Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Folk, Blues, Classical, Jazz, Punk, all metals, Latin, Indie Rock, Electronic, Experimental, Christian, Dance, World Music, Soul, R&B, Women in Music, Country, Rap, Roots, Bluegrass, Reggae, Ska, Rockabilly, Ambient, Emo, Gothic

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PH: 865-494-2020 mail@wdvx.com http://www.wdvx.com

We play all types of Country, Celtic and Folk.


The Bluegrass Zone KPFT

419 Lovett Blvd. Houston, TX 77006

PH: 713-526-5738 FX: 713-526-5750

Chris Hirsch cshirsch@alltel.net http://www.bluegrasszone.com Houston's Bluegrass radio program.

The LoneStar JukeBox KPFT

620 W. 21st St., Houston, TX 77008

PH: 713-526-5738

Rick Heysquierdo rick@lonestarjukebox.com http://www.lonestarjukebox.com

Promotes Americana and Alt-Country genres.

Third Coast Music Network KSYM

7519 Dell Oak, San Antonio, TX 78218-2634

PH: 210-733-2800

David Ludwig ihod7519@yahoo.com http://www.accd.edu/tcmn


5605 David Strickland Rd. Fort Worth, TX 76119

Philip Corder philip@tossmmusic.com http://www.tossmradio.com

If you would like your music played on our station, contact us.

Variety96 Country

PO Box 304, Dale, TX 78616 http://www.variety96.com

We offer airplay to as many artists as possible and will consider all music submitted.


The Amarillo Highway KZMU

PO Box 1076, 1734 Rocky Rd. Moab, UT 84532

PH: 435-259-5968 FX: 435-259-8763

Professor Purple music-director@kzmu.org http://www.kzmu.org

Hillbilly, Alt-Country, Alterna-Twang, No Depression, Country, Honky Tonk.

Monday Breakfast Jam KRCL

1971 W. North Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84116

PH: 801-359-9191 FX: 801-533-9136

Doug Young dougy@krcl.org http://www.krcl.org

Eclectic mix of Insurgent Country, contemporary Singer Songwriter, Folk and Rock.


Allegheny Mountain Radio


Country, Bluegrass, Gospel, Rock, Classical and Jazz.

Bluegrass Sunday Morning WNRN

2250 Old Ivy Rd. #2, Charlottesville, VA 22903

PH: 434-979-0919 http://wnrn.rlc.net

Host Scott Buchanan features 4 hours of Bluegrass music.


4414 Lafayette Blvd. #100, Fredericksburg, VA 22408

PH: 540-891-9696 FX: 540-891-1656

Stephanie Taylor staylor@thunder1045.com http://www.thunder1045.com

We air an Americana/Bluegrass/Texas Country show on Sunday nights that incorporates independent artists.

TwangCast Radio

PO Box 1702, Georgetown, TX 78627 twangradio@takecountryback.com http://www.twangcast.com

We play independent artists of several genres.


Front Porch Bluegrass KPBX

2319 N. Monroe St., Spokane, WA 99205

PH: 509-328-5729 FX: 509-328-5764

Kevin Brown bluegrass@kpbx.org http://www.kpbx.org/programs/frontporch Classic Bluegrass and its progressive offshoots.

Road Songs KBCS

3000 Landerholm Cir. SE., Bellevue, WA 98007-6484 Attn: Music Director

PH: 425-564-2424

Hal Durden asubdude@att.net http://kbcs.fm

A journey down the highways of Alt-Country, Folk, Classic Country and Country Rock.

Washington DC

Bluegrass Overnight WAMU

A.U. 4400 Mass. Ave. NW., Washington, DC 20016-8082

PH: 202-885-1200

Lee Michael Demsey demsey@wamu.org http://www.wamu.org

Six lively hours of Bluegrass every week.


4000 Brandywine St. NW., Washington, DC 20016 http://bluegrasscountry.org

Traditional and contemporary Bluegrass.

The Ray Davis Show WAMU

A.U. 4400 Mass. Ave. NW., Washington, DC 20016-8082

PH: 202-885-1200 feedback@wamu.org http://www.wamu.org/programs/rd Traditional and Gospel Bluegrass.

