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rasas), brisk spins and graceful hand movements.

Participating children, shown above (left to right), included Aarushi Jagtap, Om  Vaidya, Simran Sanders, Kavya Arasu, Devyansh Bhatt, Vivaan Shah, and Priya Pavoor. We ask our Indian Community Members to encourage our children’s schools to start celebrating diversity and hold Multicultural Festivals. India has lot to offer and we should showcase our culture with lot of pride, joy and humility.

1 This is a list compiled from internet sources, please let us know of necessary corrections/additions. Some dates, based on the lunar calendar, may be off by a day due to geographical/astronomical errors.

2 The apparent discrepancy between the dates for Sankranti and the winter solstice (Dec.21) may be because of the annual change due to the axial precession of the earth. Pravin Gupta alerted us to the following quote from wikipedia.org: The actual position of winter solstice in the sidereal zodiac changes gradually due to the Axial precession of the Earth, shifting westwards by approximately 1 degree in every 72 years. Hence, if Makara Sankranti at some point of time did mark the actual date of winter solstice, it would have been so around 300 CE, the heyday of Indian mathematics and astronomy.

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