Peer Review Guidelines for the Narrative Essay

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Peer Review Guidelines for the Narrative Essay

Essay Title or Assignment #______________________________________________

Writer’s Name _________________________________________________________

Reviewer’s Name _________________________________________ Date _________

Please circle one item in each column that best describes the essay you have read.  Write your comments in the blank area below each section.  Return this sheet to the writer along with the rough draft.




There is one clear, well-focused thesis. Thesis is explained in detail by the narrative and in the other paragraphs.

Thesis is general; the narrative explains the thesis.

Thesis and narrative are present, but the relationship is not developed.

Vague or unclear thesis with no relationship to the narrative.

No thesis or central theme.






Introduction is inviting, states the thesis, and previews the structure of the paper.

Introduction clearly states thesis and previews structure, but could be more engaging.

Introduction states thesis but does not adequately preview the structure, nor does it attract the reader's attention.

There is no clear introduction of the main topic or structure of the paper.

Introductory paragraph missing.


Conclusion is strong and wraps up the paper by going beyond merely restating the thesis or introduction.

Conclusion is effective and ties up almost all loose ends.

Conclusion only summarizes the main point and does not go beyond restating the thesis or introduction

Conclusion is recognizable, but does not tie up all loose ends.

There is no clear conclusion, the paper just ends.





Logical Organization

Details are interesting and in logical order

Details are in logical order, but may be presented in less interesting ways.

Some details not in logical or expected order and this is distracting.

Many details not in a logical or expected order; a sense of disorganization.

No logical progression; no clear structure.

Topic Sentences and Paragraph Length

Carefully constructed paragraphs with topic sentences and supporting details for individual points and overall essay idea.

Clearly organized paragraphs that support the individual points and the main essay point fluently.

Paragraphs lack topic sentences and/or support for individual points; little support for the overall essay main idea.

Insufficient paragraphs do not contribute to the individual points and lack unity for an overall essay main idea.

Three or less paragraphs; lack of details. 


Effective, mature transitions throughout the essay.

Strong transitions

Transitions appear sporadically by not equally throughout.

Few, forced transitions.

No transitions.

Narrative Development

The narrative is developed with a consistent and effective point-of-view, showing the story in detail.

The narrative shows events from the author's point of view, but may have some inconsistencies or lack detail.

The narrative shows the events, but lacks details.

The narrative is undeveloped, and tells rather than shows, the story.

Narrative is missing.





Word Choice

Vivid diction, precise word choices.

Jargon-free word choice.

Generally appropriate word choice; One or two slang or jargon phrases.

Word choices inappropriate, includes several slang phrases.

Lacks precise, appropriate word choice.

Sentence Structure

Sentences varied for rhetorical effect; writing is smooth and coherent.

Most sentences well-constructed with varied structure; writing is coherent.

Most sentences natural-sounding, but several are stiff and awkward, or difficult to understand.

Sentences are awkward, distractingly repetitive, or difficult to understand. Several are incomplete or run-on.

Sentences are excessively repetitive in pattern.


Distinctive tone and appropriate voice throughout.

Appropriate tone and mostly consistent voice. Does not use second person "you".

Appropriate tone and several voice shifts; second person "you" may be used once or twice.

Distracting shifts in voice and use of "you."

Lacks clear tone; frequent voice shifts.






Consistent standard English usage, spelling, and punctuation. No errors.

Some errors in usage, spelling, and punctuation that distract.

Many errors that distract the reader.

Excessive distracting errors in usage, spelling, or punctuation

Unacceptable grammar/spelling errors that distract.





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