Stained Glass Bluegrass WAMU

A.U. 4400 Mass. Ave. NW., Washington, DC 20016-8082

PH: 202-885-1200

Red Shipley rs@ns.gemlink.com http://www.wamu.org/programs/sgbg

Receives and considers material from anyone.

WAMU American U.

4400 Mass. Ave. NW., Washington, DC 20016-8082

PH: 202-885-1200 feedback@wamu.org http://www.wamu.org

West Virginia


151 S. Mineral St., Keyser, WV 26726

PH: 304-788-7878

Ed McDonald sidetracks@eioproductions.com http://www.wvpubcast.org/radio/sidetracks

A weekly syndicated program of Bluegrass, Folk, Country, Blues and related styles of contemporary

Acoustic music.


Bluegrass on Saturday WXPR

303 W. Prospect Ave. Rhinelander, WI 54501

PH: 715-362-6000 FX: 715-362-6007

Henry Galvin wxpr@wxpr.org http://www.wxpr.org/program/bluegrass.cfm

Four big hours of Bluegrass every Saturday afternoon.


Angel Radio Bluegrass

Stormin Norman norm@angelradio.net http://angelradio.net

Bluegrass old and new.

The Back Forty CKCU

56-121 Buell St., Ottawa, ON K1Z 7E7

PH: 819-827-0068

Ron Moores ron.moores@back40.ca http://www.back40.ca

Traditional Country, Western and Bluegrass music.

Brave New Frontiers Podcast


Host Randall Cousins presents a weekly peek into the on-the-edge Country influenced indie scene.

Daybreak In Dixie CJAM

401 Sunset Ave. Windsor, ON N9B 3P4

PH: 519-253-3000 ext.2527 FX: 519-971-3605

David Blakney daybreakindixie@hotmail.com http://www.uwindsor.ca/cjam

Bluegrass music.

Dagwood Country Radio

Cluade Camacho rambler@dagwoodradio.com http://dagwoodradio.com

Blue jeans, guitars, NASCAR. Two-steppin' fools and yahoos. Hell Yeah!! Today's Country Rocks!!

Fire on the Mountain CKUA

10526 Jasper Ave. Edmonton, AB T5J 1Z7

PH: 780-428-7595 FX: 780-428-7624

Craig Korth craig.korth@ckua.com http://www.ckua.org

From the roots of Bluegrass to the new Acoustic frontier.

Good 'n Country CFFF

715 George St. N., Peterborough, ON K9H 3T2

PH: 705-748-4761

Barb Holtmann restorix@nexicom.net http://www.trentu.ca/trentradio

Blending the old, the new and the unusual in Country music. News, views and interviews with local and area artists.

Pacific Pickin' CITR

#8-700 St. Georges Ave., North Vancouver, BC V7L 4T1

PH: 604-822-2487

Arthur & Andrea Berman aberman@telus.net http://www.citr.ca

Bluegrass, Old-Time music and its derivatives.

Radio Boogie CKLN

55 Gould St. 2nd Fl. Toronto, ON M5B 1E9

PH: 416-979-5251 FX: 416-595-0226

Steve Pritchard s.pritchard1@sympatico.ca http://www.ckln.fm

Bluegrass, Old-Tyme, Acoustic and Traditional Country.

Six Strings & A Million Possibilities CJTR

PO Box 334 Stn. Main, Regina, SK S4P 3A1

PH: 306-525-7274 FX: 306-525-9741

Bob Evans SixStrings@BobEvansGuitar.com http://www.bobevansguitar.com/six_strings.html Primarily, but not exclusively, instrumental.

Spirit of the West

Lot 1, Hyas Lake Rd. Pinantan, BC V0E 3E1

PH: 250-573-5731 FX: 250-573-5731

Hugh_McLennan@telus.net http://www.cowboylife.com

Features talented independent artists. The show is heard around the world.

Wide Cut Country CKUA

10526 Jasper Ave. Edmonton, AB T5J 1Z7

PH: 780-428-7595 FX: 780-428-7624

Allison Brock allison.brock@ckua.org http://www.ckua.com

Traditional Hillbilly to Pop Country of today.

E u r o p e


Archangel’s Country Club

Wienerbruckstr. 87, A-2344 Maria-Enzersdorf, Austria

Kurt K. Gabriel archangel-country@kabsi.at

Weekly Country music show.

