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The College wants to ensure that its courses and its case of students are of a high quality. However, sometimes things may go wrong and you may want to complain. If this becomes the case then please follow the link below for further details.

If after reviewing the procedure you are unsure of what action you would like to take or require further advice and guidance then please use the following:


    1. Extenuating Circumstances

Extenuating Circumstances is a policy to ensure that no student is disadvantaged by circumstances beyond their control; whilst maintaining academic standards. These are circumstances which:

If your participation in an examination or assessment has been affected by an extenuating circumstance; then you can ask the College to take this info consideration. You can submit a claim for extenuating circumstances to cover last submission of work, no-submission of work or non-attendance at a time specific assessment; such as an examination, test, presentation or performance or a field class.

When making a claim students must ensure that they submit the FULLY completed Extenuating Circumstances form along with the relevant associated evidence as soon as possible, and normally no later than ten working days after the deadline for the submission of the work; or the date of the presentation, performance or test. If you are making an extenuating circumstances claim about coursework, do not wait for a decision on your claim before submitting your work. Please submit the final version of your work within 10 working days of the original deadline. However it would be preferred if the claim was submitted within 5 days in order that it can be dealt with quickly and within the timeframe.

For full details of the Extenuating Circumstances Policy please follow the link below:

If you have any queries regarding the submission of the Extenuating Circumstances please speak with your Programme Manager or a member of the HE Operations Team.
  1. Appendix

    1. Programme Specification


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