Personal Experience Essay Pre-Writing Sample

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Freshman Lit. and Comp.

Personal Experience Essay Pre-Writing Sample
Your pre-writing outlines must be formatted as follows. Make sure to label all major headings as they are listed below and make them bold. All of your information, except the listing of events, must be done in complete sentences. This must be completed on a computer. You may single space this document.
Situation: Write complete sentences describing the “background” information. Think of this as the “exposition” of your essay.
Plot: List all the “events” that will be included in your essay and make sure to number them:



Point of view: Will you be writing your essay from the point of view of yourself during the event, or as yourself now, looking back on past events?
Setting: Write complete sentences that explain the setting of your personal experience essay.
Conflict: Explain the major conflict of your narrative.
Significance of events: Why are the events you are describing important and relevant to your essay?
Exigence: What is the real world “lack” or “need” you are addressing?
Target Audience: What is the segment of the readership that is in a position to “make a difference” as a result of reading your essay?
Purpose: What is the intended effect of your essay upon the target audience?

Download 4.7 Kb.

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