Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Folk, Blues, Classical, Jazz, Punk, all metals, Latin, Indie Rock, Electronic, Experimental, Christian, Dance, World Music, Soul, R&B, Women in Music, Country, Rap, Roots, Bluegrass, Reggae, Ska, Rockabilly, Ambient, Emo, Gothic

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Goth, Deathrock, Darkwave, Postpunk.

Circle of Souls Pagan Radio

3045 W. Beech Ave. Visalia, CA 93277 http://www.circleofsouls.net

A means to promote the efforts of musical artists who put a bit of a Pagan flavor into their music.

Closed Caskets for the Living Impaired KUCI

PO Box 4362 Irvine, CA 92616

PH: 949-824-5824

Dach dach@kuci.org http://www.closedcaskets.com

The most popular Goth radio show of all time.

Dark Horizons WMNF

6006 N. Branch Ave. Tampa, FL 33604

PH: 813-238-9663 darkhorizons@wmnf.org http://www.darkhorizonsradio.com

Ethereal, Gothic, Industrial and Synthpop bands.

Dark Nation Radio

DJ Cypher cypher@bound.org http://www.darkwavelounge.com/dnr.html

Features a mix of Gothic, Industrial, Deathrock and Ambient.

Detroit Industrial Underground brian@detroitIndustrial.org http://www.detroitIndustrial.org

Questions, comments and playlist suggestions are always welcome. Free CDs from bands and labels are even more welcome.

Digital Gunfire shirow@digitalgunfire.com http://www.digitalgunfire.com

Industrial, EBM and Electronic. Please submit our online release form with your music.


Catatonic catatonic@ebm-radio.com http://www.ebm-radio.com

The best Industrial, EBM, Futurepop, Synthpop, Darkwave, Goth and Dark Electronic.

Escape From Noise

David Vesel efn@purplenote.com. http://efn.purplenote.com

Featuring genres such as Synthpop, Electropop, Industrial, Darkwave, EBM etc. Fill out our online permission form in order to get airplay.

Factory 911 WEGL

116 Foy Union Bldg. Auburn U., AL 36849-5231

PH: 334-844-4113 FX: 334-844-4118

Robert Dykes wegl@auburn.edu http://wegl.auburn.edu

An Industrial and Electronic show.

Generation Death KSPC

Thatcher Music Bldg. 340 N. College Ave. Claremont, CA 91711

PH: 909-626-5772 FX: 909-621-8769

Wednesday gendeath@excite.com http://www.kspc.org/shows/generationdeath

Gothic, Industrial, Ethereal, Darkwave and Shoegazer.

GotBlack.com Radio

5501 N. 7th Ave. PMB 721, Phoenix, AZ 85013 joe@gotblack.com http://www.gotblack.com/radio

Plays Gothic, Industrial and Electronic music. We are currently accepting CDs and press kits.

Goth Metal Radio chris@gothmetal.net http://www.gothmetal.net/radio

20,000 listeners per day. When did your band last get a chance to play for an audience like this?

Goth Nights Podcast

E.Barbarella & Distilled1 ebarbarella@gothnights.com http://www.gothnights.com

We are always looking for good Dark, Goth/Synth, Pop/Industrial and Metal tunes to add to rotation.

Gothic Paradise Radio jacob001@comcast.net http://www.Gothicparadise.com

Gothic, Industrial, Darkwave, EBM, Ethereal and Synthpop.

In Perpetual Motion Radio

314 Kensington Ave. Ferndale, MI 48220-2359

G. R. Perye III ipm@ipmradio.com http://www.ipmradio.com

Indie artists of the Gothic, Industrial and Electronic genres.

Industrial Radio


Podcast featuring the very best Industrial music, news and interviews.

The Industrial Factory WZBC

Boston College 107, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

PH: 617-552-4686 FX: 617-552-1738

Brian Industrialfactory@hotmail.com http://www.wzbc.org

Underground Cyber-Electro Industrial music.

Lance and Graal Podcast info@lanceandgraal.com http://www.lanceandgraal.com

Pagan talk radio with attitude! Has yearly music awards show.

Morgue Radio

Dr. Millay morgueradio@thecountymorgue.com http://www.thecountymorgue.com

Various shows playing Ethereal, Darkwave, Gothic ...

