Part- a explain the plans of the Institution for the session 2007-08 I curricular Aspects: Action Plan

Part- C Explain the plans of the Institution for the session 2008-09

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Part- C

Explain the plans of the Institution for the session 2008-09

I Curricular Aspects:

Action Plan:

  1. Each department to take feed back from students/ industry, regarding up-gradation/ modification in curriculum. Keeping in mind the emerging trends, national development and global trends departments are to send the findings to their respective Board of Studies for consideration. The feed back Performa to contain the following items:

    1. Suggestion for up-gradation in curriculum.

    2. Subject difficulties for remedial coaching.

    3. Suggestion for new Subjects/ Courses.

  1. As per the societal needs the following need based New Self-Financing courses to be introduced:

MA Mass Communication

  1. The following interdisciplinary courses be introduced for skill enhancement as per National/ International job market trends-

  1. Advance Diploma in Marketing.

  2. Advance Diploma in International Trade Management

  3. Advance Diploma in Office Management and Secretarial Practice.

  1. The College plans to introduce the following Innovative Programme under UGC assistance:



Coordinating Department


Post-Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development

Commerce and Office Management

  1. The college plans to introduce the following Add-on-Courses relevant to the social/ national needs under UGC assistance.

  1. Science Faculty

    • Web Designing and Office Automation

    • Still Photography and Video

  1. Arts Faculty

    • Dress Designing

    • Fashion and Textile Designing

  1. Commerce Faculty

    • Accounting Practices

    • Personnel Management

    • e-Commerce

      1. Conduct of remedial coaching classes for candidates placed in compartment in Annual University Examinations

      1. To develop educational package for the student use like e-tutor.

II Teaching Learning and Evaluation

Action Plan:

  1. To make teaching more effective, to impart exposure to teachers regarding latest development in the field of Higher Education and to provide a platform for bringing together academicians and experts from different parts, the college should organize seminars and workshops on different topics. The proposal for the same be prepared and sent to different agencies for financial assistance.

  2. Maximum teachers to participate in Seminars, Workshops, Orientation and Faculty Development Programmes.

  3. A minimum of two teachers from each department to be trained to design Power Point Presentation on the topics of their respective subjects.

  4. A One Day Workshop be organized to train teachers to use the latest Audio Visual tools.

  5. Teachers should prepare at least two audio-visual/ other teaching aids to supplement their classroom teachings.

  6. A minimum of two workshops for teachers and five workshops for students be organized to motivate them in the use of internet as a powerful tool for information exchange.

  7. Advance Learners be identified on the basis of performance in class room and examinations and to cater to their needs: -

  1. The Principal should have at least three interactions with them.

  2. Books should be provided from the Book Bank.

  3. Additional books should be issued from the library on the recommendation of Dean Academics.

  4. Scholarship/ Fee Concession be granted to them.

  5. They should be encouraged to interact with teachers outside the class to solve their problems.

  6. Digital Library sessions be held.

  1. Slow learners be identified on similar lines and the following steps be taken for their improvement alongwith catering to the needs of students from diverse social/ academic/ economic background:-

  1. They should be motivated to attend remedial coaching classes to be co-ordinated by Dean Academics.

  2. Use of vernacular language in the classroom.

  3. Repetition of even trivial steps.

  4. Re-capitulation of previous knowledge to make education a continuous process of learning.

  5. Separate assignments to be given.

    1. Seminar/Talk by students at least for final year students of Science to be made compulsory and record of the same may be kept in Student Attendance Register to be coordinated by Dean Academics.

    2. Tutor/ Incharge for various programs be appointed by respective departments to monitor the Student progression and redressal of academic/ other grievances.

    3. The syllabus be divided according to academic term. A copy of the same be kept in the Department for reference of the teachers/students.

    4. The college should conduct coaching classes for competitive exams.

    5. Each Department to prepare and maintain a Question Bank on different topics and keep it in respective departmental libraries.

    6. For improvement of evaluation method it is recommended that question papers for House Examinations as far as possible, be set and checked by the teacher who is not teaching that paper.

    1. House examination for practical papers be conducted at least for first year students on similar lines as above.

    2. To improve teaching methodology the teaching faculty be motivated to have :-

i) Student feedback of self on self designed questionnaire.

ii) Self evaluation analysis on the basis of student feedback.

