Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Folk, Blues, Classical, Jazz, Punk, all metals, Latin, Indie Rock, Electronic, Experimental, Christian, Dance, World Music, Soul, R&B, Women in Music, Country, Rap, Roots, Bluegrass, Reggae, Ska, Rockabilly, Ambient, Emo, Gothic

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PH: 212-584-5100 http://www.siriusradio.com

The best music you’ve ever heard and never heard.

Sloth Radio slothdog@gmail.com http://www.slothradio.com

Playing the best in modern and classic Synthpop and New Wave.


1594 Treat Ave. San Francisco, CA 94110 Attn: (channel name)

shawn@somafm.com http://www.somafm.com

Internet broadcasts that reach around the world.


6415 Oliver Ave. S., Richfield, MN 55423

PH: 952-200-6255

Mike Johnson webmaster@songtiger.com http://www.songtiger.com

Covers most genres of music.

SongPlanet Radio


You'll be amazed at the quality of music that the major labels don't want you to hear.

The Sound of Young America Jesse Thorn splangy@splangy.com http://www.splangy.com

Syndicated show with in-depth discussions with personalities from the world of entertainment. If you think that you would fit, get in touch. We're all ears!

Spider Bite Radio

435 Elm S. Manchester, NH 03101

PH: 603-645-1449 FX: 603-657-7202

PB Kidd pbkidd@spiderbiteradio.com http://www.spiderbiteradio.com Independent music from around the globe!

StardustRadio.com stardust@stardustradio.com http://www.stardustent.com

Internet radio supporting the US troops. All genres welcome.

StreetBlast Radio


Underground music, popular culture, rants and raves.

SubZero admins@subzeroradio.com http://www.subzeroradio.com

We would love to play some of your songs on air. Please e-mail us an MP3 of your music. Put in subject

"be heard".

Texas Online Radio music@texasonlineradio.com http://www.texasonlineradio.com

We're not limited to Texas artists! We support the growth and promotion of new artists everywhere!

The Trans-Atlantic Underground


Takes you around the world of Shoegaze, Indie Rock, Psychedelia and other movements within a vast body of underground music.

Tyrus Indie Radio

201 S. Mill St., Lewisville, TX 75057

PH: 972-353-2763

Scotty Owen info@thetyrusmusiciansgroup.com http://www.TheTyrusMusiciansGroup.com

We help indie artists any way we can.

Unsigned Band Radio


Send us your CD or latest demo and we'll play it for you for free!!

WCH Radio

GW Carver House, 3035 Bell Ave. St. Louis, MO 63106

PH: 314-718-7143 FX: 270-682-9474

John ODay wchradio1@lycos.com http://wchradio.com

We try to play as much indie music as possible.


PO Box 1801, Eatonville, WA 98328 wrps1@comcast.net


See website for submission guidelines/forms.

Wild Side Radio

10662 De La Roche, Montreal, QC H2C 2P5

Station@WildSideRadio.com http://www.WildSideRadio.com

A variety of shows featuring the best in indie music. Send in a CD or a link to your music.

Whole Wheat Radio

PO Box 872, H St., Talkeetna, AK 99676 http://www.wholewheatradio.org

We play independent music exclusively.

WSVN Radio

PO Box 132, Thornton, IL 60476-0132 wsvnradio@yahoo.com


Send your CD and additional info.

X-Site Radio

4200 Arch Dr. Ste. XMLA, Studio City, CA 91604


Ten ten@xmradio.la http://www.xsiteradio.com

Upload your music. The world is listening!

XM Satellite Radio

1500 Eckington Place NE., Washington, DC 20002-2194 attn: Billy Zero

FX: 202-380-4065

Billy Zero yzero@xmradio.com http://radiounsigned.com http://unsigned.xmradio.com

Submit your CD with genre labeled. No MP3s.

XMU XM Radio

Tobi xmu@xmradio.com http://xmu.xmradio.com

We play what's next ...now! It's Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Electronic, Down Tempo and Underground Hip


XND Radio

PH: 360-488-0460

Joshua Morgan joshua@xndradio.com http://www.xndradio.com

24/7 internet radio station playing the best in independent music.


90 Stowell St., Upland, CA 91786 info@enexes.com


Official indie music supporter!


Jim theshow@youronlive.com http://www.youronlive.com

Rock and talk only the internet can handle.

