Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Folk, Blues, Classical, Jazz, Punk, all metals, Latin, Indie Rock, Electronic, Experimental, Christian, Dance, World Music, Soul, R&B, Women in Music, Country, Rap, Roots, Bluegrass, Reggae, Ska, Rockabilly, Ambient, Emo, Gothic

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I do reviews of Folk, Celtic, World and Opera.

Celtic Beat

4 Greenlay St., Nashua, NH 03063

PH: 603-880-3706 celt56@aol.com http://www.mv.com/ipusers/celticbeat

Concert and CD reviews galore!

Dirty Linen

PO Box 66600, Baltimore, MD 21239-6600

PH: 410-583-7973 FX: 410-337-6735 info@dirtylinen.com http://www.DirtyLinen.com

We welcome submission of audio Roots music.

eFolkMusic artists@efolkMusic.org http://www.efolkmusic.org

Traditional and Contemporary Folk music from around the world.

Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

82 Leadmine Rd. Nelson, NH 03457

David N. Pyles dnpyles@acousticmusic.com http://www.acousticmusic.com/fame/famehome.htm Submit recordings and artist bio for review.


David W. Johnson djohnson@ehc.edu http://www.folklinks.com

Web presence for Folk and Acoustic music performers.



Weekly Folk music e-zine with reviews.

Green Man Review

82 Rackleff St., Portland, ME 04103

Kim Bates kim@greenmanreview.com http://www.greenmanreview.com

Focus on Folk music in all its aspects. You must send 2 copies of each CD that you want reviewed.

Kevin's Celtic & Folk Music CD Reviews Kevin McCarthy celticfolkmusic@icogitate.com http://www.icogitate.com/~celticfolkmusic Reviewing Celtic, UK Folk and Folk music CDs.

Minor 7th

PO Box 468, Manistee, MI 49660-0468 alan@minor7th.com http://www.minor7th.com

Your CD must prominently feature acoustic guitar and be a recent release.


1600 17th Ave. S., Nashville, TN 37212

Frank Goodman frank@puremusic.com http://www.puremusic.com

Bringing great music to the masses.


1609 Ridgeview Ave. Lancaster, PA 17603

Tom Knapp editor@rambles.net http://www.rambles.net

Folk & Traditional music.

Sing Out!

PO Box 5460, Bethlehem, PA 18015

PH: 610-865-5366 FX: 610-865-5129 info@singout.org http://www.singout.org

Articles and interviews, tons of recording and book reviews.


John McLaughlin john-mclaughlin@comcast.net http://www.thedigitalfolklife.org

Folk interviews, CD and show reviews.


Celtic Heritage

PO Box 8805, Stn. A, Halifax, NS B3K 5M4

PH: 902-835-6244 FX: 902-835-0080

Alexa Thompson editorial@celticheritage.ns.ca http://celticheritage.ns.ca

Includes reviews of the latest in Celtic music, including independent labels.

Independent Reviewer - Paul Emile Comeau

PO Box 142, Saulnierville, NS B0W 2Z0

PH: 902-769-3288 pcm.comeau@ns.sympatico.ca

I do reviews for Dirty Linen, Penguin Eggs, Global Rhythm, No Depression, Goldmine and more! I Review Roots music in a wide sense of the word.

Penguin Eggs

10942 80th Ave. Edmonton, AB T6G 0R1

PH: 780-433-8287 FX: 780-437-4603 penguineggs@shaw.ca http://www.penguineggs.ab.ca

Canada's Folk, Roots and World music magazine.

E u r o p e


Trad Magazine

BP 27, 62350 Saint Venant, France

PH: 03-21-02-52-52 FX: 03-21-27-16-70 tradmag@wanadoo.fr http://www.tradmagazine.com

Französisches magazin für Folk und Traditionelle musik.



Postfach 1269, 53582 Bad Honnef, Germany

PH: 02224-76510 FX: 02224-71464 info@folker.de


Das deutsche musikmagazin. Folk, Blues, Cajun ...

FolkWorld editors@folkworld.de http://www.folkworld.de Contributions from you are welcome!

