Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Folk, Blues, Classical, Jazz, Punk, all metals, Latin, Indie Rock, Electronic, Experimental, Christian, Dance, World Music, Soul, R&B, Women in Music, Country, Rap, Roots, Bluegrass, Reggae, Ska, Rockabilly, Ambient, Emo, Gothic

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PO Box 162, Skippack, PA 19474

PH: 215-661-1100 FX: 215-661-8959 onesource@pan.com http://onesource.pan.com

Distribution system for the online sale of e-CDs.

Online Rock

2033 Ralston Ave. #50, Belmont, CA 94002

PH: 650-649-2304 FX: 650-649-2304 info@onlinerock.com http://www.onlinerock.com

Bands can promote, distribute and sell their music online.


21 Madera Ave. San Carlos, CA 94070

PH: 650-637-0763 FX: 650-637-0824 info@onscene.com http://www.onscene.com

We’ll proudly display your work and help you find a market.

Orange Recordings

801 S. Wells St. #401, Chicago, IL 60607 info2@orangerecordings.com http://www.orangerecordings.com

Tell us why you're the shit ...why do you want to be on this label? Don't send any MP3s!

The Orchard

100 Park Ave. 17th Fl. New York, NY 10003

PH: 212-201-9280 FX: 212-201-9203 info@theorchard.com http://www.theorchard.com

Supplier of independent music on the internet.


7037 Hwy. 6 N. PO Box 145, Houston, TX 77095

PH: 281-859-6715 info@outboundmusic.com http://www.outboundmusic.com

Distribution and promotion services for indie artists.

PeaceWork Music

PO Box 25102, Rochester, NY 14625 info@peacework.com http://www.peaceworkmusic.net

We have duplication services in the US which ships to all countries outside of Eastern Europe and China. We also have distributors in Eastern Europe and China which cover those needs.


3260 Blume Dr. #405, Richmond, CA 94806

PH: 510-222-9678 FX: 510-222-9676 sfcorp@peermusic.com http://www.peermusic.com

Promotion and development with a personal touch.

Peppermint CDs

1170 15th Ave. SE. #206, Minneapolis, MN 55414

PH: 800-633-7020 FX: 651-293-4421 peppermintcds@gmail.com http://www.peppermintcds.com

Wants full-time musicians with at least 2 CDs released.

Perris Records

PO Box 841533 Houston, TX 77284

PH: 281-550-0988 FX: 775-719-4768

Tom Mathers perrisrecords@ev1.net http://www.perrisrecords.com

80's Rock label, mail order & distribution company that sells worldwide. Perris is now accepting CDs for possible label consideration and distribution deals worldwide.

Planet CD

PO Box 29742, Charlotte, NC 28229

PH: 704-560-2379 info@planetcd.com http://www.PlanetCD.com

We provide 2 custom designed pages for your listing - an "Info / Bio" page to tell about your music, the artistor whatever message you want to get across - and a "CD page" which features a scan of your CD cover, a list of tracks and audio samples.

Point Five Limey

7536 E. Warren Dr. #15-304, Denver, CO 80231

PH: 303-306-7602

James Gardiner info@pointfivelimeyrecords.com http://www.pointfivelimeyrecords.com

An online art, music and culture website that strives to sell, promote and display a variety art and music from around the world.

Pop Sweatshop

PO Box 460954, Denver, CO 80246

PH: 303-525-5840

Chris Barber info@popsweatshop.com http://www.popsweatshop.com

We work furiously, in sweatshop conditions, to make and distribute great indie releases for bands.

Range Records

2730 E. County Line Rd. Ardmore, PA 19003

PH: 610-649-7100 FX: 610-649-7566

Rich Myers richm@rangeentertainment.com http://www.rangeentertainment.com

Our expertise lies in artist development, recording, booking, management and promotion.

