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Western Oregon University

Division of Health and Physical Education

HE325 Nutrition

Spring 2011
Instructor: Janet Roberts, MAT, CMA (AAMA), CHES Phone: (503) 838-8446

Office: ED140 Office Hours:

Email: Tues/Wed/Thurs: 8:30a-9:30a

Website: Tue/Thurs: 12:00-1:30 or appt

Course Description: This course will provide a basic understanding of major nutrients as well as the factors influencing diet and provide an emphasis on developing healthier personal nutrition.
Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

1) List, describe and classify the nutrients essential to human health.

2) Analyze diets to determine the nutritional and health promoting benefits.

3) Evaluate personal eating habits and nutritional implications.

4) Develop goals for a personal nutrition plan supported by research.

5) Critically evaluate commercial nutrition claims and programs.

Required Text: Insel, P., Turner, R., Ross, D. (2010). Discovering Nutrition, 3rd edition, Jones and Bartlett Publishing
Expectations and Course Policies:

1. Every student in class will respect the opinion and experience of every other student or guest.

2. Students will read assigned materials, attend class, and actively participate in class exercises and discussions.

3. Out-of-class assignments are to be typed, spell-checked, grammatically correct, and properly referenced.

Assistance is available through the Campus Writing Center. The WOU Writing Center is located at APS401 and the phone number is 8-8286. It is free and they are there to help!!

4. Out-of-class assignments are due the beginning of class on the due date. I do NOT accept late work. In extenuating circumstances, please notify me as soon as possible.

5. I will follow and enforce the University guidelines for academic dishonesty. All work should be original and completed by the individual student unless otherwise indicated.

6. Exams are to be taken on the day and time assigned. Rescheduling will be considered for emergency reasons only. Please do not hesitate to talk to me if you do have a family or personal emergency. If an exam is rescheduled, it will be essay and short-answer format.

7. Check the class website often for updated materials, lectures and announcements.

8. Emailing assignments is accepted but they must be in my inbox before the start of class on the due date. You will always receive an email confirmation from me. If you do not receive a confirmation within 24 hours, please resend the email.

*Any student needing an accommodation for any type of disability should talk to me during the first week of class and should contact the Office of Disability Services (838-8250 v/tty) in AP405.
Course Evaluation:
Attendance & Participation: 30 points

In-Class Activities: 30 points

Midterm: 50 points

Nutrition Goal:

Part I: Diet Analysis 25 points

Part II: Goal 15 points

Part III: 40 points

Academic Excellence: 15 points

Final: 50 points

Total Points 255 points




A (93%-100%)

B- (80%-82.9%)

D+ (67%-69.9%)

A- (90%-92.9%)

C+ (77%-79.9%)

D (63%-66.9%)

B+ (87%-89.9%)

C (73%-76.9%)

D- (60%-62.9%)

B (83%-86.9%)

C- (70%-72.9%)

F (59.9% -0)

Guidelines for Course Assignments:
Attendance and Participation:

Attendance and participation are important aspects of this class. Attendance will be taken every class period. Any student who is more than 10 minutes late or leaves more than 10 minutes early will NOT receive attendance and participation credit for the class period.

  • Cell phone use (talking and texting) is considered disruptive behavior. Texting is not considered class participation and points will reflect this.

In-Class Activities:

Throughout the term there will be in-class activities that will be turned in at the end of the class period. These activities can NOT be made up if you miss class.

Exams (2) – Midterm (50 points) & Final (50 points)

You will have two exams in this class. These exams will focus on assigned readings as well as material discussed in class. The format for the exams will be multiple choice, true/false, matching, short answer and essay. Make-up exams will be considered in emergency situations only or if prior arrangements are made for specific situations and will be essay format. Arrangements must be made PRIOR to exam.

Nutritional Goal Assessment:

  • Part I: (25 points) Students will use to track their daily eating intake for three days (two weekdays and one weekend day). Dietary intake will be analyzed using the and questions answered. Complete instructions and grading rubric will be handed out in class.

  • Part II: (15 points) Using the diet analysis, students will choose one nutrition goal to accomplish by the end of the term. A contract will be signed by the student and questions answered regarding the goal to be accomplished.

  • Part III: (40 points) Students will track their goal throughout the term and answer follow up questions at the end of the term.

  • Complete instructions and grading rubric are available on the class website.

Academic Excellence: (15 points)

Students will attend Academic Excellence Showcase on May 26, 2011 and write a reaction paper to either one presentation or two poster sessions.

Tentative Class Schedule

May be subject to change

Week / Class Date


Text Chapters

Assignments Due

Week 1

Tues – March 29


Chapter 1

Thurs – March 31

Nutrition basics – Carbohydrates, fiber

Chapter 5

Week 2

Tues – April 5


Chapter 7

Thurs – April 7

Water, vitamins, minerals

Chapter 9 & 10

Behavior Assessment Part I DUE

Week 3

Tues – April 12


Chapter 6

Thurs – April 14

Sugar & Soda

Behavior Assessment Part II DUE

Week 4

Tues – April 19

Label reading, portion sizes

Chapter 2

Thurs – April 21

Fast Food

Week 5

Tues – April 26

Fast Food – film

Thurs – April 28


Week 6

Tues – May 3

Nutrition through the lifespan


Thurs – May 5

Diet & Sports supplements

Chapter 11

Week 7

Tues – May 10

Diet plans / weight loss

Thurs – May 12

Eating Disorders

Pages 491 – 510

Week 8

Tues – May 17


Thurs – May 19

Obesity continued

Week 9

Tues – May 24

Food Safety

Chapter 14

Thurs – May 26


Week 10

Tues – May 31

Genetically modified foods

Nutrition Goal Part III DUE

Thurs – June 2

Global nutrition

Chapter 15

Academic Excellence Reaction Paper DUE

FINAL: Tuesday, June 7th, 2011, 12:00 – 1:50pm

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