Nevermind Radio nemesis2207@attbi.com http://www.live365.com/stations/nemesis2207

A mix of Gothic, Synthpop, Industrial, EBM and the occasional strange song you can't really classify!

Pagan Pentagram Radio paganpentagram@comcast.net http://home.comcast.net/~paganpentagram Pagan, Celtic, New Age etc.

Pagan Radio Network

PH: 651-457-0912

Paul Ieson arizonatramp@hotmail.com http://paganradio.thewitchesbrew.net

Pagan Rock with attitude. PLEASE, send only PAGAN music!

Plagued By Rhythm

1515 W. Veterans Pkwy. Marshfield, WI 54449 http://www.plastiksickness.com

Host DJ I.Z. features Industrial/Darkwave bands. I'm always accepting promos and demos to use in my


Radio Free Abattoir

PO Box 190792, Miami Beach, FL 33119-0792

PH: 305-434-8651 FX: 305-531-5609

Sam Bradford radiofreeabattoir@slaghuis.net http://www.radiofreeabattoir.com

Gothic, Darkwave and Industrial.

Radio Free Satan

Matt G. Paradise matt@purgingtalon.com http://www.radiofreesatan.com

Corrupting the minds of the youth since 2000.

Radio Satan 666


Various shows including Goth, Metal etc.

Reform Radio

DJ Reform reformradio@reformatory.us http://reformradio.com

EBM, Industrial, Goth, Noize.

Regen Podcast

PO Box 14162, San Francisco, CA 94114-0162

PH: 415-420-8247

Nick Garland submissions@regenmag.com http://www.regenmag.com

Playing the best in IDM, Industrial, Goth and Darkwave.

Seismic Radio

Teri teri@comcast.net http://www.seismicradio.com

Have your band featured/interviewed.

Sounds and Visions of Tomorrow Today PO Box 54771, Philadelphia, PA 19148 losafa@aol.com


Drug and Drone music.

sursumcorda Radio

5115 Excelsior Blvd. #235, Minneapolis, MN 55416

FX: 612-677-3272 inquiry@sursumcorda.com http://www.sursumcorda.com

New directions in Electronic organic groove.

This is Corrosion

4317 Harlem Rd. Amherst, NY 14226 legion@thisiscorrosion.com http://www.thisiscorrosion.com

Please send only CDs.

Tin Omen WMTS

Box 58, 1301 E. Main St., Murfreesboro, TN 37132

PH: 615-898-2636 FX: 615-898-5682 http://www.myspace.com/tinomenwmts

I play the greatest in Dark Ambient, Darkwave, Goth Rock, Goth Metal, Industrial and Black Metal. Not for people who hang out at the mall!

Vampture Radio

DJ Traumatic webmaster@vampture.com http://www.vampture.com

The best from the Underground! Darkwave, Goth, both new and classic Gothic/Industrial.

The Vapour Treatment WUSB

Stony Brook Union 266, Stony Brook, NY 11794-3263

PH: 631-632-6501 FX: 631-632-7182

DJ Datura vapourtreatment@yahoo.com http://www.geocities.com/radiovt

Modern Electronic music, Industrial, New Wave, Synth Pop, Electro and more.


1544 S. Vaughn Cir. Aurora, CO 80012

Hawks hawk@tekneek.com http://www.tekneek.com/wpbn

The witchcraft pagan broadcast network.


The Alcove CKCU

PO Box 24052, Hazeldean RPO, Kanata, ON K2M 2C3

PH: 613-520-2528

Nikki info@thealcove.ca http://www.thealcove.ca

Ottawa's only Gothic/Industrial radio show.

Distorted Circuitry RaZoRGrrL info@razorgrrl.com http://www.razorgrrl.com

The best in crunchy and harder-edged Industrial and EBM.


91 St. George St., Toronto, ON M5S 2E8

PH: 416-978-0909 x214 FX: 416-946-7004

Sophia & Burt ebm@ciut.fm http://www.ciut.fm

Electronic music for the body and mind. Industrial/Noise, EBM, Synth-Pop, Darkwave and Gothic.

The Electric Front djlee@theelectricfront.com http://www.theelectricfront.com

Industrial, Electronic, Synth, Goth and Dark-Rock songs.