Realm of Records

236 DeKalb Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11205

PH: 716-316-2438

Allen Farmelo allenfarmelo@yahoo.com http://www.realmofrecords.com

Releases albums from independent artists regardless of genre. Instead, musical creativity and beauty are the guiding principles.

Revolver USA Distribution

2745 16th St., San Francisco, CA 94103

FX: 415-241-9009

Bobo bobo@midheaven.com http://www.midheaven.com

Labels/bands interested in having us distribute their music can mail samples to the above address.

RiPPYFiSH Records

1800 SW. Temple #317, Salt Lake City, UT 84115

PH: 801-487-7302 FX: 801-487-7304

Lisa Miller lisa@rippyfish.com http://www.rippyfish.com

We are an open genre independent record label.

ROA Records

6014 Chenango Ln. Orlando, FL 32807

Monica Rabino monica@roarecords.com http://roarecords.com

Independent music label by artists for artists.

Rock Ridge Music info@rockridgemusic.com http://www.rockridgemusic.com

Offers national distribution and online marketing services.


PO Box 16352, Phoenix, AZ 85011-6352

Al Harbison President@Screachen.com http://www.screachen.com

Reviews, manages and produces local & national bands.

Shut Eye Records

1526 DeKalb Ave. #21, Atlanta, GA 30307

PH: 678-986-5110 FX: 404-584-5171

Pete Knapp knapp@shuteyerecords.com http://www.shuteyerecords.com

Record label, publicity firm, CD manufacturing and more.

SignHere Online, Inc. contact@signhereonline.net http://www.signhereonline.net

Provides artists with an opportunity to promote original MP3 music and solicit recording contract offers.

Silk City Recording Company

PO Box 704, West Paterson, NJ 07424

PH: 973-599-0236 FX: 973-599-0236 silkcity@silkcitycd.com http://www.silkcitycd.com

An online retail site that sells indie products.

something sacred

PO Box 15533, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

PH: 805-545-5887

Jon Broyles jon@somethingsacred.com http://www.somethingsacred.com

Promotes indie artists. Submit your material.


115 W. 28th St. #1102, New York, NY 10001

PH: 212-963-9655 info@sonablast.com http://www.sonablast.com

We are a label, management and publishing firm all wrapped into one.


531 Metroplex Dr. #115A, Nashville, TN 37211

PH: 615-333-7775 FX: 615-333-7728 admin@songramp.com http://www.songramp.com

We offer independent artists an outlet to sell their CDs.

Sonic Garden info@sonicgarden.com http://www.sonicgarden.com

Free music, videos, tour info, song info and more!

Sonic Wave International

415 S. Maple #603, Oak Park, IL 60302

PH: 708-445-8373 FX: 847-577-9528 http://www.sonicwaveintl.com

Our goal is to find, promote and release GOOD music that people want to hear.

Squid Music dschraub@mis.net http://www.squidmusic.com

If your interested in selling you CD, please drop us a line. We'll be happy to put a page out there plus whatever promo you might like to provide.



Global independent promotion for local bands.

Strange Vibes

16000 Harrison St., Livonia, MI 48154-3499

Tracy Farley tracy@strangevibes.com http://www.strangevibes.com

A free CD distribution site for indie musicians.

Sub Pop Records

2013 4th Ave. Seattle, WA 98121

PH: 206-441-8441 FX: 206-441-8245 info@subpop.com http://www.subpop.com

We don’t listen to demos every day, but periodically we go through a bunch of them. Please don’t call or e-mail to follow up.

Sunlight of the Spirit Music

PO Box 60097, Nashville, TN 37206

PH: 615-403-8587

Gracie Vandiver gracie@mkbmedia.com http://www.sunlightofthespiritmusic.com

Offering only the highest quality music that has been created by artists in recovery. Please contact us via our website for approval before submitting CDs.

Sunny Music

6019 Glitter Gold Ct. N., Las Vegas, NV 89031-7212

PH: 678-315-8753 FX: 770-252-5802

Chris S. Douglas csd@sunnymusic.us http://www.myCDstore.net

The independent musician's choice for selling and distributing their CDs worldwide.

