Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Folk, Blues, Classical, Jazz, Punk, all metals, Latin, Indie Rock, Electronic, Experimental, Christian, Dance, World Music, Soul, R&B, Women in Music, Country, Rap, Roots, Bluegrass, Reggae, Ska, Rockabilly, Ambient, Emo, Gothic

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Presenting the art of flat picking the Acoustic guitar.

Freight Train Boogie

PO Box 4262, Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Bill Frater frater@freighttrainboogie.com http://www.freighttrainboogie.com

News and reviews of Roots music.


PO Box 576245, Modesto, CA 95357-6245

Dave webmaster@hillbilly-music.com http://www.hillbilly-music.com

We can't promise we'll review everything, but we'll try.


203 Passage Gate Way, Wilmington, NC 28412

PH: 910-221-9474

Skip Ogden cwo@ibest.net http://www.ibluegrass.com

We will accept unsolicited material for review. Check our site for submission details.

Mandolin Magazine

PO Box 13537, Salem, OR 97309

PH: 503-364-2100 FX: 503-588-7707 http://www.mandolinmagazine.com

We review CDs, books, videos and instruments.

My Kind of Country

100 Sherri Ln. Powhatan Point, OH 44001

Marlene Slater marli@mkoc.com http://www.mkoc.com

Country music at its finest.

No Depression

2 Morse Cir. Durham, NC 27713

Peter Blackstock peter@nodepression.net http://www.nodepression.net

Covers Alt-Country music (whatever that is).

Old-Time Herald Online

PO Box 51812, Durham, NC 27707

PH: 919-419-1800 FX: 919-419-1881 info@oldtimeherald.org http://www.oldtimeherald.org Celebrates the love of Old-Time music.

Rockabilly Magazine

PO Box 19712, Austin, TX 78760

PH: 888-516-0707 FX: 512-385-4300

Orlando orios@rockabillymagazine.com http://www.rockabillymagazine.com

The ultimate source for Rockabilly info.

Roots Music Report

13501 Ranch Rd. 12 #103-327, Wimberley, TX 78676

PH: 877-532-2225 rmr@rootsmusicreport.com

Robert Bartosh rmr@rootsmusicreport.com http://www.rootsmusicreport.com

Reviews and articles on Roots music and artists.

Roughstock rodeo@roughstock.com http://www.Roughstock.com News, reviews, interviews, charts.


5605 David Strickland Rd. Fort Worth, TX 76119

Philip Corder philip@tossmmusic.com http://www.tossmmusic.com

Home for Texas and Red Dirt music and independent musicians. Reviews, interviews and Artist of the


Western Beat

PO Box 128105, Nashville, TN 37212

PH: 615-248-5026 FX: 615-248-3067

Billy Block billy@westernbeat.com http://www.westernbeat.com

A place where musical integrity rules.


Country Music News

Box 7323, Vanier Stn. Ottawa, ON K1L 8E4

PH: 613-745-6006 FX: 613-745-0576

Larry Delaney larry@countrymusicnews.ca http://www.countrymusicnews.ca

Canada's national Country music publication. Now in its 27th year!!

Fiddler Magazine

PO Box 101, North Sydney, NS B2A 3M1

PH: 902-794-2558 info@fiddle.com http://www.fiddle.com

Feature articles, regular columns and more.

Take Country Back

Box 904, Cranbrook, BC V1C 6W4

PH: 250-417-0085

Laurie Joulie laurie@takecountryback.com http://www.takecountryback.com

We're very indie friendly! Americana, Classic and Alt-Country, Bluegrass, Honky Tonk etc.

E u r o p e



Generaal De Wittestraat 11, 3545 Halen, Belgium

Freddy Celis rootstime@mail.com http://www.rootstime.be

We promote Blues & Roots, Singer/Songwriters, Roots Rock, Americana, Country, Rockabilly, Cajun & Zydeco music.


Country Music France

63, rue Victor Hugo, BP 30, 94701 Maisons Alfort, France pierre@countryfr.com


French directory about Bluegrass, Old-Time, Traditional and New Country.