Electrosynthesis promo@electrosynthesis.ca http://www.electrosynthesis.ca

Goth, Industrial, Experimental, Ambient, Techno…

Les Mouches Noires CISM

1094 Martial, Laval, QC H7P 1E5

Francois Richer lesmouchesnoires@videotron.ca http://www.lesmouchesnoires.com

Send your press kit and CD or demo to us.


Box 18121, 1215-C 56 St., Delta, BC V4M 2M4 info@rantradio.com


Industrial and Punk station. Visit our website for submission details (Industrial music has a different contact address).

Real Synthetic Audio

2515 Bathurst St. #B01, Toronto, ON M6B 2Z1

Todd Clayton todd@synthetic.org http://www.synthetic.org

The most listened to Industrial net-radio show.

Rue Morgue Radio

2926 Dundas St. W., Toronto, ON M6P 1V8

Tomb Dragonmir tomb@ruemorgueradio.com http://www.ruemorgueradio.com

Sounds of Horror.

What The...? CHUO

65 University Pvt. #0038, Ottawa, ON K1N 9A5

PH: 613-562-5800 x2720 FX: 613-562-5969

The Thorn what-the@email.com http://www.myspace.com/the_thorn

The purpose of the show is to expose listeners to artists or material they wouldn't otherwise discover.

E u r o p e


Darker than the Bat

ZRO, Pierets-De Colvenaerplein 7a, 9060 Zelzate, Belgium

PH: 32-0-9-345-54-55 FX: 32-0-9-342-99-38

DJ Peter-Jan pj.vandamme@scarlet.be http://www.proservcenter.be/darkerthanthebat/radio.html Featuring Gothic, Industrial, Electro, EBM ...

Kagan Radio Scorpio

Geerdegemstraat 23, 2800 Mechelen, Belgium

PH: +32 (0)15-424363

Wim Troost radio@kagankalender.com http://www.kagankalender.com

Wave, Gothic, Electro, Industrial. Each promo is assured a review and airplay.


Coquille Felee Radio

Jeckel jeckel@coquille-felee.net http://coquille-felee.net

Goth, Industrial and Electronica music.


Meiose RCT, BP 2001 69603 Villeurbanne, France

PH: 04-78-94-37-37 kb69@free.fr http://meiose.free.fr

Industriel, Gothique, Expérimental, Electro Dark, Dark Folk and Médiéval.


24 rue Pasteur, 51000 Châlons en Champagne, France Philippe Chrétien schizophonia@duskofhope.com http://schizophonia.duskofhope.com

Industrial, Neofolk, Rhythmic Electronics & Noise.


Black Channel Radio Show

An der Lehmgrube 4, D-79312 Emmendingen, Germany

PH: 49-160-8532545 FX: 49-7641-9373-13

Tobias Kuechen info@blackchannel.org http://www.blackchannel.org

Wave, Gothic, Industrial, Dark Techno, Electro, Ritual etc.

Dead or Alive Radio R1live

PF: 837 121, D-90255 Nürnberg, Germany

PH: 49-0-175-703-706-1 FX: 012-12-5-110-23-008 info@r1live.de


Darkwave & Gothic radio.

(((EBM Radio)))

Kleine Düwelstrasse 13a, 30171 Hannover, Germany

Michael Stoll radiomaster@ebm-radio.de http://www.ebm-radio.de

Strange music 4 strange people.

Radio Morituri

Sundische Straße 84, 18356 Bart, Germany

PH: 038231-45088

Vlad Tepecz vlad.tepecz@radio-morituri.de http://radio-morituri.de

Featuring Goth and Industrial music.

Ultra Dark Radio

Lievelingsweg 129, D-53119 Bonn, Germany

PH: 0178-378-29-03 webmaster@ultra-dark-radio.com http://www.ultra-dark-radio.com

Dark, Elektro, New Wave, Darkwave, Industrial ...


Chain the Door Radio Show

c/o Ferruccio Milanesi, Via G. Jannelli 45/D, 80131 Napoli, Italy http://www.chaindlk.com

Promote your music through our show.

Radio Blackout

via Antinori 3 10129 Torino, Italy PH: 39-011-580-68-88 blackout@ecn.org http://www.ecn.org/blackout

L'unica Radio libera In piemonte. Sostieni la frequenza libera!