Toadfish info@toadfishrecords.com http://www.toadfish.org

A unique collaboration of independent artists, promoters and marketers designed to help get the word out.

Tone Box Records

2814 Azalea Pl. Nashville, TN 37204

PH: 615-301-1836

Jason Bradford jason.bradford@tone-box.com http://www.tone-box.com

Indie record label giving indie artists access to large digital distributors.

UnderCover Records

5500 S. Marginal Rd. #210, Cleveland, OH 44103

PH: 216-432-3201 info@undercoverrecords.com http://www.undercoverrecords.com

A direct sales, distribution and marketing company dedicated to new and developing independent music.

Unfun Records

19144 Brookview Dr. Saratoga CA 95070

PH: 408-344-0402 FX: 408-253-1653

Johnny johnny@unfunrecords.com http://www.unfunrecords.com

Music distributor, reviews, mixing studio and record label for independent bands.

United For Opportunity Music

133 W. 25th St. 5th Fl. New York, NY 10001

PH: 212-414-0505 FX: 212-414-0525 http://www.ufomusic.com

An organization of experienced, independent-thinking music industry activists that have come together to create a new model for a record label/music distribution company.

Vochella Records info@vochellarecords.com http://www.vochellarecords.com

Indie label and artist promotions co-op.

Wampus Multimedia

4 Weems Ln. #300, Winchester, VA 22601

Mark Doyon mail2@wampus.com http://wampus.com

Record label, retail store, recording studio and marketing company.

Warranty Records

243 Elm St. #207, Everett, WA 98203

PH: 206-262-9237 FX: 425-303-9547

Mark Lutch wrecords@warrantyrecords.biz http://www.warrantyrecords.biz

Looking for demos. All genres are welcome. Visit our website for more info.

Woodstock CD

PO Box 119, Ruby, NY 12475 info@woodstockcd.com http://www.woodstockcd.com

Distribute your indie CD here.

Xact Records

PO Box 1832, Bangor, ME 04402-1832 info@xactrecords.com http://xactrecords.com

Promotes unsigned bands and sells their merchandise.


Promotional Services

Absolutely Music

19 Cowdy St., Kingston, ON K7K 3V8

PH: 613-531-8827 njgreig@absolutelymusic.on.ca http://www.absolutelymusic.on.ca

A full service entertainment agency dedicated to serving the needs of Canadian musicians and to providing public and corporate clients with quality music for all occasions.


CatsAsk Music & Entertainment

PO Box 31029, Barrie, ON L4N 0B3

PH: 647-723-3085

Duss Rodgers info@catsask.com http://www.catsask.com

Monthly music reviews, indie music eZine, independant musician's community hub.

City Lights Entertainment

16 Wynford Ave. Ottawa, ON K2G 3Z4

PH: 613-265-9967

Michael Wood mike@citylightsent.com http://www.citylightsentertainment.com

We do not promote artists directly. We offer consultation and guidance services among other things.

Danie Cortese Entertainment & Publicity

93 Dunoon Dr. Maple, ON L6A 1Z3

PH: 905-660-9898

Danie Cortese dcortese@platinum1.com http://www.daniecortese.com

Publicity representing all talent. Management & consulting. Radio releases. Film & music division.

The Image Management

9332 63rd Ave. Edmonton, AB T6E 0G4

PH: 780-993-5530

Michelle Rogers michelle@theimagemanagement.com http://www.theimagemanagement.com

Works with artists to get them signed. We also help our artists to write hit songs and make the best music video possible.

Kindling Music

Attn: Demos, 411 Queen St. W. 3rd Fl. Toronto, ON M5V 2A5

PH: 416-506-9696 x1001 info@kindling.ca http://www.kindlingmusic.com

Label for career artists: promotion, publicity, marketing, booking and tour support.

