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This purpose of this booklet is to provide students with some basic steps to research and learn how to apply for scholarships, bursaries and other financial awards. It is not possible to list all the scholarships, bursaries and awards which come from private donors, foundations, industries, associations, organizations and government agencies. Information about specific scholarships is available through websites noted in this publication and in the many binders located in the Career Centre. Students should also check with their employers, their parents’ employers, their coaches and their associations; they must carefully read the calendars or websites of the post-secondary institutions where they plan to apply.

Students should also inquire about student loans, tuition assistance, bursary funds, work-study and co-op programs. Information on student loans is available at 604.660.2610 or and apply at The opening date varies but usually the end of May or beginning of June. In addition, the calendar of each individual post-secondary institution has complete information on bursary programs and other financial assistance. Students should contact the post-secondary institution they are planning to attend to obtain a calendar or check the institution’s website for its calendar and information on financial assistance.

Steps to follow to apply for Scholarships and Awards

  1. Fill out the Pinetree Student Information Form (Brag Sheet) and financial need form (if applicable) available at the Career Centre. You will need this form if you want to get a letter of reference from a teacher, a counsellor or the principal. (Only invited students with an average of – 90% and above - are eligible for a letter from the principal). Make at least 3 copies of your Information form after you fill it out. Give Career Counsellor one copy of completed form if you wish to be considered for scholarships which require a nomination from the principal or Scholarship Committee.

  2. Make sure you have a social insurance number (SIN) Apply online at

  3. Attend the scholarship lunchtime meetings – usually October and March.

  4. Ask a teacher or a counsellor who knows you for a letter of reference. Also request letters from community organizations that you are involved with.

  5. Research the scholarships available – See Research Guide below.

  6. Come to the Career Resource Centre – Room A200 and look through Scholarship binders for more detailed information on the awards you would like to apply for. Ask the Career Facilitator for help if you don’t see the Scholarship binders. Also, go to

  7. Decide which scholarships you are eligible to apply for and highlight so you remember.

  8. Check the Pinetree website daily for updated information about new scholarship applications. Check in the Career Center and Bulletin board outside A200.

  9. Get application forms for scholarships from the Website or Scholarship Drawer in the Career Centre. If you cannot find the application ask the Career Facilitator to download it for you. If you take the last application please ask the Career Facilitator to make more copies.

  10. After you have fulfilled all of the application requirements submit to Career Centre if requested or mail to address shown on application. If you are not sure what to do ask for help. Pay attention to deadline details. Does the application need to be received by a date or sent by a date?

  11. Many scholarship applications are discarded as they are not presented according to the instructions. Details matter!

  12. ***THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT*** When you are notified that you have won an award contact your Career Facilitator or a Counsellor right away so that you can be recognized as a winner during the convocation ceremony. There is an orange form in the Career Centre you can use.

GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIPS AND AWARDS- Must be a Canadian Citizen or Landed Immigrant

Passport to Education

Awarded to academically high achieving students in each grade from grade 9-12. The amounts are $250 in grades 10 and 11; $500 in grade 12. No application is required.

Provincial Scholarships

The Ministry grants 5,000 ($1000) and 20 ($2500) Scholarships to students with the highest exam results. Must achieve at least a ‘B’(73% or above) final mark (school and provincial exam mark blended) in Language Arts 12 (English 12, Communications 12).

District Scholarships

Based on excellence in non-academic subjects. Focus Areas: second languages (including Aboriginal languages), Fine Arts (visual, dance, drama, music), Applied Skills (business, tech education, foods, textiles, physical activity (not limited to PE. Must take at least five combined grade 11 and 12 electives in a focus area. Student must also have achieved a C+ or better average in grade 12 including a passing grade in either English 12 or Communications 12. Awards are $500 cheque and a $500 scholarship voucher, which must be redeemed at a post-secondary school within 5 years of graduation. These scholarships require an application available in March in the Career Centre.

