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12750 Sharon Hollow Rd. Manchester, MI 48158

Eric Moore talentscout@howsmymusic.com http://www.howsmymusic.com

Online music contest with cash prizes. Winners voted by the public. Also has sales MP3 platform.


44 Music Sq. E. #503, Nashville, TN 37203

PH: 615-335-3262 FX: 215-895-9672 add-your-music@iamusic.com http://www.iamusic.com/add_your_music.php For Instrumental music only!


Mark McFarland artists@imanifest.biz http://www.imanifest.biz

Service for musicians to expose their demos to music industry people looking for new artists.

iMove Music

7814 Benton St., Huntsville, AL 35802

PH: 256-348-2472

Sandy sandy@imovemusic.com http://www.imovemusic.com

We only accept great music that our visitors will love to hear. We limit the amount of artists so visitors have the time to hear it all!


2560 San Carlos Ave. Ste. A, Castro Valley, CA 94546 muzic@imuzic.com


Back-end tracking letting you know what the fans think of your music.

In Real Time

POB 15371, Boston, MA 02215

PH: 617-233-7426

James McCaffrey info@inrealtime.com http://www.inrealtime.com

Services to help musicians create and share their music and videos with the world through online digital distribution and promotion.

Independent Artists Company admin@independentartistscompany.com http://independentartistscompany.com

We combine the best features from the MP3 era with modern options such as digital singles sales.


12711 Ventura Blvd. #320 Studio City, CA 91604

PH: 818-508-5588 FX: 818-508-6203

Bob Downey bobby@indiecore.com http://www.indiecore.com

Sign up and create a profile, sell ringtones, cell phone tools and MP3s. You may also receive nationwide exposure through our extensive network.

Indiepad.com info@indiepad.com http://indiepad.com

Complete our artist registration form and we will upload your songs free of charge!


1162 St. Georges Ave. #294, Avenel, NJ 07001 support@indietunes.com


We offer a very modest subscription fee and pay 100% from each sale back to the artist.

IndyReview.net artists@indyreview.net http://www.indyreview.net

Our job is to attract visitors to the great variety of music online here!

Insomnia Radio: Resonate.TV PO Box 132, Ripley, OH 45167 info@indiemusicproject.com

Jason Evangelho video@resonate.tv http://www.resonate.tv

A music video show highlighting independent artists from around the world.


221 W. 17th St. 5th Fl. New York, NY 10011

PH: 212-777-8056 FX: 212-777-8059

Patrick patrick@insound.com http://www.insound.com

Bringing the best underground culture to the surface.


3140 Dyer St. #1500, Dallas, TX 75275

PH: 877-757-6863 FX: 214-965-9007 labels@isound.com http://www.isound.com

Free place for bands to upload their music and gain exposure to our music community of over 1,000,000 visitors per month!

ItsFun.com info@itsfun.com http://www.ItsFun.com

Fans and professionals alike can access, not only cutting edge music from up and coming artists, but also bios, pictures, performance schedules and promotional materials.


105 Forrest Ave. #26, Los Gatos, CA 95032

PH: 408-340-1993 FX: 408-868-9803

Scott Manthey jabbertones@gmail.com http://www.jabbertones.com

Port your music in the form of ringtones to over 179 million US cellular customers! Paid revenue share per download.



Selling and marketing ringtones to mobile customers around the world. Songs must be delivered through

The Orchard's distribution service www.theorchard.com.

JamVault info@jamvault.com http://www.jamvault.com

Indie music downloads, schedules and more!



Provides a medium for artists and creative minds to network with others who share similar interests.


311 Montford Ave. Asheville, NC 28801

PH: 828-232-0016

Will Cumberland cumberland@jukeboxalive.com http://jukeboxalive.com

Our Advanced Jukebox Player protects your music from being digitally downloaded, yet allows fans to hear your music online. This creates exciting possibilities for you to present yourself to new audiences without being ripped off.

JustEnough TV

PH: 831-624-9100 FX: 831-624-7878 info@justenough.net http://justenoughtv.com

Your source for the latest news, independent videos and music instruction. We are a Microsoft partner and are able to offer indie bands FREE exposure to 7.1 million viewers through our exclusive Indie

Channel on MSN Video.


Khoi Le support@kvibe.com http://www.kvibe.com

We offer artists/music seekers another means to find “ORIGINAL” quality music production for their demos or other purposes.

Latest Music Videos

PH: 0802-547-2535

Roy roy@latestmusicvideos.com http://www.latestmusicvideos.com

Showcase for many artists and bands of the future.

ListenUp247.com info@ListenUp247.com http://www.listenup247.com

Featuring not only cutting edge music from up and coming artists, but also bios, pictures, performance schedules and promotional materials.



A digital community that allows you to manage your entire digital lifestyle.

LocalTracks info@localtracks.com http://www.localtracks.com

You keep complete control of your digital content and set the price for each song.

The Ls.media Project


An independent digital release portal. Our innovative project provides you to sell your releases in digital form without ANY file size or file type limitations.


3131 RDU Ctr. #210, Morrisville, NC 27560

PH: 919-459-5858 support@lulu.com http://www.lulu.com

Upload your music, set your royalty, customize & promote your Lulu storefront.


2070 Allston Way #102, Berkeley, CA 94704

PH: 510-684-4175 FX: 510-217-6374 http://magnatune.com

MP3 music and music licensing. Artists get a full 50% of the purchase price. We can also sell your CD

for you.

ManiaTV Submissions@ManiaTV.com http://www.maniatv.com

Expose your band to a worldwide audience via live internet television.

Media Kinesis.com


Get your own pro website, stream MP3 and WMV (video), events calendar, radio station and more.


6100 Hollywood Blvd. #305, Hollywood, FL 33024

PH: 954-889-5651 support@MediaPal.com http://www.mediapal.com

Makes selling any type of digital content fast, safe and easy.

Mixposure management@mixposure.com http://www.mixposure.com

Music promotion, downloads, band exposure and music forum. Rate and review.

The Mod Archive mods@modarchive.com http://www.modarchive.com

Songs on this site are provided for free download by the artists.



Provides musicians with an online presence designed to bring fans and bands together.

MP3 charts.com


Offers bands the highest possible visibility.

Mp3Allies donc@mp3allies.com http://www.mp3allies.com

The source for the best independent musicians on the internet!


9333 Genesee Ave. #100, San Diego, CA 92121 http://www.MP3tunes.com

We use music from CD Baby's digital distribution program. High rev-share to artists, with artists keeping almost $6 of every CD sold and almost $.60 for each song.

MP3Unsigned.com admin@mp3unsigned.com http://www.mp3unsigned.com

The best MP3s from new and unsigned artists.


3100 Dundee Rd. #708, Northbrook, IL 60062

PH: 408-850-9658 info@digitalsilo.com http://www.mpegnation.com

Our mission is to stream your video content and make it universally accessible and useful.



You get your music on Mperia by signing up for a free artist account and uploading your songs. It's as simple as that.

MSN Music


Songs must be delivered through a Digital Music Distributor such as www.cdbaby.com or www.theorchard.com.


542 W. University Pkwy. Baltimore, MD 21210 http://www.mssvision.com

Webcasts your indie music video.

Music Forte

11363 S. Churchill, Plainfield, IL 60585

PH: 888-659-2867

Greg Percifield support@musicforte.com http://www.musicforte.com

Musicians - we're ready to start promoting your band and music and it won't cost you a cent!

Music Gorilla

12407 Mopac Expressway N. 100-312, Austin, TX 78758

PH: 512-918-8978 FX: 212-258-6394

Alexia info@musicgorilla.com http://www.musicgorilla.com

Exposure to major labels, indie labels, film studios and publishers.

Music Itch

222 N. Columbus Dr. #1907, Chicago, IL 60601

Will Barroso will@musicitch.com http://www.musicitch.com

Exposes music aficionados to the ever-growing music catalog within the independent market. Our motto is, "If you have an itch for music, we'll scratch it!"

The Music Oven Network PH: 512-334-6270 editor@musicoven.com http://www.musicoven.com

Provides free promotional services to independent artists. Submit your music ONLINE using our form.

Music Scene Online admin@musicsceneonline.com http://www.musicsceneonline.com

Dedicated to the promotion and distribution music from emerging artists.

The Music Tap postmaster@themusictap.com http://www.themusictap.com

Dedicated to helping musicians spread the word about their music.

Music Torch

PO Box 472, New Hampton, NY 10958

PH: 917-232-4624 http://www.musictorch.com

A digital music store for artists who are looking for a place to sell their music.



The do it yourself e-commerce solution that enables artists and labels to sell digital downloads from their own website.

MUSICFREEDOM.com info@musicfreedom.com http://www.musicfreedom.com

No monthly fee. We only make money when you do!


926 Incline Way, Incline Village, NV 89451 support@musicgiants.com http://musicgiants.com

Combines a music player, a music store and your music collection.


605 E. Huntington Dr., #201, Monrovia, CA 91016

PH: 626-359-9702 FX: 626-359-9827 http://www.musicip.com

Somewhere in the world, there is an audience that is looking for your unique sound. We can get you explosive exposure by linking you directly to fans who will love and buy your music.