Zero Art Radio

2809 Galesburg Dr. Nashville, TN 37217 http://www.zeroartradio.com

A consortium of Alternative musicians, artists and people in general who are enthused by creativity and free thought.


Podcasts listed in this section feature a variety of musical styles. Other more genre-specific podcasts can be found in the appropriate sections of this book. Most podcasters don’t mind if you send MP3s via e- mail, but there are some will DELETE any attachments sent to them and insist that you send a LINK to your song file. So just to be safe, make sure to check the submission details for each show.

Many podcasts feature what is called “podsafe music”. To find out what podsafe music is, read the article in SECTION SEVEN of this book called “What is Podsafe Music?”

United States

75 Minutes

PH: 801-784-1337

Mike & Lyssa 75minutes@gmail.com http://www.75minutes.com

We scour the earth looking for the best of the independent music world, no matter the language, style or level of presumed hipness.

Absolutely Kosher Records Podcast

1412 10th St., Berkeley, CA 94710-1512

Cory Brown macher@absolutelykosher.com http://absolutelykosher.blogspot.com

A look at life's little idiosyncrasies and quirks and a ton of cool music.

Accidental Hash

PO Box 367, Milford, MA 01757

C.C. Chapmanaccidenthash@gmail.com http://www.accidenthash.com

Playing the best in podsafe music Visit the website for submission details.

Adam Curry's Daily Source Code adam@podshow.com http://www.dailysourcecode.com

Podfather Adam Curry scours the globe for the hottest new mashups, podcast highlights and podsafe music.

Adzuki Bean Stash

Cchang cchang@math.utexas.edu http://adzukipodcast.blogspot.com

Monthly podcasts from my stash of music.

Alaska Podshow

PO Box 221856, Anchorage, AK 99522-1856

Scott Slone media@alaskapodshow.com http://www.alaskapodshow.com

Local news, events and introducing independent music from artists around the world.

American Cliche

PH: 206-203-3425

Scott TheAmericanCliche@gmail.com http://americancliche.net

Bizarre news stories, politics and undiscovered music all served up with a heaping dose of sarcasm. We want to hear from you!

America Unsigned


Featuring the best independent musicians in the country. Send us an e-mail with a short bio and the names of the songs you would like played.

Amplified Podcast

PO Box 151, Seattle, WA 98111

Eric Hoglund eric@amplifiedpodcast.com http://www.amplifiedpodcast.com

Podcasting great indie bands from around the globe.

Ash Radio

PH: 203-389-1736 csr@froppo.com http://www.ashradio.com

Dedicated to giving you the best exposure we possibly can. Visit our site for submission details.

Association of Music Podcasting (AMP)

PO Box 463, Williamsville, IL 62693

PH: 217-899-3512 FX: 217-899-3512

Matt Galligan matt.galligan@musicpodcasting.org http://musicpodcasting.org

Consider submitting your music to AMP's music library, which our members use to fill their unique podcasts with hot new acts.


Greg Johnson gregj013@yahoo.com http://www.ATW1.tk

Alternative Pop radio. We play music from unknown Rock bands at no cost.

Audio Popcorn PH: 763-390-5051 audiopopcorn@gmail.com http://www.audiopopcorn.net

Small musical shows focusing on one artist or group.


PH: 425-969-5502 hello@audiocrush.us


About confessions, music and everything else.

Bald Guy Show PH: 651-204-9032 baldguyshow@gmail.com http://www.baldguyshow.com

Playing great podsfafe music. We talk about music, politics, relationships and other stuff too!


c/o Produktion, 1617 W. Jefferson St., Boise, ID 83702 feedback@bandtrax.net


We’d love to play your music on our podcast and give you a chance to sell your CDs in our online store.

Band Weblogs Podcast

Jenny & Dave info@bandweblogs.com http://www.bandweblogs.com/podcastshow.html

Playing podsafe and independent music with the occasional special guest dropping by.

Bands Under the Radar kami@viperroom.com http://bandsundertheradar.com

Featuring unsigned bands and indie artists.

Barefoot Radio

PO Box 351979, Westminster, CO 80234

PH: 888-640-5899 paul@barefootradio.com http://barefootradio.com

Nobody does more to promote independent bands and musicians. We work hard to sell your music.


Bob Dubilina bob@bfninyourears.com http://www.bfninyourears.com

Bold declarations, risky propositions, dark humor, angry rants, wild interviews and great music!