Governor-General’s Bronze Academic Medal

Awarded to the grade 12 student who achieves the highest academic standing (with an average of at least 80%).


These scholarships require an application. Application details will be advertised in semester 2

These are awards given by local business and community associations. Applications for all of these awards are available in the Career Centre. Most of these awards have very specialized criteria. They are listed in four groups.

Group 1 – Award winners are selected by the scholarship committee at Pinetree Secondary. Winners are listed in the commencement booklet. Instructions on how to claim the award are included in students final report card.

Group 2 – Nominees are selected by the scholarship committee at Pinetree but winners are chosen by the organization that is awarding the prize. Usually students are notified by the awarding institution.

Group 3 – Available to Tri Cities or larger local area. Applications should be available at the Career Centre - students mail these applications directly to the organization awarding the scholarship.

Group 4 – These awards are also included in the Open Awards category listed below but are listed here because they are provided by education related groups and the applications are usually available in the Career Centre. Students mail applications directly to the organization awarding the scholarship.

Group 1

If you are applying for one or more of the following awards in Group 1, complete one school application package only. Application forms are available in the Counselling Area. Indicate which awards you are applying for. Return complete package to Ms. Johal by April 26, 2013.

The scholarship committee at Pinetree Secondary selects award winners. Be sure to check criteria for each scholarship. Awards based on financial need must include financial need form and personal letter.




Aboriginal Education Bursary


Aboriginal student who plans to enter post-secondary

Aboriginal Bursary – Brenda Kearns


Aboriginal student involved in Aboriginal program and takes leadership role, and plans to enter post-secondary

Artona studio

$50- $500

Proceeding to post-secondary, community involvement, academic achievement

Canadian Federation of University Women – Bursary


Female, university acceptance, good effort, positive attitude, community involvement.

CTA – Cam McKenzie Award


Citizenship, service, extra curricular, leadership

CTA – Achievement

Award - Merit


A top academic student proceeding to post secondary

CTA – Bursary

4 x $300

Proceeding to post secondary, financial need form required

C.W. McKenzie Scholarship


This award shall be granted to students who are planning to continue either their academic, technical, or vocational education or training at a recognized post secondary institute.

District Scholarships


Proceeding to post secondary, Excellence in non-academic subjects. Student must be a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident.

Separate application due April 26, 2013

Gordon Paton Scholarship


This award shall be made available to students graduating from Grade 12 in School District #43. Four scholarships will be awarded per rotation in recognition of academic excellence to students planning to continue either their academic, technical or vocational education or training at a recognized post secondary institute.

G&F Financial Group Bursary


Citizenship, service, extracurricular, leadership. Financial Need form required

Korean Parent Group


Korean heritage, academic excellence, going to post secondary. Complete Financial Need Form (may be considered).

Leo Chan Scholarship


Must demonstrate at least two of the following: Interest in music; Passion about human rights and social justice; and/or Interest in politics (local, provincial, federal, school government). Student must also write a 250 word write up as to why he/she should be the best candidate for the award.

Mayor’s Scholarship

2 x $500

Awarded to two students (one female and one male) pursuing post-secondary studies in college, university, trades training, etc.

Michael Cuccione Foundation Scholarship


Proceeding to post-secondary. Criteria: 3 reference letters, personal resume, list & record of achievements, typed essay on “Making a Difference”. (Award paid to institution)



The scholarship shall be granted to students who are planning to continue their academic, technical or vocational education or training at a recognized post secondary institute. There is no restriction regarding the chosen field of study; however, the student should demonstrate good citizenship, leadership abilities and involvement in community service within the school or the broader community.