MusicNet AOL


Songs must be delivered through a Digital Music Distributor such as www.cdbaby.com or www.theorchard.com.


Falmouth, ME 04021

PH: 207-878-1722 FX: 207- 878-1723 info@musictoyz.com http://www.musicnoyz.com

Offers full service music hosting to artists who want to share their artistic vision online.


35 Village Walk, Covington, GA 30016

PH: 404-202-6344 FX: 770-786-2305 artistsupport@musicspawn.com http://www.musicspawn.com

Downloads from new and upcoming artists.


3435 Ocean Park Blvd. #106, Los Angeles, CA 90405

PH: 310-593-4873

Tim Scanlin info@mvspy.com http://www.mvspy.com

A video on demand channel offering guaranteed exposure on television. $500.00 per video.


234 9th Ave. N., Seattle, WA 98109

Chris King info@myjonesmusic.com http://www.myjonesmusic.com

Jones Soda Co. has created this free for all indie music site.



Content for myMPO's main database must be delivered through a Digital Music Distributor wwwtheorchard.com.


258 Neiger Hollow Rd. Barton, NY 13734

PH: 607-687-2381

Jay Hammond jhammond@myoriginalmusic.com http://www.myoriginalmusic.com

Music server and promotion for independent artists, bands and songwriters.



Allows any musician to sell their downloads from any of their web pages - MySpace.com, PureVolume.com, HostBaby.com etc.



Allows bands to easily create and distribute mobile phone ringtones to their fans.

mZeus.com admin@mzeus.com http://mzeus.com

Register now & upload your tracks, videos, & pictures all for free!

Napster artistrelations@napster.com http://www.napster.com

Contact us to get your music featured.

Nareos PeerReach

8350 Wilshire Blvd. #200, Beverly Hills 90211

PH: 323-556-0666 FX: 323-556-0601 info@nareos.com http://www.nareos.com

Enables legal music downloads on P2P networks. Songs must be delivered through www.cdbaby.com


PH: 604-261-5026

Jan Cooper cooperjan@telus.net http://www.nextposure.com

Online video network. We are seeking bands with good videos who want worldwide exposure.

NextRadio Solutions


Streaming music to hundreds of thousands of users. Songs must be delivered through a Digital Music

Distributor wwwtheorchard.com.

NewBandTV info@newbandtv.com http://www.newbandtv.com

Featuring videos of the hottest new bands on the planet!


PO Box 2877, Palm Beach, FL 33480

PH: 561-775-4561 FX: 561-775-4562 http://www.newhotmusic.com

Take advantage of our promotional network.

Number One Music

259 W. 30th St. #12FR, New York, NY 10001 reclabels@numberonemusic.com


Creating a buzz for EVERY artist registered with us and turning 'potential' fans into committed fans.

OMD Online Music Directory

1167 White Pine Dr. Wellington, FL 33414

PH: 561-422-7198 FX: 561-422-7198

John Horner Admin@UnSignedOMD.com www.UnSignedOMD.com

Where independent artists are the stars! Easy to use charts, stores, photos and video.

OneSource e-CD Distribution System Perry Leopold onesource@pan.com http://onesource.pan.com

Sell from your own website and get paid 100% of the sale.



Providing you with quality music from independent artists, without the usual record industry hype.

OtherWorld Distractions

PO Box 27421, Los Angeles, CA 90027 nonews@otherw.com http://www.otherw.com

An alternative to iTunes and Napster. Many of the artists here are ones you won’t find anywhere else.



Innovative p2pREVOLUTION™ platform and massive song catalog to build your own custom download store.


4130 Heyward St., Cincinnati, OH 45205

PH: 718-213-4176 http://www.passthemic.com

Community for independent Hip Hop artists, by choice!


295 Park Ave. S. #6B, New York, NY 10010 http://payloadz.com

It works seamlessly with your PayPal account, enabling you to offer digital music from your website or online auctions.


PH: 212-202-0220

Elliot Goykhman elliot@payplay.com http://www.payplay.fm

Online indie music download store. Visit our site to learn how to submit your music.

phonector USA

41 Hausman St., Brooklyn, NY 11222

PH: 347-495-7878 info@phonector.com http://www.phonector.com

We can help you sell your music via download distribution and burned audio CD distribution.


Kevin J. Farrell staytuned@playgroundz.net http://www.playgroundz.net

Independent music & video hosting, artist pages, charts, reviews, rankings and more.


PH: 949 679-9361

Tom postyourmusic@postyourmusic.com http://postyourmusic.com

Working musicians (for hire) search engine. Upload your MP3s & videos. Download ringtones.


PO Box 101, Porter, TX 77365

PH: 281-354-7677 FX: 281-354-7677 info@primetones.com http://www.primetones.com

Present your music as MP3 tracks and ringtones.

Prize Talent


Offers you the opportunity to get exposure to agents, producers and industry media.

promosquad info@promosquad.com http://home.promosquad.com

Our website is separated into five main areas: The Promosquad Jukebox (rate new music), Polls/Interactive, Get Famous, The Prize Store and the message boards.

Promotion West

484 Washington St. #106, Monterey, CA 93940

PH: 831 373-6627 http://www.promotionwest.com

MP3 music download site for unsigned artists.

Publik Music

PO Box 4076, Portland, ME 04101

PH: 207-772-6102 FX: 207-772-6106 info@publikmusic.com http://www.publikmusic.com

Showcase artists in an intimate, interactive setting while cost-effectively reaching and growing their audiences.


119 Braintree St. #603, Boston, MA 02134 labels@purevolume.com http://www.purevolume.com

The place for rising artists to promote their music and shows.

QTRnote.com PH: 901-487-0754 peter@qtrnote.com http://www.qtrnote.com

Can work with accomplished composers.

Radio Radio

553 E. Main St., Jackson, TN 38301

PH: 615-986-9271 FX: 866-294-7843

RT Curtis webmaster@radioradio.us http://www.radioradio.us

Create your own store to start selling music. All music that you upload will be played on our radio station.


32 Mill St., Mount Holly, NJ 08060

PH: 609-733-1046 info@radiotakeover.com http://www.radiotakeover.com Promotional services for indie artists.



Developed for musicians who want to know what others think of their music.

Rate Our Band thecrew@digitalwhammy.com http://www.rateourband.com

Get the general public's opinion of your band's music.



An opportunity to be heard, discovered and reviewed by the public and industry players.


6725 Sunset Blvd. #420 Los Angeles, CA 90028

PH: 310-593-4172

Paula Moore management@readytobreak.com http://www.ReadyToBreak.com

Comprehensive talent portal where emerging artists upload samples of work for signing consideration.


2052 Corte Del Nogal, Carlsbad, CA 92009

PH: 973-657-1558 FX: 760-931-8026 http://www.digitalon-demand.com

Our content is drawn from the All Media Guide.

ResearchMusic michael@researchmusic.com http://www.researchmusic.com

We can publish your song or broker your master recording to a record label. Upload MP3 files for review by our A&R team.



Songs must be delivered through a Digital Music Distributor such as www.cdbaby.com or www.theorchard.com.


PO Box 1964, Salt Lake City, UT 84110-1964

PH: 801-487-7302

Lisa info@rippyfest.com http://rippyfest.com

Bands compete for visitor's votes in hopes of being named RiPPYFeST's best.


PO Box 1811, East Lansing, MI 48826

PH: 800-758-9267

K. Michael Babcock mail@road-noise.net http://www.road-noise.net

Enables independent artists to bring their music to the world and music fans to bring the world of music to their fingertips.

Ruckus Network


A subscription download service designed exclusively for colleges and universities. Songs must be delivered through a Digital Music Distributor such as www.cdbaby.com or www.theorchard.com.


PH: 516-967-2795

Ed Bernstein ed@sharenewyork.com http://sharenewyork.com

Weed storage $1/MB/year. 60 days free. Hear fans tell you what they like about your music.

SignHere Online contact@signhereonline.net http://www.signhereonline.net

Visitors listen to the available selections and provide feedback via electronic survey. These results are made available to interested record labels.

SizzleFizzle.com editor@sizzlefizzle.com http://www.sizzlefizzle.com/home_music.asp

Features contests where visitors vote on their favorite song and videos in each genre.


128 Spear St. 2nd Fl. San Francisco, CA 94105 feedback@snocap.com


Content registry and clearinghouse that enables record labels, publishers and individual artists to sell their entire catalogs through peer-to-peer networks and online retailers.


7770 Jacksboro Hwy. Fort Worth, TX 76135

PH: 817-238-6693 admin@songcast.net http://www.songcast.net

Upload your audio and video tracks. You live by exposure and the more you get, the better you will do in this business.


J. Atkinson songcritic@comcast.net http://www.SongCritic.com

A site where fans can download and listen to your song(s) and then post "reviews" of your tune.

Songfight.org fightmaster@songfight.org http://www.songfight.org

We post a title, people make songs for that title and compete.

SongPlanet.com feedback@songplanet.com http://www.songplanet.com

We offer free artist pages, forums and live chat.


PO Box 948, Columbus, GA 31902

PH: 770-754-4543 writerinfo@songscope.com http://SongScope.com

Enables writers to build an online catalog of their songs to pitch to record labels, publishing companies and producers.