Last Tango Productions

29 Galley Ave. Toronto, ON M6R 1G9

PH: 416-538-1838 FX: 416-538-2633

Yvonne Valnea lasttango@rogers.com http://www.lasttangoproductions.com

National publicity & radio tracking. Tour support and promotions.

LastJack Management

266 Charlotte St. #335, Peterborough, ON K9J 2V4

PH: 705-748-3596 FX: 705-748-3596

Michael Bates booking@weberbrothers.com http://www.weberbrothers.com

Indie management firm looking to add Ontario bands & artists to their current roster.


10 Royal Orchard Blvd. #53081, Thornhill, ON L3T 7R9

PH: 905-764-1246

Jerry Bader info@mrpwebmedia.com http://MassiveRecordProductions.com

We produce and promote the music artists who want to take their fledgling careers to the next level.


10 Royal Orchard Blvd. #53081, Thornhill, ON L3T 7R9

PH: 905-764-1246

Jerry Bader info@mrpwebmedia.com http://mrpwebmedia.com

Providing artists with the promotional tools needed to create a buzz in the competitive music industry.

S.L. Feldman & Associates

200-1505 W. 2nd Ave. Vancouver, BC V6H 3Y4 attn: Watchdog

Sarah Fenton fenton@watchdogmgt.com http://www.slfa.com

Canada's leading full-service entertainment agency. Please note we do our best to listen to all demos we receive.

Stamm'ler International

200 N. Service Rd. W. Unit 1, #435, Oakville, ON L6M 2Y1

PH: 905-842-2822 FX: 905-842-2823

Ragna Stamm'ler ragna@bellnet.ca http://www.stammlerinternational.com

Covers all marketing/promotion aspects for the arts.

TEA South

101 Burlington St., Toronto, ON M8V 3W1

PH: 416-251-1501 http://www.teasouth.com

We provide radio tracking / promotions, live showcases, press kits and press releases. Always free consultations!

Tenoseven Entertainment

#8-5901 57th St., Taber, AB T1G 1P7

PH: 403-223-0844 FX: 403-223-0844

Sharla Bauschke sharla@tenoseven.com http://www.tenoseven.com

Artist development & management services including booking, promotions, tracking and more.

Toots Capital

PH: 416-488-9649 FX: 416-488-8173

Valerie Dooley val@tootscapital.com http://tootscapital.com

Public relations firm that specializes in publicizing, promoting, producing and representing clients. Let

US toot YOUR horn!


610 rue Frenette, Joliette, PQ J6E 8X3

PH: 450-759-5498

Dana Whittle dana@vizou.com http://www.vizou.com

Services include concept development, writing and content development, illustration, custom typography and digital photography.

White Eagle Music Promotions

122 - 250 The East Mall #1109, Toronto, ON M9B 6L3 (US address) 342 Broadway #101, New York, NY 10013

PH: 416-620-1231 FX: 416-620-5912

Maureen Smith maureen@whiteeaglerecords.ca http://www.whiteeaglerecords.ca

Specializing in artist development, distribution, radio promotion campaigns, music conference promotion and licensing.

Vendors and Labels

Atomic Records music@atomicrecords.com http://www.atomicrecords.com

Assisting independent bands in the art of effective promotion.

BenT Music

32 Paul St., Toronto, ON M5A 3H3 bentmusic@bentmusic.ca


Helps musicians get their music out to the public.

Betty Records

317 Adelaide St. W. #503, Toronto, ON M5V 1P9

PH: 416-598-8806 FX: 416-598-0884 info@bettyrecords.com http://www.bettyrecords.com

Exposes you to a large audience from around the globe.

Byte Music

153 Tracy Rd. New London, NH 03257

PH: 604-630-2799

Jamie Cooper jamie@unibyte.com http://www.bytemusic.ca

An online music store, digital download service and marketplace for music fans, artists and music retailers.


356 Ontario St. #311, Stratford, ON N5A 7X6

Stewart mail@brittlestar.ca http://www.cantunes.com/indiebible.php

Sell your independent CDs in Canada the easy way!