Rotary Club of Coquitlam Sunrise Bursary


Awarded to a graduating student who plans to enter a post secondary institute program which will lead to a degree, the skills of which could be applied to improving the living standards of people in the underdeveloped countries of the world and who demonstrates personal qualities of leadership, citizenship and compassion and acceptable academic achievement, such that successful completion of the degree program is reasonably assured. (The bursary will be presented to the recipient at a Rotary meeting)

Group 2

Separate school application packages are required for each of the following awards. Nominees are selected by the scholarship committee at Pinetree but winners are chosen by the organization that is awarding the prize. Return completed package by April 26, 2013. *Application in the Counselling Area. See Ms. Johal or your counsellor




Alderson Elementary PAC Scholarship


Students who attended Alderson Elementary for at least 3 yrs

Significant contributions to social and cultural development of the school and the community *

Rotary Club of Coquitlam – Dulce Huscroft Memorial Bursary Award


Financial need, letter, references. Most important criteria is community involvement.*

Royal Canadian Legion

#133 – Poppy Fund

4 x $2000

Must be child or grandchild of Canadian or British commonwealth veteran. Must live in Poco or East Coquitlam – between the Coquitlam River and the Pitt River. Each school nominates their best financial need candidate and delivers the completed form. *

Royal Canadian Legion #133 – Education Fund

4 x $2000

Do not have to be related to veteran. Must live in Poco or East Coquitlam – between the Coquitlam River and the Pitt River. Each school nominates their best financial need candidate and delivers the completed form. Financial need is the main criteria.*

Royal Canadian Legion #263 Ladies Auxiliary Bursary

2 x $1000

Financial need. Female only. School nominates and Legion chooses.*

Group 3

These awards require an application form and or letter. Forms are available from in the Career Resource Centre at various times throughout the year. Be sure to check the deadline date for year 2012/2013. Students mail these applications directly to the organization.




DEADLINE (based on 2011/2012

Al Grist – BC Hydro Environment Award


Continuing studies in the field of environment, wildlife or biology. GPA C+ or higher. Students strong interest and involvement in this field will influence selection.


Elmer Helm Youth Fund


Students must demonstrate they are planning to pursue studies in a certificate or degree program at the college or university level, and must be significantly involved in their community in a volunteer capacity.

June 30

Canadian Parents for French (CPF) – Tri-Cities Chapter

$250 - $500

Grade 12 French immersion student, Career plans which demonstrate intention to use both official languages

Late March

Coquitlam Centre Emerging Artists Hedy Pothorn Memorial Award


Excelling in art and proceeding into an art program in post secondary. This scholarship is arranged by the Art department. Please ask your art teacher if Pinetree is participating this year.

April 26

Coquitlam College

Must be going to Coquitlam College.

Mar 31

Coquitlam Drama Teachers Assn. (CDTA) Metfest Scholarship


Graduate who excelled in the theatre program and plans to continue in theatre related education. Demonstrates personal qualities of leadership, citizenship and compassion. This scholarship is arranged by the Drama department. Please ask your drama teacher if Pinetree is participating this year.

April 26

Coquitlam Foundation Bursary

$1,000 / $500

Resident of Coquitlam, financial need, history of school and community involvement, good grades, going on to post-secondary

Feb 23

Coquitlam Foundation Bursary for Vocational / Technical School

$500 & $1,000

Resident of Coquitlam, financial need, community involvement, good grades, able to pursue post-secondary,

June 14

Coquitlam Foundation Raymond A. LeClair Memorial Scholarship


Coquitlam resident, financial need for bursary, community involvement, post secondary pursuing public service.

Feb 23

Coquitlam Evening Optimist Club – Robert Simms Memorial Scholarship


Service to school and community, proceeding to post secondary, financial need. See Mr. McBride or Ms Johal regarding application.

May 1

Coquitlam Principals’ and Vice Principals Association

2 x $500

Child or grandchild of a past or present CPVPA member

April 30

CTA Roy Krutow Scholarship


Son/daughter of teacher, or deceased teacher in SD43. For information see Ms. Johal

July 1

CUPE Local 561 Bursary


Son, daughter of Union member

See Mr. McBride for application

May 01

CUPE Local 561 Elizabeth McKnight Bursary


Son, daughter of union member

See Mr. McBride for application

May 01

CUPE – Aubrey Burton Memorial Scholarship


Member or son/daughter of Union member.

