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  • Peer Edit
  • Write “Peer Edited By:_______”, at the top of your partner’s paper, filling in the blank with your name.
  • Circle the thesis.
  • The thesis is the sentence in the intro that best answers the question from the prompt: “What does this event show about crossings?”
  • If no sentence does this, write “Needs thesis.”
  • Write “TS” next to each topic sentence that begins a body paragraph. A topic sentence cannot be a quote; it is a sentence that introduces us to the topic of the paragraph. If a body paragraph lacks a topic sentence, write “Needs TS” at the beginning of the paragraph.
  • Write ‘CM’ next to each sentence of commentary. Commentary for this essay explains how a quote or fact shows a characters response to one stage of a crossing.
  • If a quote is not followed by commentary, write “Needs CM.”

Download 2.31 Kb.

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