Go West Go Country Radio Ostttirol Amlacher Str. 2, A-9900 Lienz, Austria Hans Mair hans.mair@hella.co.at http://www.radio.osttirol.net/gowest.htm

Send your promotional CDs to the above address.


Absolute Country

Gammel Strandvej 426, 3060 Espergaerde, Denmark. Per Kildahl per-kildahl@adslhome.dk http://www.radiohelsingor.dk

A mix of old and new Country music.

BJ the DJ

Radio Sindals, Her bor vi. Norgesgade 1 9870 Sindal, Denmark bj-the-dj@mail.dk


Playing independent artists from all over the world.

Bornholms Stemme

Gammeltoft 36 – 25, 3790 Hasle, Bornholm, Denmark

Lulu and Arne Andersen arne_lulu@country-vaerkstedet.dk http://www.country-vaerkstedet.dk

On the local radio we air Country music 2 hours a week, plus entertain every second Saturday with mixed music for 3 hours.

Radio Oestsjaelland

Vinkældertorvet 2A Postboks 34 4640 Fakse, Denmark

PH: 56-71-30-03 FX: 56-71-39-51

Hans-Henrik Thamdrup country@lokalradio.dk http://www.lokalradio.dk/voresprg/countrymusic

A lot of the indie music is at least as good as the music of famous artists.


Bluegrass Radio 108 bluegrassradio@hot.ee http://www.hot.ee/bluegrassradio

Devoted to the American Bluegrass and Grassroots music.


Country Special Radio Countrymusic24

Verantwortlicher i. S. d. P., Birgit Walter, Hildburghauser Str. 35 in 12279 Berlin, Germany wunsch@countrymusic24.com


A weekly show that plays independent Country music.

Hillbilly Boogie

Saarstraße 8, 72070 Tübingen, Germany

PH: +49(0)7073-2250 FX: +49(0)7073-2134

Rainer Zellner zellner@musiccontact.com http://www.musiccontact.com

We cover many musical genres related to Country or Hillbilly.

Hillbilly Jukebox Radio Rhein Welle Hauptstrasse 62, 65396 Walluf, Germany FX: 012-126-744-372-84

Rolf Hierath cashville@gmx.de http://www.cashville.de

Hillbilly Rockhouse Countrymusic24

PO Box 1130, 49836 Lengerich, Germany

PH: (0) 5904-9383-13 FX: (0) 5904-9383-82

DJ Gerd Stassen g.stassen@t-online.de http://www.countrymusic24.com


Country Club Music Show

2, rue de la Boucherie, L-1247 Luxembourg

Mam Lexy lexyzen@pt.lu http://www.ara.lu

Country Music Show Radio Ara

3, rue principale, L-9183 Schlindermanderscheid, Luxembourg Willie Jervis radioaracountryshow@yahoo.com http://www.ara.lu

If you send us your Country and Folk CDs, we'll play them!

The Netherlands

Alt Country Cooking

Gasthuislaan 31, 9671 JC Winschoten, The Netherlands

Theo Oldenburg altcountrycooking@radiowinschoten.nl http://www.realrootscafe.com/altcountrycooking.html

Features Americana, Folk, Alt-Country, Blues, Roots-Rock and Singer/Songwriter music.


Burgemeester van Hasseltstraat 7, 4611 BG Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands redactie@brto.nl


Bluegrass, Gospel, Cajun, Zydeco, Tex Mex, Rockabilly and Modern Country.

Country Express Radio Rucphen

Zwaard 27 4871 DL Etten-Leur, The Netherlands

Ries & Johan verwijmerenries@zonnet.nl http://www.home.zonnet.nl/verwijmerenries

Please send me material (CDs & Bio) for my show.

Countryland Radio Barneveld

p/a Valkhof 63, 3772 EC Barneveld, The Netherlands

PH: 0342-422-411

Dick Brink & Timen van Ark countryland@radiobarneveld.nl http://www.radiobarneveld.nl

Bluegrass, Old-Time Country, New Country, aandacht aan de Nederlandse artiesten en in mei geen artiest van de maand, maar Bluegrass maand!!

The Long Distance

Schout 48, 1625 BP Hoorn, The Netherlands Nico Druyf nicodr@hetnet.nl http://www.realrootscafe.com/longdistance.html

All kinds of Roots styles like Alt-Country, Cajun, Blues, Tex-Mex, Rockabilly, Singer/Songwriter, Zydeco etc.