Sony Connect


Songs must be delivered through a Digital Music Distributor such as www.cdbaby.com or www.theorchard.com.

SoundClick support@soundclick.com http://www.soundclick.com

You can sell single songs as MP3 downloads or multiple songs as MP3 albums.


PH: 714-777-2361

Greg Yancy daddysylem@soundmetro.com http://www.soundmetro.com

A place for artists to get their faces seen and their music heard. Includes free web space, MP3 uploads and more!

SoundSauce general@soundsauce.net http://www.soundsauce.net

Write music? Play or Sing in a band? Join now and upload your MP3s for free!

Starbucks Music Download Service


Songs must be delivered through a Digital Music Distributor wwwtheorchard.com.


4347 Raytheon Rd. Oxnard, CA 93033

PH: 805-271-2759 submissions@stimtv.com http://www.stimtvmusic.com

Hosts an endless stream of music video clips. Submit your band's videos.

Sunset Online Store customerservice@sunsetonlinestore.com http://www.SunsetOnlineStore.com

Get your content in the DiscLogic download portal.


PO Box 50911, Los Angeles, CA 90050

PH: 323-254-1934 customersupport@swaythisway.com http://www.SwayThisWay.com

We've taken the best internet technological breakthroughs and combined these to present our audience with a tool to listen, enjoy and purchase music.



An online music discovery system. Our goal is to promote artists and provide a new venue for listeners to hear your music.

Tap It

207 N. El Camino Real #172, San Clemente, CA 92672

PH: 949-369-5333 FX: 949-369-5333

Joey Jimenez talent@tapitfame.com http://www.tapitfame.com

A digital distribution and discovery engine for independent talent. Built for artists by artists.



Upload, listen, share your songs. Create your personal online store and earn money for your music.

Tower Records Digital Downloads


Songs must be delivered through a Digital Music Distributor www.cdbaby.com.


3422 Old Capitol Trail #717, Wilmington, DE 19808-6192

PH: 484-685-4535 FX: 480-275-3582 usa@tradebit.com http://www.tradebit.com

Sell music, photos and ebooks using your own PayPal account or just host with us!


PO Box 1304, Teaneck, NJ 07666-1304 support@trakheadz.com


When you upload a song it is distributed to the accounts of our DJs members. When a DJ logs into his/her account, your song will be waiting there for him/her to review.

TVU Music Television

PO Box 1887, Westerville, OH 43086

PH: 614-890-9977 http://www.tvulive.com

The music video channel that actually plays music videos!

Ultimate Band List

10900 Wilshire Blvd. #1400, Los Angeles CA 90024 info@ubl.com


The ultimate online destination for independent bands, their fans and the music lovers who want to discover them.

Unsigned Band Network

158 Wigwam Trail, Livingston, TX 77351-3551

PH: 936-465-7487

James Stetler unsignedbandnetwork@gmail.com http://www.unsignedbandnetwork.com

Allows free uploading of music merchandise and ringtones. You can make your own ringtone or we can create one for you.

Unsigned Talents

PH: 818-785-2611 FX: 818-785-2611 contact@unsignedtalents.com http://www.unsignedtalents.com

Sign up to give talent agents a chance to discover you.

Upto11.net feedback@upto11.net http://www.upto11.net

Music lovers visit our site, type a band name into the search box, press "Get Recommendations" and we provide them with a list of recommended bands that they might like.

Verizon Wireless V CAST


Music catalog available for download on mobile phones. Songs must be delivered through a CD Baby's

Digital Music Service www.cdbaby.com

Virgin Megastore Digital Downloads


Songs must be delivered through a Digital Music Distributor such as www.cdbaby.com or www.theorchard.com.



The fastest, easiest way to upload, watch and share your favorite video clips.

Wal-Mart Music Downloads


Artists must go through a distributor to get their music online wwwtheorchard.com.

Weed content@weedshare.com http://www.weedshare.com Pays you to share music files.

WorldPhonic info@worldphonic.com http://www.worldphonic.com

An internet music distributor providing you an easy way to distribute and profit from your music.


4232 Balboa Ave. #9, San Diego, CA 92117

FX: 561- 431-0664 contact@xrateit.com http://XrateIt.com

Upload your music for FREE! What's the catch? The music is rated which means, if it's BUNK, it's gone! If it's TIGHT it stays!

YOUMAKEMUSIC.COM mail@youmakemusic.com http://www.youmakemusic.com

Features a download shop (digital distribution) and an 'old fashioned' web shop (physical distribution).



Broadcast yourself. Watch and share your videos worldwide!

ZeBox no_spam@zebox.com http://www.zebox.com

A great efficient music engine for indie artists.


Apple iTunes Canada


Songs must be delivered through a Digital Music Distributor such as www.cdbaby.com or www.theorchard.com.


5074 de Lanaudiere, Montreal, QC H2J 3R1 info@bluetracks.ca


We offer visitors an independent music catalogue that is varied, innovative and in constant evolution.


Ste. B - 2306 Bedford Pl. Abbotsford, BC V2T 4A5

Jayson Lockyer jayson@mp3room.com http://www.mp3room.com

Created to promote and showcase the music of independent bands.


Can: PO Box 1692, Grand Forks, BC V0H1H0

US: PO Box 244, Danville, WA 99121

PH: 250-442-0304 http://musicianmp3.com

MP3 hosting for independent musicians.

NoWhere Radio

Box 42065 Southland Crossing PO, Calgary, AB T2J 7A6 artists@nowhereradio.com


Here to help promote independent musicians around the world.



Songs must be delivered through a Digital Music Distributor such as www.cdbaby.com or www.theorchard.com.


1161 Country Rd. #2 E., Brockville, ON K6V 5T1 info@Tzome.com


Features an online database of searchable music. Staffed by some incredibly talented indie artists.

The Weed Files

3256 D'Amours, Sainte-Foy, QC G1X1M7

PH: 418-657-5039

Christopher Stewart contact@weed-files.com http://www.weed-files.com

A DIY music store intended for artists who want to distribute their music in the Weed format.


283 Danforth Ave. #358, Toronto, ON M4K 1N2

Dave Ullrich dave@zunior.com http://www.zunior.com

Artists pay only a 15% administrative fee to use zunior.com. The majority of this goes towards the merchant account, hosting and bandwidth fees.

S o u t h A m e r i c a


c/ 36 Nª 828, Mercedes, Buenos Aires, Argentina

PH: 02324427265

Hernan Botta hernanbotta@yahoo.com http://www.opson-web.com.ar

A site based in Argentina where you can upload your music and video files for free!

Search MP3

Av. Das America, 700 Bloco 03 Sala 112, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 22640-100

PH: 55-21-2132-7757 http://www.searchmpthree.com

Register to create your own homepage containing your songs.

E u r o p e



Hollandstrasse 8/4, A - 1020 Wien, Austria

PH: 0043-1-218-34-76-26 FX: 0043-1-218-63-00-63

Marc Muncke shop@trackseller.com http://www.trackseller.com

Manages paid music downloads for musicians of any kind and all around the world directly off their website.


Technopop Music

Giuseppe Verdi 23, 51410 Opatija, Croatia

PH: +385-98-713-330

Dario Dzimbeg (kod Cicin-Sain) info@technopopmusic.com http://www.technopopmusic.com

A small independent label for FREE Technopop music placed throughout Europe and beyond.

Czech Republic

Poslouchej.net redakce@poslouchej.net http://www.poslouchej.net

Czech music website (all genres) with online radios and MP3 downloads. 5000+ daily visitors.


Mikseri http://www.mikseri.net Downloads covering all genres.


Apple iTunes France


Songs must be delivered through a Digital Music Distributor such as www.cdbaby.com or www.theorchard.com.

Music75 cougniot@music75.com http://www.music75.com

An online site designed to help you create, profile and promote original songs.


Apple iTunes Germany


Songs must be delivered through a Digital Music Distributor such as www.cdbaby.com or www.theorchard.com.


Hochstadenstr. 15, 50674 Koln, Germany PH: 49-221-53097-51 FX: 49-221-53097-70 http://www.besonic.com

Music anytime, anywhere, tailored to the individual likes of users.

MP3.de http://www.mp3.de Germany's largest MP3 site.



Free service. Upload your pics and MP3s to our database.

phonector Europe

Gleimstr.60, D-10437 Berlin, Germany PH: +49 (0)30-44032480 info@phonector.com http://www.phonector.com

We can help you sell your music via download distribution and burned audio CD distribution.

Open Music Source

Ickstattstr. 1, 80469 München, Germany

PH: 49-89-255-519-110 FX: 49-89-255-519-258 info@openmusicsource.net http://www.openmusicsource.net

Database system which stores music and videos from bands around the globe.



MP3 kostenlos downloaden, Charts, news, software für musik & MP3, uvm. bei POOLTRAX.

Songs Wanted

Willhelm-Dull-Str. 9, 80638, Munich, Germany PH: 089-157-32-50 FX: 089-157-50-36 ellie@songswanted.com


Helping artists get recognition.



A music community open for musicians and music lovers from all over the world sharing their music and videos.



Internet television. Music coverage.


Reinekestr 26 A, 81545 Munich, Germany

PH: 0049-89-452-477-00

Michael Folkmer michael@folkmer.de http://www.weedis.com

A progressive platform enabling super distribution for music and video.


