: 702-933-2123 FX: 702-947-2290 mistapizzo@hiphopsite.com http://www.hiphopsite.com

Reviews and interesting items related to Hip Hop.


322 Harbour Way, #18, Richmond, CA 94801

PH: 510-215-6110 FX: 510-215-5112 g-writer@illtipmagazine.com http://www.theilltip.com

The last real street magazine.


PO Box 592722, Orlando, FL 32859

PH: 212-629-1797 insom@mindspring.com http://www.insomniacmagazine.com Features interviews, articles and reviews.

Last Word Online

900-306 Summit Walk Dr. Charlotte, NC 28270

PH: 704-364-9222

Mehka mehka_1@hotmail.com http://www.lastwordonline.com

We cover Hip Hop topics and music.

Manhunt info@manhunt.com http://www.manhunt.com

News, reviews and artist spotlight.

Murder Dog

164 Robles Dr. #257, Vallejo, CA 94591

PH: 707-553-8191 walkinbuffalo@murderdog.com http://www.murderdog.com

America’s #1 Rap magazine. Send us 2 copies of your CD for review.

OHHLA ohhla@pobox.com http://www.ohhla.com

Original Hip Hop lyrics archive.

Okay Player dan@okayplayer.com http://www.okayplayer.com

Artists, reviews, insights and much more.


PO Box 562243, Miami, FL 33256 humbyvaldes@openzine.com http://www.openzine.com

Submit articles, graffiti art pictures & many other outlets.

Overdue Exposure

256 S. Robertson Blvd. #504, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

PH: 310-285-3148 info@OverdueExposureMag.com http://www.OverdueExposureMag.com The extreme urban-lifestyle magazine.

Ozone Magazine

1310 W. Colonial Dr. #10, Orlando, FL 32804

PH: 407-447-6063 FX: 407-447-6064

Julia Beverly feedback@ozonemag.com http://ozonemag.com

The Southern voice of Hip Hop music!

Pass the Mic

4130 Heyward St., Cincinnati, OH 45205

PH: 718-213-4176 http://www.passthemic.com

Community for independent Hip Hop artists.

Phatmag thepublisher@phatmag.com http://www.phatmag.com

Real news, interviews and reviews.

Rap Scene rapscene@hotmail.com http://www.rapscene.com

Check out our "New Artist Showcase".


4750 Kester Ave. #11, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

PH: 818-917-2217

Nasty-Nes nastynes1@aol.com http://www.rapattacklives.com The true voice of Hip Hop!

RapIndustry.Com http://rapindustry.com Showcase your talent!



Your total source for Rap/Hip Hop.

Rapnetwork.com urbanminded@aol.com http://www.rapnetwork.com

Source for the hottest Rap music on the planet.


PO Box 540938, Omaha, NE 68154 dj.flash@rapreviews.com


An independent site dedicated to up-and-coming artists.


Gambler webmaster@raptism.com http://www.raptism.com

Reviews, interviews, news etc.

Riot Sound

PO Box 159, Landing, NJ 07850

PH: 973-343-2570

RiotSound@RiotSound.com http://www.riotsound.com

Bringing together art, music and information from all corners of the globe in seamless harmony.

Shine Magazine

PO Box 4314, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

PH: 561-758-7127 editors@planetshine.com http://www.planetshine.com

Music, fashion, entertainment and more.


PO Box 106, 5619 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601 bplease@siccness.net


CD Vendors, reviews, interviews etc.

Soundslam nick@soundslam.com http://www.soundslam.com

The latest music news, reviews, artist info, contests and more!

The Source Unsigned Hype info@thesource.com http://www.thesource.com

Profiles a talented unsigned artist each month.

Sphere of Hip Hop

3803 4th Pl. NW., Rochester MN 55901 attn: Josh Niemyjski http://www.sphereofhiphop.com

Reviews positive Hip Hop.


Alexa N. Hernandez alexa_h04@yahoo.com http://www.suckarepellent.com

Artist features, Real Audio, fashion and more.

