Photo essay part V finishing Touches Music and Mixing

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Finishing Touches – Music and Mixing

Exporting and Turning it in!

You will add music to enhance your essay and support the theme you want to communicate to your audience. Be very careful to use only instrumental music, without lyrics. Lyrics will distract the audience and compete with what you are trying to communicate. For this project, use only music from this website:
Downloading and Importing

  1. Open Firefox and go to

  1. Use the search windows to scroll around and choose music based on how you want the audience to feel while watching your Essay. Double click to choose.

  1. The results you get will describe the music and the instruments used. NOTE: It takes just as long to Preview a track as it does to Download the MP3, so if one seems like it might work, just download it to your Essay folder.

  1. Download by right clicking on the Mp3 length (:60, :90, :1:30, etc…) and choosing Save Link As…. Navigate to save it in your Premiere Essay folder.

  1. Open your Premiere Essay project.

  1. Go to File, Import. In the window that appears, navigate to your folder and choose the music file you downloaded. Click OK.

  1. Your music file will now appear in the Project Bin panel on the left. Click and drag it out to Audio 2 in the Timeline Sequence window, below your narration. SAVE!

  1. Trim the music length to fit your photos and narration. Use the Cut tool (C) or the Trim tool.


  1. Now you will want to adjust the volume of the music so that it is lower than your narration. In Audio 2 click the little triangle or arrow to Expand the track view.

  1. See the yellow line in your music file in Audio 2? Click and drag that line down to -12 dB.

  1. Click Play or push the space bar to watch your presentation. Adjust the volume so that your voice can be clearly heard over the music. HINT: Turn your computer speakers down so you can barely hear them and play the project. When the music is adjusted correctly the one thing you should hear is the narration.

  1. Fade the music in and out by choosing an Audio Transition in the Effects tab on the left side of the screen. Click the little triangle/arrow next to the Audio Transitions folder, then the Crossfades folder, and drag a Constant Power transition on the beginning and end of your music in the Timeline. SAVE!


Watch your Essay. Does it “work”? When you are satisfied with it, export it as a Movie.

  1. Make sure that the Timeline Sequence panel is selected and highlighted in yellow (just click in it somewhere to select it),

  2. Go to File, Export, Movie. In the window that opens navigate to your main Photo Essay Folder in the V:Thawspace drive and choose to save the file as YOUR LAST NAME FIRST NAME ESSAY PERIOD. Click Save.

  1. When your movie has finished exporting save and quit Adobe Premiere.

  1. Open the V:Thawspace folder on the desk top and navigate to your Photo Essay Folder. Look for the movie file you just exported. Double click it. Your Photo Essay should open in Windows Media Player. Make sure it plays all the way through and that it contains everything that you think it should, including sound. If you need to fix something, close media player, got to your folder and delete this movie. Go back to Premiere, fix, and Export Movie again (steps 13-16).

Now you are ready to turn it in!

  1. Close Windows Media Player.

  1. Open V:Thawspace to your class periods folder.

  1. On the desk top open the I Drive Drop Box. Open your class period folder.

  1. Drag your whole Photo Essay folder (the one with all three folders in it and your exported movie) to the drop box class period folder.

Congratulations! You are done!

Download 11.26 Kb.

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