Persian: Reading, Writing and Speaking

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Lahore University of Management Sciences

B.Sc. (Honours) Programme

Course code SS 383

Persian: Reading, Writing and Speaking

Instructor’s Name: Prof.Dr. Aftab Asghar
Quarter: Spring 2005
Office hours: 10.00 A.M to 11.45 A.M, Tuesday & Thursday
Class timings: 11.45 A.M to 1. 25 PM, Tuesday & Thursday
Room no: 238
T.A’s name: Ali Kayani
Number of sessions: 20 (100 minutes each)
Pre-requisite: None
Course description :
This course has been designed to equip the students with the grammatical and fundamental rules of Persian Language ( both Classical & Modern ) and to enable them to understand, read, write and speak Persian which has been the most favorite language of Allama Mohammad Iqbal, the thinker of Pakistan; and the cultural language of the Persian World i.e., Iran, Turan / Central Asia (Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan etc.), Afghanistan and Sub-continent Indo Pakistan during the last thousand years
To enable the students, by using both indirect (based on Grammar) & Direct methods, to master Persian, so that they could have access to their centuries long cultural heritage preserved in Persian works of our ancestors, to understand Persian works of Allama Iqbal, to establish social, cultural and economic contacts with the Persian speaking countries stated above and to gain full command over their national language i.e. Urdu.

C.P. (Attendance + Participation) 10 %

Assignments 10 %

Quizzes / interviews 20 %

(Conversation in Persian)
Mid Term Test 25 %
Final Exam 35 %

Text Books:

Dr. Aftab Asghar, Persian Dialogues

Dr. Aftab Asghar, Historical Poems of Iqbal Dr. Yadullah Samareh, Persian teaching (Azefa), Book 3
Recommended Books:
Aryanpur, Abbas, The English-Persian collegiate dictionary

Irfani, Abdul Hameed (Kh.) Current Persian

Jones, Sir William, Grammar of the Persian Language

Lambton, A.K.S., Persian Grammar

Lambton, A.K.S., Persian Vocabulary

Razi, F.D., Prof., Safina-e-Danish (Collection of Essays)

Shirazi Ehsan, English Persian Grammar

Thackston, W.M, an Introduction to Persian

Lectures Details:

Persian: Reading
1 Tenses (Helping Verbs), Hand out

Fasl-e- Payeez, Exercises Azefa 3: Lesson 1
2 Hame Baham, Majaraye Kabutaran

Exercises, Audio Cassette Azefa 3: Lesson 2,
3 Tenses (based on Masdar) Hand out

Dehqan-e-Fedakar, Exercises, Azefa 3: Lesson 4

  1. Rubah-o-Khurus, Gotaguye Rubah-o-Khurus,

Exercises, Audio Cassette Azefa 3: Lesson 5,

  1. (Tenses based on Mozare’) Hand out

Ensan-e-Parande, Exercises Azefa 3: Lesson 7

  1. Ze Gahware ta Gur Danesh Bejui Azefa 3 : Lesson 8

Passive voice tenses, Idiomatic Sentences Hand outs

  1. Morqabi o Lakposht , Parwaz-e-Lakposh , Exercises ,

Audio Cassette, Azefa 3 : Lesson 9

Zakariya Razi, Rah-e-Piruzi, and

Doost-e-Bozorg-e-Bachche ha , Exercises Azefa 3: Lesson 10
Persian: Writing
Essay writing:

  1. My father, My favour ite teacher My Best Friend ,

  1. Lums University, Tehran University ,

Mid Term Exam

  1. Mohammad bin Qasim Jamal-ul-Din Afghani ,

Syed Ahmad Khan Qaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal, Khod Amuz-e-Farsi

  1. Iran , Persian Language , Styles of Persian Poetry ,

Persian poets of Iran and Pakistan Khod Amuz-e-Farsi
Story writing:

  1. Story of Bu Obaid and Jaban, Story of Sultan

Murad and the Architect, Storey of Hazrat Mian Mir

and Emperor Shah Jahan, Story of Emperor Alamgir

and a loin, Story of Sultan Muzaffar and his horse Historical stories

Letter writing:

  1. Letter of a son to his father. Khod Amuz-e-Fars1

Letter of a mother to her son

  1. Letter to a friend Khod Amuz-e-Farsi

Letter to a colleague

Persian: Speaking:

15 Telephonic talk, Fruit shop,

Hospital, Barber’s shop, Persian Dialogues
16 Laundry, Post office, Railway station, Bank Persian Dialogues
17 Class room, library, Air port, Clinic Persian Dialogues
18 Persian Feature Film, Summary in Persian
19 Persian Feature Film, Summary in Persian
20 Persian Feature Film, Summary in Persian
Final Exam

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