III Research Consultancy and Extension:

Action Plan:

        1. Research Committee to help the teachers in submitting research proposals to various Agencies. Relevant information may be placed at a centralized place in the library from time to time.

        2. To motivate teachers to prepare and send proposals for minor and major research projects to different agencies for financial assistance.

        3. To motivate the teachers to publish their Research Work and explore the feasibility of publishing Research Journal.

        4. The department to conduct apprenticeship training program.

        5. To enhance research and consultation services on reciprocal basis so that Industry/ Organization and the college can share skills/facilities with each other.

        6. NSS and NCC units of the college to include in their annual action plan the following Events:

  1. Trekking Camp

  2. Seminars/Workshops

  3. Blood Donation Camp

  4. Plan to help the society in the face of any natural calamity.

  5. Adult Education and Literacy Campaign

  6. Drug De-addiction and prevention camps

  7. AIDS Awareness and Prevention Camps

  8. Spiritual Health and Education Camps

  9. Polio and Rubella Awareness

  10. Conservation of water

  11. Environment Awareness

  12. Small Savings

7. To encourage students and teachers to participate in extension activities as above –

    1. Charts and banners to be displayed in the college.

    2. Extension Lectures to be organized.

8. The college should explore the possibility of collaboration in academic programs with foreign universities like Certificate Course in Aviation and Hospitality.

IV Infrastructure and Learning Resources:

Action Plan:

  1. Completion of Wood Paneling Work of rest of Ultra-modern College Auditorium.

  2. Improvement in the infrastructure of the Library

  3. Each Department to recommend latest books/ journals and periodicals concerning their subject for the library.

  4. Procuring more books and journals for the library as and when recommended by the respective departments.

  5. More books to be added to the Book Bank in the library so that maximum number of students are issued books for the full session. Each department to give paper-wise list of text books for each class. The Dean Academic in consultation with the Librarian to consolidate the list of Text Books to be given to the students for each class/ program.

  6. A Book Exhibition by reputed publishers and distributors be organized to inculcate the habit of reading among staff and students.

  7. Working hours of the library to be enhanced.

  8. A visit by the library staff to the libraries of colleges/ institutions having complete computerization/ excellent facilities be arranged to give exposure and motivation to the library staff for the use of latest techniques/ working culture.

  9. Students be involved in library services under ‘Earn While You Learn’ and On the Job Training schemes for financial help to needy students.

  10. A one-hour library session be arranged for first year students of each class to apprise them of library facilities and their uses.

  11. Departmental libraries to be established wherever not existing & to strengthen where already existing.

  12. More Hardware for the complete computerization of the Library.

  13. Strengthening of Central Computing cum Multimedia facility by adding more Hardware as per Global Trends.

  14. Up-gradation and Strengthening of Internet Facilities by installing Broad Band Connection and adding at least ten Computers

  15. Teaching be strengthened by providing computing facility wherever not available.

  16. Audio-visual facility be further strengthened by developing at least two Hi-tech Labs/lecture theatres equipped with latest Audio-Visual equipments like Multimedia projector, Computer, printer, scanner etc.

  17. Addition and Upgradation of equipments and facilities according to the latest change in Curriculum.

  18. More incentives to be given to meritorious students, outstanding sports persons, NSS Volunteers and NCC cadets.

  19. It is proposed to enhance and upgrade the college website to include the following facilities/ features/ contents.

      1. Online downloading/ submission of admission forms.

      2. Question Paper Bank

  1. Health Awareness/Checkup Camps be organized.

V Student Support and Progression:

Action Plan:

        1. The Vocational Guidance and Placement Cell to organize

  1. Seminars

  2. Interviews to be fixed with Industries

  3. Extension Lectures to motivate students for self employment

  4. Interface meeting with successful Alumni for motivation of the students

  5. Placement Week

        1. Maximum number of needy students/ sportsperson/ NSS Volunteers/ NCC cadets, participants in Zonal Youth Festival be given scholarship/ books from Book Bank. Scholarship/ books from Book Bank to be given to meritorious students of first year on the basis of admission data and board result of corresponding year and to the meritorious students of Second/ Third year on the basis of criterion given below:






>=80%/ University Position Holder

Complete Set of Books + FFM

Complete set of Books + FFM

Complete Set of Books + FFM


4 Books +FFC/ Scholarship of the same amount

Complete set of Books + FFM

Complete set of Books + FFM


3 Books +HFC/ Scholarship of the same amount

4 Books + FFC/ Scholarship of the same amount

Complete set of Books + FFC/ Scholarship of the same amount

      1. Annual meeting of the Alumni Association to be held in the month of January/ February, 07 and the following proposals to be discussed in the meeting:

i) Donations from well placed old students, especially NRI students.

ii) Permanent Life Membership.

iii) Taking help from Alumni to provide job opportunities to our students.