Crony Records

290 Bridge St. W., Waterloo, ON N2K 1L2

Brad Weber brad@cronyrecords.ca http://www.cronyrecords.ca

Community based record label helping musicians promote each other through the label.

Cyclone Records

PO Box 71550, Aurora, ON L4G 6S9

PH: 416-738-5022 FX: 905-841-7463

Brad Trew info@cyclonerecords.ca http://www.cyclonerecords.ca

Producer of high quality CD compilations at a local, regional, national and international level.


230 Hampton Heath Rd. Burlington, ON L7L4P3

PH: 905-631-8302

Steve Bihari admin@gigzter.com http://www.gigzter.com

Your source for independent artist profiles, quality original music, profiles, charts, playlists and more!

High 4 Records

256 Major St., Toronto, ON M5S 2L6

PH: 416-561-1271

Darrin Pfeiffer darrin@high4records.com http://www.high4records.com

We wanted to start a label where the bands have a lot of creative control, where they'd feel safe and where they could grow as artists.

TuneVault.com steve@tenvolt.com http://www.tunevault.com

Reviews, news, calendar, artist pages and more. Sell your stuff!

E u r o p e


TON 4 Music Group

+44 (0)20-81-33-63-33

Patrick F. Plank office@ton4music.com http://www.ton4music.com

We're an European label/publisher and have specialized in world-wide digital distribution and radio promotion. Contact us for our mailing address.


Kinky Star Records Vlasmarkt 9 9000 Gent Belgium PH: +32-9-223-48-45

Sebbe d'Hose sebbe@kinkystar.com http://www.kinkystar.com

Rock, Surf, Hip Hop, Electro and Experimental releases.


Ave. Paul Deschanel 263, B - 1030 Brussels, Belgium PH: +32 (0)2-242-72-99 publisher_support@soundoo.com


An online CD store dedicated to independent music.

Czech Republic

Indies Records

Štefánikova 8, Brno 602 00, Czech Republic

PH: +420-549-245-610 FX: +420-545-212-209

Premysl Stepanek indies@indiesrec.cz http://www.indiesrec.cz

Supporting many young talented artists.


Laani Music

23 rue Lecourbe, 75015 Paris, France

PH: +33-6-10-71-86-86

Alain Bouet contact@laani-music.com http://www.laani-music.com

Sell your CDs in France and Europe!


2, place du Foirail, 81220 St Paul Cap de Joux, France eole@ocean-music.com


Listens to demos and promotes indie artists.




Sell your CD through our store.


Graf-Anton-Weg 10, 22459 Hamburg, Germany

PH: 0049-0-7646-913555

Uwe Ruthard ur@co-art.com http://www.co-art-music.com

Offers non exclusive physical and digital distribution in Germany for independent music.

Music Marketing Service

c/o Arte Leon Ltd., Albinsuweg 5, 06679 Hohenmoelsen, Germany

PH: 0049-34441-21184 FX: 0049-941-59-92-21-184

Michael Thurm info@music-marketing-service.com http://www.music-marketing-service.com

We offer bands distribution throughout Europe. CDs and digital distribution. We also do radio promotion!


Agathenstrasse 11, 20357 Hamburg, Germany PH: +49-40-6481745 FX: +49-40-6473336 usa@music2deal.com


This international network gives you a unique possibility to be promoted in different foreign countries via the top 5 or the local newsletter.


Christian Wirsig info@novatune.de http://www.novatune.de

German fair-trade-label with reasonable prices and fair artist payments.

RockCity Hamburg

Neuer Kamp 32 / 2.OG, 20357 Hamburg, Germany

PH: 040-319-60-60 FX: 040-319-60-69

Claudia music@rockcity.de http://www.rockcity.de Resource for indie musicians.

