Part- a explain the plans of the Institution for the session 2007-08 I curricular Aspects: Action Plan

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25. Number of courses for which assessment of teachers by the students is introduced and the action taken on the student feedback.

Feedback is taken from B.C.A and B.Sc. (Hons.) IT Students and the remedial steps are initiated to improve upon academics and infrastructure.
26. Unit cost of education: 2007-08

a). Unit Cost without Salary:

Total Expenditure during the Year = Rs. 9977961.00

Total No. of Students = 2569

Unit Cost = Rs. 3883.86

Unit Cost of Education without Salary = Rs.3883.86
b). Unit Cost with Salary:

Expenditure = Rs 9977961.00

Salary = Rs. 25047638.00

Rs. 35025599.00

Unit Cost with Salary = Rs. 13633.94

Unit Cost of Education with Salary = Rs.13633.94
27. Computerization of administrative work, process of admissions and results of examination and issue of certificates:

  • The college office which mainly consists of Personnel Section, Accounts Section, Fee Section, Students Section (related to University work, bus/ rail passes, issue of certificates, House Exams and Lecture Statement etc.) has been provided with computers on LAN.

  • The college has already computerized the services related to – admission process, all types of reports related to student’s information, collection of fees and fee related reports, lecture statement, reports related to house examination, and students progress report to be sent home, various notices, change of subject/faculty, catalogue of books in the library, salary of the staff and annual increments and college accounts.

  • The college has made provision for the computerization of the services related to – university exams, results of the students, issue of certificates, Students’ University Return, University Eligibility condition regarding Lectures and House Exams, Prizes in House Exams, analysis of student feedback and CD catalogue with related reports.

  • The college has executed the provisions (as stated above) made in computerization of services regarding- analysis of Student Feedback and CD catalogue and its related reports.

28. Increase in the infrastructural facilities

  • Floor of One Computer Lab, One Computer Store Room and Corridor carpeted with tiles

  • One Chemistry Lab carpeted with Kota Stone

  • Mathematics Departmental Room carpeted with tiles

  • Renovation of the College Canteen

  • Renovation and expansion of the Bank

  • 1-Computer, 1-UPS, 1-Printer-Scanner-Copier and 2 CD Writers purchased for the Principal’s Office

  • 1- Computer,1-UPS,1-Deskjet Printer and 1 set of Speakers provided to the Department of Sanskrit

  • 1-Computer,1-UPS, 1 Set of Speakers provided to the Department of Chemistry

  • 1-Computer,1-UPS, 1 Set of Speakers and 2 Chairs provided to the Department of Electronics

  • 11-Computers,1-Scanner, 1 Set of Speakers and 21 Chairs provided to the Department of Computer

  • 1 Set of Speakers provided to the Departments of Physics, Zoology and English

  • Sound Proofing of Gensets of 82 KVA and 30 KVA

  • Tiling of the pathway with inter-locking tiles in front of the Principal’s Office and along the Auditorium

  • Construction of new rooms for various departments

  • Laying of tiles on the roof of the canteen

  • Renovation of the Open Stage

  • Construction of 40 X 40 concrete practice area for practice for sports persons.

Amount spent by various departments during the Session 2007-08.



Amount (Rs.)





Other (e.g. Chemicals etc.)




29. Technological Upgradation:

Equipments worth Rs.7,01,163 have been added to different departments.
30. Computer and internet access and training to teachers and students:

Free Internet and Computer access to the staff members and students is provided in UGC-NRC centre during college working hours.

31. Financial aid to students:

The college has a glorious tradition of giving incentives and financial aid to meritorious and economically weak students through various scholarships offered by different agencies. These scholarships are instituted by the central and the state government, numerous philanthropists and charitable organizations. This year as many as 281 students were awarded scholarships.


Type of Scholarship

Number of Students benefited

Blind and Handicap Scholarship


Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan


Guru Harkishan Society(GHS)


Pt. M.L Heera


Verma Charitable Trust






State Merit scholarship


Air Force Welfare Society Scholarship


S.C/ S.T Scholarship


B.C Scholarship


Pvt. Scholarship






Y.P Das Kumari Rukmani Devi Memorial Trust


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