The Netherlands

Newfolksounds info@newfolksounds.nl http://www.newfolksounds.nl

Een Nederlands tijdschrift dat één keer in de twee maanden verschijnt.

The Real Roots Café

Lincolnstraat 2, 6566 CT Millingen aan de Rijn, The Netherlands

Jan Janssen rrc@realrootscafe.com http://www.realrootscafe.com

Promotes fabulous American Roots music musicians.

United Kingdom

BBC Folk and Acoustic Page


Info, news, reviews, radio, events and more.

Celtic Ways

'Murhy', Keash, Ballymote, Co. Sligo, Ireland

PH: 353-71-918-9377

John Willmott john@celticways.com http://celticways.com

MP3s of Celtic, Folk, World Fusion and World Tradition music. Free services.

Folk and Roots folkandroots@aol.com http://www.folkandroots.co.uk

Gigs, reviews, interview featured artists and more.

Folk Roots

PO Box 337, London, N4 1TW UK

PH: 44-020-8340-9651 FX: 44-020-8348-5626 froots@frootsmag.com http://www.frootsmag.com

Roots, Folk and World music magazine.


PH: +44 (0) 7956-430-221

Darren Beech folkmaster@folking.com http://www.folking.com

Album/gig reviews, CD of the month, MP3s.


PO Box 23911, London, E12 5TD UK PH/FX: 020-8553-1435 reviews@rootsmusic.co.uk http://rootsmusic.co.uk

Bringing you some the best new and undiscovered Roots and Acoustic artists.

Tradition Magazine

9 Burwash, Witnesham, Ipswich Suffolk, IP6 9EL UK paul@salmonp56.fsnet.co.uk http://www.traditionmagazine.com

Magazine for world custom and tradition.

Trad Music / Music Maker Magazine

28 Grafton Terrace, London, NW5 4JJ UK PH: 020-7424-0027

Brian Healey tradmusic@btinternet.com http://www.tradmusic.net

Dedicated to the promotion of independent labels, songwriters & performers. Folk to Country, Rock, Jazz and World music.

A u s t r a l i a


PO Box 17, Albion Park, NSW 2527 Australia

PH: 02-4225-3792 FX: 02-4229-9368

David De Santi david@tradandnow.com http://www.tradandnow.com

Promotes Traditional and Contemporary Folk music.


365Gay.com editor@365Gay.com http://www.365gay.com/entertainment/MusicChannel/Musicchannel.htm CD reviews and artist profiles are covered in the music section.

Chicago Free Press

c/o Gregg Shapiro, 3845 N. Broadway 2nd Fl. Chicago, IL 60613 gregg1959@aol.com


I also write for several other publications including afterelton.com, HX (NYC), Bay Area Reporter (SF), The Bottom Line (Palm Springs), In Newsweekly (Boston), Outsmart Magazine (Houston) and many others!

Curve Magazine

1479 S. 4th St. #3B, Louisville, KY 40208

PH: 502-636-5194

Margaret Coble "DJ Mags" djmags@gmail.com http://www.djmags.com

Currently my main gig is with Curve Magazine (though i occasionally still freelance for The Advocate and Lesbianation.com), so female, lesbian/bi and trans indie artists of any genre can submit their press kits/CDs to me.

Freelance Reviewer - Jason Victor Serinus

PO Box 3073, Oakland, CA 94609-0073

Jason Victor Serinus healrmn@planeteria.net http://www.jasonserinus.com

Writes and reviews for gay, alternative, New Age and audiophile publications nationwide.


mistermaker mister@gayhiphop.com http://www.gayhiphop.com

Promoting and featuring both gay and regular artists from the urban scenes around the world equally.

Girlfriends Magazine

3181 Mission St., PMB 30, San Francisco, CA 94110

PH: 415-648-9464 staff@girlfriendsmag.com http://www.girlfriendsmag.com

A national monthly magazine for lesbians. We review all kinds of music by women.

Pride Christian Music

PO Box 1083, Farmington, MI 48332

PH: 386-290-3795 email@pridechristianmusic.org http://www.pridechristianmusic.org

A FREE networking resource for singers, musicians, & music industry professionals to communicate.