MP3.it http://www.mp3.it Italy’s largest MP3 site.


Music is Here! info@musicishere.com http://www.musicishere.com

Songs must be delivered through a Digital Music Distributor such as www.cdbaby.com

The Netherlands


Weteringschans 6-8, 1017 SG Amsterdam, The Netherlands

PH: +31 (0)20-796-00-73 FX: +31 (0)20-796-00-76

info@fabchannel.com http://www.fabchannel.com

A wide variety of live music in sound and vision. From upcoming acts to big stars.

Legal Download

Postbus 240, 3500 AE Utrecht, The Netherlands info@legaldownload.net


De demo’s worden eerst geselecteerd door bekende artiesten die hun sporen reeds in de muziekwereld hebben verdiend.



Large database with information about tracks, albums and artists.



Strandgaten 90, 5011 Bergen, Norway

PH: +4797149153 FX: +4755311197

Sigmund Elias Holm beaudible@beaudible.com http://www.beaudible.com

A premier provider of digital music distribution systems using the Weed platform, developed by Shared

Media Licensing.


MP3.pl http://www.mp3.pl Poland's largest MP3 site.


MP3.ru http://www.mp3.ru Russia's largest MP3 site.

RealMusic info@realmusic.ru http://realmusic.ru

Covers all genres of music.



Pl. Julio Gonzalez 8, bajos, Barcelona 08005, Spain

PH: +34-932240117 FX: +34-932240118 contacto@musicdld.com http://www.musicdld.com

A promotion & digital distribution music portal.



Lars Jämtelid lars.jamtelid@digfi.com http://www.digfi.com

Publicize your music on the site for free. Download our online application form.


Box 1336, SE-621 24 Visby, Sweden info@klicktrack.com


Provides ready-made, fully operational music download stores.

MP3Lizard.com http://mp3lizard.com Promote your band for free!


PH: +46-771-545-545 support@musicbrigade.com


For a small fee we will take your video, digitize it to our high quality specifications and put it on our site.


Halsingegatan 9, Stockholm, Sweden

PH: 001-46-8-660-9910

Martha martha@powerfx.com http://www.soundation.com

Sell your music directly from your website and MySpace pages (we don't take a percentage). Don't wait to be signed to a label - be your own e-label!



Manessestrasse 120, CH-8045 Zurich, Switzerland Marc Hedinger marc@beatmaka.com http://www.beatmaka.com

Our review panel checks each incoming track and assures that only the best ones get online.

EuropaMp3.org helpmusiciens@europamp3.org http://www.europamp3.org

Boosts the launch of new labels and musicians by remunerating its subscribers for the essential work that they carry out for the distribution of your music!

United Kingdom

Apple iTunes UK


Songs must be delivered through a Digital Music Distributor such as www.cdbaby.com or www.theorchard.com.



Secure sales of MP3s, CDs and merchandise for bands and artists.


Studio Nyne, 75 Church St., Bonsall, Derbyshire DE4 2AE UK

support@audigist.com http://www.audigist.com

Take your music to a wider audience.

Beathut labels@beathut.com http://www.beathut.com

We focus on independent music from independent labels.


Unit 8, 2nd Fl. East Wing, Oslo House, Felstead St., London, E9 5LG UK FX: 0044 (0) 2089867712

Frank Danieli info@beatpick.com http://www.beatpick.com

FairPlay music label and music licensing (download music and license pre-cleared indie music).


Gate House, Iron Row, Burley in Wharfdale, Ilkley, LS29 7DB UK PH: 44-0-1943-865111 FX: 44-0-1943-865222



If you get a deal through our site, you'll get 100% of the royalties.


c/o Loop Studios, Space 28, North Lotts, Dublin 1, Ireland

PH: 00353-87-785-8572 http://www.cpu.ie

Dedicated to unsigned bands around the globe. Has Ireland's first download MP3 chart. Hundreds of artists have made their music available free of charge.


Albany Boathouse, Lower Ham Rd. Kingston-upon-Thames, KT2 5BB UK PH: 020-85471543 FX: 020-85471544

info@cube-music.com http://www.cube-music.com

Christine www.facebook.com/no1christinedjerf

Daddy Fresh Music

Metways, 55 Canning St., Brighton, BN2 0EF UK downloads@daddyfreshmusic.com http://www.daddyfreshmusic.com

We specialise in music publishing and A&R. We are a digital label and download store.

Downtune downtune@iesys.net http://music.downtune.com

Sell your music directly to your fans.



Our "Copyleft" section features music from unsigned artists, including music which can be downloaded for free.

Eat This Music!

PO Box 8479, Prestwick, Ayrshire, Scotland KA9 2YR FX: 01292-677918

admin@eatthismusic.com http://www.eatthismusic.com

Unsigned bands can get their info out to venues, management companies, promoters etc.

eircom.net Music Club


Irish download site. Songs must be delivered through a Digital Music Distributor such as www.theorchard.com.

IntoMusic support@intomusic.co.uk http://www.intomusic.co.uk

Download music featuring independent musicians.

iowntheMUSIC info@iownthemusic.com http://www.iownthemusic.com Listen and be heard ...for free!

Launch Music on Yahoo UK


Songs must be delivered through a Digital Music Distributor wwwtheorchard.com.


Post House, Fitzalan Rd. Arundel, W. Sussex, BN18 9JY UK PH: 01273-424413

opps@letstalkmusic.com http://www.letstalkmusic.com

Upload your music for review, enter the showcase CD and more.

Mean Fiddler Music


Songs must be delivered through a Digital Music Distributor wwwtheorchard.com.

Christine www.facebook.com/no1christinedjerf

MetroTunes Music Store


Songs must be delivered through a Digital Music Distributor wwwtheorchard.com.

Monkeys Who Dream artist@monkeyswhodream.com http://www.MonkeysWhoDream.com

A collective of independent artists that believe art has a place and purpose beyond entertainment.

MP3Songs http://www.mp3songs.org.uk Help for unsigned artists.



Songs must be delivered through a Digital Music Distributor wwwtheorchard.com.



Songs must be delivered through a Digital Music Distributor wwwtheorchard.com.

Napster.co.uk artistrelations@napster.com http://www.napster.co.uk

Offers tracks by hundreds of independent and unsigned artists.

News of the Noise

PO Box 78, Swanley, BR8 9AA UK colum1@newsofthenoise.com http://www.newsofthenoise.com

You can send .mp3 or .wma files electronically or drop a CD in the post.


Pól pm@oIKz.com http://www.oikz.com

Gives bands and songwriters the opportunity to easily sell their music.

Orange Music


Songs must be delivered through a Digital Music Distributor wwwtheorchard.com.

Packard Bell Music Station


Songs must be delivered through a Digital Music Distributor wwwtheorchard.com.


20 Orange St., London, WC2H 7NN UK

PH: 44-0-207-766-4000 FX: 44-0-207-766-4001 http://www.peoplesound.com

Get your music heard. by millions of visitors.

poptones.co.uk brandnewyrretro@aol.com http://www.poptones.co.uk

New label with streaming webcast.

Project Overseer Productions


DJs & members play your music and add real time comments.


PH: 07957474268

Chris Ogunsalu Chris.Ogunsalu@t-mobile.co.uk http://www.putitonline.com

Distribution service geared towards helping unsigned artists sell their music and digital content worldwide.


Studio 6, 105 Boundary St., Liverpool, L5 9YJ UK PH: +44 (0)151-482-5557

info@safesell.com http://www.safesell.com

Lets musicians sell secure music downloads directly from their own websites. No setup fees, 70/30 split.

Shiny New Music

Florence shinynewmusic@hotmail.co.uk http://www.florencep.co.uk

Free interactive music website where visitors can listen to & discuss the hottest unsigned bands. Submit your demo!

The Song Site

PO Box 22949, London, N10 3ZH UK PH: 44-020-8444-0987

simon@thesongsite.com http://www.thesongsite.com

Something for everyone, be you artist or label.

Songstuff UK


Post your songs for review, review other's songs, discuss technical, creative and music business issues, chat in our forum.

SONY Connect Europe


Songs must be delivered through a Digital Music Distributor such as www.cdbaby.com or www.theorchard.com.



Open for musicians and music lovers from all over the world sharing their music and videos.


25 Barnes Wallis Rd. Segensworth East, Fareham, PO15 5TT UK PH: +44 (0)1489 889821 FX: +44 (0)1489 889887 info@stayaround.com


We offer the hottest, freshest and most upfront music around and let you decide how to listen.

Tesco.com Downloads Store


Songs must be delivered through a Digital Music Distributor wwwtheorchard.com.

Tiscali Music


Songs must be delivered through a Digital Music Distributor wwwtheorchard.com.


50-52 Paul St., London, EC2A 4LB UK PH: 020-7613-8200 unsigned@tunetribe.com http://www.tunetribe.com

Send your CD and we will prepare it for inclusion on the site for free! You set the price per download.



A center for film and music making. From casting, networking and crewing to broadcasting and distribution.

A u s t r a l i a

Apple iTunes Australia


Songs must be delivered through a Digital Music Distributor such as www.cdbaby.com or www.theorchard.com.

