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radio@crossrhythms.co.uk http://www.crossrhythms.co.uk/radio

Predominantly contemporary Christian music.


Rhema FM

PO Box 886, Belmont, VIC 3216 Australia

PH: 61-3-5241-6550 FX: 61-3-5241-6552 rhema@rhemafm.org.au http://www.rhemafm.org.au

A station that can change lives for good and the promotion of family values.

Classical Radio

N o r t h A m e r i c a

United States

Adventures in Good Music WITF

1982 Locust Ln. PO Box 2954, Harrisburg, PA 17105-2954

PH: 717-236-6000

Karl Haas fm@witf.org http://www.witf.org

Heard on over 180 stations. Glad to receive CDs for consideration on the program.

Brass Band Podcast Peter brasscast@gmail.com http://www.brasscast.com

Produced for your entertainment and to keep you informed of events in the world of Brass Band music.

Classical Excursions KTCU

TCU Box 298020, Fort Worth, TX 76129

PH: 817-257-7631

Rosemary Solomons R.Solomons@tcu.edu http://www.ktcu.tcu.edu/ktcu/html/classical_excursions.html

Two uninterrupted hours of music from the Baroque to the present.


Michael Cervane info@classicalguitar.cc http://ClassicalGuitar.cc

Music for the Classical guitar, including solos, chamber pieces and concertos.


PH: 248-324-2600 FX: 248-324-0439

Pat McElroy patmcelroy@classicalmusicamerica.com http://www.classicalmusicamerica.com

Local events, music and recording artists are prominent in the mix.

Colorado Public Radio

7409 S. Alton Ct. Centennial, CO 80112

PH: 303-871-9191 FX: 303-733-3319 http://cpr.org

Presents the full range of Classical music.

The Composer's Voice MPR

45 E. 7th St. Saint Paul, MN 55101

PH: 651-290-1212

John Zech mail@mpr.org http://music.minnesota.publicradio.org/programs/composersvoice

The program that asks current composers “Who are you? What does your music sound like? Why does it sound the way it does?”

Contemplation Connection KKUP

933 Monroe St., PMB 9150, Santa Clara, CA 95050

PH: 408-260-2999

Roger Werner wernerr@pacbell.net http://www.kkup.com

Visionary and Classical music for contemplation. Quotes for self-awareness.

From the Top

295 Huntington Ave. Boston, MA 02115

PH: 617-437-0707 FX: 617-262-4267 http://www.fromthetop.org

Showcases the nation's most exceptional pre-college age Classical musicians.

Harmonia WFIU

1229 E. 7th St., Bloomington, IN 47405

PH: 812-855-1357

Emily Blacklin harmonia@indiana.edu http://www.indiana.edu/~harmonia

Brings the music of these earlier periods to life.

Here of a Sunday Morning WBAI

120 Wall St., New York, NY 10005

PH: 212-209-2900

Chris Whent mail@hoasm.org http://www.hoasm.org

The very best in Early music.


1120 W. 11th St., U. Kansas, Lawrence, KS 66044

PH: 785-864-4530 FX: 785-864-5278

Rachel Hunter rhunter@ku.edu http://kanu.ku.edu

We do play music by independent Classical musicians.


409 Jesse Hall, Columbia, MO 65211

PH: 573-882-3431 FX: 573-882-2636 kbia@kbia.org


We love to play music from new and independent Classical artists.


515 NE. 15th Ave. Portland, OR 97232

PH: 503-916-5828 FX: 503-916-2642 music.info@allclassical.org http://www.allclassical.org

Happy to receive any CDs by indie performers of standard Classical.

KBYU Brigham Young U.

2000 Ironton Blvd. Provo, UT 84606

PH: 800-298-5298 http://www.kbyu.org

New material is reviewed and aired if deemed appropriate.


1921 N. Weber St., Colorado Springs, CO 80907

PH: 719-578-5263 FX: 719-578-1033 jazz@kcme.org


We play independent labels Classical and Jazz music.