Akelei 10 5803 CA Venray, The Netherlands

Rein Wortelboer peelgras@xs4all.nl http://www.xs4all.nl/~peelgras

Send a promotional CD for review and possible airplay.


Postbus 86, 5900 AB Venlo, The Netherlands

PH: 01805-7834-24001 FX: 001831-677-9141

Dean Grunwald info@proradio4.com http://www.proradio4.net

Playing high quality independent music of all genres, with a particular emphasis on Country, Rock and

Dance music.


Radio Risor

Klingra, Gjernes, N-4990 Sondeled, Norway

PH: 47-3715-4528 FX: 47-3715-2022

Dagfinn M. Pedersen dagfinn@bluegrass.no http://www.bluegrass.no

All types of Bluegrass, including Gospel, Roots and music on the edges.


La Diligència

Gran Via Jaume I, 29, 2nd Fl. E-17001 Girona, Spain

Jesús Garcia & Lluís Sala diligenciaARROBAonamusica.com http://members.fortunecity.com/lsala66/dilig.htm

El programa de música Country d'ona musica.

United Kingdom

Bob Harris Country BBC 2

PH: 08700-100-200 http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/shows/bobharriscountry

The best in Country, from cowboy classics to the newest sounds coming out of Nashville.

Bop 2 B

55B Occupation Ln. Sheffield S12 4PS UK Dave Brighton info@thisgigguide.fsnet.co.uk http://www.dbrighton.rockabillyradio.net

Various Rockin' styles ranging from Rockabilly through Jump-Blues and Doo-Wop.

Country Corner Radio Show Claire FM Abbeyfield Ctr. Francis St. Ennis Co Clare, Ireland PH: 353-0-65-682-8888 FX: 353-0-65-682-9392

Mike Gardiner mgardiner@clarefm.ie http://www.clarefm.ie

Features Irish, American and European Country music, new and old.

Metro Country ray@metrocountry.co.uk http://www.metrocountry.co.uk E-mail to submit your material.

Twangfest U. Radio York

10 Heworth Hall Dr. Heworth, York, Yorkshire YO31 1AQ UK Allan Nelson allan@allan70.wanadoo.co.uk http://ury.york.ac.uk

Roots, Americana, Folk, Country etc.

A u s t r a l i a

Bay Breeze Country Bay FM

PO Box 1003, Cleveland, QLD 4163 Australia

Bob Atkins bob_atkins@iprimus.com.au http://www.bayfm.org.au

Weekly show featuring independent artists.

Cool Country Radio

PO Box 2, The Entrance, NSW 2261 Australia

PH: 0415-616-431

941fm@coolcountry.com.au http://www.coolcountry.com.au

Make Mine Country WYN

PO Box 1011, St. Albans, VIC 3021Australia

PH: +61-3-9364-0817

Trudy trudy-burke@bigpond.com http://www.wynfm.org.au

You will hear some Australian, some overseas major label artists and a whole lot of independent Country music artists from around the world.

MCR Radio

PO Box 1420, Campbelltown, NSW 2560 Australia PH: 02-4625-2768 FX: 02-4627-0670 feedback@2mcr.org.au


Our station features a variety of Country music shows.

Music from Foggy Hollow Hawk Radio

20 Hale Cres. Windsor, NSW 2756 Australia

PH: 02-45-775-662

Mike Kear foggyhollow@bluegrass.org.au http://www.hawkradio.org.au/bluegrass

Our show is a new releases Bluegrass show.

Saturday Night Country ABC

PO Box 694 Townsville, QLD 4810 Australia

PH: +61-7-4722-3050 FX: 07-4722-3099

John Nutting snc@your.abc.net.au http://www.abc.net.au/snc

Your gateway to the best in Australian Country music.

Slinga's Independent Country WYN

PO Box 4221 MDC, Hoppers Crossing, VIC 3029 Australia

PH: 61-1-03-9742-1868 FX: 61-1-03-9742-1868

Tony Slinga slinga1@slinga.com http://slinga.com

Indie Country music from all over the world!