Support Online Hip Hop

PO Box 374, Jersey City, NJ 07303-0374 http://www.sohh.com

Connect with the online Hip Hop community.

Tha Formula.com

PO Box 385, Gardena, CA 90248 info@thaformula.com http://www.thaformula.com

Streaming radio station, news and much more.

THEULTIMATECDLINK.com ultimatecdlink@yahoo.com http://theultimatecdlink.com

Send your CD and promotional materials to us.

Undergroundhip-hop.net josh@undergroundhip-hop.net http://www.undergroundhip-hop.net

Spreading the word about Hip Hop talent. CONTACT US before you send anything!

The Underwire Interactive Magazine

PH: 602-324-3588 FX: 602-324-3588

Storm info@underwiremagazine.com http://www.underwiremagazine.com

An interactive mixtape magazine. The first audio visual media disc publication.

undevco info@undevco.com http://www.undevco.com

We feature real artists with dreams of delivering their unique talents to the world.

Unsigned the Magazine

PO Box 165116, Irving, TX 75016

Robi Wilcox Robi@UnsignedTheMagazine.com http://www.unsignedthemagazine.com

Gives unsigned artists and labels maximum exposure.


6300 Wilshire Blvd. #1750, Los Angeles, CA 90048

PH: 323-315-1700 word2urb@urb.com http://www.urb.com

Urban alternative culture!

Vice Magazine

97 N. 10th St. #202, Brooklyn, NY 11211

PH: 718-599-3101 FX: 718-599-1769 vice@viceland.com http://www.viceland.com

We have offices around the world. Check our site for a contact near you.

The Vinyl Exchange

PO Box 117, 1450 Sutter St., San Francisco, CA 94109 djbooth@vinylexchange.com http://www.vinylexchange.com

Please do NOT send CDs for review. We only review vinyl!!

We Eat So Many Shrimp ManyShrimp@gmail.com http://somanyshrimp.com

Blog with Hip Hop news and reviews.


1115 Broadway, New York, NY 10010

PH: 212-807-7100 FX: 212-620-7787

Leah Rose & Anslem Samuel xxl@harris-pub.com http://www.xxlmag.com

Features eye candy, street team, articles and more.


The CyberKrib.com

Jesse Ohtake info@thecyberkrib.com http://www.thecyberkrib.com

Just e-mail me and we'll get you some coverage.


PO Box 35534, Hamilton, ON L8H 7S6 http://hiphophotspot.com

Free resources to give artists more promotion.

Peace Magazine

PO Box 124, Stn. B, Toronto, ON M5T 2T3

PH: 416-406-2088 info@peacemagazine.com http://www.peacemagazine.com Music. Fashion. Athletics. Lifestyle.

Pound Magazine

675 King St. W. #306, Toronto, ON M5V 1M9

PH: 416-656-7911 FX: 416-656-9388 chris@poundmag.com http://www.poundmag.com

Send in all your stuff for review.


3007 W. 7th Ave. Vancouver, BC V6K 1Z7

PH: 778-892-8670 FX: 778-892-8670 info@thickonline.com http://www.thickonline.com

Shedding light on unknown talent.

underground sound

PO Box 9622, Saskatoon, SK S7K 7G1

Noyz319@ugsmag.com http://www.ugsmag.com

We post/review submitted Hip Hop MP3s.


PO Box 10617, Toronto, ON M6H 1L8

PH: 647-271-7736 FX: 647-439-1411 info@urbnet.com http://www.urbnet.com

Reviews, CDs and downloads of Techno, House etc.

S o u t h A m e r i c a

Equipe AD iretoria yllwzao@hotmail.com http://eadmp3.webcindario.com

O primeiro site da cultura Hip Hop em caldas novas goiás.

E u r o p e

Czech Republic


Pribyslavska 10, 135 00 Praha 3, Czech Republic

PH: +420-222-714-285 info@bbarak.cz http://www.bbarak.cz

Reviews local and international artists.


