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Victoria Stepien

Do you like living? Every living thing does. That includes animals. Every animal should be able to live a happy, healthy, and worry-free life. No animal deserves to be beat, slapped, or killed. An immense amount of animals are killed each day from animal abuse. These animals are compressed in the same cage throughout the abuse. This is an atrocious situation. The animals that have been tested on and usually don’t up the same way they started. They can also famish them as a kind of abuse. The animals that receive this abuse are never the same they have these bad memories in their heads forever. We need to stop animal abuse step by step.

The first decision is to stop testing on animals. More than 25 million animals are used to be tested on each year, says the D.S organization. They die instantaneously. They are used on almost everything from lotions to medicine. The whole world should all help put a stop to this because the animals that are tested on always suffer. This expressly shows what happens to animals who go through animal abuse. Animals are exactly like humans. They are living, and have a emotions. No animal deserves to be treated as these animals are. This idea of stopping testing on animals is reasonable because if this kept going on this would unbalance the circle of life. Even, if your saying animals are needed to be tested on or the whole human race will be decreased from testing on humans, we can always pick something else than a poor living creature that wants nothing to do with that.

The second, reason to stop animal abuse is that by the time the world uses animals there is going to be none left. Research has shown by the D.S organization that by 2022, 22% of all the species in the world will be extinct. Animals like chickens, and pigs. These people don’t give a misgiving about this act. That means no bacon, eggs, and meat. This may be a repast to us, but to them the planet’s people are killing them. And, with continued animal testing the world will lose more animals from the food chain. This means the world won’t be able to get the nutrients that it needs from the animals. This makes sense because the more animals the hunters and factories kill with animals abuse the more animals will die. Even if the animal abusers think that we have enough animals how would you feel if the world had enough humans?

The last reason of stopping animal abuse, is that people use animals as clothing and kill them only for the fur. These animals become so irked by having to be skinned every week. This planet has other options for jackets and coats instead of poor animals. Research shows, 18 red foxes are killed to make a fur coat and 55 minks are killed to make a mink coat. The animal skinners think they are going to be gainful by doing this, but they are only doing the animal harm. This world isn’t Native Americans any more so the people don’t only have to have clothes made from real animals. The planet can use foe fur instead of real fur. Even if this planet is used fur coats think about trying a faux coat.

This is why the whole world should put a stop to animal abuse. To save an animal the planet must try must try. Save a life. No animal deserves to be put under this pressure. No animal deserves facing what scares them the most. We need to recede this situation and stop animal abuse.

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