Asylum TV

Peter Deske pd54@optusnet.com.au http://www.asylumtv.com

TV program focusing on independent artists. Overseas submissions welcome.

Boost Digital

36 Emmett St., Crows Nest, NSW 2065 Australia

PH: +61-2 9959-4405 FX: +61-2-9460-0044

Ian MacRae newmusic@boostdigital.com http://www.boostdigital.com

The search is on worldwide for video makers who are keen for their music to be not only heard but seen.


5 Harper St., Abbotsford, VIC 3067 Australia

PH: +61-3-9412-3596 info@chaosmusic.com http://www.chaosmusic.com

Indie artists WANTED!!! Sell your CDs/sound files.


PO Box 2495, Fitzroy Business Ctr. Melbourne, VIC 3065 Australia Kristo Beyrouthy administration@echoonz.net http://www.echoonz.net

We accept tracks from any style of music.

HMV Australia


Songs must be delivered through a Digital Music Distributor wwwtheorchard.com.

Public Revolution

PO Box 3282, Helensvale Town Ctr. QLD 4212 Australia

PH: +61-7-5529-9331 info@publicrevolution.com http://www.publicrevolution.com

You now have a chance to showcase your music to the world!



Songs must be delivered through a Digital Music Distributor wwwtheorchard.com.



A digital music service provider and the only provider with a regional focus on the Asia-Pacific markets.

A s i a

Gone Fishing for Blue Skies

2-2-4-503, Azuma, Kashiwa, Chiba, 277-0014, Japan

PH: 81-80-3278-2862

Big Foot bigfoot@gonefishingforblueskies.com http://www.gonefishingforblueskies.com

On demand music streaming, introducing independent music from around the globe.



Japanese social networking service.



Specializes in indie/mainstream music.

Orientaltunes.com admin@orientaltunes.com http://www.orientaltunes.com

Follows the modern trends in Oriental music.


2 Int. Bus. Pk. #05-10, Tower 1, The Strategy, Singapore 609930

FX: 65-6329-8520 admin@planetmg.com http://www.planetmg.com

Downloadable music from mainstream & indie artists.

Christine 983 www.facebook.com/no1christinedjerf

recommuni.jp info@recommuni.jp http://recommuni.jp

Japanese social networking service with over 10,000 members.

Sweet Basil


Japanese site featuring overseas indie music.

MP3 Blogs

MP3 blogs vary in what they have to offer artists. Some do in-depth reviews of CDs and will post a few MP3s of your songs, while others simply post the songs with a few words about the band. Your songs are visible to visitors for up to 30 days. After that, visitors of the blog would have to search the archives to find your posts. Some blogs also post videos. Many also feature podcasts of music they like.

Most MP3 blogs feature what is called “podsafe music”. To find out what podsafe music is, read the article in SECTION SEVEN of this book called “What is Podsafe Music?”

United States


PO Box 3778, Huntington Beach, CA 92605 suggestionbox@3hive.com


Promoting MP3s in hope that people will hear enough to buy the album, attend the live show, wear the t-shirt ...


4waystop@gmail.com http://www.4waystop.com

Helps new bands get exposure and exposes our listeners to new music.

A Plague of Angels Molotov mikarr785@aol.com http://plagueofangels.blogspot.com Music mandated by activist judges.

Advance Copy kmhopkin@juno.com http://advancecopy.blogspot.com

This is what you want, this is what you get.

Adzuki Bean Stash

Cchang cchang@math.utexas.edu http://adzukipod.blogspot.com

If you discover a musician/band on here that happens to take your fancy, please read up on them.

Aeki Tuesday

Jenny Francois aekituesday@gmail.com http://www.aekituesday.com

Devoted to publishing music news, reviews, interviews with a small dosage of pop culture.

An Idiot's Guide to Dreaming farmerglitch@gmail.com http://loki23.blogspot.com

The blogging equivalent of an acid tattoo scare.

Arjan Writes arjanwrites@gmail.com http://www.arjanwrites.com

Original interviews, music reviews and exclusive reports from behind the scenes.

Ashcan Rantings

Charles & Leah email.ashcan@gmail.com http://ashcanrantings.blogspot.com

A blog about music and the arts.


3 Ashford Ct. #1, Boston, MA 02134-2204

Paul Irish aurgasm@mac.com http://aurgasm.us

An eclectic menagerie of aural pleasures. I scout out music you've never heard and deliver only the finest.

Banana Nutrament nutramentmike@gmail.com http://banananutrament.blogspot.com

Investigating new and old artists and music. We like to support artists making a living with their music.

Beat the Indie Drum btidmatt@gmail.com http://www.beattheindiedrum.com News and music reviews.

Between Thought and Expression DJMonsterMo BTandE@gmail.com http://djmonstermo.blogspot.com

An eclectic guide to life's musical journey. Features Indie Rock and Electronic MP3s, mash-ups and entertainment.


PO Box 5062. Portland, ME 04101

Travis promo@bigstereo.net http://this.bigstereo.net

We try to work with artists and labels to provide content for our readers. Have a record we should hear?

The Big Ticket



News, opinions and MP3 reviews.

Bows + Arrows

555 Guava Ln. #9G, Davis, CA 95616

Brian Lum brian@bowsplusarrows.com http://bowsplusarrows.com

I listen to absolutely everything I'm sent.

The Camera as Pen mikejonze@gmail.com http://thecameraaspen.blogspot.com Profiling exciting music, new and old.

Can You See the Sunset From the Southside? Eric canyouseethesunset@gmail.com http://cystsfts.blogspot.com

Daily MP3s and occasional podcasts. A little left of the mainstream and that's the way I like it.

Catbirdseat catbirdseat.org@gmail.com http://www.catbirdseat.org

MP3 blog with news and reviews.

Clever Titles Are So Last Summer Bethanne Siettas butcherthegirl@yahoo.com http://clevertitlesaresolastsummer.blogspot.com

I do accept submissions on a case-by-case basis. Contact me for my mailing address.

clicky clicky

Jay jay.breitling@gmail.com http://clickyclickymusic.com

News. reviews, opinion, fanboy excitation since 2003.

Coffee Snorter coffeesnorter@gmail.com http://coffeesnorter.blogspot.com

Created by an over caffeinated coffee zealot with a slight case of A.D.D. in music.

Come Pick Me Up backtothesound@mac.com http://cpmu.blogspot.com

I'm here to inform, not provide. If visitors dig the MP3s I post, I ask that they support the artist and purchase a CD.

Copy, Right? bigfatprettyface@yahoo.com http://copycommaright.blogspot.com Posts cover tunes.

Culture Bully

Chris chris@culturebully.com http://www.culturebully.com

With album reviews and other posts ranging from Indie Rock to Hip Hop to Electronica, you never know what we'll bring.

Daytrotter.com info@daytrotter.com http://www.daytrotter.com

We’re giving you exclusive, re-worked, alternate versions of old songs and unreleased tracks by some of your favorite bands and by a lot of your next favorite bands.

The DIY Rockstar

Jeff diyrockstar@gmail.com http://www.thediyrockstar.com

One of the main selling-points of this blog is that it features interviews with artists that are relevant to the independent music community and make music I love personally.

Dreams of Horses

Michael cassettetapes@gmail.com http://dreamsofhorses.blogspot.com

If you'd like to see your band featured on my site, send me an MP3 and some info.

Each Note Secure joe@eachnotesecure.com http://www.eachnotesecure.com

MP3 blog created with the intent of promoting my favorite music.


Matt earfarm@mac.com http://earfarm.blogspot.com

If you send something to us and we like it, we'll feature it on our site.

EARVOLUTION hilltownmedia@gmail.com http://earvolution.com

Music news, reviews, interviews and notes.



A collection of great music blog posts and is meant to provide you a snapshot of what's going on in this new genre of blogging.

Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands everybodycares@gmail.com http://everybodycares.blogspot.com

I'm rather obsessed with finding good (free and legal) music to share with everybody.

Exitfare exitfare@gmail.com http://exitfare.blogspot.com

New music, shows, interviews, TV and club night fun!

extrawack! extrawack@gmail.com http://extrawack.blogspot.com

Featuring reviews and quality MP3s of new music.

Feed me Good Tunes

Silent K silentk@feedmegoodtunes.com http://feedmegoodtunes.com

An opportunity for friends and strangers alike to uncover new music that may or may not blend into their music tastes.

Fine Fine Music mail@finefinemusic.com http://www.finefinemusic.com

We link to MP3s of bands that we like.


Matthew Perpetua fluxblog@gmail.com http://www.fluxblog.org

Reviews music and posts MP3s. Send MP3s to my e-mail address. Contact me for instructions on sending your CD.

Freeway Jam freejam@gmail.com http://freewayjam.blogspot.com

We have a new feature profiling artists who offer new music on the internet. Visit our website for submission details.

Funtime OK ok@funtimeok.com http://www.funtimeok.com

Feel free to contact us about albums, new bands, reviews ...whatever.

Good Weather For Airstrikes DerekDavies@aol.com http://www.goodweatherforairstrikes.com

A place for me to share info about up and coming bands.

gorilla vs. bear

Chris chrismc99@hotmail.com http://gorillavsbear.blogspot.com

We never have a bad thing to say about anyone, even if they are lame.