July 15

Eagle Ridge Hospital


Must be involved in or entering the field of healthcare

March 31

Farah Ismail Legacy Fund Bursary


Formerly attended Glen Elementary School. Consistently demonstrates socially responsible behaviour; empathy and working to help others in need at school or in community; has shown kindness, caring and perseverance in the face of challenge. See Mr. McBride or Ms Johal regarding application.

May 15

Glenayre Scholarship


Reside within the boundary of the Glenayre neighbourhood of Port Moody. Involved with volunteering in the community

April 29

Port Moody Ecological Society


Student in environmental studies with ongoing volunteer record, planning to pursue environmental studies at post secondary

May 8

Sprott-Shaw Community College Scholarship

1 x $1,000
2x $2,500 (practical nursing)

Registered for a Sprott-Shaw program commencing sometime between Sept. and Dec. Good grades, attendance and attitude.Must also include a 100 word essay for the chosen

Sprott-Shaw Community College Scholarship

Raymond J. Canuel Memorial Scholarship


Going into policing, resume including extra-curricular or community service, short essay

May 1

Dr. Hal Weinberg – Village of Anmore


Going to post secondary, living in Anmore

Please see Mr. McBride for application

April 30

Violet Richardson Award


Woman, volunteering

December 15

Group 4

These awards are included because they are provided by education related groups. Students apply directly using application forms provided in the Career Resource Centre. Mail the application forms to the sponsoring organization by the due date indicated. (Where the deadline is specified, the date was based on the year 2012, so be sure to check the deadline date for the 2013.)




DEADLINE (based on 2011)


BC Arts Council Scholarship


Expertise in specific disciplines – theatre (acting, directing, technical) – dance (performance, choreography), music, film, video, creative writing, visual arts administration, conservation studies.

April 30


BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (Ona Mae Roy Ed. Award)

1 x $500

Good citizenship, leadership, sportsmanship and community service. 300-500 word essay

Feb 28


BC Principals & Vice Principals Assoc Scholarship


Academic achievement award, leadership and community involvement

Sept 16


BC School Superintendent Association - Grade 12 Scholarship

1 x $1000

5 x $200

Academic excellence, exemplary service and leadership – 700 word essay

April 5


BC School Trustees Association

2 x $500

Good citizenship within school and community

February 28


School Plant Officials Association of BC

3 x $1000

Dependent of SD43 employee in Facilities, custodial or maintenance areas preference to the fields of engineering, architecture or building technology

April 30


These are awards that can be used at various post-secondary institutions. These awards can be substantial. Students must meet additional criteria which reflect the interests of the donors. Students applying for these awards must make sure that their applications show their eligibility clearly. For these awards see the Scholarship binder located in the Career Resource center and search online @ Other good scholarship websites are: and,



These awards are only offered for the school that has issued them and are usually only given to graduating grade 12 students who will attend the next winter session. These awards can be substantial and generally must be individually applied for. For more information about awards from specific post secondary institutions see their websites or Ms Devlin in Room A200.

Awards From Post-Secondary Institutions Outside B.C.


Most major universities and colleges offer entrance scholarships to out-of-province students and, in some cases, to out-of country students.

The scholarships to major universities and colleges are awarded on the basis of academic achievement, leadership, community involvement, and participation in school government, extra-curricular activities, and athletics. Applicants are screened on the basis of letters of reference, letters of application and, in some cases, an interview. Application forms should be obtained from the university or post-secondary institution in question. Students should consult the current calendars for specific information on criteria.

