Physical Education Aerobics Syllabus

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Physical Education Aerobics Syllabus

Brianna Murdoch

Dance aerobics is a choreographed fitness class with music, incorporating cardio, strength, and stretch moves for a total body workout. The moves are taken from hip-hop, yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, modern dance and resistance training. Each class will incorporate the following components:

1. A warm-up segment comprising gentle rhythmic movements and isolations for individual muscle groups and learning new skills sets to improve coordination and balance.

2. An aerobic segment to increase cardiovascular fitness.

3. 4. A muscle-toning segment to strengthen the upper torso, arms, with an emphasis on core strength

4. A final cool-down stretching segment to elongate the key muscle groups and return the heart rate to normal.

Expectations for Aerobics

  • Be an active participant

  • Show proper respect to your peers and teacher

  • Be on time, come prepared, bring a positive attitude

  • Maintain open communication

  • Accept new challenges


Grading will include four areas: Attendance, Participation, Fitness, and Knowledge.

Attendance will make up 30% of the students grade. Students need to be present and suited on a daily basis. Missing more than 2/3 of the total class time will result in an automatic fail. Students receive daily points for participation and dress.

Nonsuits: Nonsuits will not be allowed to participate, resulting in a total deduction of 10 points (attendance/participation). At 3 nonsuits the parent will be contacted by the teacher, at 5 nonsuits the student will be referred to the Assistant Principal and at 10 nonsuits the student will fail the grading period.

Loaners: Students may check out a loaner shirt and/or shorts. A loaner uniform will result in a deduction of up to 5 points, but it does allow the student to participate and earn participation points.10 points available daily; points will be deducted daily for the following:

Absent (-10) Tardy (-2) Non-Suit (-5) Partial Suit (-2) Non Participation (-5) Behavior (-5)

Participation: will make up 35% of the students grade. Students will be required to participate in various sports and will receive a grade for each sport unit.

50 points= Excellent participation, 40 points=Participation, 35 points=Partial participation, 30 points=No participation

Fitness will make up 25% of the students grade. Students need to participate in daily fitness as well as Wednesday Fitness/Run days.

Runs (20 points possible per run/activity on Wednesdays)

Physical Final (100 points available for final)

Knowledge will make up 10% of the students grade. Each sport unit will contain a skills test and written test and a physical final will also be conducted. Students need to do well in each of these areas to pass Physical Education.

Tests (25-50 points available on tests. Tests will be given for each unit).

Skill Testing (20 points available for each skills test per unit).

Grade Scale

A 90-100+% B 80-89% C 70-79% D 60-69% F below

Medical Make Ups

Students who are physically unable to participate in P.E. for more than two days will need to provide a doctor’s note to the nurses office as well as to the teacher. Students who are going to be missing more than 3 weeks of class due to medical reasons will be sent to the counseling office to make arrangements until the student is able to participate again. Students who will be out less than 3 weeks will still have to dress out and will be responsible for making up the points missed by writing an essay, doing work sheets, or physically making up the points when they are able. If there are any adaptations or other restrictions that are necessary, please indicate on the parent signature form, so instructors can make the appropriate accommodations.

Policies and Procedures

Locker Room: There is to be no cell phone usage or use of any other portable electronic devices in the locker room or any Physical Education facilities. There is to be no horseplay in the locker room or any Physical Education facilities. No Aerosol spray.

Lockers: Students will each be receiving a locker issued to them by their teacher. Students are to provide a combination lock. Teachers will keep a 3x5 card on file with the student's combination in case he or she forgets their combination. Students will have a small locker issued and a larger locker to use during their class period to store their personal belongings. We encourage you to lock up all your possessions. The PE department is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Equipment and facilities: Students are to treat equipment and facilities with respect. Any student violating this will receive a referral. Students are not to touch or play with equipment until directed to by the teacher.

Tardies: Students will have 7 minutes from the first bell of the period to change and report to their designated class numbers. Tardies will then be marked.

Materials Needed: Combination lock, closed toed shoes, Physical Education Uniform or grey shirt and black shorts. During colder weather students may wear black or grey sweats.