Queerpunks.com Adam@punkk.com http://www.queerpunks.com

Add your news, CD and show reviews etc. Covers Punk and all other Alternative genres.

Velvetpark Magazine

PO Box. 60248, Brooklyn, NY 11206-0248

Kelly McCartney info@velvetparkmagazine.com http://velvetparkmagazine.com

Dyke culture in bloom!


Goth, Industrial, EBM, Ethereal, Synthpop, DeathRock, Darkwave and Pagan.

N o r t h A m e r i c a

United States

Absolute Zero Media magazine@absolutezeromedia.us http://magazine.absolutezeromedia.us

Experimental, Dark Industrial/Ambient, Noise and Doom label, mail order, label and zine.

Beautiful Cruelty Magazine

PO Box 605, Round Lake, IL 60073 submissions@beautifulcruelty.com http://beautifulcruelty.com

Everything Gothic, Industrial, Grave and beyond. Please CONTACT us before sending any material.


6038 Hayes Ave. #1A, Los Angeles, CA 90042

PH: 626-359-5338

J j@bitemezine.net http://www.bitemezine.net

Interviews, commentary. Also reviews demos.

Black Angel Promotions

6000 Old West Point Rd. LaGrange, GA 30240 blackangelpromotions@gmail.com


Reviews and interviews.

Chaos Control Digizine

PO Box 1065, Hoboken, NJ 07030

PH: 201-610-0688

Bob Gourley chaoszine@gmail.com http://www.chaoscontrol.com

Pioneering online zine focusing on, but not limited to, Electronic music. Features an extensive collection of interviews.

Dark Culture Magazine

PO Box 70112, Pasadena, CA 91107

Cinka info@darkculture.net http://www.darkculture.net

An open forum for writers to get their words read.

Dark Realms Magazine

4377 W. 60th St., Cleveland, OH 44144

Music Editor goth@monolithgraphics.com http://www.monolithgraphics.com/darkrealms.html Visit for guidelines to submitting your music.

Dead Angel

PO Box 2434, Austin, TX 78768 monorecs@monotremata.com http://www.monotremata.com/dead

E-zine with Underground music reviews.


5500 Prytania, #216, New Orleans, LA 70115

Chad Hensley hecate999@msn.com http://www.esoterra.org

Interviews with musicians, writers and artists existing on society's fringes.

Goth Metal World chris@gothmetal.net http://www.gothmetal.net

Promotes bands in attempts of putting them in the spotlight, giving them a larger fanbase.

Gothic Beauty

4110 SE. Hawthorne Blvd. #501, Portland, OR 97214

FX: 503-249-8844 info@gothicbeauty.com http://www.gothicbeauty.com Send us your press kit.

Grave Concerns

PO Box 692, Valatie, NY 12184

Julie Johnson gothgirl@berk.com http://www.graveconcernsezine.com

Gothic and Industrial music resource for CD reviews, interviews etc.

Haunted Attraction Underground DJ

PO Box 220286, Charlotte, NC 28222

PH: 704-366-0875 FX: 704-366-0876 info@hauntedattraction.com http://www.hauntedattraction.com

Get an expert opinion on the best in Haunted music.

Horror Garage

PO Box 53, Nesconset, NY 11767

Pitch Black HorrorGarage@aol.com http://www.horrorgarage.com

Combines he best in original dark fiction with the finest in horrific Rock n’ Roll.

Industrial Nation

PO Box 2717, Oakland, CA 94602

PH/FX: 208-575-7234 reviews@industrialnation.com http://www.Industrialnation.com

Covers all music Electronic.

Morbid Outlook

Woolsey Stn. PO Box 5043, Astoria, NY 11105

Mistress McCutchan submit@morbidoutlook.com http://www.morbidoutlook.com

Feel free to send your CDs and press kits to us


16220 N. 7th St. #3441, Phoenix, AZ 85022 webmaster@musicfolio.com http://www.musicfolio.com

Focus on Darkwave, Goth, Ethereal, Synthpop, Industrial etc.


PO Box 3187, Thousand Oaks, CA 91359-0187 outburn@outburn.com


In-depth interviews with popular musicians and established Underground favorites.

