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Tips on writing an Application Letter
Writing a Job Application
Your application is the first contact you will have with an employer. It is also your chance to make a good first impression as the employer will use it to help decide if you are suitable for the job and if they would like to give you an interview.
It is most important to take time and care with your application. Make sure that it looks professional, has a clean layout, is spell checked and is easy to read. Make sure you use paper that is size A4.
The Application Letter
There are many ways you can write a letter for a job, however, your address, phone number and the date must be on the letter. Always address the letter to the person named in the ad. If there is no name mentioned write Sir/Madam or phone the company and get the correct name. When you write the letter put in the following information.

  • Contents

  • Refer to the job and where and when you saw it advertised.

  • Put in any information about work you have done before.

  • Give your telephone number in the letter.

  • Close your letter by saying how suitable you are for the job.

  • If your letter starts with Sir/Madam, always end with Yours faithfully. If you start with a person's name end Yours sincerely.

  • Sign your name and have your name printed underneath.

Things to Remember

  • Before writing an application, research the job and find out as much as you can about the company.

  • Make a draft plan first with what you want to put in your application.

  • Write it as many times as you want until you get it right.

  • Always check spelling and watch your grammar. Get someone to proof read it for mistakes before you send it.

  • Write neatly, but get it typed if you can.

  • Make sure you use clean A4 size paper.

  • Always send copies of everything, except the application letter.

  • Tell the people who wrote you a reference you are being interviewed before you go.

  • Keep a copy of your application.

  • Make a number of copies of your résumé and send one off each time you apply for a job.

  • Keep your résumé up to date.

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