Country Jukebox

Th. Dombart - Str. 5, 80805 München, Germany Max W. Achatz info@countryjukebox.de http://www.countryjukebox.de

Published monthly in Germany's Country Circle magazine as well as on the web.


Maiselsberger Str. 5, D-84416 Taufkirchen/Vils, Germany

PH: 08084-9166 FX: 08084-9165 iwde@iwde.de http://www.countryhome.de

Das online magazin freier fachjournalisten.

The Netherlands

Alt Country NL dutchtwang@yahoo.com http://www.altcountry.nl

Er voor liefhebbers van Americana en Rootsmuziek.

United Kingdom

Americana UK

29 Avonmore Ave. Liverpool, L18 8AL UK


UK home for Americana, Alt-Country and “No Depression” music. CDs only please. No CDRs or demos.

Country Music People

1-3 Love Ln. London, SE18 6QT UK

PH: 44-020-8854-7217 FX: 44-020-8855-6370 info@countrymusicpeople.com http://www.countrymusicpeople.com

Reviews of latest CDs, features and interviews.

Country Music Roundup

PO Box 111, Waltham, Grimsby, DN37 OYN UK PH: 01522-750150 FX: 01472-821808 countrymusic_ru@hotmail.com http://www.cmru.co.uk

Keep up to date on the British Country music scene.

Fiddle On

4 Lee Close, Kidlington, Oxford, OX5 2XZ UK PH: 01865-374624

Jed Mugford jed@fiddleon.co.uk http://www.fiddleon.co.uk

A publication for the UK fiddle players.


24 Bray Gardens, Maidstone, Kent, ME15 9TR UK

editor@maverick-country.com http://www.maverick-country.com

Changing how Country music is perceived in the UK.

Metro Country

444 Manchester Rd. Astley, Tyldesley, Manchester , M29 7BT UK Ray Grundy ray@metrocountry.co.uk


Contact to get your CD reviewed and featured.

A u s t r a l i a

Capital News Country Music

2-6 Lockheed St., PO Box 3520, Tamworth, NSW 2340 Australia

PH: 02-6762-2399 FX: 02-6762 2350 capitalnews@ruralpress.com http://www.capitalnews.com.au

Monthly magazine devoted to Country music in Australia.

Dance and Electronic N o r t h A m e r i c a United States


Dennis Romero chp@earthlink.net http://www.dancemusic.blogspot.com Dance music news and criticism.

DJ Times

25 Willowdale Ave. Port Washington, NY 11050

PH: 516-767-2500 FX: 516-767-9335

Jim Tremayne jtremayne@testa.com http://www.djtimes.com

Considered the "bible of the industry" for the professional DJ.


807 S. Howard Ave. #211, Tampa, FL 33606

PH: 813-679-4422

Mark Kovach djsinbox@hotmail.com http://djsinbox.com

The latest on today’s cutting edge music.


PH: 918-852-7973

Andy Khouri andy@electrocore.com http://www.electrocore.com

Your avenue for information on everything Electroclash / Disko Punk / Electro.

Faize info@faizemusic.com http://www.faizemusic.com

House and Garage music magazine.

Igloo Magazine!

PO Box 307, Corona, CA 92878

Pietro Da Sacco editor@igloomag.com http://www.igloomag.com

Online source for Electronic music coverage.

Iron Feather Journal

PO Box 1905, Boulder, CO 80306 stevyn@ironfeather.com http://www.ironfeather.com

A wicked mega magazine about the subversive HI-TEK underground, Techno + Jungle scenes.

Jive Magazine

PO Box 2635, Lilburn, GA 30048 http://www.jivemagazine.com

Extensive review section, events and more! Check our site for submission details.

Pax Acidus

312 Harvard Ave. E. #105, Seattle, WA 90102

PH: 206-349-1514 http://www.paxacidus.com

Website for the underground arts of sight and sound.

Progressive Sounds

126 N. Charlotte St., Lancaster, PA 17603 http://www.progressive-sounds.com

Bringing you the latest in Progressive Trance.