Make Up Days- Student will have the opportunity to make up points that have been missed in their classes twice a month during homeroom on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month.
Dress Code - PE: All students are required to wear athletic attire to Physical Education classes. This means shorts with a 6” or more inseam, sweats, t-shirts with sleeves and athletic shoes. Preferred colors are grey shirts and black shorts Students are required to have their name on their uniform. PE uniforms and locks are available to purchase from the PE Department. Uniforms are $25, or $13 for the shirt and $12 for the short. In colder weather students are permitted to wear sweats. All students must wear closed toed shoes.

Course Goals

The overall goal of the course is for students to develop cardiovascular fitness, increase energy,

strengthen and tone muscles, improve flexibility and balance, and improve health and well being. These goals will be achieved in individual, and collaborative practice. In

addition to these overall goals, here are some specific goals that are desired (but not limited to):

1. Students will learn these basic aerobic dance and footwork movements and technique:

-Attitude Lift -Toe Touches

-Flick Kick -Heel Hop

-Knee Lift -Hip Rocks

-Lunges -Plies

-Ball Change -Triplet

-Chasse -Grapevine

2. Students will learn these basic upper torso strength movementsand technique:

-Bicep Curl -External Rotator

-Deltoid Lift -Hammer Curl

-Lateral Lift -Overhead Press

-Row -Tricep Kick Back

3. Students will learn the anatomical name and location of key muscle groups:

Anterior Posterior

Biceps Trapezius

Hip Flexor Rhomboids

Adductors Latissimus Dorsi

Quadriceps Hamstrings

Deltoids Gastrocnemius

Pectorals Posterior Deltoid

Obliques Abdominals Triceps

Rectus Abdominis Erector Spinae

Tensor Fascia Latae Gluteus Medius

Tibialis Anterior Gluteus Maximus

Soleus Abductors

4. Students will learn to assess their Target Heart Rate and become aware of how they feel

while exercising, and to ensure they are within their exercise training zone.

Perceived Exertion - this method will be used to determine exertion by using the terms:

Very, very light… Very light…Fairly light…Somewhat hard…Hard…Very hard…Very, very

hard, as well as Yellow zone, Green zone, and Red Zone.

5. How to continue a lifelong habit of fitness outside of this course

Safety Recommendations and Guidelines(DO’s & DON’Ts)

DO modify or slow down movements when you have trouble maintaining correct posture. Work

towards improvement.

DO make movements as large and controlled as possible for the greatest benefit. Lift torso tall,

relax shoulders, and extend arms and legs fully.

DO hold abdominal muscles firmly throughout class for proper posture and back support.

DO keep head and neck movements moderate, especially while warming up.

DO align head with spine, unless directed otherwise for a specific movement.

DO keep shoulders down and arms by ears when stretching arms overhead.

DO rotate legs so that knees and feet face the direction your body faces.

DO align knees over toes in plie and lunge positions. DON’T release hips backward or slouch in

plie and DON’Tlower hips below knees when in a plie or lunge.

DO land gently on the balls of the feet, with knees slightly bent,then lower entire foot to floor.

DON’T allow ankles to roll inward or outward.

DOmaintain alignment of body from head to toe on floor routines. DO press lower back into the

floor during sit-ups and single leg lifts. DON’T lift the working leg above horizontal. DON’T

allow lower back to arch upward.

DO relax shoulders and neck when using the resistance tube for upper torso routines. DO hold wrist

straight and grip tube firmly. DO move slowly and with control. DO support torso and maintain a

neutralspine with contracted abdominals. DON’T tense shoulders upward or push chin forward.

DON’T allow wrist to bend or swing arms carelessly. DON’T bend from waist or round back in a

“hunched over” position.

DO hold a stretch for a minimum of 30 seconds to allow the maximum muscular benefit. DO relax

and breathe deeply allowing gravity to lower you comfortably. DON’T bounce or jerk while

stretching or force a stretch

This form is worth 10 points

*Please fill out and return the lower portion to the teacher

Name of Student: __________________________

Class Period: ______________________________


Parent Signature: ____________________________

Parent Phone #:_____________________________

Parent email:_______________________________

Additional information about the student (medical conditions): ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________

Student Signature: ____________________________


Ms. Murdoch’s Website: This is a great way to stay up to date on events in class. I post not only the syllabus here, but also a calendar for class activities, directions when there is homework, fitness current events, and community events relating to fun physical fitness.

PE Department Website

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