KCSC U. Central Oklahoma

100 N. University Dr. Edmond, OK 73034

PH: 405-974-3333 FX: 405-974-3844 kanderson@kcscfm.com http://www.kcscfm.com


201 3rd St. #1200, San Francisco, CA 94103

PH: 415-764-1021 rmalone@kdfc.com http://www.kdfc.com

We don't discriminate against struggling musicians!


ULM 225 Stubbs Hall Monroe, LA 71209-6805

PH: 318-342-5565 FX: 318-342-5570 classical@kedm.org kedmjazz@ulm.edu http://www.kedm.org

We do play Classical and Jazz music by independent musicians/composers/producers.


85 Founders Ln. St. Louis, MO 63105

PH: 314-725-0099 FX: 314-725-3801

John Roberts jroberts@classic99.com http://www.classic99.com


10 Harrison St. #100, Seattle, WA 98109

PH: 206-691-2981 FX: 206-691-2982

Tom Olsen tomo@king.org http://www.king.org

We do air independent musician's recordings.

KNAU Northern Arizona U.

Bldg. 83 Box 5764, Flagstaff, AZ 86011

PH: 928-523-5628 http://knauradio.org

KNPR Nevada Public Radio

1289 S. Torrey Pines Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89146

PH: 702-258-9895 FX: 702-258-5646

Florence Rogers flo@knpr.org http://www.knpr.org

I try to play as many independents as I can.


PO Box 899, Pittsburg, KS 66762

PH: 620-235-4288

Tim Metcalf tmetcalf@pittstate.edu http://www.krps.org

Any music received is first reviewed by our program director.


710 S. Clinton St., Iowa City, IA 52242-1030

PH: 319-335-5746 FX: 319-335-6116

Joan Kjaer Kirkman joan-kirkman@uiowa.edu http://ksui.uiowa.edu

We welcome the music of independent Classical musicians.


PO Box 210067, Tucson, AZ 85721-0067

PH: 520-621-5828 FX: 520-621-3360 http://www.kuat.org

A "serious" Classical station. NO recordings from New Age noodlers.

KUFM Morning Classics

U. Montana, Missoula, MT 59812-8064

PH: 406-243-4931 FX: 406-243-3299 http://www.kufm.org

We play a wide variety of Classical music.


4343 Elgin, Fl. 3 Houston, TX 77204-0887

PH: 713-743-0887 FX: 713-743-0868 http://www.kuhf.org

As long as your performances and recordings are of professional quality, we'll play ‘em.


PO Box 77913, Los Angeles, CA 90007-0913

PH: 213-225-7400 kusc@kusc.org http://www.kusc.org

Making Classical music a more important part of more people's lives.

KWAX U. Oregon

Agate Hall, Eugene, OR 97403

PH: 541-345-0800 kwax@qwest.net http://www.kwaxradio.com Classical music 24-hour a day.

KWIT West Iowa Tech College

4647 Stone Ave. PO Box 5199, Sioux City, IA 51106

PH: 712-274-6406 FX: 712-274-6411 http://www.kwit.org

KXMS Missouri Southern State U.

75 Centennial Loop, Eugene, OR 97401

PH: 417-625-9356 FX: 417-625-9742 kxms@mssu.edu http://www.kxms.org

Happy to highlight independent Classical CDs. Please send only Classical music!

Millennium of Music

2775 S. Quincy St., Arlington, VA 22206 radman@weta.com http://www.classicstoday.com/mom

Features the evolution of Sacred music, East and West. Our one-hour national weekly program is heard on over 190 public radio stations across the country.

Modern Masterpieces WBHM

650 11th St. S. Birmingham, AL 35294

PH: 205-934-2606 FX: 205-934-5075

Alan Chapman info@wbhm.org http://www.wbhm.org

Features music by acknowledged Classical masters as well as emerging composers of merit.

A Musical Meander KRCU

1 University Pl. Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

PH: 573-651-5070 FX: 888-651-5070

Alan Journet ajournet@semo.edu http://www.semo.edu/sepr

The basic theme is Classical music in the broadest sense.