United Kingdom


The Small House, 138b Brownlow Rd. London, GB-N11 2BP UK Gianfranco Sciacca darklifezine@gmx.de http://www.darklifezine.de

Spreading the latest sounds pertinent to the varied world of Dark and Experimental music.

Spiderpower Sounds

4, Ballyoran Pk. Portadown, County Armagh, N. Ireland BT62 1JN


Send me demos, talk to me. Let me promote YOU!!!


1 Denmark Pl. London, WC2H 8NL UK info@totalrock.com http://www.totalrock.com

Featuring Rock, Metal and Industrial releases.

A u s t r a l i a

Darkwings Radio Show RTR

PO Box 842, Mt. Lawley, WA 6929 Australia

PH: +61-8-9260-9210 FX: +61 8 9260 9222 rtrfm@rtrfm.com.au http://www.rtrfm.com.au

For all your Industrial and Gothic wants.

Dawntreader RTR

PO Box 842, Mt. Lawley, WA 6929 Australia PH: +61-8-9260-9210 FX: +61 8 9260 9222 rtrfm@rtrfm.com.au


Post-Punk, Industrial and more.

Sacrament 2RRR

PO Box 644 Gladesville, NSW 1675 Australia PH: +61-2-9816-2938 FX: 61-2-9817-1048 info@sacramentradio.org http://www.sacramentradio.org

Gothic music & information program.

Hip Hop Radio

Radio Promoters

Mo’ Better Music

77 Bleecker St. #C115, New York, NY 10012

PH: 212-388-0597 FX: 212-388-0592 retail@mobettermusic.com http://www.mobettermusic.com

A National marketing and promotion company.

Insomniac Media & Promotions

PO Box 592722, Orlando, FL 32859

PH: 212-629-1797 insom@mindspring.com http://www.insomniaconline.com/services

Get your Hip Hop release on radio stations nationally.


PO Box 630372, Houston, TX 77263

PH: 281-277-6626 FX: 281-277-6626

Michael Matthews support@looking4airplay.com http://www.looking4airplay.com

Urban radio & record pool marketing (Rap/Hip-Hop/R&B Format). We will digitally deliver your next hit directly to radio today!

Raw Talent rawtalent@hiphopdx.com PH: 888-753-6291 x0 http://www.rawtalentdx.com

We can get you the exposure you crave through radio airplay, record distribution, showcases and even recording deals.


3840 E. Robinson Rd. #200, Amherst, NY 14228

PH: 716-578-0097 shocksoundpromo@yahoo.com http://www.shocksoundpromotions.com

National radio promotions, event consulting etc.

Stations and Shows

N o r t h A m e r i c a

United States

Apex Express KPFA

1929 MLK Way, Berkeley, CA 94704

PH: 510-848-4425 apex@apexexpress.org http://apexexpress.org

If you have music that you'd like featured on our show, HOLLA!!! Preferably music created by

Asian/Pacific Islanders.

The Bassment Online Radio

1112 Montana Ave. #122, Santa Monica, CA 90403

DJ Spider djspider@thebassment.com http://www.thebassment.com

Send us your music!

The Beat Kitchen Sidewok Radio mixshow@sidewok.com http://www.sidewok.com

Featuring live interviews of Hip Hop artists with special guest DJs.

The Beat Suite Sidewok Radio beatsuite@sidewok.com http://www.sidewok.com

We promote local independent Hip Hop artists and DJs/Turntablists.

Beatsauce KUSF

2130 Fulton St., San Francisco, CA 94117

PH: 415-386-5873

J. Boogie justin@jboogie.com http://www.kusf.org

San Francisco's premier Underground Hip Hop mix show. We create a positive vibe for local and out of town artists to showcase their talent and promote their skills for the entire Bay Area and beyond.

Blazin' Mics FM

PO Box 25668, Baltimore, MD 21224

Hector Rivera blazinmicsfm@yahoo.com http://www.blazinmicsfm.com

#1 unsigned hype internet station. 24/7 365 days of non stop music!

BMS Radio

PH: 815-918-4267 webmaster@blackmsusic-spot.com


Featuring unsigned artist and dope Hip Hop!


980 N. Michigan Ave. 1 Magnificent Mile #1400, Chicago, IL 60611

PH: 312-214-3521 FX: 775-264-7137 http://www.chiradio.com

Features a Rap and Soul station.

