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Contract Procedures – The Agent is authorized, in the name of and at the expense of the Owner, to enter and shall enter into contracts for the proper maintenance, repair and improvement of the Project. In performance of this duty, the Agent shall:

  1. submit plans and specifications to DHCR for review and approval;

  1. solicit bids in accordance with the rules and regulations of DHCR and the DHCR approved affirmative action plan;

  1. make all reasonable efforts to solicit bids from minority and women – owned business enterprises, as defined by DHCR pursuant to Article 9 of Executive Order No. 21 dated August 4, 1983, for services and/or purchases to be contracted on behalf of the Project and to make certain that such bids receive full and fair consideration;

  1. rebid or renew contracts for continuing services so as to prevent any lapse in service;

  1. submit proposed contracts to DHCR for review and approval in accordance with DHCR procedures;

  1. maintain a contractor log; and

  1. properly supervise all contracts.

    1. Insurance – The Agent shall cause to be placed and kept in force all forms of insurance needed to adequately protect the Owner (or as required by law) including but not limited to Worker’s Compensation, Public Liability, Fire and Extended Coverage and Burglary and Theft. All of the various types of Insurance coverage required for the benefit of the Owner shall be placed with such companies, in such amounts, and with such beneficial interests appearing therein as shall be acceptable to the Owner and DHCR and otherwise be in conformity with the requirements of the mortgage. Copies of all policies must be submitted to DHCR. The Agent shall promptly investigate and make a full, written report as to all accidents or claims for damage relating to the ownership, operation and maintenance of the project, including any damage or destruction to the Project and the estimated cost of repair, and in connection therewith, shall cooperate with, and make any and all reports required by any Insurance Company which has issued a policy to or on behalf of the Owner. A copy of said report shall be submitted to the Owner, the Insurance Company and DHCR. It shall be further understood that there will be an endorsement in the liability policy of the Owner covering the Agent at satisfactory limits.

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