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Startling Breakthrough in the Science of Consciousness!

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Startling Breakthrough in the Science of Consciousness!

Researcher Demonstrates Robot that Responds to Human Thought!

A film clip released by the University of Vineland of Prof. Key demonstrating how Morgus works.

After five years of often dangerous experiments with electricity, Professor Don Key of the University of Vineland has constructed a robot that responds to his thoughts. Morgus is the name he has given the machine.

"I've found that the robot actually responds best when I send out thoughts that address it as 'Morgus'", Prof. Key explained in a telephone interview. "I tried other names. 'Ptahotep' worked pretty well for a while, but 'Morgus' turned out to be the real winner. "

Morgus's 'brain' is a purpose-built computer that runs software written in a code that Dr. Key claims is the same code used by the human central nervous system. "It took me years to finally break into the data system that the brain and the sensory pathways operate in the process of neurotrasmission. I put my own mental health at risk by charging up my nervous system with jolts of electricity. I had to, because ethically there was no way to perform such dangerous experiments on another human being. "

One noticable side effect of these experiments is the tall frizzy perm atop Prof. Key's pate.

He told of a second vital breakthrough, the one by which he was able to get Morgus's on-board computer to respond to his thoughts. This was the installation of a pair of reindeer antlers as antennae.

"I can't explain why this has worked out so well, but I suspect it is because the antlers are made of organic material. "

"Morgus doesn't do much yet except move in a straight line across the floor. I'm sure it will learn to do more in time. I've just got to keep concentrating my thoughts. "

Helsinki, Finland
24 September 2004


Radhastami Scenes, ISKCON Helsinki


The main Deities at ISKCON Helsinki are Sri-Sri Gaura-Nitai.

For the Radhastami celebration, these Sri-Sri Radha-Govindaji Deities were mercifully present.


Utsava-murties of Sri-Sri Gaura-Nitai.



I arrive to give the Radhastami lecture.

Abhiseka for Sri-Sri Radha-Govindaji.

Helsinki, Finland
1 October 2004

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