Scales Records

Im Drostebusch 29B, 48155 Münster, Germany

PH: +49 (0)251-316540 FX: +49 (0)251-381813

Joerg Pasler scales@gmx.net http://www.scales.de

Label & distributor of Instrumental Electric Guitar music from Heavy Metal to Jazz and beyond.


PH: +49 (0) 511-270-07-56 FX: +49 (0) 511-270-07-58 http://www.track4.de

MP3s, news, charts etc.

TWE Promotion

Intückenweg 13, 44289 Dortmund, Germany Torsten Wohlgemuth booking.twe@web.de http://www.myspace.com/twepromotion

Do you need a distro or label in Europe? Ask us! You want to promote your releases in Europe? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

UEBER Distribution

Strichweg 110, 27476 Cuxhaven, Germany

PH: +49 4721 666470 FX: +49 4721 666471

Oliver Lagemann Oliver@ueber.us http://www.ueber.us

We are looking for finished products in Rock, Pop and Indie Rock. NO Rap, Hip Hop, Dance or Techno.


Melodrift Productions

30 Halifax Ct. Gibraltar, Europe

PH: +34-636737428

Wesley contact@melodrift.com http://www.melodrift.com

Offering artists promotional advertising and/or music distribution, licensing deals etc.


Alma Music

Via Marovich 5, 30030 Chirignago, Venezia, Italy

PH: 041-5441558 FX: 041-5441588 ossigeno@o2pub.com http://www.almamusic.it a

Promotes and sells independent music from Italy and the rest of the world.

OmOm World

Piazza Euclide 21, 00197 Roma, Italy

PH/FX: 39-06-8070486

Robert Ruggeri info@omomworld.com http://www.omomworld.com

Italian independent label.

RES - Registrazioni e Suoni

PO Box 292, 31100 Treviso Centrale, Italy

PH: +39-335-8409306 FX: +39-0422-235743

Joachim Thomas info@res-net.org http://www.res-net.org

A record label always looking for new music.

The Netherlands

Dying Giraffe Recordings

St. Anthoniusplaats 9, 6511, TR, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Ingmar info@dyinggiraffe-recordings.com http://www.dyinggiraffe-recordings.com

We listen to all the stuff that comes in. You can send us some MP3 files by e-mail or mail a CD.


Abòn Records

Ruud, 2847 Kolbu, Norway

PH: +47-61-16-82-12 records@abon.info http://www.abon.info

Dedicated to producing quality Alternative sound recordings.

ChewinPine Records/ HormonMelon Prod. Serli gt.8A 0577, Oslo, Norway chewinpine@chewinpine.no http://www.chewinpine.no

Issues on indie labels, booking, promotion and more.


Media Pro Music

Str. Bdul Pache Protopopescu, nr. 109, Bucuresti, sector 2, Romania

PH: +40-31-82-50-366 FX: +40-31-82-50-299 office@mediapromusic.ro http://www.mediapromusic.ro

Indie label promoting artists internationally.



PH: 93-247-82-76

Juan info@atiza.com http://www.atiza.com

Música, noticias, bares y conciertos en Barcelona.


c/Joan Güell 184-188, 08028 Barcelona, Spain PH: +34-93-444-17-69 popchild@popchild.com http://www.popchild.com

Promotes indie/unknown artists.


C/ Málaga 11, 18230 Atarfe (Granada), Spain http://www.pop-page.com

Un e-zine dedicado a la música menos convencional (¿independiente, Alternativa?).

TheBorderlineMusic PH: 678-667576 promociones@theborderlinemusic.com http://www.theborderlinemusic.com

If you have a group or CD that you want to promote, our service is an inexpensive and effective way to reach your goals.


Top Five Records

c/o Singfeldt, Rönnholmsgränd 41 BV, SE-127 42 Skärholmen, Sweden

Mattias Andersson info@top-five-records.com http://www.top-five-records.com

We are a mail order company that is starting to release records. Send us your demo. Alt-Rock, Electro, Garage, Pop etc.

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