Just Like HipHop

97, Ave. Aristide Briand, 92120 Montrouge, France

PH: 33(0)1-58-07-04-85 FX: 33(0)1-58-35-00-53 service-client@justlikevibes.com http://www.justlikehiphop.com

News, reviews, interviews, downloads etc.



Winterhuder Weg 29, 22085 Hamburg, Germany

PH: 040-22-92-98-0 FX: 040-22-92-98-50 info@backspin.de


Marktplatz, forum, mailorder etc.


Am Holländer 15, 03238 Finsterwalde, Germany

PH: 49-3531-7190500 FX: 49-3531-7190600

Joern-A. Werner einz@heftig.com http://www.heftig.com

Reviews, news, release dates, interviews etc.


Bei der Apostelkirche 26, 20257 Hamburg, Germany Kristof Maletzke info@hamburghiphop.de http://www.hamburghiphop.de

News, reviews, interviews and MP3s.

MK Zwo

Skalitzer Str. 97, 10997 Berlin, Germany

PH: +49 (0)30-616-27-414 FX: +49 (0)30-616-27-415 webmaster@mkzwo.com


Magazin für Hip Hop, Dancehall und Reggae.


Blucherstr. 22, D-10961 Berlin, Germany

PH: 030-695-972-10 FX: 030-695-972-40

Anne Kummerlöwe anne@rap.de http://www.rap.de

Music, radio, video, shop, reviews, interviews.

Truehead.de webmaster@truehead.de http://www.truehead.de

Online community and magazine.


Auf dem Kamp 13, 42799 Leichlingen, Germany

PH/FX: +49-01212-5-59763024

Daniel Doege info@webbeatz.de http://webbeatz.de

Hip Hop promotion platform.



Casella 290, Via Valparaiso, 11, 20144 Milano, Italy s.lippolis@hotmc.com


News, articles and reviews, mainly on the Italian Hip Hop scene.

The Netherlands


Postbus 11173, 2301 ED Leiden, Holland http://www.globaldarkness.com

Jungle, Electro-Funk, Hip Hop & Reggae.

Hip Hop in je Smoel yid@hiphopinjesmoel.nl http://www.hiphopinjesmoel.nl

Reviews for everything Dutch in Hip Hop.


Postbus 10804, 1001 EV Amsterdam, Netherlands info2003@theboombap.nl


Nederlandsch meest gelezen Hip Hop magazine.

Urban Legends


For everything in Dutch Hip Hop. Local artists etc.


A Little Beat...

Avda.Malvarrosa 106-2 / 46011 Valencia, Spain

PH: 96-3275494 info@alittlebeat.com http://www.alittlebeat.com

Hip Hop news, reviews, articles etc.


Apartado de correos 171, 28910 Leganés, Madrid, Spain activohiphop@activohiphop.com


Send information on record launchings, concerts etc.

Hip Hop Yaik siouxlive@gmail.com http://www.hiphopyaik.com

Web dedicada al mundo del Hip Hop en Español.


c/ Sant Vicenç Ferrer 37 - 2o 2a, 17300 Blanes - Girona, Spain

PH: +34-659-51-57-00 webmaster@rwhiphop.com http://www.rwhiphop.com

I am Hip Hop, you are Hip Hop, we are Hip Hop.


Boom Bap

Hojdvagen 19, 291 41 Kristianstad, Sweden

J. Persson contact@boom-bap.com http://www.boom-bap.com

Send your demos to us.

Street Zone

Flottbrovagen 23, 112 64 Stockholm, Sweden

Melin info@streetzone.com http://www.streetzone.com

News, reviews, label and more.



Birmensdorferstrasse 67, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland

PH: 41-043-535-31-30 info@aight-genossen.ch http://www.aight-genossen.ch Swiss Hip Hop online.

Cosmic Hip Hop

27 ch. De Champ-Manon, 1233 Bernex, Switzerland pub@cosmichiphop.com http://www.cosmichiphop.com

Web mag exclusively dedicated to Hip Hop.