The New Edge WMBR

3 Ames St., Cambridge, MA 02142

PH: 617-253-8810

Ken Field newedge@wmbr.org http://newedge.home.att.net

Creative and innovative, mostly instrumental new music, composed and improvised at the intersection of

Classical, Jazz and World styles.

New Sounds WNYC

1 Centre St. 24th Fl. New York, NY 10007

PH: 212-669-3333 FX: 212-669-3312

John Schaefer newsounds@wnyc.org http://www.wnyc.org/shows/newsounds

New works from the Classic and Operatic to Folk and Jazz.

Pipedreams MPR

480 Cedar St., Saint Paul, MN 55101-2217

PH: 651-290-1212

Michael Barone mail@americanpublicmedia.org http://pipedreams.mpr.org

The finest organ music from around the world.

Saint Paul Sunday MPR

480 Cedar St., Saint Paul, MN 55101-2217

PH: 651-290-1212 http://www.stpaulsunday.org

Host opens the studio to the world's best Classical artists.

Sound and Spirit PRI

125 Western Ave. Boston, MA 02134

PH: 617-300-4415

Ellen Kushner spirit@pri.org http://www.wgbh.org/wgbh/pages/pri/spirit Blends Classical, Traditional and World music.

Sunday Baroque WSHU

5151 Park Ave. Fairfield, CT 06825

PH: 203-365-6604

Suzanne Bona sundayb@wshu.org http://www.sundaybaroque.org

An exploration of Baroque and Early music.

Taste of Classics WBCX

Brenau U., 500 Washington St. SE., Gainesville, GA 30501

PH: 770-538-4744

Vanessa Hyatt vhyatt@brenau.edu http://www.brenau.edu/about/wbcx/Taste-of-Classics.htm

Promotes "local" artists or anyone of quality and would like some air time.

Thursday Evening Classics WWUH

Attn: Music Director, 200 Bloomfield Ave. West Hartford, CT 06117

PH: 860-768-4701 FX: 860-768-5701

Steve Petke sdpetke@snet.net http://www.wwuh.org

Offers a broad range of music from the Middle Ages to the present, highlighting Renaissance Choral music and lesser-known works by familiar and obscure composers.


6776 Reisterstown Rd. #202, Baltimore, MD 21215

PH: 410-580-5800 wbjcinformation@wbjc.com http://www.wbjc.com

The Baltimore region’s only Classical music station.


26501 Renaissance Pkwy. Cleveland, OH 44128

PH: 216-464-0900 wclv@wclv.com http://www.wclv.com Spotlights new Classical CDs.

WCNY Syracuse

506 Old Liverpool Rd. Liverpool, NY 13088-6259 http://www.wcny.org/classicfm

Features performances by numerous local musical institutions.


PO Box 897, Wake Forest, NC 27588

PH: 919-556-5178

William Woltz music@TheClassicalStation.org http://www.wcpe.org

Makes great Classical music available to the public.


PO Box 7178, 423 N. Main St., Davidson, NC 28035-7178

PH: 704-894-8900 FX: 704-894-2997 wdav@davidson.edu http://www.wdav.org

We have numerous independently produced recordings as part of its regular music rotation.


301 Broadway 3rd Fl. Bethlehem, PA 18015

PH: 610-694-8100 FX: 610-954-9474 info@wdiyfm.org http://www.wdiyfm.org

We will certainly consider the efforts of independent musicians!


126 N. Main St., Dayton, OH 45402

PH: 937-496-3850 FX: 937-496-3852

Charles Wendelken-Wilson cww@dpr.org http://dpr.org

The voice for our region's performing and fine arts organizations.


2775 S. Quincy St., Arlington, VA 22206

PH: 703-998-2600 FX: 703-998-3401 http://www.weta.org

Feel free to submit your music.

WFCR U. Massachusetts

Hampshire House, 131 County Cir. Amherst, MA 01003-9257

PH: 413-545-0100 FX: 413-545-2546

John Montanari jm@wfcr.org http://www.wfcr.org


5407 W. McKinley Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53208-2540

PH: 414-978-9000 FX: 414-978-9001

Steve Murphy smurphy@wfmr.com http://www.wfmr.com


5400 N. St. Louis Ave. Chicago, IL 60625-4698

PH: 773-279-2020 http://www.wfmt.com

We do play some self-produced CDs.