The Bottom40 Rock Show

3664 St. Johns Ave. Jacksonville, FL 32205

Adam Hartmann adam@hartmanndesign.net http://www.bottom40rockshow.com

I like everything from Bluegrass to Heavy Metal to Punk. I don't like pop Country. Really old Country is ok.

Buckeye Drive Time buckeyedrivetime@gmail.com http://www.buckeyedrivetime.com

A drive time alternative. 3 Songs, 3 Promos, no idiots!

The Buddy Culver Show

Darren Proctor darrenproctor@gmail.com http://www.buddyculver.com

Coming to you from the bowels of a basement in Dearborn, MI. Highlighting indie bands from all decades.

BZoO HomeGrown Radio cafeRg@gmail.com http://www.splashhall.org/blog

Where political pundits, artists, poets and fans play!

C.C. Chapman's U-Turn Cafe

PO Box 367, Milford, MA 01757

PH: 206-984-2233

C.C. Chapman uturncafe@gmail.com http://u-turncafewp.podshow.com

A special focus on mellow, chilled Acoustic music. Grab a seat and enjoy!


375 Redondo Ave. #326, Long Beach, CA 90814

Anji Bee anjibee@gmail.com http://thechillcast.podshow.com

Music ranging from Downtempo to Deep House, Trip Hop to Dream Pop, Electro Lounge to old school

Jazz and Blues.

The Closet Geek Show

Brent closetgeekshow@gmail.com http://www.closetgeekshow.com

A mix of Trance, Drum n’ Bass, Rock, Metal and mashups that will make you want to dance, mosh or both at once.


PO Box 26272, Akron, OH 44319

PH: 330-807-5236

Dave Jackson musicianscooler@gmail.com http://www.coolerpodcasts.com

Where musicians come to trade advice and music.


PMB 12, 15400 W. 64th Ave. #E-9, Arvada, CO 80007

PH: 206-222-2683

Brian Ibbott coverville@gmail.com http://www.coverville.com

A podcast that focuses on new renditions of previously recorded songs.

Cream of the Crop


A musical competition hosted by Doug DeLong. Featuring the very best independent music available today. Be part of the fun by voting each week for your favorite contestant!

Creot Radio


Weekly show featuring artists from around the globe. The show is hosted by musicians in a new city each week and features that city's local artists.


73-23 194th St., Flushing, NY 11366

PH: 877-766-4254

Aaron Taylor Waldman music@dailysonic.com http://www.dailysonic.com/main

Discusses news, independent music, fringe culture, arts, technology, lifestyle, activism etc.

Deliberate Noise


Music from independent record labels and unsigned artists.

The Desperate Housewife

Tracey Auer thedesperatehousewife@gmail.com http://thedesperatehousewife.libsyn.com

Finally a podcast for women who are tired of losing their husbands and boyfriends to this new podcasting world! Indie music is featured each show.

Digital Detroit Radio

Matt digitaldetroitradio@gmail.com http://www.digitaldetroitradio.com

Our mission is to promote independent bands that aren't associated with the RIAA. I love spreading the word about indie bands that people might not have heard of yet.


Paulie Podcaster submit@digivegaspodcast.com http://www.digivegaspodcast.com

Bringing you the very best indie music from Las Vegas, as well as from all over the world.

Eclectic Mix eclecticmix@gmail.com http://eclecticmix.com

Offers the best from a mixture of musical styles. A single artist will be highlighted during each show so that the listener can absorb what is offered.

Electric LarryLand podcast@electriclarryland.com http://www.electriclarryland.com

Podcast of video and audio production techniques. Accepts music for airplay. Visit site for details.

Flow Music


Features live music performances from hot NYC venues as well as music videos submitted by independent artists from all over the world.

Get Jacked! getjacked@hanamas.com http://getjacked.hanamas.com

I play what I like. Say what I like. Show up when I like.

High Orbit


Music, news and feedback from all over the quadrant with Matthew Ebel.

The Home Made Hit Show

Tony Butterworth homemadehitshow@gmail.com http://www.homemadehitshow.com

Featuring exciting and original Rock, Acoustic, Blues and Pop music made by home based artists.


PH: 512-533-0655

Just Pete & NASA Janet noise@illinoise.net http://www.illinoise.net

Join us for Robot Theatre, Haiku Reviews and the Karaoke Challenge!