PM Magazine

PO Box 98827, Lakewood, WA 98498-0827

PH: 253-459-3038

Michael A. Cint pmmagazine@pmmagazine.net http://www.pmmagazine.net

Looking for reviews for music and print.

Regen Magazine

PO Box 14162, San Francisco, CA 94114-0162

PH: 415-420-8247

Nick Garland submissions@regenmag.com http://www.regenmag.com

We feature IDM, Industrial, Goth, Synthpop etc.


PO Box 174, Murray Hill Stn. New York, NY 10156

PH: 212-679-1287 FX: 212-679-1287 sentimentalist@asthetik.com http://www.asthetik.com/sentimentalist

Alternative music, art, film and fashion magazine.

Swag Magazine

8033 Sunset Blvd. #4500, West Hollywood, CA 90046

PH: 323-466-3069 submit@SwagMag.com http://www.swagmag.com

All about everything the successful Rock stars need.

Vampirefreaks.com jet@vampirefreaks.com http://www.vampirefreaks.com News about everything Gothic.

VIAL Magazine

PO Box 22514, San Francisco, CA 94122 omen@disinfo.net http://www.vialmagazine.com

A dream must accompany your CD.

Voidstar Productions

240 Jackson St. #610, Lowell, MA 01852

David Dodson deftlyd@nauzeeaun.com http://www.voidstarproductions.com

Our reviews give constructive criticism directly to the artists.



360A Bloor St. W., PO Box 68568, Toronto, ON M5S 1X0 submissions@lowlightonline.com http://www.lowlightonline.com

Online magazine specializing in Synth-Rock and Electro hybrid projects.

Rue Morgue

PH: 416-651-9675 info@rue-morgue.com http://www.rue-morgue.com

Reviews (no demos) Horror related music.

The Temple of Horror

55 Collinsgrove Rd. TH 255, Scarborough, ON M1E 4Z2

PH: 416-804-8612

Samantha Dennett Slayde@templeofhorror.com http://www.templeofhorror.com

Industrial music news, reviews and interviews.

E u r o p e


Darker than the Bat

Peter Jan Van Damme pj.vandamme@scarlet.be http://www.proservcenter.be/darkerthanthebat CD reviews, interviews and airplay for indies.

De Kagan Kalender

Geerdegemstraat 23, 2800 Mechelen, Belgium

PH: +32 (0)15-424363 info@kagankalender.com http://www.kagankalender.com

Each promo is assured to get a review and will be played on our radio show.


Elektronski Zvuk info@elektronskizvuk.com http://www.elektronskizvuk.com

We review Electronic music from bands around the world.

Czech Republic

teenage.cz ebm@teenage.cz http://teenage.cz

School sucks. Music rocks!


Kaos Kontrol

Yliopistonkatu 8 D 81, FIN-20100 Turku, Finland info@kaos-kontrol.org


Focuses on 'Industrial' sounds.


Darkface postmaster@dark-face.com http://dark-face.com

Se donne le but de faire connaître le mouvement Electro & Goth, faire circuler le maximum d'informations.


3 bis, rue Pasteur, 94270 Le Kremlin Bicetre, France

PH: 33-01-47-77-80-28 FX: 33-01-46-77-53-82

Monsieur Bruce ab@d-side.org http://www.d-side.org

Gothic, Rock Metal, Electro, Industrial, Electronica, Darkwave.


Astan Magazine

PF 1247, 48629 Metelen, Germany astanmagazin@t-online.de


Gothic / Electro zine. News, reviews, interviews…

Back Again

Behringstr. 93B, 22763 Hamburg, Germany

Alexander Pohle sam@backagain.de http://www.backagain.de

CD kritiken und Interviews aus dem independentbereich.

The Black Gift

Ahornweg 25, 50226 Frechen, Germany

PH: 02234-497793 FX: 0721-151 447655 office@the-black-gift.de


Gothicmagazin. News, reviews, interviews.

Black Rain

PO Box 300130, 09033 Chemnitz, Germany FX: 0049-(0)371-3899450 http://www.blackrain.de

Mail your demos in for review.