3400 Idaho Ave. NW., Washington, DC 20016

PH: 202-895-5000 http://www.wgms.com


5200 Hampton Blvd. Norfolk, VA 23508

PH: 757-889-9400 FX: 757-489-0007 info@whro.org


Will consider any independent Classical recordings for possible airplay.


Campbell Hall 300 N. Goodwin Ave. Urbana, IL 61801-2316

PH: 217-333-0850 FX: 217-244-9586 willamfm@uiuc.edu http://www.will.uiuc.edu

Send us your Classical, Jazz and Traditional/Ethnic music.


1982 Locust Ln. PO Box 2954, Harrisburg, PA 17105-2954

PH: 717-236-6000 fm@witf.org http://www.witf.org

Offering Classical music and news.

WKAR Michigan State U.

283 Communication Arts Bldg. East Lansing, MI 48824-1212

PH: 517-432-9527 FX: 517-353-7124 mail@wkar.org


WKSU Kent State U.

PO Box 5190, Kent, OH 44242–0001

PH: 330-672–3114 FX: 330-672–4107 letters@wksu.org



PO Box 920, Monroe, CT 06468

PH: 203-268-9667 info@wmnr.org http://www.wmnr.org

Non-commercial Classical and Fine Arts music.

WMRA James Madison U.

983 Reservoir St., Harrisonburg, VA 22801

PH: 540-568-6221 FX: 540-568-3814 wmra@jmu.edu http://www.jmu.edu/wmra

Interested in hearing contemporary composer’s music.

WMUH Muhlenberg College

2400 Chew St., Allentown, PA 18104-5586

PH: 484-664-3239 FX: 484-664-3539 wmuh@muhlenberg.edu http://www.muhlenberg.edu/cultural/wmuh We play independent Classical 4 hrs/week.


1049 Asylum Ave. Hartford, CT 06105

PH: 860-278-5310 FX: 860-244-9624 info@wnpr.org


We welcome the music of independent Classical musicians.


4802 5th Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15213

PH: 412-622-1300 FX: 412-622-1488 music@wqed.org http://www.wqed.org

You are more than welcome to send CDs for consideration.


122 5th Ave. New York, NY 10011

PH: 212-633-7600 FX: 212-633-7730 listener.mail@wqxr.com http://www.wqxr.com

Welcomes submissions from independent artists.


1509 Cecil B. Moore Ave. 3rd Fl. Philadelphia, PA 19121-3410

PH: 215-204-3393 FX: 215-204-7027

Jack Moore jack@wrti.org http://www.wrti.org

Plays some Classical/Jazz independent music.


PO Box 2596, Salisbury, MD 21802. PH: 410-543-6895 prd@salisbury.edu


Will accept quality indie submissions.


PO Box B, Trenton, NJ 08690

PH: 609-587-8989 FX: 609-586-4533 wwfm@mccc.edu http://www.wwfm.org

Playing the finest Classical music available.


303 W. Prospect St., Rhinelander, WI 54501

PH: 715-362-6000 FX: 715-362-6007 wxpr@wxpr.org



280 State St. PO Box 30021, Rochester, NY 14603-3021

PH: 585-258-0200 wxxi@wxxi.org http://www.wxxi.org

We do play the music of independent artists.

Yellowstone Public Radio

1500 U. Dr. Billings, MT 59101

PH: 406-657-2941 FX: 406-657-2977 mail@ypradio.org http://www.yellowstonepublicradio.org


Music Around Us CBC

PO Box 500, Stn. A, Toronto, ON M5W 1E6 http://www.cbc.ca/musicaroundus

Host Keith Horner presents concerts recorded across Ontario.

Northern Lights CBC

PO Box 160, Winnipeg, MB R3C 2H1 http://radio.cbc.ca/programs/northernlights

Host Andrea Ratuski sometimes plays independent Classical artists.