VI Organization and Management

Action Plan:

  1. Regular meetings of the Sub-Committees to cover all the areas of activities like Academic, Sports, Cultural etc. Each committee to hold at least one meeting per term under the chairmanship of the convener. These committees to give written feedback to the Principal to improve the Organization and Management.

  2. Each Department/ Society should organize one Educational trip to Industries, Research Labs and places related to curriculum to give real-life exposure of the subject and organize at least one inter-class/ inter-college program out of the following :-

  1. Quiz

  2. Declamation

  3. Debate

  4. Poetical Symposium

  5. Fine Arts/ Home Science Exhibition

  6. Extension Lecture

  7. Seminar/ Workshop

  8. Software/ Power-Point Competition

  9. Science Exhibition

  10. Any Other

  1. Senior most faculty member be appointed Ex-officio Dean, Academics.

  2. Electronics, IT and Computer Department of the college to hold a one-month-training programme for non-teaching staff on the basics of computer.

  3. Workshops for non-teaching staff on Organizational Skills, Office Automation, Computer Awareness, Written English Communication and Hardware and Software Maintenance etc.

  4. New Account System Software is to be purchased.

VI Healthy Practices:

        1. Summer Courses: Shaking Hands with the Society

During summer vacations the college should run short-duration courses-

  1. Basics of Computers.

  2. Art & Craft.

  3. Dress Designing

  4. Cookery

  5. Personality Development.

  6. Resume-Making and How to face an interview.

        1. Blood Donation: The Life-line of the Society

  1. Seminars/ talks to be held to motivate students regarding blood donation.

  2. NSS office should have list of donors for emergency calls.

        1. National Service Scheme: Not Me, But you

Motivation Camps to be organized for popularization of NSS/ NCC among rural


        1. Incentives for Meritorious & Needy Students

More funds should be generated with the help of philanthropists, alumni and charitable trusts to give scholarship to meritorious and needy students.

        1. Women Development Cell

The cell should organize women-centered activities in the shape of discussion sessions, seminars; extension lectures and celebrate International Women's Day. It should play a key role in providing information on Legal Rights of Women.

        1. Sanatan Dharam Adhyatmic Sabha

To imbibe a sense of religious awareness and spirituality among the students, festivals and religious functions should be orgnaised. Programmes on Alternative Therapies like Reiki, Art of Living and Yoga should also be organized.

        1. Annual Convocation & Prize Distribution Function

The college believes that each and every effort of a student should be rewarded in a befitting manner. Annual Convocation and Prize Distribution Function should be held in February/ March 07. Academicians and religious leaders of repute should be invited to address the young minds. Prizes should be given for all the three areas – Academic, Sports and Co-curricular activities.

        1. Staff Club: We are a Family

The college staff club functions as a platform for fellowship and social interaction among the staff members and their families. To promote family ­feeling, the following functions should be organized:

  1. Welcome Parties

  2. Farewell Parties

  3. Marriage Celebration Parties

  4. Qualification Improvement Facilitations

  5. General Entertainment Programmes

    1. Twining with Industry and NGOs

The college should have MOU with select Industrial Houses and a number of NGOs for various programmes:

  1. On the Job Training

  2. Field Visits

  3. Research & Consultancy

    1. College Alumni and Superannuated Staff

The College should hold alumni meet in the month of March, 2008. Chief Guests on Republic Day and Independence Day Celebrations should be invited from among the retired teachers and outstanding alumni.

    1. SPIC-MACAY (Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music, Arts & Culture Among Youth)

As a nodal center of SPICMACAY, the college should organize various programmes which enrich the sensibilities of our students and public.

    1. Annual Publication of the College Magazine

Besides articles of diverse nature, separate sections about the activities and achievements of the college should also be included.

    1. Earn While You Learn Scheme be implemented to inculcate the spirit of responsibility among students.

    1. Talent Show be organized in September/ October -2007.

(P. Mathur) (Dr. Desh Bandhu)

Co-ordinator Principal


S.D. College (Lahore), Ambala Cantt.

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