The Internet is also a good source for information on post-secondary institutions. A listing of Canadian universities and colleges with links to their websites and to U.S. and world universities can be found at the Canadian Universities and Colleges website ( or at the AUCC Canadian Universities website ( Students need to check the websites and/or current calendars as they may include more up-to-date information than in the Handbook.

Athletic Awards

Athletic Awards are given on the basis of good academic standing and athletic excellence in a particular sport, general all-round athletic ability, and team or recreation leadership. Some are offered only for a particular institution; some may be used at any recognized post-secondary institution. The B.C. School Sports website is a useful site ( for students interested in athletics. For more information about athletic scholarships please see the list in the Career Centre.


Apply for as many scholarships as possible. Be prepared to spend time and effort; successful scholarship applications are the result of care, good supporting documents, and attention to detail.

  1. Complete the “Pinetree Student Information Form” to obtain reference letters.

  2. Begin EARLY in the school year.

  3. Choose the scholarships and bursaries for which you are realistically eligible. Make sure the award applies to secondary school students entering a post-secondary institution and not just to students already attending.

  4. Obtain the application forms, make photocopies of them, and use them as rough drafts. Splotches of whiteout do not create a good impression.

  5. Complete the applications forms, ask for letters of reference and recommendation, and procure all relevant documents.

  6. MAKE PARTICULAR NOTE OF DEADLINES. It may be helpful to make a chart with timelines of the scholarships for which you are applying.


  1. Check that you meet the criteria. Follow the application instructions accurately and exactly.

  2. If the application requires a letter, make sure the letter is neat, accurate, and legible.

    1. Use 8 ½ x 11 inch white paper.

    2. Use one side only.

    3. Use standard business style.

    4. Include identity, academic standing, and participation in school and community activities, future plans.

    5. Be straightforward, concise and unemotional.

    6. Check whether application must be typed or handwritten.

    7. Use a clean, easy to read type.

  3. If an award is restricted, include detailed and precise information which makes clear your eligibility for the award. You may need to write a separate letter.


The importance of a good letter of application cannot be overemphasized since it is the usual basis for screening candidates. A good letter of application takes a great deal of time, effort, thought and revision; it is often the difference between a candidate being considered or rejected.

Follow a format which includes the following information:

  1. Brief outline of interests, hobbies and activities.

  2. Brief summary of positions and offices held in school, youth organizations and the community. Grades 10, 11, and 12 are usually sufficient; however, some require Grade 8 and 9 as well.

  3. Short statement of purpose in seeking to attend university.

  4. Information on awards, scholarships and prizes won in any field.

  5. Details of employment in the last two years.

When an application does not specifically require a letter, it is a good idea to include a resume. A resume for a scholarship application has a different emphasis from a resume for employment. Like a letter of application, a good resume requires time, effort, thought and revision. A resume should be no more than ONE page.


Many applications require letters of reference or recommendation that often form an important part in a committee’s decision. It is important, therefore, to give careful consideration to your choice of referees. Ask adults who know you well, but who are not members of your family. Employers, coaches, principals, teachers, ministers, and neighbours are all possibilities. Choose people who are familiar with your achievements in school, athletics, student government, community service, employment, and other extra-curricular activities.

Be sure to tell your referees specifically what you need and give them plenty of time because writing a good letter of reference requires time, effort, and thought. Give your referees copies of your Student Information form and/or your resume to help them be thorough in their recommendations.

Good luck with your applications and don’t forget to send a letter of thank-you to the sponsoring person, club or institution that issued your award! Remember to let Ms. Johal, Counselling or Mr. McBride (A200) know if you receive an award and it will be included in the commencement booklet.

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Exams, Transcripts and Scholarships: Data Management and Student Certification: Get your provincial exam results/Order transcripts from the Ministry Information on provincial awards and how to redeem stamps and vouchers for students enrolled in approved post-secondary programs. Passport to Education, Provincial Scholarships, District Scholarships Student Aid BC

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  • One-stop site for planning and financing your education

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