Shades of Classics CKUW

Rm. 4CM11 U. Winnipeg, 515 Portage Ave. Winnipeg, MA R3B 2E9

PH: 204-774-6877 FX: 204-783-7080

John Iverson shades@mts.net http://www.jliverson.com/ckuw

Promoting the music of local musicians/ensembles.

Symphony Hall CBC

PH: 403-521-6109 FX: 403-521-6232 http://www.cbc.ca/symphonyhall

Host Katherine Duncan presents a showcase for Canadian orchestras and their musicians.

Two New Hours CBC

CBC Radio, Box 500, Stn. A, Toronto, ON M5W 1E6

PH: 416-205-8577 FX: 416-205-6040 http://www.cbc.ca/2newhours

Host Larry Lake brings you the world of New Concert Music by Canadian and international composers.

E u r o p e

Czech Republic

Ceský rozhlas 3 - Vltava

Vinohradská 12 120 99 Prague, Czech Republic

PH: 420-221-552-647 FX: 420-221-552-676 info@rozhlas.cz http://www.rozhlas.cz/vltava

Live broadcasts Opera, Classical music and Jazz from all over the world.

The Netherlands

AVRO Klassiek klassiek@avro.nl http://klassiek.avro.nl

Classic FM

Postbus 1088 1400 BB Bussum, The Netherlands

PH: 035-699-79-99 FX: 035-699-79-98 classicfm@classicfm.nl http://www.classicfm.nl

The Concertzender


Presenting remarkable programs with lots of genuine Jazz and Classical music.


NRK - NRK Alltid Klassisk

PH: 815-65-900 info@nrk.no


The Classical station of the Norwegian Public Radio.



Ave. Marechal Gomes da Costa, 37, 1849-030 Lisbon, Portugal

PH: 00-351-217-947-000 FX: 00-351-217-947-570 http://www.rdp.pt

Broadcasting Classical music from all epochs and styles.

United Kingdom

BBC Radio 3 Classical


Home page of the BBC Radio 3's various Classical shows. Info, shows, contacts etc.

BBC Radio 2 Easy Listening and Classical


Home page of the BBC Radio 2's various Easy Listening and Classical shows. Info, shows, contacts etc.

BBC Radio 3

London, W1N 4DJ UK PH: 087-00-100-100 http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio3/classical

The mother of all Classical radio stations!

Hear and Now BBC

Radio 3, London, W1N 4DJ UK PH: 087-00-100-100 http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio3/hearandnow

Features live concerts, studio sessions from the best new music groups.

Lyric FM

Cornmarket Sq. Limerick, Ireland

PH: 353-0-61-207300 FX: 353-0-61-207390 lyric@rte.ie


Irish Classical music station.

A u s t r a l i a


76 Chandos St., St Leonards, NSW 2065 Australia

PH: 9439-4777 FX: 9439-4064 admin@2mbs.com http://www.2mbs.com

Programs of Classical, Jazz and Contemporary music.

ABC Classical Music

PO Box 9994, Melbourne, VIC 3001 Australia PH: 03-9626-1600 FX: 03-9626-1633 http://www.abc.net.au/classic

Programs that feature new Australian Classical music.

Country Radio

Radio Promoters

Bill Wence Promotions

PO Box 39, Nolensville, TN 37135

PH: 615-776-2060 FX: 615-776-2181

Bill Wence info@billwencepromotions.com http://www.billwencepromotions.com

Hundreds of singles and albums have been charted for our clients.

Billy James Productions

PO Box 5496, Deptford, NJ 08096

PH: 856-468-7889

Billy billyjames@wnjc1360.com http://www.wnjc1360.com/Shows/Billy_James/billy_james.html We offer promotion for artists and bands.

E. H. King Music

PO Box 40, Santa Fe, TX 77517

PH: 409-925-4539

Ed & Barbara Ekingehk@cs.com http://www.wingnut.net/ehk.htm

We'll mail out your CDs for you!! We get airplay!!

