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Jl. Darul Makmur No.1 Jambi Kecamatan Sultan Daulat Subulussalam 24782

Subject : Bahasa Inggris Name :

Term : II (Dua) Score :

Class : XI (IPA/IPS)

Teacher : Rabusen, S.Pd.I

Questions Essay!

Answers the following questions correctly!

  1. Complete the sentences with the Verbs in Parenthesess!

    1. If I (have) _______________ much Money, I willl buy a gift for you

    2. If I (have) _______________ much Money, I would buy a gift for you

    3. If I have enough time, I (go) _____________ to the park today

    4. If I had enough time, I (go) ______________ to the park today

    5. I will fix your car If I (have) ________________ a screwdriver of the proper size

    6. I would fix your car f I (have) ________________ a screwdriver of the proper size

  2. Combine the two sentences into on sentences, make (b) an adjective Close

    1. a. The man s friendly

    b. He lives next to me

    1. a. The people Were very       nice

    b. I met them at the party            last night

    1. a. The girl is very pretty

    b. She lives opposite my           house.

  3. Make a conversations by using expressions agreement and disagreement (make one each expressions)

  4. What is the meaning

    1. Orientation b. Complication c. Resolution d. Expressions opinion

  5. Change the active verbs to passive verbs!

  1. Simple present

a. Active : Quardiola visi me

Passive :

b. Active : Va gaal take the blower in the park

Passive :

c. Active : Krisdayanti sing the song

Passive :

  1. Simple Past

a. Active : Kelly ate the cake

Passive :

b. Active : Monica sang the song

Passive :

c. Active : Tiger killed the bread

Passive :

  1. Mention the expressions agreement and disagreement!

  2. The text organizations of narrative text are orientation, complication and resolution.

    1. What should you write in orientation

    2. What should you write in resolution

  3. Change the adjective Clause to adjective phrase!

a. Adjective Clause : The girl who is singing on the Beach is my boyfriend

Adjective Phrase :

b. Adjective Clause : The men who write a letter is my Uncle

Adjective Phrase :

c. Adjective Clause : The boy who is repairing TV is my brother

Adjective Phrase :

d. Adjective Clause :The women who sing at the party last night is my grandmother

Adjective Phrase :

  1. Translate the following expressions!.

a). Why do they behave like that b. I see what you mean. c. Yes, I Suppose so

d. Yes, I think you’re right f. I think that’s nonsense

  1. Choose one of the topic bellow. Then your write a historical story (with short)!

    1. The Diponegoro war. b. Ken Dedes and Ken Arok. c. Calon Arang.

Good Luck

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