JBU Box 3466, 2000 W. University St., Siloam Springs, AR 72761

PH: 530-632-3673

James Smith james@independentcast.com http://www.independentcast.com

A weekly half-hour podcast featuring the best independent artists from around the globe.

Indie Eye

Dave Phillips dphillips@fivemasks.com http://www.indierelease.com

We close our show each week with an independent music clip. A great way to get your music to new ears.

Indie Interviews indieinterviews@indieinterviews.com http://indieinterviews.com

Weekly podcast of interviews with indie artists.

Indie-Music.com Podcast

PO Box 602, Columbus, IN 47202

Suzanne Glass suzanne@indie-music.com http://www.impodcast.com

Create a free online press kit at http://www.indie-music.com/join and automatically be considered.


Chris MacDonald info@indiefeed.com http://www.indiefeed.com

Your music must be unique, high impact, high energy and compelling. Your songs must push the envelope and resonate, stimulate and perhaps even challenge the audience.


Tony Alexander pd@indiepodcasting.com http://www.indiepodcasting.com

A service that promotes indie artists using a combination of podcasting, syndication, webcasting and viral marketing.

Inside the Music Business Radio

PH: 510-213-2446

Troy Ewing troy@insidethemusicbusiness.com http://www.imbradio.com

Who better to get advice from than artists, managers, labels execs, attorneys and other industry power players.

Insomnia Radio

765 Mesa View Dr. #128, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

PH: 805-709-1551

Jason Evangelho jason@insomniaradio.net http://insomniaradio.net

Consistently delivering the best music you've never heard. Business Week calls it one of their Top 8 podcasts in the world.

Jason Knows knows.jason@gmail.com http://www.jasonknows.com

Deals in indie music and interviews.

The Jersey Toddshow Jerseytoddshow@gmail.com http://www.jerseytoddshow.com

The hardest working lawyer in podcasting.

King Bonk's Campfire Cast kingbonk@gmail.com http://www.kingbonk.libsyn.com

A periodic setting of sound and story.

The Lee Show

Lee Harris juvenilehi@gmail.com http://www.theleeshow.com

A bi-weekly hodgepodge of music and fun for everyone.

Love House Radio

PH: 206-222-1905

PD Love LoveHouseRadio@gmail.com http://www.lovehouseradio.com

Fresh music and personal interviews.

Lunatic Radio theshow@lunaticradio.com http://lunaticradio.com

Interviews with independent artists and their music.

Lying Media Bastards

PO Box 4705, San Diego, CA 92164

Jake lmbradio@gmail.com http://www.lyingmediabastards.com

Couples excellent music with angry news commentary (and the occasional interview). If you've got songs for us send MP3s via e-mail.

Mashup of the Week mashuptown@gmail.com http://www.mashuptown.com

Promoting the brilliance, creativity and hard work of DJs, producers, Mashup artists and the original artists whose music is mashed.

MFJ: Rocket Sauce

3491 Holiday Rd. #102, Traverse City, MI 49686

PH: 231-645-0271

Julie Olson juliepaloo@monkeypup.org http://musicforjerks.com

Focusing on the most kick-ass, cream your jeans Rock music we can find.

Most People Are DJs

PO Box 1231, Union Lake, MI 48387

PH: 206-202-2643

Mikel O.D. mostpeoplearedjs@gmail.com http://mostpeoplearedjs.libsyn.com

Send me stuff for my show!!

Music 4 iPods


Featuring music from independent bands. Submissions are accepted through Sonicbids www.sonicbids.com

Music For Jerks

3491 Holiday Rd. #102, Traverse City, MI 49686

PH: 231-645-0270

Joshua Olson monkeypup@monkeypup.org http://www.musicforjerks.com

A rock-your-socks-off Indie Rock podcast. You want the goods? I got the goods.

MusiciansCast.com info@musicianscast.com http://podcast.musicianscast.com

Professional musician Jonn Savannah, legendary recording engineer Shelly Yakus and communications guru Peter Bowman team up to bring you a free daily podcast that really informs and entertains with hard-hitting topics all about the music business and getting ahead in today’s music industry.

musicNerve.com Weekly Podcast

PO Box 67405, Albuquerque, NM 87193-7405

Peter Mezensky misspeter@gmail.com http://www.musicnerve.com

We seek out the best Indie Rock, the weirdest outsider music and the most ground breaking of the

Experimental and Avant-garde.


Paul Mahern paulm@musicrebellion.com http://www.musicrebellion.com

Our podcasts feature information about up and coming artists.