Urban Smarts

Sturzbuchelstrasse 14, CH-9303 Wittenbach, Switzerland

PH: 71-298-58-26 get@urbansmarts.com http://www.urbansmarts.com

Sheds light on independent Hip Hop artists from all coasts and continents.

United Kingdom

Big Smoke Magazine

PO Box 38799, London, E10 5UZ UK PH: 44-0-7966472051

Dirty Harry dirtyharry@bigsmokelive.com


Interviews, reviews, events, competitions and more!

Invincible Magazine

Unit 107, 203 Mare Studio, London, E8 3QE UK

PH: 0044 (0) 208-525-4131 FX: 0044 (0)207-493-4935 adverts@invinciblemag.com http://www.invinciblemag.com

Covering Urban music and lifestyle.


1 Trafalgar Mews, Eastway, London, E9 5JG UK PH: 0-208-533-9300 FX: 0-2008-533-9320

Colin Steven editor@knowledgemag.co.uk http://www.knowledgemag.co.uk

The magazine for Drum n’ Bass, Jungle, Hip Hop, Breakbeat and Urban culture.

RAGO Magazine

PO Box 1668, Wolverhampton, WV2 3WG UK info@ragomagazine.com http://www.ragomagazine.com

Interviews, features, news and mixed tape, album, single & video reviews.


16 Kingly St., London, W1B 5PT UK

PH: +44 (0) 20-7494-4401 FX: +44 (0) 20-7494-4402

Zaid zaid@spinemagazine.com http://www.spinemagazine.com In-depth music reviews.

A u s t r a l i a


PO Box 666, Sydney, NSW 2001 Australia info@stealthmag.com


Australia's premier Hip Hop magazine.


PO Box 2102, Salisbury Downs, Adelaide, SA 5108 Australia http://www.streethop.com

Promoting the Hip Hop culture: news, interviews, artist directory, music reviews ...

A f r i c a


PO Box 1087, Woodstock, 7915, South Africa

FX: 086-670-9873 info@africasgateway.com http://www.africasgateway.com

Africa's largest platform for independent artists and record labels.

Jam Band

An Honest Tune

PO Box 1362, Oxford, MS 38655

PH: 662-281-0753

Tom Speed tspeed@anhonesttune.com http://www.AnHonestTune.com

Mostly Jam bands, Americana, Alt-Country & Roots music.

ebong.org info@ebong.org http://ebong.org

We are an international collective of "special folk" who wish to provide a venue for creativity.

Glide Magazine

PO Box 716, Bellmore, NY 11710

Eric Ward reviews@glidemagazine.com http://www.glidemagazine.com

Covering today’s most innovative artists.

High Times

419 Park Ave. S. 16th Fl. New York, NY 10016

PH: 212-387-0500 x 249 http://www.hightimes.com

Presenting the true independent voice of today.

Hittin' the Note PH: 770-640-1124 info@hittinthenote.com http://www.hittinthenote.com

Americana sounds of Blues, Rock & Jazz.


Dean Budnick dean@jambands.com http://www.jambands.com

An online web zine devoted to Improvisational music.

Jammed Online


A place for people to read reviews and interviews about their favorite artists and music.


6304 Tall Trees Ln. #T2, Springfield, VA 22152 attn: Reviews bandsubmittal@kyndmusic.com


We cover the national and regional Jam scene as well as Folk, World, Indie Rock, Jazz and Blues.

Relix Magazine

104 W. 29th St. 11th Fl. New York, NY 10001

PH: 646-230-0100 FX: 646-230-0200

Steve Bernstein steve@relix.com http://www.relix.com

Covering other, non-mainstream, types of music.


N o r t h A m e r i c a

United States

ABYSS Jazz Magazine

8947 Washington Ave. Jacksonville, FL 32208

PH: 904-264-4642 FX: 904-264-4667

River Homes mailbox@abyssjazz.com http://www.abyssjazz.com

Free Jazz publication distributed by Jazz radio stations and festivals across the country.