The Dark Site

Postfach 1130, 61451 Konigstein im Taunus, Germany contact@wavegothic.de


Schickt einfach euer Material an unsere Anschrift und gebt uns ein paar Wochen Zeit (wir müssen die

CDs ja auch intern verteilen).

Dark Spy Magazine

Demo, Postfach 11 03 01, 46123 Oberhausen, Germany

PH: +49 (0) 208-635-397-60 FX: +49 (0) 208-635-398-00 info@dark-spy.com


Mail your CD or e-mail us with the word "DEMO" in the subject heading. Stay Dark!


Bernadottestr. 84, 60439 Frankfurt, Germany info@darkbeat.net


Reviews, events, radio etc.


Ottostrasse 46, 47169 Duisburg, Germany

PH: +49(0)180-5-6-84-30-82-80 FX: +49(0)180-5-6-84-30-80-95

Falk Merten info@darkerradio.com http://www.darkerradio.de

Tune in. Turn on. Burn out.

electric diary

Thomas Tröger thomas@electric-diary.com http://www.electric-diary.com

Dark-Alternative musikmagazin. News, interviews, reviews, tips etc.

Electric Tremor

Brolwitzer Str. 14, 06842 Dessau, Germany contact@electric-tremor.org http://www.electric-tremor.de

Home of degenerated music, events and art.

Electricafé info@electricafe.de http://www.electricafe.de

Fan-E-Zine für Elektronische musik. Der Schwerpunkt liegt bei Electro, EBM und Industrial.


Scharrenbroicher Str. 55c, 51503 Rosrath, Germany

Andreas Wolf wolf@e-lectric.de http://www.e-lectric.de

Synthie-Pop und der etwas "härteren" Variante Future-Pop beschäftigt.


Nachtigallenstr. 26, 41466 Neuss, Germany demo@electrowahn.de http://www.elektrowahn.de

Electro/EBM/Industrial. Includes a "Demo" zone.


Gustav-Heinemann-Ring 64, 81739 Munchen, Germany http://www.elektrauma.de

Musik als therapie für die seele.

Gothic Magazin

Selmastrasse 3, 30451 Hannover, Germany PH: 0511-261-58-31 FX: 0511-47-333-46 info@schwarze-romantik.com


Gothic magazin und community.

Gothic Magazine

Konviktstrasse 4, D-72488 Sigmaringen, Germany

Martin Sprissler Martin@dark-media.de http://www.gothic-magazine.de

News, reviews, newsletter, links and more!

Gothic Paradise

Birkbuschstraße 76/77, 12167 Berlin, Germany

PH: +49-179-7514371 FX: +49-1212-529-705-763

Freya Diepenbrock info@GothicParadise.de http://www.gothicparadise.de

Gothic, EBM, Alternative, Industrial, Metal, konzertberichte tourdaten.

Gothic World

Rainstrasse 3, D-77694 Kehl, Germany

PH: +49 (0)7853-87-34

Sir Ritchie gothicworld@ritchies.de http://www.the-gothicworld.de

Unabhängiges internet-Magazin für die Gothicszene.


Kriegersiedlung 69, D-81369 München, Germany

Bertram Uhner redaktion@medienkonverter.de http://www.medienkonverter.de

Das eZine für die subkulturellen Töne. Darkwave, Wave, EBM, Gothic, Gothicrock ...


Volker Riehl, Waldallee 45, 65817 Eppstein, Germany

PH: 0177-7134884 darkon@reanimation-club.de http://www.meltingclose.de Electronic music magazin.


3411414, Packstation 101, 30159 Hannover, Germany

PH/FX: 030-4-84-98-44-97

Jörn Sieveneck info@nerotunes.com http://www.nerotunes.com

EBM, Gothic, Industrial music podcast and e-zine.

La Nuit Obscure

Grünhundsbrunnen 2, 96049 Bamberg, Germany

PH: +49-951-519-00-05

Ulrich Herwig uli@subkultur.com http://www.lanuitobscure.de Darkwave, Gothic, EBM ...