Jerry Duncan Promotions

PO Box 40471, Nashville, TN 37204 http://www.duncanpromo.com

Has successfully promoted 60 #1 country hits including breakthrough singles for some of today's biggest stars including Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, Martina McBride, Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss.

Marco Promotion s

PO Box 24454, Nashville, TN 37202

PH: 615-269-7071 FX: 615-269-0131 info@marcopromo.com http://www.marcopromo.com

Our radio marketing strategy provides the artist an opportunity to make an impact at secondary country radio by establishing an audience base and creating product awareness in targeted sales markets.

N o r t h A m e r i c a

United States

Internet, Syndicated Shows and Podcasts

Abbott's Bluegrass Habit

PO Box 54668, Cincinnati, OH 45254-0668

Vicki Abbott abbottsbluegrasshabit@yahoo.com http://www.geocities.com/abbottsbluegrasshabit

Do you have material that you would like to be considered for airplay? Contact me!

Alt Country Opry!


Monthly podcast. Hear songs, interviews and commentary from up and coming indie Alt-Country artists.

Americana Roots Review roots@AmericanaRoots.com http://www.americanaroots.com

Podcast featuring music from some great unsigned Americana artists.

Blue Wave Bluegrass

783 E. King St., Strasburg, VA 22657

Bill Foster foster.bill@verizon.net http://www.bluewavebluegrass.com

Artists, send your music in to the above address.

Bluegrass Review

PH: 651-690-1508

Phil Nusbaum pnusbaum@bitstream.net http://www.bluegrassreview.com

Includes Bluegrass classics as well as the current wave.

Bluegrassbox admin@bluegrassbox.com http://www.bluegrassbox.com

We encourage visitors to purchase the releases of the bands represented here.


293 JC Saunders Rd. Moultrie, GA. 31768

Clyde Scott controlroom@bluegrassradio.org http://bluegrassradio.org

If you would like to have your project considered for "wire play" please submit it to the above address.

Cowboy Cultural Society

1110 Main St. #16, Watsonville, CA 95076

Laura Ellen laura@cowboyculturalsociety.com http://www.cowboyculturalsociety.com

No great social upheaval or revolutionary insights, just classic Cowboy music.

The Doo Wop Cafe Radio furjack@iname.com http://www.doowopcaferadio.com

Dedicated to preserving the best music that there is, vocal group harmony.

Frank's Americana frank@franksamericana.com http://www.franksamericana.com

Cooking the music of the world in the melting pot of American life!

Gruene With Envy Radio

1215 W. Slaughter Ln. #2513, Austin, TX 78748

Dave Lytle dave@415e.com http://www.gruenewithenvy.com

Playing music from all of your favorite Texas and Americana artists.

Independent Country Artists Radio

2010 Ashford Ln. Midlothian, TX 76065

PH: 866-631-5118 FX: 972-775-8527 music@originalcountryradio.com http://www.originalcountryradio.com/indie.html

Hosts Bluegrass, Country and Country Gospel shows.

Independent Music Network

8424 Santa Monica Blvd. S. #776, West Hollywood, CA 90069

PH: 323-654-2182

Gary Hendrix gary@independentmusicnetwork.com http://independentmusicnetwork.com

Featuring the best independent artists in the universe!

Into the Blue

Attn: Programming, PO Box 112000, Nashville, TN 37222 http://www.bluegrassradio.com

Longest running commercial Bluegrass syndication in the country.

Kicker Country 525.com contact525@525.com http://www.525.com/kicker-country.htm

Featuring the best in Country music old and new.

Moozikoo Radio

PO Box 50322, Nashville, TN 37205-0322

Anthony Bates anthony@moozikoo.com http://www.MoozikooRadio.com

The best music from today's independent artists. We focus on music in the Americana, Alt. Rock, Bluegrass, Blues and Alt-Country genres.

Muldoon in the Afternoon World Wide Bluegrass Radio

PO Box 95, Marathon, OH 45145

PH: 513-724-1440

Gracie Muldoon gracie@worldwidebluegrass.com http://www.freewebs.com/muldoon_til_noon http://www.worldwidebluegrass.com

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