All About Jazz

761 Sproul Rd. #211, Springfield, PA 19064

PH: 610-690-0326

Michael Ricci mricci@allaboutjazz.com http://www.allaboutjazz.com

Jazz & Blues magazine/resource.

All About Jazz Italian Version

302A W. 12th St. #204, New York, NY 10014

PH: 610-690-0326 FX: 240-359-2349 aajitalia@allaboutjazz.com http://italia.allaboutjazz.com

All the info on the Italian Jazz scene.

American Rag

20137 Skyline Ranch Dr. Apple Valley, CA 92308

PH: 760-247-5145 FX: 760-247-5145 don@americanrag.com http://www.americanrag.com

Commentary, news, articles of interest and reviews.

Contemporary Jazz

PO Box 16671, Chattanooga, TN 37416

Terrill J. Hanna Terrill@contemporaryjazz.com http://www.contemporaryjazz.com

News, reviews, interviews and release listings.


164 Madison Ave. 5th Fl. New York, NY 10016-5411 editors@culturekiosque.com http://www.culturekiosque.com

Worldwide A&E guide. We do Jazz and Classical music reviews.

Down Beat

102 N. Haven Rd. Elmhurst, IL 60126 editor@downbeat.com http://www.downbeat.com

Send in your material for review.

Independent Reviewer - Frank Matheis frank@matheisproductions.com http://www.frankspicks.com

Writes a weekly column as music critic for Taconic Press.

Jazz & Blues Report

19885 Detroit Rd. #320, Rocky River, OH 44116

PH: 216-651-0626 FX: 440-331-0886

Bill Wahl billwahl@jazz-blues.com http://www.jazz-blues.com

Features show listings and reviews.

Jazz Improv

PO Box 26770, Elkins Park, PA 19027

PH: 215-887-8808 jazz@jazzimprov.com http://www.jazzimprov.com

100 detailed Jazz CD reviews in each issue.

Jazz Now

PO Box 19266, Oakland, CA 94619-0266 jazznow@sbcglobal.net http://www.jazznow.com

Covering the hottest up-and-coming stars.

Jazz Online contact@jazzonline.com http://www.jazzonline.com

Fresh reviews of fresh Jazz music.

Jazz Times

8737 Colesville Rd. 9th Fl. Silver Spring, MD 20910-3921

PH: 301-588-4114 x511 FX: 301-588-2009 http://www.jazztimes.com

World's leading Jazz publication.

Jazz USA

2613 NE. MLK Blvd. Ste. B, Portland, OR 97212 http://jazzusa.com

Submit music that you would like reviewed.


2650 N. Military Trail, Fountain Sq. II Bldg. #140, Boca Raton, FL 33431

PH: 561-893-6868 x303 FX: 561-893-6867 http://www.jazziz.com

The voice of a new Jazz culture.


301 Oak Grove St. #101, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Don Berryman editor@jazzpolice.com http://www.jazzpolice.com

If you would like your CD featured, send a copy to be reviewed and another copy for our give-away.


10033 W. Ruby Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53225 http://www.jazzreview.com

Promotes all styles of Jazz music.

The Mississippi Rag

9448 Lyndale Ave. S. #120, Bloomington, MN 55420

PH: 952-885-9918 FX: 952-885-9943 editor@mississippirag.com http://www.mississippirag.com

New bands are highlighted in each issue.

Saxophone Journal


Publishes reviews that are positive in nature. Visit our site to find which reviewer covers your style of music.


PO Box 3497, Escondido, CA 92033

Jim Trageser editor@turbula.net http://www.turbula.net

Talented people seem strangely compelled to send us interesting works for others to enjoy.


eJazzNews news@ejazznews.com http://www.ejazznews.com

News, profiles, interviews, reviews and more.

Smooth Jazz Now main@smoothjazznow.com http://SmoothJazzNow.com

News, reviews and interviews. Also covers New Age music.

E u r o p e



Große Sperlgasse 2, A-1020 Wien, Austria

PH: 01-532-8560 FX: 01-532-8561 jazzzeit@jazzzeit.at http://www.jazzzeit.at

Information and CD reviews.

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