Paragraph one: define drug addiction and discuss its causes

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What causes drug addiction? What are the effects of drug addiction? Do you think legalizing drugs would decrease or increase drug addiction? Do you agree with Gore Vidal that legalizing drugs would reduce or eliminate drug addiction?
Write a 3-4 page essay (double spaced, 12 point font) discussing the causes and effects of drug addiction and conclude with your opinion as to whether drug addiction would be increased or decreased by legalizing drugs.
You can argue from a common sense and common knowledge understanding of drug addiction and use Gore Vidal’s essay on drugs in Sparks for further information, agreeing or disagreeing with his opinion(s). You may find further reading on the subject here:
Start your essay with a clear thesis statement in your introductory paragraph (answer the questions above, i.e., Drug addiction is a life-destroying condition caused by a genetic predisposition to addiction, and legalizing drugs would not reduce drug addiction), and consider the following structure for your body paragraphs:

Paragraph one: define drug addiction and discuss its causes.

Paragraph two: discuss the effects of drug addiction

Paragraph three: discuss the effects of legalizing drugs

Conclusion: argue whether legalizing drugs would or would not increase or decrease drug addiction
If you use information, language or ideas from either or both Vidal’s essay and/or the U.S. Department of Justice article cited above, you must cite your source(s) inside your essay and on a works cited page.

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