Paz de Christo Food Kitchen

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Paz de Christo Food Kitchen

  • I slept and dreamed that life was joy.
  • I awoke and found that life was but service.
  • I served and discovered that service was joy.
    • Rabindranath Tagore
  • Can you give three hours of your time to prepare and serve a meal to approximately 150 needy and homeless people next Friday, Feb. 12?


  • Congratulations Gaurav, winner of the 2016 Polly Rosenbaum Writing Contest!  Prompt: “What Does It Mean To Be Civically Engaged?”

AP Language and Composition Wednesday, 27 January 2016


  • Is your grade correct? Please keep your grades monitored in IC, and alert me immediately to any discrepancies.
    • Your FFN project grade
  • The Daily Course Calendar for this term has been posted on the class website
  • Writing contests are now posted on the class website; optional credit is available for submissions—see me for details.
  • Making up work? Need to see me? Please make an appointment.

Hamilton AP Exam Registration

  • AP exam registration is open November 1 thru February 1
  • Register at
  • Students must register and pay by February 1. Students that register after February 1 will be charged a late fee of $10 per exam.
  • This registration link is posted on the class website, just under the Daily Course Calendar.

Coming Due—do not squander time—that’s the stuff life’s made of!

  • Tomorrow/Friday:
    • Reflection/Scoring: Synthesis essay #1—on the class website you will find the rubric, the anchors, and the reader commentary
  • Monday:
    • Vocab log #10; Vocab Sentence Set #4
  • Are you working on your research paper draft?

Today’s Class

  • Confirmation drafts workshop
    • Confirmation—page 14
    • POV—this part of the paper will be written in 3rd POV
    • Citing and synthesizing evidence/research
      • S.A.F.E.?
    • Leaning appeal: logos, or pathos (voice, adjectives, metaphors, imagery, etc.)?
    • “How” are you making your point?
      • Page 17

Assessing your work…

  • 45-50
    • I got this.
  • 40-44
    • I got most of this.
  • 35-39
    • I need to work on this.
  • Deduct 5 points if your work is not word-processed.

Close Reading:

  • Close Reading: Defining an author’s purpose, and identifying and analyzing the techniques and strategies employed to achieve that purpose.
    • Vocab Log #9 out?
    • Term logs out?
    • 18 minutes “Four fish, then.”
    • 5 minute group discussion. Circle two questions to discuss with your group—these are the only two questions you can change, but only after discussion.
    • Score and turn in

What is rhetoric?

  • The traditional definition of rhetoric, first proposed by Aristotle, and embellished over the centuries by scholars and teachers, is that rhetoric is the art of observing in any given case the “available means of persuasion.”

Rhetoric—Whose idea was it?

  • Socrates: 469-399 B.C.E.
    • Father of Western philosophy and Mentor to Plato. Epistemology and logic.
  • Plato: 424-348 B.C.E.
    • Student of Socrates and founder of “The Academy” Philosophy, logic, ethics, rhetoric and mathematics.
  • Aristotle: 384-322 B.C.E.
    • Student of Plato, and teacher to Alexander the Great.

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