Krokusweg 37, 76199 Karlsruhe, Germany

PH: 0721-98929933

Stefan Thiel public@pandaimonix.de http://www.pandaimonix.de

Provides information about Gothic, Metal and Dark music. News, reviews, stories…

Sonic Seducer

Postfach 14 01 54, 46131 Oberhausen, Germany PH: 0208-699370 FX: 0208-6993715 info@sonic-seducer.de


Musicmagazin: Gothic, EBM, Alternative, Dark.


Postfach: 580664 - 10415 Berlin, Germany

PH: 030-446-780-86 FX: +49 (0) 721-151-281-383 redaktion@subKULTur.com http://www.subkultur.com

Cd-kritiken, interviews, termine, MP3, galerien.

Zillo Musikmagazin

Sereetzer Weg 20, 23626 Ratekau, Germany

PH: 04504-606680 FX: 04504-60668-10 info@zillo.de


Darkwave, Alternative, Industrial music.


The Enochian Apocalypse

Vassago blackwidow79_drk@yahoo.com http://www.enochianapocalypse.com

The best in Electro, EBM, Industrial, Darkwave and Goth music.


Angelic North-East Alternative Bands Club

info@angelic.it http://www.angelic.it

Guide to the Dark Italian scene.

Chain D.L.K.


We have reviewers for each style and geographic location. Please check our site to see where to send your material.

Kronic.it info@kronic.it http://www.kronic.it

Encouraging music addiction since 2002.

Ver Sacrum

via Rosa Luxemburg 10/P, 56010 Orzignano (PI) - Italy

Marzia Bonato redazione@versacrum.com http://www.versacrum.com

Rivista Gotica di letteratura, cinema, musica e arte.

The Netherlands

Funeral Procession

Postbus 5034, 3502 JA Utrecht, The Netherlands

Hans D. hansd@funprox.com http://www.funprox.com

Covers all Gothic.


Postbus 5034, 3502 JA Utrecht, The Netherlands info@funprox.com


A wide variety of musical styles from Dark Folk to Experimental Electronics.


Musique Machine


Reviews, interviews, editorial columns and MP3s.


Industrial Onego Industrial@onego.ru http://Industrial.onego.ru Music reviews archive.

Russian Gothic Page

PO Box 129, Moscow 119331, Russia coroner@gothic.ru http://www.gothic.ru

An underground project promoting Gothic subculture in Russia.



Pasaje de Briales 9, 2-I, 29009 Málaga, Spain reviews@sonidobscuro.com http://www.sonidobscuro.com

Webzine de musica oscura.


Moving Hands

Heleneborgsgatan 6C, SE-117 32 Stockholm, Sweden

Robert Eklind robert.eklind@movinghands.net http://www.movinghands.net

We review Synth, Industrial, Electronica, EBM, Postpunk etc.


V Stillestorpsg 23, S-417 Gothenburg, Sweden

PH: 46-31-775-00-83 info@releasemagazine.net http://www.releasemagazine.net

Features, reviews, news, classified ads etc.


DARKLIFE fanzine

Gianfranco Sciacca darklifezine@gmx.net http://www.darklifezine.org

Gothic/Industrial/Electro/Experimental/Avant-Garde/Ritual music and lifestyles of the current underground scene.


Im Trichtisal 12, CH-8053 Zürich, Switzerland Roderick Zeig rzeig@gmx.ch http://www.heavymetal.ch

The Metal / Gothic portal of Switzerland.


Grand Rue 76, CH-1373 Chavornay, Switzerland http://www.sanctuary.ch

Promotes the musical alternative scene.

United Kingdom


The Small House, 138b Brownlow Rd. London, GB-N11 2BP UK Gianfranco Sciacca darklifezine@gmx.de http://www.darklifezine.de

All CDs & tapes will be reviewed (Gothic/ Electro/ Industrial/ Experimental/ Avant-garde / Ritual).

DJ Martian’s altmartinuk@excite.com http://djmartian.blogspot.com

Delivering cultural sound knowledge for the intelligent generation.

Gutter Glitter.co.uk

queenoftiaras admin@gutterglitter.co.uk http://www.gutterglitter.co.uk

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