Heart on a Stick heartonastick@gmail.com http://heartonastick.blog-city.com News, photos, reviews etc.

Hello Gina ginahello@gmail.com http://hellogina.blogspot.com Downloads and music news.

The House of Leaf and Lime leafandlime@gmail.com http://leafandlime.hobix.com Updated several times weekly.

The Hype Machine


An experiment that keeps track of songs and discussion posted on the best blogs about music. Visitors listen, discover and buy songs that everyone is talking about!

I Am Fuel, You Are Friends browneheather@gmail.com http://www.fuelfriends.blogspot.com

Got something I should hear? E-mail me.

I Guess I'm Floating contact.iguessimfloating@gmail.com http://iguessimfloating.blogspot.com

Blog of the Rock n’ Roll variety. If you're a band and would like to submit a demo, just e-mail us!

I Rock Cleveland irockcleveland@gmail.com http://irockcleveland.blogspot.com

Contact us if you want your band to be featured on our site.

Indie Don't Dance indiedontdance@hotmail.com http://indiedontdance.blogspot.com

I listen to amazing independent music and try my hardest not to dance.

Indoor Fireworks

The Vicar indoorfireworksonline@gmail.com http://indoorfireworks.blogspot.com

Music news and MP3s.


Martin Lee info@kingblind.com http://www.kingblind.com

Music news, album & concerts reviews, MP3s, videos, art / entertainment and much more!

Largehearted Boy boy@largeheartedboy.com http://blog.largeheartedboy.com

Featuring daily free and legal music downloads as well as news from the worlds of music, literature and pop culture.

The Listen

2046 Hillhurst Ave. #22, Los Angeles, CA 90027 tips@thelisten.net


We can't promise that we'll post your submissions, but we will do our best to give every song submitted a spin.

marathonpacks eric@marathonpacks.com http://www.marathonpacks.com

I am very picky about what I post here, but you may make submission requests.

MOISTWORKS moistworks@gmail.com http://www.moistworks.com

We enjoy listening to new material and try to listen to everything sent our way.

Moroccan Role hammmd@gmail.com http://moroccanrole.blogspot.com A totally killer music/MP3 blog.

Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good

7407 N. Windsor Ln. Peoria, IL 61614 musicforants@mac.com http://musicforants.com

If you have music you'd like me to write about, e-mail me the MP3s or mail your CD.

music for robots contact@music.for-robots.com http://music.for-robots.com

Contact us if you think we'd be interested in your music.

My Mean Magpie

Five Seventeen five17@telus.net http://www.mymeanmagpie.com

I'm always happy to receive free things. Check my site for submission details. Do NOT send attachments/MP3s with your e-mail.

My Old Kentucky Blog

8565 Scarsdale Dr. E., Indianapolis, IN 46256 dodge77@gmail.com http://myoldkyhome.blogspot.com

You can e-mail MP3s or send materials to our mailing address.



Downloads of music that we’ve come across that we want everyone else to enjoy.

Mystery & Misery jason.wilder@gmail.com http://www.mysteryandmisery.com

Devoted to independent and underground music. Music news, CD and MP3 reviews.

Needcoffee.com wakeupyoubastards@needcoffee.com http://www.needcoffee.com

You think you've got something that can keep us awake? Well? Do ya, punk? Bring that noise. We like it, we'll post it.

Noise for Toaster noisefortoaster@gmail.com http://noisefortoaster.blogspot.com

We'll drag you through concerts, websites, new music reviews and the same shit you read everywhere else.

the of mirror eye ofmirroreye@gmail.com http://blog.ofmirroreye.net

The songs I'm posting are some of my favorites for one reason or another.

the oh so quiet show roboppy@gmail.com http://music.diskobox.net

Send me MP3s or real CDs (ask for my shipping address) but I'm not obligated to write about anything unless I like it.

Out the Other

Janet Timmons outtheother@gmail.com http://www.outtheother.com

A streaming archive of music to pay attention to. I also host a radio show on WRVU.

Pocket|Trax pockettrax@gmail.com http://www.pockettrax.com

We do not review music. What we do is collect and share artist info and sample tracks and leave the reviewing up to the readers/listeners.


Sunny Pollox9@aol.com http://polloxniner.blogs.com

I write and edit for magazines, newspapers, websites and TV.

rbally jennings@rbally.net http://rbally.net

Features Acoustic songs.

Revolution in the Head revolutionblogspot@yahoo.com http://revolutioninthehead.blogspot.com

I show you the music I love. You agree. Or not. You tell me. Or not.

The Rich Girls Are Weeping

Cindy and Pinkie elegantfaker@gmail.com http://therichgirlsareweeping.blogspot.com

Almost all of the content is dependent the vagaries of your hostess' weird tastes and whatever we're really into these days.

The Rawking Refuses to Stop! David Greenwald davideg@ucla.edu http://rawkblog.blogspot.com

If you are in a band or work for a label, I'd love to hear your stuff. Link me some MP3s or drop me an e- mail and I'll let you know where can you send me promos.



Send event info and MP3s for us to review!


8801 Ridge Blvd. Brooklyn, NY 11209 steve@scissorkick.com http://www.scissorkick.com

A blog used for the purpose of cultivating interest in musicians and their music.

Silence is a Rhythm Too Michael djrez1@hotmail.com http://siart.blogspot.com

I love music and I've always loved to share my favorite music. I like a lot of different things and hope you will too.

Sixeyes alanlwilliamson@gmail.com http://sixeyes.blogspot.com

An MP3 blog that posts music news, reviews and interviews.


Matthew mortigi_tempo@verizon.net http://blownbythewind.blogspot.com

Covering new and interesting indie music spanning just about all genres. We update daily with news, band spotlights and exclusive MP3 posts.

Slave to the Details team@slavetothedetails.net http://slavetothedetails.net

All MP3s are up for a limited time and are for sampling purposes only.


629 Belleforte St., Oak Park, IL 60302

Craig Bonnell cbonnell@gmail.com http://www.songsillinoismp3.blogspot.com

Mostly music musings on new and old releases, current favs and live shows. MP3 downloads updated several times a week for evaluation purposes.

The Sound of Indie kevin@thesoundofindie.com http://www.thesoundofindie.com

One person's music collection laid forth for the world to hear.

Strawberry Fire strawberryfirenyc@mac.com http://www.strawberryfire.blogspot.com

Because you're going to hear about it sooner or later.

The Suburbs are Killing Us suburbs@christopherporter.com http://www.christopherporter.com

MP3s are here to promote love. They are removed after one week.

The Test Pilot

Jonathan jonathan@jonathanschmitt.com http://thetestpilot.blogspot.com

I am using this site to put music out there that I think people don't know about and should try, so IF YOU LIKE IT, BUY IT and support the artist!

The Tofu Hut

316 York St., Top Apt. Jersey City, NJ 07302 forksclovetofu@gmail.com http://tofuhut.blogspot.com

Music posted here is posted out of love, not with the intention for profit.


428 Hanbee St., Richardson, TX 75080

Torr Leonard torrleonard@gmail.com http://torr.typepad.com/weblog

If you are interested in submitting music for plugging consideration, please send it to the above address.

Trigger Cut

Johnny Metro triggercut@crankautomotive.com http://www.triggercut.com

Audio and video blog with occasional reviews.

Tuning jaysniemann@sbcglobal.net http://ggth.typepad.com/tng

Got a CD or band I should know about? Well then, why don't you flack yer tunes?

Two and 1/2 Pounds Of Bacon fastbacker@haywoodnyc.com http://fastbacker.blogspot.com

MP3 and video blog based out of Brooklyn.

Yeti Don't Dance

Jerry Yeti jerryyeti@gmail.com http://noyetidance.blogspot.com Blog posting music news and MP3s.

You Ain't No Picasso thatkid42@gmail.com http://youaintnopicasso.blogspot.com

Blog with interviews with artists and reviews of MP3s.


A Soundtrack for Everyone asoundtrackforeveryone@gmail.com http://tdot.blogspot.com

News and reviews. If you want to send some music my way, I'll happily check it out.

Checkerboard Chimes breath_mint@hotmail.com http://checkerboardchimes.blogspot.com Feel free to send me stuff.


Frank frank@chromewaves.net http://www.chromewaves.net

I write about stuff that I find interesting and noteworthy. Please check the site to see if your music fits before sending it in.

herohill.com herohill@gmail.com http://www.herohill.com

Music interviews, news, reviews and tracks.

i (heart) music

1276 Wellington Ave. 2nd Fl. Ottawa, ON K1Y 3A7 info@iheartmusic.net


All the latest news, views, reviews and MP3s. We'll accept anything and everything, but can't guarantee a review.

Indie Launchpad

Colin Meeks colin@indielaunchpad.com http://www.indielaunchpad.com

Showcasing some of the best in independent music. We also have a podcast that features tracks from the music we review.

Mocking Music

RR 1, Mountstewart, PE C0A 1T0

Casey Dorrell mockingmusic@gmail.com http://www.mockingmusic.blogspot.com

E-mail us to make arrangements and we'll gladly review your music.

Muzak for Cybernetics

Sean muzakforcybernetics@gmail.com http://www.indierockblog.com

Features Indie Rock, Electro, Hip Hop and other cool music from all over the world.