Jennifer Warner jennifer@raves.com http://www.raves.com

News, reviews, profiles, shows etc.

Sonic Curiosity

PO Box 28325, Philadelphia, PA 19149

Matt Howarth matt@soniccuriosity.com http://www.soniccuriosity.com Alternative/Electronic music review site.


Klublife Magazine

1 First Canadian Pl. 37th Fl. Toronto, ON M5X 1K7

PH: 416-644-8681 FX: 416-644-8684 info@klublife.com http://www.klublife.com

Up to date music reviews and articles.

Tribe Magazine

PO Box 65053, 358 Danforth Ave. Toronto, ON M4K 3Z2

PH: 416-778-4115

Alex Dordevic editor@tribe.ca http://www.tribemagazine.com

Inspired by the people who go out after dark.

E u r o p e



Lange Boomgaardstraat 114a, B-9000 Gent, Belgium

Lennart Schoors office@beyondjazz.net http://www.beyondjazz.net

A Future Jazz community, focusing on the exciting sounds of Broken Beats, Future Jazz and Space Funk.


Club Arena http://www.clubarena.com Promos will be reverberated.



PH: 040-739-2270

Antti Niemelä antti.niemela@findance.com http://www.findance.com

Enimmäkseen muuta kuin kotimaista konemusiikkia.


Atome atome@atome.com http://www.atome.com

Send us your charts, promo-copies, demos, news, presents.


98, rue de Paris, F-94220 Charenton, France

Frederic 'MFSB' Messent mfsb@indamixworldwide.com http://www.indamixworldwide.com

Send your material (test pressings, vinyl, 12", LP, CD, CDR) to the above address.


33, rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine, 75011 Paris, France

PH: 01-53-33-33-00 redaction@novaplanet.com http://www.novaplanet.com News and reviews.

Yet Another Electro-Webzine?


Electronic music news, reviews and interviews.



Westerladekop 86a, 21635 Jork, Germany

PH: 0-41-62-91-32-63 http://www.breakbeatz.de Your D n’B e-zine.


Lipowskystr. 4, 81373 Munich, Germany

Michael Kienzler mk@couchsurfer.de http://www.couchsurfer.de

A club culture portal. Send us your promos & mix-CDs for review.


Choriner Straße 82, 10119 Berlin, Germany

PH: 030-44-31-20-22 FX: 030-44-31-20-70

Thilo Schneider thilo@groove.de http://www.groove.de

Reviews Electronica, Techno, House etc.

House-Beats.de mail@house-beats.de http://www.house-beats.de Deutschlands Housemusic community!


Brunnenstr. 24, 10119 Berlin, Germany PH: 030-74-7777 FX: 030-74-777-999 webmaster@motor.de http://www.motor.de

News, releases, tours, reviews etc.


Hollenweg 48, 41515 Grevenbroich, Germany

PH: 0211-58004781

Marc redaktion@samplepoolz.de http://www.samplepoolz.com

Join up and submit your reviews (don't send in your CD - we don't have the manpower to write extra reviews).

Techno Online

Grevener Damm 260, 48282 Emsdetten, Germany

PH: 02572-960690 FX: 02572-9606999

Mirko Seifert info@techno.de http://www.techno.de

News, reviews, charts, interviews etc.


Clubbity.com - The Safe Club Culture Site


News, reviews, interviews. Most of the music we promote is by independent artists.

Disco ID

PH: 39-0541-307333 FX: 39-0541-307335 info@discoid.it


Reviews, regular columns, charts etc.



Stream stream@ivibes.nu http://www.ivibes.nu

Reviews of all the latest Trance and Electronica tunes. Interviews with the biggest DJs.


The Connexion Bizarrre agenda@connexionbizarre http://www.connexionbizarre.net

Electronic music from Synthpop to Noise, touching everything in between..


jungle.ru info@jungle.ru http://www.jungle.ru

News, reviews, artist bio, streaming radio and more.



Macman ralf@staff.trance.nu http://trance.nu

The biggest Trance community on Earth!