Stone Cold Country Yarra Valley FM

85 Rathmullen Rd. Boronia, VIC 3155 Australia

PH: 61-0419-346230

Rod Bradey rod@austadhesives.com.au

Featuring mainly independent Country music artists.

New Zealand

Alison on WHP

Rural Delivery 9 D, Oamaru 8921, New Zealand

Alison Paulsen alip51@yahoo.co.uk

Please send music for airplay to the above address.

Best of Bluegrass Radio Kidnappers

PO Box 680, Hastings, New Zealand

PH: 06-876-6914 FX: 06-876-6914

Trevor Ruffell comus@xtra.co.nz http://www.radiokidnappers.org.nz

Two hours of contemporary and Old-Time Bluegrass music.

New Zealand Country Music Network

PO Box 352, Stratford, Taranaki 4352 New Zealand contact@countrymusic.net.nz


We welcome CDs from most sources for air play on the five LPFM stations we currently operate in.

Dance and Electronic Radio

N o r t h A m e r i c a

United States


1groove@icebergradio.com http://1groove.icebergradio.com

Drum n' Bass, Electronica, House etc.

Absolute Technoise Radio


Techno radio and online community.

Abstract Science WLUW

Kim Schlechter kim@abstractscience.net http://abstractscience.net

Explores what we refer to as ‘Future Music’. The constant evolution of modern Electronic music in its varied forms, to its roots in Funk, Jazz, Dub and Soul.

astralwerks Radio

A+R Dept. 104 W. 29th St. 4th Fl. New York, NY 10001 a&r@astralwerks.net


Limit your demo to your 3 best tracks. Please, no phone calls!

BassDrive info@bassdrive.com http://www.bassdrive.com

The best of Drum n’ Bass & Jungle music.

Beats in Space WNYU

194 Mercer Str. 5th Fl. New York, NY 10012

PH: 212-998-1660 FX: 212-998-1652

Tim Sweeney tim@beatsinspace.net http://www.beatsinspace.net

The sounds you'll hear are not limited to one style.

Bentwave WNYU

Trent Wolbe trent@bentwave.org http://www.bentwave.org

Brings the experimental side of Electronic music to radio in a format you can dance to.


c/o Alden Gillespy, 6511-A Centerwalk Dr. Winter Park, FL 32792-8319 http://www.clubnetradio.com

We are always accepting submissions by artists, DJs and record labels who would like us to review their material for possible airing on our station.

Beta Lounge Radio Show

1072 Illinois St., San Francisco, CA 94107 feedback@betalounge.com


Send a sample of your material.

Darkside Radio Internet Program (DRiP)

PO Box 1905, Boulder, CO 80306

Stevyn stevyn@ironfeather.com http://www.ironfeather.com

We welcome Dance & Electronica CDs, demos etc.

Dave's Lounge daveslounge@gmail.com http://www.daveslounge.com

A weekly podcast that showcases the best in Chillout, Trip Hop and Downtempo Electronica. If you make any of these styles of music e-mail your artist info and MP3 files (or links to MP3 files) to me.

Digitally Imported Radio demos@di.fm http://www.di.fm

E-mail to get submission instructions.


BPM Magazine, 6725 Sunset Blvd. St. 320, Los Angeles, CA 90028

PH: 310-360-7170 x107 FX: 310-360-7171 feedback@djmixed.com http://www.djmixed.com

dnbradio.com info@dnbradio.com http://www.dnbradio.com

Drum n’ Bass, Jungle and Liquid Funk. If you would like to submit your work, please contact us.

dublab Radio

707 Ridgewood Pl #201, Los Angeles, CA 90038 support@dublab.com


Positive, Freeform music.

Future Breaks FM KUSF

2130 Fulton St., San Francisco, CA 94117

PH: 415-751-5873

dj PUSH djpush@futurebreaks.fm http://www.futurebreaks.fm

21st Century Breakbeat music, pioneering Underground music and DJ culture on the airwaves.

Gruvsonic Dance Radio

720 Two Mile, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494 info@gruvsonic.com


Willing to spin any Dance material via live mix shows.

The Hitchhiker’s Dance Guide WEVL

518 S. Main Memphis, TN 38103

PH: 901-528-1990 prmmgr@wevl.org http://www.wevl.org

Guest hosts present Progressive to Breaks, House to Trip Hop and just about everything in between.