My Indie World

Hanson Ho hansonho@shaw.ca http://www.myindieworld.com

Music geek and pop culture freak!

Popsheep popsheep@gmail.com http://popsheep.com

Reviews of MP3s and live shows. Contact us if you want to invite us to your show.

Pregnant Without Intercourse

3647 Ave. Henri-Julien, Montreal, QC H2X 3H4

Keith Serry fatcitizen@gmail.com http://www.pwithouti.com

What we taught the world is that you can suck and still rule.

Rock Snob

Miss Valerie sheswiththeband@hotmail.com http://therocksnob.blogspot.com

Because we're better and we know it!

Said the Gramophone

Jordan Himelfarb jordan@saidthegramophone.com http://www.saidthegramophone.com

A daily sampler of really good songs. All tracks are posted out of love.

The Underground Express

40 Falling River Dr. Richmond Hill, ON L4S 2R1

Andrew Iliadis blew82@hotmail.com http://theundergroundexpress.blogspot.com Features music tracks and reviews.

Villains Always Blink

Kelly trillionmillion@hotmail.com http://thetrainingground.blogspot.com Indie music, reviews, hype, news, MP3s ...

Czech Republic

Getecho getecho@hotmail.com http://getecho.blogspot.com

Send me info, you can! I also appreciate all suggestions/tips and label/band news. I’m specially searching for new bands!


Hits in the Car

Stytzer hits_in_the_car@yahoo.dk http://stytzer.blogspot.com

It's all about music!


La Blogothèque


Le premier MP3 blog, audioblog en France.


Indie Surfer

Ziggy gpanic@gmail.com http://indiesurfer.blogspot.com

Intended to popularize the music of independent artists and to give you the latest info on their activity.


Indie for Dummies indiefordummies@gmail.com http://www.indiefordummies.com

We help bands we like to be noticed in Italy.


For the Eardrums eardrums@lindbjor.net http://eardrums.blogspot.com

A focus on new and interesting music. Alternative artists from the world of indie, Electronica, Experimental or Alt-Folk.


fuck me i'm twee tweepopster@gmail.com http://fuckmeimtwee.blogsome.com News and music reviews.

United Kingdom

Another Form of Relief

PO Box 756, Gillingham, Kent, ME8 6WW UK

scrunty@gmail.com http://www.theclerisy.com/afor

We’ll listen to everything that we are sent and will write about anything that we like.

Black Country Grammar jon@blackcountrygrammar.co.uk http://grammardj.blogspot.com

If you have something for me to listen to, drop me a line.

headphone sex

PO Box 204, Slough, SL2 2QE UK

James Woodley james@headphonesex.co.uk http://www.headphonesex.co.uk

Tracks are posted for one week. Send me music!

Indie MP3 - Keeping C86 Alive! Tom blog@indie-mp3.co.uk http://www.indie-mp3.co.uk

Working hard to keep the Indie Pop scene alive.

Let's kiss and Make up... Colin c.r.clark@strath.ac.uk http://letskissandmakeup.blogspot.com

I really should be using my limited spare time in a much more productive manner than this.

No Rock & Roll Fun Simon simonb@gmail.com http://xrrf.blogspot.com Music news and reviews.

Nothing But Green Lights mikesmithmikesmith@gmail.com http://nothingbutgreenlights.net

Features fresh and exciting, legal MP3’s from diverse artists and Pop acts from around the globe.

The Torture Garden

Shane thetorturegarden@gmail.com http://thetorturegarden.blogspot.com

Downloads, news and interviews.


(sm)all ages superclea@cox.net http://smallages.blogspot.com

MP3 blog featuring Children's music.


ChristianMp3.com info@christianmusicentertainmentgroup.com http://www.christianmp3.com

We are dedicated to offering Christian music in modern formats including MP3, CDs and more.


PO Box 18895, Panama City Beach, FL 32417

FX: 707-549-4436

James Moore info@christianweed.com http://christianweed.com

E-mail us (preferably with a link to samples of your material). If we feel your music is marketable, we'll reply with the paperwork you'll need to fill out and fax back to us.

Gospel Swap info@gospelswap.com http://www.gospelswap.com

Let us help you to promote and sell your original Gospel music!



Get your singles to radio and other industry entities.

Triplestrandmp3.com info@triplestrandmp3.com http://www.triplestrandmp3.com

Supporting the works of emerging & unsigned Christian music artists.



4230 Mary Dr. Rapid City, SD 57702 http://www.choralnet.org

Extensive resources for Choral artists.

Classic Cat webmaster@classiccat.net http://www.classiccat.net

A directory with links to over 2000 free to download Classical performances on the internet, sorted by composer and work.

The Classical Music Archives

200 Sheridan Ave. #403, Palo Alto, CA 94306

PH: 650-330-8050 http://www.classicalarchives.com Submit your music to get exposure.


PO Box 31687, 18 Denbigh Rd. London, W11 2UX UK PH: +44-20-8816-8848



Online listening, downloads, custom CDs and more.


Theres Svenssons gata 10, SE. 417 55 Göteborg, Sweden

PH: +46-31-3608715 info@eclassical.com http://www.eclassical.com

A completely virtual record label.

Impulse Classical Music impulse@impulse-music.co.uk http://www.impulse-music.co.uk

Provides personalized pages on performers and composers.



A portal for the world of NON-Pop/Extreme Indie/Avant-whatever music.


Via Ca'Petofi 13 - (36022) Cassola, Vicenza, Italy

PH: +39-0424-533137 FX: +39-0424-533137 me@onclassical.com http://www.OnClassical.com

Distributing high quality Classical music in MP3 or OGG formats. We are associated with kunstderfuge.com, the greatest resource of free MIDI files on the net.




Enables Acoustic musicians to be seen and heard by posting their music, video and upcoming performance information, increasing their fan base.

Mandolin Cafe eadg@mandolincafe.com http://www.mandolincafe.com/mp3

Introduces new mandolin players.

Dance and Electronic



We are a non profit site run by musicians. We have free web space for artists to add their music for streaming. We also offer free homepage creation and other free tools.


80 Hadley Rd. Barnet, Herts. EN5 5QR UK

PH: +44 (0) 208-440-0710 FX: +44 (0) 208-441-0163 info@audiojelly.com


It's only a matter of time now before this becomes the norm and going into a record shop to buy a CD

becomes unusual.

Beatport support@beatport.com http://www.beatport.com

Designed to service the evolution of the Digital music culture, redefining how DJs and enthusiasts acquire their music.


PO Box 25378, London, NW5 1GL UK

info@bleep.com http://www.bleep.com

Warp Records selection of downloadable Electronica.

ClubFreestyle.com info@clubfreestyle.com http://www.clubfreestyle.com

Worlds largest Freestyle music community.

Digibag.com info@digibag.com http://www.digibag.com

All CD-quality tracks as well as MP3s you can download in seconds, available now!


6 Iliados Str. PC 54641, Thessaloniki, Greece

PH: +302310-843124 http://www.djsets.gr

A community where DJs can post their music files and have people rate them.

Electromancer UK


We are a community of unsigned Electronic musicians and a resource where they can make their music available to visitors and other musicians.


Simrishamnsgatan 20a, SE-214 23 Malmoe, Sweden PH: +46-(0) 40-972 273 FX: +46-850-593-986 http://www.groovegate.com

A one stop store for DJ's and end users alike where they can find all the latest grooves for their listening pleasures.

headstrong Dance music info@headstrong-hq.com http://www.headstrong-hq.com

Put your demos here to get exposure.


17 State St. 14th Fl. New York, NY 10004

Michael Bordash mbordash@internetdj.com http://www.internetdj.com

Hosts and plays MP3s from independent musicians.



The world's leading free and legal Electronic music MP3 blog, established to support and promote

Electronic music culture.

Music V2

US PH: 719-966-4322

UK PH: +44-020-7871-7440 musicv2@musicv2.com http://www.musicv2.com

Free MP3 hosting, artist pages, DJ sets, free music downloads.

Pitch Adjust

Simrishamnsgatan 20a, SE-214 23 Malmoe, Sweden PH: +46 (0)40-972-273 FX: +46-850-593-986 http://www.pitchadjust.com

Labels can find new talents, new talents can find a label and promoters can post info.

Play it tonight

#23 - 1917 W. 4th Ave. Vancouver, BC V6J 1M7

FX: 208-246-4676 info@playittonight.com http://www.playittonight.com

If you would like to sell your music through our site, please contact us via e-mail.


2513 W. Superior St. 1st Fl. Chicago, IL 60612 http://www.sectionz.com

An artist only Electronica community. We strive to provide a platform for people who are interested in learning about the construction and philosophies of the electronic medium.


Vogelsangstr. 30a, 70197 Stuttgart, Germany

PH: +49 (0)179-243-11-40 FX: 49 (0)1212-510-479-968

Bernd Drescher info@smart-music.net http://www.smart-music.net

We only feature legal MP3s where the source can be easily identified and we only offer links to full- length, high quality files.

tribal mixes dot com


Website for sharing live DJ mixes and live sets recorded in MP3 format.

