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Pattern - Accenture


                60% agg in 5sems

                backlog in 5th sem not allowed.

                all branches are invited.

               (accenture doesnt allow yr gap) 

the selection procedure is a 4tier process--

step1: (i) aptitude test (quant+verbal+reasoning)

          time limit-1hr 10mins,no sectional cutoffs, no negative marking, difficulty level-easy, overall cutoff-high, sets of papers distributed-two.

          important topics covered- venn diagrams, symbol based problems, direction problems, word meanings/opposites, prepositions, articles, comprehensions.


          time limit-15mins, word limit-none, topic- current affairs.

step 2: group discussions.

           time limit- 15mins max. , importance level- very high, topics- current affairs.

step 3: hr interview

           type- easy but tricky. be careful. memorise every small detail about d company said in ppt.

step 4: technical interview

           type- easy, a little bit tricky, try to answer smartly, topic-anything under the sun, not jst c and c++. 


tips--1. carry a xerox copy of 5th sem/7th sem (as applicable) mark cardt/provitional marks sheet with u. its a must.

        2. b very thorough regarding company history, profits, revenue etc.

        3. dress smartly, they want smart confident.

        4. improve upon ur english, fluency in english is a must in accenture interview.

        5. b positive, b urself, do not bluff, do not lie, they want want honest engineers,if u r caught lying u ll b shown d door instantly.


GD topics:
they were providing the topics as per our suggestions but few hr managers were providing some different one.

1. Indian population is bane or boon.

2. pectisides of pepsi and coke
3. reservation conflict
4. can india be super power
5. ball tampering hair case
6. pink Vs blue.
 it depens on you also that what do you chose there but most of the members use to opt current topics hence it is my suggestion to all seekers that prepare hard on current topics. now pay attention on few things while gd it is imp than above things. come up with soft voice and strong points.
1. say confidently 
2. mark your fluency and pronounciation
3. speek in pleasant voice and only when find turn and for that use manner raise your hand it shows curtasy.
4. do not make fish market
5. address group rather than gd conductor
6. try to iniciate with permission and wish the group
7. pay attention in gd while discussion
8. donot cross any one
9. mind your body language you may read allan pease body lang for the same. the time of exit do not forget to wish have a nice day to gd coordinator.

Accenture Placement Paper Held On 12th July 2006 (Interview- Technical, HR & GD)

Group Discussion:-

GD Topics were

a) Should Alcohol be banned or not?

b) IT is enabler (BOON) or not ? (my topic)

c) Is Salman Khan's Bail is Justifiable?

d) Communism & Economy Reform.

e) CPM's Role in Privatization.

f) Foreign TV channels should be banned in INDIA or not?

There are approx. of 12- 15 members in each group & particularly they check you Communication skills, Leadership Qualities etc.Basic funda is to say as much as you know about the topic but don't bluff to much, it may the resaon for your elimination.


1.Tell me about yourself ?

2.What is a ROM, what is contains ?

3.What SDLC model ?

4.What is advantage of using pointer?

4.What is Virtual functios?

6.What are the diffeernt management techniques?

7.What are the difference between Structure & Class?

8.What is OSI & TCP/IP layers, differentiate them?

9.What is indexing?

10.What is Normalisation? 1NF, 2NF, 3NF?

11.What is virtual pointer?

12.Have you done any project so far? (Please mention project only in you have done it properly)

 HR Section:-

1.Tell me about yourself?

2.Why would like to join ACCENTURE?

3.How can you help us?

4.Relocation for you is possible or not?

5.You are from (Physics/math/Chem) background then why did you join MCA?

6.Do you have any gap in your studies if yes state reason?

Accenture Placement Paper (Technical Question)

1. pointer to structure.

2. static variable and difference b/w(const char *p,char const *p,const char* const p).

3. pass by value & reference.

4. string library functions(syntax). 

5. Write a program to compare two strings without using the strcmp() function. 

6. Write a program to concatenate two strings. 

7. Write a program to interchange 2 variables without using the third one. 

8. Write programs for String Reversal & Palindrome check .

9. Write a program to find the Factorial of a number. 

10. Write a program to generate the Fibinocci Series. 

Accenture IDC Recruitment Latest Paper (Technical-C)

1.Study the Following Points:
a.One Cannot Take the address of a Bit Field
b.bit fields cannot be arrayed
c.Bit-Fields are machine Dependant
d.Bit-fields cannot be declared as static
Which of the Following Statements are true w.r.t Bit-Fields
A)a,b&c B)Only a & b C)Only c D)All

2.What is the function of ceil(X) defined in math.h do?
A)It returns the value rounded down to the next lower integer
B)it returns the value rounded up to the next higher integer
C)the Next Higher Value
D)the next lower value

3.When do you say that a digraph is acyclic
A)if and only if its first search does not have back arcs
B)a digraph is acyclic if and only if its first search does not have back vertices
C)if and only if its first search does not have same dfnumber
D)None of these

4.A function ‘q’ that accepts a pointer to a character as argument and returns a pointer to an array of integer can be declared as:
A)int (*q(char*)) []
B)int *q(char*) []
C)int(*q)(char*) []
D)None of the Above

5.What kind of sorting is this:

SORT (k,n)

1.[Loop on I Index]
repeat thru step2 for i=1,2,……..n-1
2.[For each pass,get small value]
repeat for j=i+1 to N do
if K[j]

3.[Sorted Values will be returned]

A)Bubble Sort

B)Quick Sort
C)Selection Sort
D)Merge Sort

6.Which of the Following is not defined in string.h?

7.Identify the correct argument for the function call fflush() in ANSI C:
D)All the above

8.Which of the Following will define a type NODE that is a node in a Linked list?
A)struct node {NODE*next;int x;};type def struct node NODE;
B)typedef struct NODE {struct NODE *next;int x;};
C)typedef struct NODE {NODE *next;int x;};
D)typedef struct {NODE *next;int x;}NODE;

9.Which of these statements are false w.r.t File Functions?
i)fputs() ii)fdopen() iii)fgetpos() iv)ferror()

A)ii B)i,ii C)iii D)iv

10.Study the code:
void show()
void show (char *s)

What will happen if it is compiled & run on an ANSI C Compiler?

A)It will compile & nothing will be printed when it is executed
B)it will compile but not link
C)the compiler will generate an error
D)the compiler will generate a warning

11.Look at the Code:
void main()
char s1[]="abcd";
char s2[10];
char s3[]="efgh";
int i;

What will be the output?

A)No output B) A Non Integer C)0 D) Garbage

12.Look at the Code:
int a[]={1,2,3},i;

Which Statement is/are True w.r.t the above code?

I.Executes Successfully & Prints the contents of the array
II.Gives the Error:Lvalue Required
III.The address of the array should not be changed
IV.None of the Above.

A)Only I B)Only II C)II & III D)IV

13.what is the output?
#define fun(a,b,t) (g ##t=(a),(a)=(b),(b)=g##t)
float gfloat;
float a=1.12,b=3.14;
fun (a,b,float);

A)Error in Defining Macro

D)None of teh Above the code:
void main()
const int a=100;
int *p;
What is printed?

A)100,101 B)100,100 C)101,101 D)None of the above

15.Which of the following are valid “include” formats?
A)#include and #include[file.h]
B)#include (file.h) and #include
C)#include [file.h] and #include “file.h”
D)#include and #include “file.h”

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