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You suspect a friend of yours suffers from nomophobia but doesn’t want to accept it.

Write a conversation with him/her in which you explain why you think so, and suggest

possible measures to help him/her overcome this addiction.
You suspect a friend of yours is a bully but he/she does not want to acknowledge it. Write a conversation with him/her in which you explain why you think he/she should stop this behaviour. Suggest possible measures to help him/her fight this addiction.
Imagine you are a journalist who had the chance to interview Steve Jobs, asking him questions about his life and his technological products. Write down that dialogue.
Imagine you are a journalist. Write an interview with Aneela Rahman. Your objective is to find out why she is so happy in her “arranged” marriage.


Are we too dependent on mobile phones? Could we live without mobile phones nowadays? Write an opinion essay.

Spain is significantly below the OECD average in PISA tests. What do you think is needed to improve our education system? Write an opinion essay in which you take into account the school system, the teachers and the students.
Write an opinion essay about the following question: Is it possible to live without

computers nowadays?

Write an opinion essay about the following question:

“Is it better to work in your own country instead of working abroad?” Explain the

advantages or disadvantages in either case.
“We’ll be happier if we work fewer hours and have more free time, we’ll socialise more and we can do without piles of consumer goods that we have no need for.” Consider this statement mentioned in the text. Write a short essay stating your opinion against or in favour of that affirmation.
Some adults are surprised at seeing teenagers behave in a mature way. Do you agree that teenagers are too immature and unprepared for grown-up life? Write an argumentative essay exposing your ideas about this.
Using your own words, write an argumentative essay about the advantages of life in

the city versus life in the country or vice versa.


Imagine you are a student from Shanghai living in Catalonia. Write a letter or an email

to your family in China in which you talk about the education system and study habits

here and back home.

A friend of yours has not joined Facebook yet. He/she is reluctant because of the fear of losing intimacy and spending too much of his/her time on it. Write a letter to him/her explaining the advantages or disadvantages of this digital tool. In your letter you should try to convince your friend to either join Facebook or not to do so.
Write an e-mail to a friend. Explain a trip you have done recently. Talk about the

places you visited, when and who with. Mention any interesting or funny anecdotes that happened during the journey.

Write a letter to a friend in London telling him/her about your experience

in a summer camp and how much you enjoyed it.

Imagine you are an activist member of Action Against Smoking. Write a letter to a friend explaining your campaigns and the new restrictions on tobacco display in your country.
You are Laura. Write a letter to a friend in London telling him/her about your

experience living in the farm and growing organic products.


Imagine you want to apply for a job as an au pair. Write a formal letter to an au pair agency explaining the reasons why you think you are the ideal person for the job.

You are doing a research project on animal extinction. Write a letter to your tutor/supervisor explaining how you would like to organise your work and where you intend to look for information about the subject.
Divorce rates are increasing in Europe. Does this mean that marriage is in crisis? Are you in favour or against marriage? Write a letter to the editor of the local newspaper explaining your opinion.

What possible mesures, involving the school, parents and kids, could be taken in order to stop bullying at schools? Write an article for your school magazine explaining your ideas and proposals.

In the text, Professor Rheinghold talks about the “formation of forums called

personal learning networks”. Write an article for your school journal in which you defend the introduction of personal learning networks in your school.
You are a journalist for a travel magazine. Write an article describing a place you know well. Mention the interesting things to see and do there. Comment also on the historical background and cultural traits. Mention any practical things a traveller should take into account: currency, weather, local customs… (DESCRIBING PLACES)
“Putting tobacco out of sight in shops and removing cigarette vending machines

will help reduce the number of smokers.” Do you agree with this statement from the text? Are governmental measures against tobacco addiction successful? Write an opinion article in favour or against anti-tobacco legislation.

Write an article for your school magazine. Discuss the effects of climate change in your country. Do you think measures should be taken to stop or at least slow down its effects on the planet?

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