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P2 Abideen Gill.


A stakeholder is a person or people that have an interest in business decisions/make the decisions, Stakeholder invest money into a business and are able to own a percentage of the a business or company. Shareholders can gain money or lose money. Shareholders can only lose whatever they put into a business.
Employees; A person/persons who is hired to provide services to a company on a regular basis in exchange for compensation and who does not provide these services as part of an independent business.
http://www.investorwords.com/1696/employee.html#ixzz289LQ0mCu. Employees are the workers of the stores; Asda has roughly 143,126 employees and Costa is estimated at 120,895. http://your.asda.com/about-asda/.com. Http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Costa_Coffee. These are one of the most important assets to Asda and Costa Coffee because these stakeholders are the people that run the store day to day. Without them both Asda and Costa stores will not be able to run.
Employees are the main reason why Asda and Costa make a huge profit because they help with selling the products and providing a service. Employees gain a wage or a salary if they did not they wouldn’t be working for the businesses because the employees would not be making any money. The employees want to be safe at work that is one of the rights for employees

– to be in a safe working environment, if Asda or Costa Coffee does not make sure this happens then employees will be scared to work there. The employees want to take pride in their work as they don’t want their job to be boring as they will lose interest. Their stake is that Asda provides them with a livelihood. They seek security of employment, promotion opportunities and good rates of rewards. They may also want to work for a company that they are proud.

Employees have a great influence over Asda and Costa because the employees are the reason why they can make profits because they are the ones that deal with the everyday running of the business. Without them they wouldn’t be successful unless they were an online business. Both Asda and Costa wants to keep their employees happy because if their employees are not happy working there then productivity will decrease effort from then will decrease and they will lose their employees. The relationship between Asda and their employees needs to be good because the employees are the reason why the Asda can grow. The relationship between Costa and their employees need to be strong because Coffee shops are becoming more and more popular and Costa cannot afford to lose employees, because then they are likely to go and work at their competitors businesses since they have the experience.
Government stakeholders are people from politics, these stakeholders want businesses

to be successful, to create jobs and pay taxes, Asda’s operating income is estimated at 638million every yearhttp://en.business.org/economics/Asda They want to see prosperous businesses like Asda and Costa that take a full responsibility in looking after the welfare of society. The government want businesses to make money so they can help the economy rise. The government stakeholders affect Asda and Costa because they want them to make more money and create more jobs so they can get more money through taxes; since Asda is a national business the government will be getting a huge amount of money from them but also from Costa as their Yearly income is more than 500million.

The government influences them by getting them to make more money and spend more money on equipment and products; this way the government benefits from this and also the economy is able to rise because they have more money. The government set out the regulations because they want businesses to do well, so the businesses can keep the economy healthy. The relationship between the government and Asda needs to be strong because the government needs Asda to make money. If the relationship between Asda and the government is bad then the government will find it hard to get businesses to do what they want. Costa need the relationship between them and the government to be strong because Costa imports good from different countries which can be risky at time specially

in economic crisis’s, so having a strong relationship with the government will really benefit them.

Suppliers / These stakeholders is how companies and businesses get their products to sale on the shelves, this stakeholder is one of the most Important because without them, a business cannot sale anything which means the business will not make any money at all because they will have nothing to sale.   The stakeholder’s wants steady orders and prompt payment; they also want to feel valued by the company they supply and be treated respectfully. The suppliers influence the two businesses because Suppliers can affect Asda’s availability of products, also suppliers can affect Asda’s cost based on their prices changes. Good relationships with this stakeholder group can help a company’s operations run smoothly. By working well with suppliers, businesses Costa which import 70% of their products from Africa – www.CostaCffe/products can encourage suppliers to prioritise their account, deliver services and products on time and be as efficient as possible. Suppliers have an interest in the company they supply doing well if the company does badly they could lose their supplier as the supplier will think they are not as important as other successful businesses.

Customers - want good quality products especially from Costa Coffee as their main product is handmade in store (coffee) people would expect good quality products

from Asda because Asda sales products that are made from other businesses and companies, e.g. Kellogg’s cereal is not made by Asda it is only sold by them . Customers like to see improvements that they feel give them value for money. Customers are the reason why Asda make roughly 702million every year,   www.asdabusinesseconomics.com. Customer stakeholders very important because without them Asda will not be able to make any money, without any money Asda wouldn’t be successful now. Customer stakeholders are the reason why Asda is successful now; customers influence Asda because everything Asda does it will affect customers, every decision that is made about Asda it will always affect Asda because customers are the biggest stakeholders. Customers will influence Costa even more as they are expecting fresh hot Coffee every time they order, unlike Asda you could by the same thing twice but it might not be exactly the same but customers will be expecting the same taste every time with Costa.

Customers have taken over a central influence for many companies. This is not because companies do not want maximise profits. Instead, it is because they generally recognized that satisfied customers and long-term relationships are key to building sustainable success and profiting over time. Many organisations use customer management for more targeted and efficient marketing sales efforts. Customers influence is the strongest because customers

can determine whether a business become successful or becomes unsuccessful and has to close down. A customer can complain about anything they wish too and that business will have negative experience with customers which can result to losing customers.   Asda seek to have a good positive relationship with customer stakeholders, they want to keep customers happy, Asda want long-term customers, and to have long-term customer you need to keep them happy and make sure you satisfy them. Costa will want to keep their customers happy and will need a good strong relationship with their customers because Costa has rivals such as Starbucks that can easily take their customers. It is very important for Costa to have a good relationship with them because losing customers will decrease their profits.

Managers - these stakeholders are responsible for controlling or administering all or part of a company or similar organization, a manager is the person that controls all activities in Asda. A manager can influence a business greatly as they are the manager of the store, they are basically in charge of the everyday running of the store also a manager influences their employees by motivating them nevertheless If a manager is not happy they can threaten to resign which would create problems for the business because then the owner will have to find a manager that they can trust and is suitable for the position; so a managers influence

is huge as they deal with everything in the store. The organisation will seek to have a trustworthy relationship with the managers because without a good relationship then the organisation will not run properly, the manager needs to be trustworthy so the owner will not have to worry about the everyday running of the business.                                                                                                                                                              

Local community / this stakeholder is important to Asda because the community is where most of Asda’s consumers will be as they are local. The local community want businesses that respect their town and don’t destroy it for example if Asda did not dispose of their rubbish the correct way, The local community has a great influence over Asda because people in the local community could be potential employees and customers who can help Asda be successful, without the community there would be no business. Asda will try and seek a strong trustworthy relationship with the local community because these are the people that will be helping them become successful.
In conclusion I think Customers are getting more attention from Asda and Costa because these are the stakeholders that determine if Asda and Costa’s stores in their community become successful or not. Customers are very important because without them, these two organisations will not make

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