Next Big Hit

30 Magaw Pl. #1D, New York, NY 10033

PH: 646-345-3433 submissions@nextbighit.com http://www.nextbighit.com

Submit your music for us to consider for our podcast programming and for Indie Airplay Internet Radio!

Notes From The Underground music@notesunderground.com http://notesunderground.com

New music recommendations, music news, film reviews and more.

The Nothing War

PH: 206-203-4869

Jeff & Patrick admin@thenothingwar.com http://thenothingwar.com

We play music. The good stuff along with some talk, yes the good talk.

The Obtuse Angle

Steve Dupont obtuseangle@stevedupont.com http://obtuseangle.libsyn.com

Brought to you by the hardest working brain cell in America!

Off the Beat-n-Track


The best in indie music from across the country and beyond. Live performances, interviews, CD spotlights and more.

The Open Mic

PH: 206-338-2577 FX: 704-843-5396

Tyler McKenzie openmicpod@gmail.com http://www.openmicpodcast.com

Features music and information on independent artists.

Pancake Radio


If you have anything you want to share: obscure gems, your band's new demo, recordings of your parents making whoopee, feel free to drop us a line and we'll make the arrangements.


PH: 213-417-8838

Jason Brock peacepod@songserverworldwide.com http://www.songserverworldwide.com

A cutting edge way for activists, artists and the audience to connect. For music submissions please sign the guest book with a link to your music.

The PhiLL(er) podcast@thephiller.com http://www.thephiller.com/podcast Weekly independent music showcase.



The show provides an outlet for independent musicians as well as musicians that may have gone unnoticed in the past.


Joy pinkbelt@pinkbeltrage.com http://outloud.pinkbeltrage.com

I love music more than anything in the world!

Planet Moonbeam moonbeam@podomatic.com http://moonbeam.podomatic.com

On a quest to find the best indie music we can.

PMC Top10

6130 Bryant Pond, Houston, TX 77041

Chris Doelle pmctop10@gmail.com http://www.podmusiccountdown.com

A weekly countdown show featuring the top tunes being spun by podcasters.

The Podcast Network podnet@principius.com http://www.thepodcastnetwork.com

One of the best resources for quality audio content that people can listen to when they want, where they want and on any device they want.

The Podcast Network’s Rock Show Ewan ewanspence@gmail.com http://rock.thepodcastnetwork.com

Walking the dark corners of the internet to find the best underground and unnoticed Rock bands.

Podsafe Music Daily

Blaze podsafemusicdaily@gmail.com http://podsafemusicdaily.podomatic.com

Your daily dose of 100% podsafe music to make your day go by just that much faster.

podsafe music network


The best in new music and music podcasts. Submit your music and watch your fans and CD sales grow!

Podshow Music Rewind

Marcus Couch podshowmusicrewind@gmail.com http://rewind.podshow.com

The best independent music from the best independent music podcasts.

Podshow Radio PH: 213-291-6892 podshowradio@gmail.com http://www.podshowradio.com

Where we talk about music and more!

Preying Lizard Podcasts

101 Hodgesville Rd. L-50, Dothan, AL 36301 preyinglizard@netscape.net http://www.preyinglizardmusic.com

Check our various podcasts for one that features your style of music.

Pure Brilliant

Hugh Morrison purebrilliantpodcast@gmail.com http://www.purebrilliantpodcast.blogspot.com Featuring bands covering a wide variety of genres.

Radio Guitarhoo!

Furbelly furbelly@guitarhoo.com http://www.radioguitarhoo.com

Spotlights, interviews, features and loads of music from Heavy Metal, Punk, Jazz, Blues, Flamenco, Experimental and beyond!

Radio QRM

PH: 206-337-0776 radioqrm@gmail.com http://radioqrm.com

Noise traditional radio can't ignore.


303 Hyland Ave. Depew, NY 14043

PH: 716-698-8426

Timothy Finucane radiospeljamr@gmail.com http://radio.speljamr.com

A podcast featuring independent music of all genres.

Random Signal

Jason randomsignal@gmail.com http://randomsignal.libsyn.com

Tangential transmissions from a disorganized mind.

The Riverbend theriverbend@gmail.com http://theriverbendpodcast.com

The next generation of radio is here!

Rock and Roll Geek Indie Show

PH: 706-621-7625

Michael Butler rockandrollgeek@podshow.com http://www.rockandrollgeek.org

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