United Kingdom

Blackout Audio

Mark EG info@blackoutaudio.co.uk http://www.blackoutaudio.co.uk Reviews and interviews of new sounds.

Dancemuzik.com webmaster@dancemuzik.com http://www.dancemuzik.com News, reviews, features etc.

| deephousenetwork |

27 Arasain Na Mara, Lower Salthill, Galway, Ireland http://www.deephousenetwork.com

Download, mixes, reviews, tracks, charts, community.


Highbury Lifestyle, Jordan House, 47 Brunswick Pl. London, N1 6EB UK PH: 44-0-20-7331-1148 FX: 44-0-20-7331-1115

Helene Stokes editors@djmag.com http://www.djmag.com/reviewers.php

Up-front coverage of the Dance music scene.


84 Cavendish Rd. Colliers Wood, London, SW19 2EU UK James Shaw james@dogsonacid.com


The world's largest D n’B and Jungle message board and forum with news, reviews, audio etc.

Drum n' Bass Arena

103 Gaunt St., London, SE1 6DP UK

PH: +44 (0) 20-7740-8816 FX: +44 (0) 207-403-5348 info@lists.breakbeat.co.uk http://www.breakbeat.co.uk

The latest info on everything to do with D n'B.


PO Box 5180, Chelmsford, Essex, CM3 3QF UK PH: 07966-491554

Grant Epidemik grant@epidemik.com http://www.epidemik.net

Then let them come to you by promoting yourself!

Jon Freer (Freelance Reviewer)

14 Flaggwood Ave. Marple, Stockport, Cheshire, SK6 6HP UK

info@mosoul.co.uk http://www.mosoul.co.uk

I write reviews for magazines such as Blues & Soul, XLR8R, City Life, Inner Loop, littleplanet.net, pitchadjust.com, beyondjazz.net, deephousenetwork.com and skansen.no. I review everything 'Dance'.

M8 Magazine

Trojan House, Phoenix Business Pk. Paisley, PA1 2BH UK PH: 0141-840-5980 FX: 0141-840-5995

Kevin McFarlane kevin@m8magazine.com


The latest music reviews and news.

Ministry of Sound

103 Gaunt St., London, SE1 8DP UK

PH: 44-0-20-7740-8600 FX: 44-0-20-7403-5348 arnie@ministryofsound.com http://www.ministryofsound.com

Reviews of Dance albums and singles.


90/92 Pentonville Rd. London, N1 9HS UK PH: +207-520-8625 FX: +207 7833 9900 mixmag@mixmag.net http://www.mixmag.net

The world's biggest selling clubbing magazine.

Nubreaks.com e@nubreaks.com http://www.nubreaks.com

Helps you get your DJ mix online.


2nd Fl. 207 Cranbrook Rd. Ilford, Essex, LG1 4TD UK PH: 44-0-20-8554-4043 FX: 44-0-20-8554-4043

Andy Rayner mail@planetdnb.com


One of the leading Drum n’ Bass resource sites.


Unit 3E, Oslo House, West Wing, Felstead St., London, E9 5LG UK PH: +44(0)20 8985 8700 FX: +44(0)20 8985 2333

info@tunes.co.uk http://www.tunes.co.uk

Dance music from Soul & Funk to House & Breaks: reviews, real audio & worldwide mail order.

A u s t r a l i a


PO Box 1212, Windsor, VIC 3181 Australia

12am@12am.com.au http://www.12am.com.au

DJ and club e-zine for VIC and NSW.

Resident Advisor


Australian/Global Dance news, interviews and reviews.


Level 2, Building 10, 658 Church St., Richmond, VIC 3121 Australia http://www.tranzfusion.net

Trusted voice in Electronica.


Experimental, Electronic, Ambient, Avant-garde, Noise etc.