Virgo Lounge

PO Box 4721, St. Louis, MO 63108 info@virgolounge.com


An online source for Dance music, industry networking and an event marketplace. Please send us your press release or info about your project or event.


350 Lincoln Rd. #318, Miami Beach, FL 33139

PH: 305-673-9488 FX: 305-402-0839 digital@thewomb.com http://www.thewomb.com

Worldwide radio and internet TV broadcaster of live mixes & performances. We have launched the first all-in-one download shop for the digital culture.


Devonshire House, 223 Upper Richmond Rd. London, SW15 6SQ UK PH: +44 (0) 20-8780-0612 FX: +44 (0) 20-8789-8668 admin@xpressbeats.com


We provide quality 'upfront' Dance music and an extensive catalogue of tracks for music lovers.


Music For Maniacs Mr. Fab mail@m-1.us http://musicformaniacs.blogspot.com

MP3 blog dedicated to extremes in music. "Outsider" recordings and utterly unique sounds reviewed.


1478 Stetson Cir. Salt Lake City, UT 84104

PH: 801-972-2441 FX: 801-972-2443 feedback@tapegerm.com http://www.tapegerm.com

A new and vibrant center for music creativity.




A library of "bardic" Folk songs, mostly from Ireland, Scotland and England.

Christine 1001 www.facebook.com/no1christinedjerf

efolk Music

201B N. Greensboro St., Carrboro, NC 27510

PH: 919-968-4810 artists@efolkMusic.org http://www.efolkmusic.org

Independent Folk MP3 and CD source.


Dyke TV

PO Box 170-163, Brooklyn, NY 11217

PH: 718-230-4770

Elizabeth Maynard staff@dyketv.org http://www.dyketv.org

Lesbian cable access show that airs nation-wide. We do occasionally solicit or welcome music submissions.


SlagHuis MultiMedia

PO Box 190792, Miami Beach, FL 33119-0792

PH: 305-434-8651 FX: 305-531-5609

Sam Bradford support@slaghuis.net http://www.slaghuismultimedia.com

Gothic, Darkwave & Industrial. Get heard. Get seen online, today!

Hip Hop



Changing the way you download music!

Ear Fuzz djmaru@earfuzz.com http://www.earfuzz.com

A venue for music appreciation. Files are shared out of love and respect and is only meant to help expose and promote the featured artists.



If you make beats and you want to sell them on the internet, this is the beat place to do so.

Hip Hop Palace.com

PO Box 158, Bowling Green Stn. New York, NY 10274 hiphoppalaceceo@yahoo.com http://www.hiphoppalace.com

Upload your music and be on our radio show.

MP3 Rap Hip Hop info.rap.hiphop@gmail.com http://www.reohiphop.com.ar

Just good Latin Hip Hop underground indie artists. MP3s, news, forums, photos ...

Notes from a Different Kitchen ian@differentkitchen.com http://differentkitchen.blogspot.com

MP3 blog featuring news, reviews, music etc.

Real-HipHop.com info2@real-hiphop.com http://www.real-hiphop.com

Real MC’s, DJ’s, fans, music, videos and more.


7948 Winchester Rd. #109-300, Memphis, TN 38125

Jay Style Williams jaystyle@streetcds.com http://www.streetcds.com

We intend to be the recognized digital music store for Street music.

UnderworldHipHop.com PH: 416-333-2446 http://www.underworldhiphop.com

A free MP3 uploading service for Hip Hop artists. We also do reviews.


922 Hwy. 81 E. Box 315, McDonough, GA 30252

PH: 678-432-1229 sales@unlimitedtracks.com http://www.unlimitedtracks.com

An online store for Urban musicians. Sell your tracks online for .99 cents per track. You can also sell your CD from our site.

Ya Heard


Unsigned artists upload your original songs and create your own web page.

Jam Band

bt.etree.org / BitTorrent bt.e@etree.org http://bt.etree.org

Provided by the etree.org community for sharing the live concert recordings of trade friendly artists. Please tell your friends and family about new bands that catch your ear and support these artists by going to see them live and buying their CDs!



An online community that uses an independent network of file (FTP) servers that host and distribute

Shorten (SHN) audio files.


1 Zoe St., San Francisco, CA 94107

PH: 415-543-7000 FX: 415-543-7775 rhapsody@jambase.com http://rhapsody.jambase.com

New, interactive digital music service. Promotes independent artists and bands from around the world.



Offering an opportunity to listen to shows from a current tour very soon after they've happened, mastered directly from the soundboard.



Artists can harness the demand for their live performances and studio recordings.


Any Swing Goes

PO Box 721675, San Diego, CA 92172-1675

PH: 858-484-7716 FX: 801-382-6409 doug@anyswinggoes.com http://www.anyswinggoes.com

Focuses on the revival of Big Band and Swing music.


8554 122nd Ave. NE. #120, Kirkland, WA 98022

PH: 425-827-5441 FX: 425-827-1170

Michele Abrams michele@cjazz.com http://www.cjazz.com

Show the world who you are and what you can do.

Jazztronic contact@jazztronic.com http://Jazztronic.com

Our main interest is Electronic Jazz music. We think that Jazz spirit mixed to the new Electronic ways to play music is going to become a great thing.

No Idle Frets

Nick Carver noidlefrets@gmail.com http://noidlefrets.blogspot.com

MP3 blog. Dedicated to podsafe Jazz guitar music.

Quiet FM


MP3 blog featuring a primarily instrumental blend. Jazz, New Age, Ambient/Electronic and World music.



Conesa 960 dpto 1, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, BA 1426, Argentina

PH: +5411-4551-7527 administracion@farolatino.com http://tienda.farolatino.com

“La Cocina del Arte” is a virtual space dedicated to promoting new bands. It offers an online space to bands to promote their products.

Latin Cool Now http://www.latincoolnow.com Sell your indie music here.


Ear Assault

Jason admin@earassault.com http://www.earassault.com

A place for Metal bands to upload MP3s and gain exposure.


43 W. 38th St. 2nd Fl. New York, NY 10018

PH: 212-840-9090 FX: 212-840-4033 http://www.earache.com

Metal MP3s and videos.

metalvideo.com http://www.metalvideo.com Metal videos, MP3s and more.

Reality Check TV

PH: 415-831-2825

Ace Annese acespace@realitychecktv.com http://www.realitychecktv.com

Connect to the Metal underground world. We accept submissions!

The Rocking Ape

Leubeweg 91, D-89134 Blaustein, Germany

PH: +49 (0) 7304-929289 FX: +49 (0) 7304-929386 info@rockingape.de


Your independent music portal. Metal, Punk, Rock and Rock n’ Roll.

Vicious Enterprises

Death Priest admin@viciousenterprises.net http://www.viciousenterprises.net

Free MP3 downloads from undiscovered talent. You submit we post.




Free artist profiles allow you to host MP3s, WMA's or OGG files, upload photos, news, gigs plus much more.


361 Vine St., Glendale, CA 91204

PH: 818-242-3107 info@blanktv.com http://www.BlankTV.com

Free exposure for your videos to a worldwide audience of indie music lovers.

DirtbagMusic.com webmaster@dirtbagmusic.com http://www.dirtbagmusic.com

Sign up and upload your music, bio, news, tour dates and much more.

Download Punk info@downloadpunk.com http://www.DownloadPunk.com

We do accept submissions directly from unsigned artists, but we do request that they don't send demos, only pressed CDs.

Enough MP3s

PO Box 12 07 50, 68058 Mannheim, Germany info@enoughfanzine.com


Feel free to upload your band's/label's MP3 files.


Surforeggae contato@surforeggae.com.br http://www.surforeggae.com.br Reggae MP3s, news, events and more.

Soul / R&B

Captain's Crate

Captain Planet charlie@bywayof.net http://bywayof.net/captains_crate

An MP3 blog featuring rare, funky and soulful music.


Keith sales@myonlinemusic.net http://www.myonlinemusic.net

Dedicated to getting out the great music of Smooth Jazz and R&B artists.

Women In Music

blowupdoll mordiblowupdoll@yahoo.co.uk http://blow-up-doll.blogspot.com MP3 blog featuring women artists.

International House Of Pussy

25 Woodhorn Farm, Newbiggin By The Sea, Northumberland, NE64 6AH UK mp3@theinternationalhouseofpussy.co.uk http://www.theinternationalhouseofpussy.co.uk

MP3 blog featuring mostly female artists.


Bruno transistorrythm@yahoo.com http://schlocker.blogspot.com

MP3 blog featuring audio and video of European female artists.

Womenfolk robbie@womenfolk.net http://womenfolk.net

The song blog dedicated to women in music.


Aduna regcontact@free.fr http://aduna.free.fr

Blog audio dédié à la musique Afro d'hier, d'aujourd'hui et de demain ...

Benn loxo du taccu

Matt Yanchyshyn letters@mattgy.net http://bennloxo.com

MP3 blog featuring African music for the masses.

Calabash Music

211 Pleasant St., Arlington, MA 02476

PH: 781-777-1109 FX: 617-507-7769 http://www.calabashmusic.com

A global marketplace for independent World music.

Worldly Disorientation

Peter peter@petermargasak.com http://worldlydisorientation.blogs.com

MP3 blog with semi-coherent musings on the ephemeral cultural asteroids in my orbit.

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