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Marketing, Tenant Selection and Leasing

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Marketing, Tenant Selection and Leasing

  1. Marketing – The Project shall be operated in accordance with an affirmative fair housing marketing plan approved by DHCR. Such plan shall be posted in the management and/or rental office.

  1. Applications –

All applications for apartments shall be:

    1. on a form approved by DHCR,

    2. numbered by machine,

    3. time and date stamped,

    4. accompanied by the required processing fee which shall be deposited into the Projected
      Administration accounts, and

    5. accompanied by material explaining eligibility and tenant selection criteria.

Applicant shall be given a copy of the numbered application at time of application.

Agent shall maintain an application book that records:

  1. application number,

  2. applicant’s name and address,

  3. family composition,

  4. apartment size requested,

  5. any applicable priorities,

  6. date of receipt of application,

  7. credit check status,

  8. eligibility, and

  9. apartment assignment or cancellation.

All applicants shall be canvassed annually to determine whether or not the applicant desires to be maintained in a current status.

Closing the application list and re-opening shall be done in accordance with the rules, regulations, orders and directives of DHCR.

  1. Tenant Selection – All tenant selection shall be in accordance with the rules, regulations, orders and directives of DHCR, including but not limited to:

  1. Agent shall submit to DHCR the application for rental, with support documentation, prior to committing apartment to applicant.

  2. Lease and move-in to occur only after receipt of applicant approval by DHCR.

  3. Agent shall document its efforts to rent specifically modified apartments to appropriate applicants.

  4. Intra-project transfers shall be given priority and shall be mandated where required by the rules, regulations, orders or directives of DHCR.

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