N o r t h A m e r i c a

United States


PO Box 5, Sealston, VA 22547-0005

Dodds Wiley dodds@ambient.us http://www.ambient.us

A positive energy Ambient music guide. Contact me by e-mail if you would like a review.

aural innovations

1364 W. 7th Ave. Apt. B, Columbus, OH 43212

Jerry Kranitz jkranitz@aural-innovations.com http://aural-innovations.com

Includes Psychedelia and related Electronic music.

Calculated Sound


Zine and a label dealing with "Experimental Electronic music". Breakcore, IDM, Glitch, Noise, Ambient,

8-bit etc.

The Circular Cosmic Spot Art Grauer rpt1700@gmail.com http://www.myspace.com/cosmicscott

Electronic/Experimental music reviews and news I will also accept MP3s for review.

disquiet.com marc@disquiet.com http://www.disquiet.com

Interviews Ambient/Electronic musicians.

Dream Magazine

PO Box 2027, Nevada City, CA 95959-1941

George Parsons geo@gv.net http://www.dreamgeo.com

Psychedelic (old and new), Experimental, Pop, Jazz, Folk and more.


944 Flexer Ave. Allentown, PA 18103 admin@electro-music.com http://electro-music.com

Experimental, Electro-Acoustic and Electronic music.

Free City Media

90 North Ave. #2C, San Rafael, CA 94903

Heidi@FreeCityMedia.com http://www.freecitymedia.com Psychedelic music and fresh perspectives.

Get Underground

Shlomo Sher sher@getunderground.com http://www.getunderground.com

Writings and arts related to personal impressions and Experimental visions.


PO Box 192966, San Francisco, CA 94119-2966 http://www.innerviews.org

Music without borders.

Modsquare modsquare@gmail.com http://www.modsquare.com

Arts journal covering the most innovative developments within Electronic music and its culture.

MusicEmissions.com info@musicemissions.com http://www.musicemissions.com

A music review site that focuses on non-mainstream music.


PO Box 1948, Sonoma, CA 95476 contact@neumu.net http://neumu.net

Find the work of artists following their creative vision.

Ptolemaic Terrascope

PO Box 18841, Oakland, CA 94619-8841

Pat Thomas normalsf@earthlink.net http://www.terrascope.org

Unearthing Psychedelic/Folk nuggets.


1128 Waverly St., Houston, TX 77008

Pete Gershon operations@signaltonoisemagazine.org http://www.signaltonoisemagazine.org

The journal of Improvised and Experimental music.

Squid's Ear

160 Bennett Ave. #6K, New York, NY 10040

Kurt Gottschalk kurt@squidco.com http://www.squidsear.com

Experimental, Improvisation, Avant-garde and unusual musical styles.


28 Grenville Rd. Watertown, MA 02472

PH: 617-926-2298 jay@synthmuseum.com http://www.synthmuseum.com

Our magazine features reviews of Synth music.

(((Thump))) Radio FX: 636-216-7865 info@thumpradio.com http://www.thumpradio.com

Exposing local talent around the world.


1388 Haight St. #105, San Francisco, CA 94117 attn: Ken Taylor

PH: 415-861-7583 FX: 415-861-7584 http://www.xlr8r.com

Over 100 color pages. Internationally distributed.


Computer Music Journal

School of Fine Art and Music, MacKinnon 214, U. Guelph, Guelph, ON N1G 2W1

James Harley cmj-reviews@mitpress.mit.edu http://mitpress.mit.edu/e-journals/Computer-Music-Journal

Covers digital audio signal processing and Electro Acoustic music. When contacting, include "CMJ" in your Subject line.


358-401 Richmond St. W., Toronto, ON M5V 3A8

PH: 416-977-3546 FX: 416-977-4181 sound@musicworks.ca http://www.musicworks.ca Exploration of new music and sound.

E u r o p e



Mesesstraat 6, 2300 Turnhout, Belgium Tom Wilms tom.wilks@skynet.be http://users.skynet.be/entrepot

Resource center for unconventional tunes.


90 rue Charles Degroux, 1040 Brussels, Belgium

PH/FX: 0032-2-732-14-81 info@side-line.com http://www.side-line.com

Magazine on the Underground genre.