Limbik Frequencies

320 E. Buffalo St. #605, Milwaukee, WI 53202 djsam@limbikfreq.com http://www.limbikfreq.com

Our mix of Ambient, Downtempo, Ethereal, Industrial and intelligent Techno, is an active exploration into deep and uncharted modes of existence.

KNHC Nathan Hale H.S.

10750 30th Ave. NE., Seattle, WA 98125

PH: 206-421-8989 FX: 206-252-3805 http://www.c895fm.com

A recognized leader in Dance music.



Love your music everywhere!

Metropolis KCRW

1900 Pico Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90405

PH: 310-450-5183 FX: 310-450-7172

Jason Bentley metroweb@kcrw.org http://www.kcrw.org/show/mt

The hypnotic pulse of modern city life.

milk.audio gani@milkaudio.com http://www.milkaudio.com

If you would like to send CDs or vinyl, e-mail me.

Mixin' It Up

DJ Baddog djbaddog@mixinitup.com http://www.myspace.com/djbaddog

A showcase for signed & unsigned artists alike. Latin beats & rhythms, Hip Hop, Dance, House, Club music & all its many genres.

Modsnap Radio KSYM

724 E. Grayson, San Antonio, TX 78208-1015

PH: 210-473-3377

Cornflakes cornflakes@modsnap.com http://modsnap.com/audio.htm

Trance - Progressive - Bossa Nova - Downtempo.

Phuture Frequency Radio


Online music community and D n’B radio station.

Proton Radio

Jay Epoch jason@protonradio.com http://www.protonradio.com

The internet's gold standard for underground Dance music. Visit our site for submission details.

SectionZ Radio

Joshua 'Z' Hernandez, 2513 W. Superior St. 1st Fl. Chicago, IL 60612 http://www.sectionz.com

We have a bunch of different DJs hand picking the tracks for the wirewaves. Upload all the tracks you

want and get feedback from thousands of other artists.

The "So Very" Show KTUH

Honolulu, Hemenway Hall #203, 2445 Campus Rd. Honolulu, HI 96822. PH: 808-956-7261 FX: 808-956-5271

Ms. Angel thesoveryshow@gmail.com


Groove to the sounds of Deep House.

Sovereign Glory! KDHX

3504 Magnolia St. Louis, MO 63118

PH: 314-664-3688 FX: 314-664-1020

Li'l Edit sovereignglory@kdhx.org http://www.kdhx.org/programs/sovereignglory.htm Li'l Edit spins beat music live without a net.

Streetbeat WNUR

1920 Campus Dr. Evanston, IL 60208-2280

PH: 847-866-9687 FX: 847-467-2058 streetbeat-md@wnur.org http://streetbeat.wnur.org

Dance music that doesn't get exposure elsewhere.

Technodrome KUCI

PO Box 4362, Irvine, CA 92616-4362 http://www.technodromeweb.com

Trance, Techno, Electronica, House, Progressive etc.

Technomusic.com Radio


Broadcasting live DJ Mixes, 24/7. Also does music reviews.

Trance Lab Radio

DJ Lord Bass lordbass@trancelab.com http://www.trancelab.com

Podcast featuring new flavors of German Tech-House, Glitch and fuzzy Electro grooves with an interest in exposing new music and dusting off old cuts.

The Underground Sounds Show KTUH

PO Box 12073, Honolulu, HI 96828-1073

PH: 808-591-3500 info@double-o-spot.com http://www.double-o-spot.com

The hottest and latest Dance tracks with a mix of past recordings, combining House, Trance, D n’B, Trip

Hop etc.

Universal Vibes info@universalvibes.com http://www.universalvibes.com

Hosts a variety of shows. Has interviews and guest DJs.

Untamed Tongues Poetry Lounge Radio Show

7575 W. Washington Ave. #127-171 Las Vegas, NV 89128

PH: 702-644-4688 FX: 702-474-4688 http://www.untamedtongues.com

The right blend of music and Spoken Word. We feature Neo-Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop and Funk fusions.


547 Gayley Ave. #1, Los Angeles, CA 90024

Harold J. Johnson voyagerradio@gmail.com http://www.voyagerradio.com

The only internet radio station in the known universe webcasting Downtempo from outer space. Send your demos to the above address.

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