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Persuasive ESSAy

Step by Step Instructions:
Assignment: Write a persuasive essay on a topic OTHER THAN the one you debated.

  • This paper should be in MLA format with 3 full pages, typed, and double spaced with 1-inch margins and a 12pt. font.

  • Make sure you have a clear thesis that each paragraph supports.

  • Remember to use supporting details from your research, but also to use your own elaboration (warrant) to tie those supporting details to your thesis and/or topic sentences.

  • Remember to use a variety of appeals (ethos, pathos, logos) and a variety of types of evidence (quotes, stats, anecdotes, analogies, historical precedence, logical inference . . . )

  • Use MLA format for specific quotes, paraphrases, statistics, etc. and include a works cited (bibliography) page.

    • You must use at least four different sources.

    • Reference your notes or Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) on how to cite in MLA format properly

    • In text citations: After each quote or paraphrase you must put the author’s name and page number in parentheses, for example, (smith 29). This is true for anything with pagination, such as a book or a PDF reproduced online. For websites put the author in parentheses; if there is no author, use the title in place of the author’s name

    • Not all of your sources need to come from the internet. In fact, I encourage you to find at least one source that isn’t online. That might be a book, a radio or TV broadcast, an interview (hey, Grandma can be a great source for anecdotal evidence!!!), etc.

    • Multiple sources may not be from the same place (i.e. not all four should be Wikipedia pages or ProCon or NYTimes, etc.) You need to go beyond just restating other people’s arguments as well. Look up statistics, quotes, examples and build your own arguments.

  • You MUST complete a thesis, an outline, a first draft, peer editing, a final draft, and a works cited (at least 4 sources).

  • Your thesis is due Monday, March 20th. The first draft is due Monday, March 27th.

  • The final draft must be turned in to by April 3rd. Anything turned in after the 3rd will be reduced one letter grade for each day it is late.

  • No papers will be accepted after April 7th.

  • No papers will be accepted without a properly formatted MLA works cited page and in text citations.

  • You will be graded on the quality and persuasiveness of your arguments, the quality of your writing, your research, standard English conventions, and formatting.

Download 43.77 Kb.

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