Guts of Darkness contact@gutsofdarkness.com http://www.gutsofdarkness.com

Les archives du sombre et de l'expérimental.



Schwedter Str. 8/9, Haus 9A, 10119 Berlin, Germany

PH: 030-2838 4458 FX: 030-2838-4459 http://www.de-bug.de

News and reviews.


Reichenberger Str. 147, 10999 Berlin, Germany

PH: +49 (0)30-616-529-60 FX: +49 (0)30-616-529-46 http://www.dense.de

Founded in order to promote sound visionaries. Please CONTACT US before you send material.

Dominion Club

Karl-Schmidt-Str. 26-29, 39104 Magdeburg, Germany

PH: 0391-4018892 FX: 0391-4082899 info@dominionclub.de http://www.dominionclub.de

Events, reviews, news, interview and more.



News, reviews, rezensionen, kulturpolitik, musicwirtschaft, musikforen…


Zum Hasenkamp 8, 31552, Rodenberg, Germany http://www.re-flexion.de

Neuigkeiten, kritiken, interviews, kozerte, termine, bands etc.


Rolandstrasse 69, 50677 Koln, Germany

PH: 0221-579-7800 FX: 0221-579-7879 http://www.spex.de

News and reviews.


Enzianweg 7, 41836 Huckelhoven, Germany

PH: 02433-95-99-808 FX: 0721-151201169 micha@synthiepop.de http://www.synthiepop.de

BODY and SOUL come together.


Holger Seeling, Bahnhofstr. 6, 41334 Nettetal, Germany

PH: 02157-3858 FX: 02157-1760 info@westzeit.de http://www.westzeit.de

Pop auf draht-musik, literature, kunst und film.


Neural a.ludovico@neural.it http://www.neural.it

New media art and Electronic music.

The Netherlands

Alfa Report


Leading magazine on Synthesizer based music.

E-dition Magazine

Postbus 2171, 8203 AD Lelystad, The Netherlands info@e-ditionmag.com


We will try to review ALL incoming types of Electronic music.

United Kingdom

Computer Music

30 Monmouth St., Bath, BA1 2BW UK PH: 01225-442244 FX: 01225-732353

Ronan MacDonald ronan.macdonald@futurenet.co.uk http://www.computermusic.co.uk

Reviews of the latest gear/news as it happens.

DOT:ALT xvscott@dot-alt.co.uk http://dot-alt.co.uk

Covers progressive, creative music.

Future Music

30 Monmouth St., Bath, BA1 2BW UK PH: 01225-442244 FX: 01225-732353

andy.jones@futurenet.co.uk http://futuremusic.co.uk

Making music at the cutting edge of technology.

Robots and Electric Brains

133 Green End Rd. Cambridge, CB4 1RW UK Jimmy Possession rebzine@hotmail.com http://www.robotsandelectronicbrains.co.uk

Eclectic zine for music with that extra something special.

The Wire

23 Jack's Pl. 6 Corbet Pl. London, E1 6NN UK

PH: +44 (0)20-7422-5014 FX: +44 (0)20-7422-5011

Nick Cain nick@thewire.co.uk http://www.thewire.co.uk

Electronica, Breakbeat, Avant Rock, Free Jazz, Classical, Global and beyond.


Cyclic Defrost

PO Box A2073, Sydney South, NSW 1235 Australia Sebastian and Dale info@cyclicdefrost.com http://www.cyclicdefrost.com

We cover independent Electronic music, Avant-Rock, Experimental Sound Art and left field Hip Hop.


Folk, Celtic, Singer/Songwriter, Roots, Acoustic, Traditional, Maritime

N o r t h A m e r i c a

United States

Acoustic Guitar Magazine

PO Box 767, San Anselmo, CA 94979

PH: 415-485-6946 FX: 415-485-0831 editors.ag@stringletter.com http://www.acousticguitar.com

We only review recordings with widespread distribution or an established internet distribution channel.


144 Mead Ln. Middlebury, VT, 05753

Cindy Hill wordwomanvt@yahoo.com http://www.cdreviews.com

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