Cipha Sounds

DJ Cipha Sounds djcipha@ciphasounds.com http://www.ciphasounds.com

DJ Cipha Sounds is one of the select few trailblazers with the natural ability to discover and develop new talent.

The City XM Radio PH: 866-388-6767 thecity@xmradio.com http://thecity.xmradio.com

The hottest Hip Hop, Reggae and R&B from your favorite artists and the newcomers to watch.

Dedicated WNUR

Campus Dr. Evanston, IL 60208-2280

PH: 847-491-7102 FX: 847-467-2058 dj3rdrail@dj3rdrail.com http://dj3rdrail.com/main.htm http://www.wnur.org

To those who continue to represent Hip Hop.

The Difference

5555 Wissahickon Ave. #L8, Philadelphia, PA 19144

Statik info@illvibe.net http://illvibe.net

You can expect to hear anything from Funk to Traditional Jazz, from Hip Hop to Bossanova and Soulful



PO Box 647, Boynton Beach, FL 33425

PH: 561-503-1513

Wilfrid Antoine willydread@yahoo.com http://dreadxx.com

A Hip Hop station that also promotes music through different record pools and A&R.

Earthbound Radio PH: 858-366-4327 info@twelvez.com http://www.twelvez.com

From Hip Hop to Jazz and Acoustic to Electronic. No limits and no boundaries.

ExtravaGangsta Radio ras@enemymindz.com http://extravagangstaradio.blogspot.com

Featuring some of the hottest music in Underground Hip-Hop, Reggaeton and R&B.

The Fresh Connection KPSU

1825 SW. Broadway #443 Portland, OR 97201

PH: 503-725-5945 FX: 503-725-4079

DJ Fresh fresh3122000@yahoo.com http://freshconnection.cjb.net Portland’s hottest Hip Hop show!

GMS Radio

16100 Van Aken Blvd. #207, Cleveland, OH 44120

PH: 216-798-4199

James Thomas marketing@gmsradio.com http://www.gmsradio.com

We feature unsigned artists and post Hip Hop events.

Hip Hop FundaMentalz Radio

4940 Merrick Rd. # 311, Massapequa Park, NY 11762 - 3803

PrizMatiK info@hiphopfundamentalz.com http://www.hiphopfundamentalz.com

Streaming Hip Hop 24/ 7. Send all promo material to the above address.


PO Box 1453, Brighton, MI 48116 music@hoodhype.com http://www.HoodHype.com

An all Urban podcast focusing on underground artists.

Hot City Radio

28870 US 19 N. 3rd Fl. Clearwater, FL 33761

PH: 727-417-6838

Maurice info@hotcityradio.com http://www.HotCityRadio.com

Whatever you say is what we play. Indie friendly. R&B and Hip Hop.


340 Townsend St. 4th Fl. San Francisco, CA 94107

Big Von Johnson vonjohnson@clearchannel.com http://www.106kmel.com

Plays both independent and mainstream music.

The Last Hip-Hop

c/o Jerome Ford , PO Box 7093-WOB, West Orange, NJ 07052

PH: 973-720-2738


Submit your music.

The Mixtape Show kucrdex@gmail.com http://www.mixtapeshow.net

This is your opportunity to be featured right next to some heavy hitters.

Movement Radio steppa@movementradio.com http://www.movementradio.com

We have 3 streams featuring the best in Underground Hip Hop, Reggae and Jungle/ Drum n’ Bass.


PO Box 1507, Goodlettsville TN 37070-1507

PH: 615-260-7636

Robert Grady info@nashvillerap.com http://www.NashvilleRap.com

Our mission is to expose both local and international artists.

Outside The Box Radio

530 Main St. #653, New Rochelle, NY 10801

PH: 914-879-8837 ty@otbradio.com http://www.otbradio.com

The tri-states' #1 station for Underground and unsigned Hip Hop.

Planet X Radio

1011 NE. 109th St., Portland, OR 97218 nbnusa@hotmail.com http://www.planetxradio.com

Underground Hip Hop sounds. Download the release form from our website and send it in with your CD.

The Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show

PO Box 8287, Akron, OH 44320

PH: 330-431-1680

MaD MaXxx M3@maxheat.com http://maxheat.com

The show has a strong Hip Hop origin.

RAW XM Radio

PH: 866-280-4729

Leo G. 66raw@xmradio.com http://raw.xmradio.com

All about living on the cutting edge of today's Hip Hop scene.


PO Box 6868, Fullerton, CA 92834-6868

PH: 714-278-5505 FX: 714-278-5514

DJ Buddhabong buddhabong@solofhiphop.com http://www.solofhiphop.com

Streamin' live every Friday 4-7 PM pst.

Spinatiks Radio

PO Box 51815. San Jose, CA 95151

PH: 866-767-5269

DJ Spindizzy info@spinatiks.com http://www.spinatiks.com

We are in search for artists to play live on our show in the genres of Rap, Hip Hop, R&B and Dance.

Starving Artist WBCR

Rm. 306, Whitehead Hall, 2900 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11210

PH: 718-951-4515 brooklyncollegeradio@gmail.com http://brooklyncollegeradio.org

Introduces those that are ambitious and are trying it to make a breakthrough in the music industry.

Sunday Night Jams KTXT

Texas Tech U. PO Box 43081, Lubbock, TX 79409

PH: 806-742-3916 FX: 806-742-3906 ktxtfm@yahoo.com http://www.ktxt.net

The #1 rated Urban show in Lubbock!!

The SureShot iLLVIBE Radio

5555 Wissahickon Ave. #L8, Philadelphia, PA 19144

Statik statik@illvibe.net http://illvibe.net

A taste of new Underground Hip Hop, mixed with some classics, some Funk, exclusives and whatever else we think is dope!

Tables of Content KCSN

18111 Nordhoff St., Northridge, CA 91330-8312

PH: 818-885-5276

Anthony Valadez antonio.valadez@kcsn.org http://www.kcsn.org/programs/tablesofcontent.html

Transcends mainstream so-called Hip Hop stations by exposing listeners to non-corporate motivated musical acts.

Third Floor Radio

PO Box 6868, Fullerton, CA 92834-6868

Roslynn thirdfloorla@yahoo.com http://ThirdFloorRadio.com

A journey through Hip Hop's past, present and future.

True Unda-ground WCSB

Rhodes Tower 956, 2121 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, OH 44115-2214

PH: 216-687-3721 FX: 216-687-2161

DJ Doc doc@liquid.web.com http://www.wcsb.org

Alien Hip Hop - most of these groups you can only hear HERE!

The Twiglet Zone WBCR

Rm. 306, Whitehead Hall, 2900 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11210

PH: 718-951-4515

TheTwigletZone@gmail.com http://brooklyncollegeradio.org

Dedicated to playing the good, the weird and the wonderful.

The Underground Railroad WBAI

120 Wall St., 10th Fl. New York, NY 10005

PH: 212-209-2800 x2931

Jay Smooth jsmooth@hiphopmusic.com http://www.hiphopmusic.com/radio.html

The first DJ on radio to explore mixing classic Jazz cuts with the latest underground Hip Hop.

Unified Sounds


Supports Underground music. Get recognition!

The UnSung Radio Show

7575 W. Washington Ave. #127-171, Las Vegas, NV 89128

PH: 702-644-4688

Warrick Roundtree untamedtongues@yahoo.com http://www.untamedtongues.com

This is where Spoken Word meets real music. Send 4 CDs along with press kits to the above address.

WBCR Brooklyn College

Rm. 306, Whitehead Hall, 2900 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11210

PH: 718-951-4515 brooklyncollegeradio@gmail.com http://brooklyncollegeradio.org

WFNK requests@wfnk.com http://wfnk.com/radio

Covering every aspect of Alternative Black music.

W.I.N.D. IndieStreet Radio

DJ Suave wind@indiestreetent.com http://www.indiestreetent.com/underground.html Showcasing underground talent from around the globe.


PO Box 369, Greenville, AL 36037

PH: 334-286-9301 FX: 334-382-7770

Roscoe Miller wkxn@wkxn.com http://www.wkxn.com

Hip Hop, Gospel and R&B.

Hip Hop 101 UMFM

Rm. 308 U. Ctr. Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2

PH: 204-474-7027 FX: 204-269-1299

Kinetik kinetikaljoints@frozenbroccoli.com http://www.frozenbroccoli.com/hiphop101.htm

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